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I conquered the refrigerator!

I...wandered away in the middle to go to the DAV, but I got it done. I didn't start off my day with my usual pick-me-up, so I'm much more easily distracted today. But it all worked out, because I got some beautiful fabrics and pillows for the shed for just 2 dollars. I'm decorating my back area with an Indian and Tibetan theme. So far the dominant colors seem to be a very adrk gold and a dark, vibrant blue. Later on, when it's cooler, I'm going to start moving things around and better organizing out there so I can have a nice little den in back for meditation and napping and things like that.

Currently, it looks like Mr. Radio is living in the back of the shed. There's a ratty old couch, ashtrays overflowing with cigarette butts, empty beer bottles, old handmade bongs, a record player and a stack of old Playboys.

And as comforting as that is in a really, really weird way, it's...not what I want for my private retreat. Plus, other people do go in there. It's where the washer and dryer are. I'm sure they're tired of mess and adult magazines.

Anyway, that's for later. The fridge was...well, it was certainly one of my most difficult tasks yet. Three large trash bags were taken from the kitchen. I had to scrape old bacon off of a shelf. I never want to do that again. But now it's clean and organized and nothing smells bad inside there. So I consider that a success.

I also hit up my threads and went grocery shopping! Which is why I'm scatterbrained and all over the place today. My folks showed up early before I'd had a chance to meditate or have breakfast or exercise. I have no focus today, alas.

Oh! And thank you to the very kind people who gave me LJ gift certificates! I'm sorry I didn't say thank you before, but I just noticed this morning when I saw my LJ balance. Request gift fic! :D
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Wow, the new meds I'm on are absolutely amazing!

Not only do they put me in a ridiculously good mood, but I'm creative and productive. It's not even noon and already I've taken out the trash, scrubbed the counters, and done nearly all the dishes. The dishes are a big deal. We have been...lax on maintaining the sanctity of our sink.

There is a reason I refer to it as 'The Sink Monster'. Colonies of tiny life had sprung up and begun evolving. I think they were on the verge of discovering fire. Great towering mountains of placewear, caked with the remains of meals long forgotten, rose up from the murky depths. The water...for all that is holy, don't make me recount the state of the water!

But I went into battle despite the odds and powerful enemy. Armed with scrub brush, sponge and the strongest detergent we had, I attacked.

The battle was long and hard. There were casualties on both sides. My skirt suffered mysterious stains. Bits of things worked their way beneath my fingernails. Once, I think something grabbed me.

But in the end I was triumphant! All hail the conquering hero! ;)

I also posted to all my threads! And took a shower. And I can't remember the last time I was in this positive a mood. This morning, [ profile] nijawial compared me to Tohru. That's never a character I've ever been associated with before....

I'm not even terribly bothered by the fact that my paid LJ account runs out in a few days. I'll just use as many icons as possible in the remaining time... ;)
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Feeling much, much better today!

So Wednesday Team Venture all headed up to Sedona. Tuesday night, [ profile] enigmablade and [ profile] summoneddestiny just crashed at our place so we could get an early move on. Wednesday dawned beautiful and clear, and I honestly enjoyed just sitting on the porch smoking after my shower and watching the sun creep up. We got coffee drinks and a light breakfast, then we were off!

On the way we ended up driving behind a plane.

Yes, a plane. A little plane in the back of a truck. I have a picture around here somewhere. We also spotted a hilariously unintentional (we hope) license plate. When I see 'STDPUDL', I think 'STD Puddle'. Not 'Stud Poodle'.

We made it to Slide Rock between 10 and 11, and headed down to the river.

The red rocks were hot, the water was freezing, and the landscape was beautiful. [ profile] summoneddestiny took pictures while the rest of us swam and sort-of slid down the natural rock slide. I say 'sort of' because even algea covered rocks that slope down with the current are exactly perfect slides. Especially the second run, where the flat smooth bottom turns unto a sharp V that was not wide enough for my hips. I was tumbled out of that little expanse into over-my-head water. Which was actually pretty fun.

We spent a few hours there, swimming and goofing off and then headed to Denny's. And to a gas station where I grabbed a lighter, since I'd completely forgotten to take mine out of my pocket before going in the water.

We stopped off in Jerome on the way home, and I got my mother a Mother's Day gift. Then it was home, where I had planned on taking a short nap. But I did some dishes and took out the trash and then N and A got a hold of me and we got to talking, then they came over and brought a hilarious stoner movie. Smiley Face, starring Anna Faris and Danny Masterson. If you're at all into stoner type movies (Cheech and Chong, Super High Me, Dude, Where's My Car) you'll enjoy Smiley Face.

Thursday and Friday I was sick with monthlies. But yesterday I was up and about, and discovered yard care folks in my yard yesterday. We're still not entirely sure where they came from, but we assume the landlady sent them. They were also doing the little triplex next door, and she owns both properties. Plus, she has a habit of not telling us when people are going to be out here.

They did a damn good job - cut the grass, removed debris, cut down some little dead trees, watered my grapes.... Basically mostly things I'd been planning to do this week but wasn't able to.

Now it's Saturday, I may be getting a free couch from N and A for the shed today, and I'm feeling not-like-crap so I'm going to get some cleaning done. I already took a shower - my god, it felt wonderful - and I'm contemplating some breakfast and the sink of dishes now.
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Wow, so!

I've actually got a hell of a lot to post about, it's just hard getting it all sorted out.

I'll just start with today, since that's freshest in my mind!

I was up ungodly early once more, to go to Wal-Mart. We were just going o pick up stuff for my younger nephew's birthday party, but my father mentioned going to the gardening section. Just to see.

I now have a pot of strawberries, some German Thyme, some Oregano, a gorgeous Ichiban Eggplant plant, and oodles of tomatoes and peppers. And we may be going back tomorrow. So, my garden is well underway! Also did the usual Wednesday cleaning, though I'm still sort of in the middle of that.

I'm nearly done. :/ I'm halfway or so through the final book. I don't know what I'm going to do when it's over. Other than, uh, seek out the fandom most likely. I was mentioning jokingly to [ profile] t3h_toby_chan that it looked like I'd be back online just in time to plunge headfirst into a new fandom.

It looks like it's not so much a joke anymore.

Uh...what else? Oh, working on costumes! Three for me and so far two for [ profile] nijawial! We're cosplaying Rune Soldier and Inuyasha for Sabo, and then I have one I'm working on just for photoshoots. Well, technically two. Because I really don't see the point in wearing book/obscure comic costumes to anime/video game cons. But I still want to do the costumes.

Computer is...on its way to functioning properly. It desperately needs RAM, and I've got it defragmenting. Also still needs cords, but whatever. I can use it for at least small periods of time. And it's been enough for me to check my Flist, make some headway on my email, and make a new LJ icon. ;)

I'm looking into some new (to me) anime. I caught a bit of Darker Than Black, which I'd like to see, and a little bit of Vexille. Which was pretty and then highly recommended. And there was one other, but I forget the name. It was being advertised on the program, and was compared to Twelve Kingdoms.

I've finally rented Nightmares and Dreamscapes, though I haven't watched it yet. I've heard that Crouch End is just terrible, which I can understand. I don't think it would make the transition from text to screen very well. Speaking of...I read the first few stories in After Sunset, and I have to admit, I'm not impressed. After reading the forward, I was forewarned (King himself admits he's not sure if his recent short fiction is good or not) wasn't so much bad writing or bad plots, just the fact that of the stories I read, King had already written on those subjects in his novels. It was very regurgitated. I don't think I'm going to bother buying the book until I find it cheaply used.

Alright, this computer (tentatively named Walter) is making horrific grinding and wheezing noises, so I'm going to give him a little break.

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The kitchen is clean!

And not just...tidied up clean. Clean clean. [ profile] nijawial and I busted our butts cleaning out the cabinets and fridge, organizing, doing dishes, wiping counters, the whole shebang.

I also finally got laundry started. One load already in the dryer, one in the washer. I'm taking a small break now before I move on to either the dining area or the bathroom. One way or another, we're getting the house clean.

I always feel good when I'm cleaning. It's just nice to be up and about, and not stuck in bed exhausted and miserable.

And now for something completely different...

Book Recs!

As I'm getting myself to the library more often, I need book recommendations! And I'm not picky, I'll read nearly anything. Horror, fantasy, true crime, humor, memoirs, whatever. Anything that you've read and you enjoyed and think I'd enjoy.
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1) Yay, the Venture Bros kink meme is gaining speed! It'd be awesome if more people were fulfilling requests, but it's still early.

2) My sickness is upon me. I've spent most of the day in bed. I got a little cleaning done, then it hit while I was in the bath. That was...unpleasantly surprising, to say the least.

3) I...think we have new neighbors? I'm too tired and out of it to write up the whole event, but people moved out yesterday and today there has been...a great deal of confusing activity and many strange people. I'll give the whole run down when I'm feeling better.

4) I need to go to the library soon to get some more reference material. I never thought I'd have to be going out for self help books.

5) I hate being sick.
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Welcome, welcome, welcome new friends! There've been a good number of you over the last week!

I've never been terribly good at those 'about me' things. I can never quite think what to say, what's important enough to warrant inclusion, what anyone else will care about. So I tend to stick to the bare basics and assume the rest will come out one way or another.

A Bit About Me )

I'm still debating back and forth on whether or not I want to watch King's commentary on Ass Weasels...I'm sorry, I mean Dreamcatcher. I know he's not terribly proud of it, but still. I can think of no excuse other than painkillers and post-accident dementia for this one. The novel is clearly regurgitated bits of every novel that came before it, jumbled and muddled together with little coherency.

I've gone back to Shadowland in the wake of all this...mess. While Straub's tendency towards Victoriana in his prose is irritating, the plot and premise are sound and interesting. It's also quite clear that Mr. Straub has either a) never visited Arizona or b) has forgotten what it's like here. We have no sprawling, dark stone gothic architecture about. We certainly don't have dark, foreboding, gothic boy's boarding schools with lush verdant greenery surrounding them.

Due to weather, it looks like I'm having a shakeup in routine and may be doing errands today rather than tomorrow. We've got some bad storms moving in. Again.

And for those who play Wajas...I finally bred my first 'for traits' Waja. Bane, Female, 100% cheetah, 100% belly, visible mane, LQ=86 I'd like to put her up for sale, but I'm not entirely sure what the price should be. Her folks, who had the same markings and mutations but slightly lower litter quality, were 100,000 WC each. Ah, and she's Gen 7.
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Holy hell.

I've been writing for almost four hours straight - with a cigarette break in there somewhere - and while I've plugged in a good word count so far, I'm starting to see normal words as nonsense and make the most ridiculous spelling errors. Plus, I seriously considered partially stale, left-over jilted bride wedding cake for breakfast*. That means break time! Which will most likely consist of eating lunch, reading, and catching up on internet things.

I finished up No Humans Involved. Entertaining book, and I am definitely not adverse to reading more Kelley Armstrong. It reminds me a little bit of the Dresden books, just in the 'snarky magical person solves paranormal mysteries while trying to keep the norms out of it and leading a normal life'. And it's very...situational, in the same sense that the Dresden books are. So think Butcher meets Laurel K. Hamilton, and I think we've got a good basis of comparison.

I did start Shadowland by Straub yesterday, but I have to admit, 60 pages in and it has yet to grab me. I've enjoyed his collaborations with King, but on his own... there's a tendency towards Lovecraft, and not in the good way. The setting is the 1960s, but Straub has a habit of stuffing Victorian wording into both the dialogue and prose. I'm putting it aside for the moment to read my two library books instead, and will return to it later.

I'm starting my library reads with Bag of Bones.

I'm about 25 pages in, and already I'm hooked. It reminds me of Lisey's Story, but considering we're dealing with a novelist who's just getting over the death of his wife and the horrors that follow, it's unsurprising that parallels would be drawn between the two. But this time it's the novelist who stumbles upon secrets left behind and is over and over again stricken by the loss of his spouse. It does seem, at least so far, to be another Love Story: Stephen King Style. And I do adore when he writes love stories, because his characters are so real. It's always such a gritty, honest portrayal of human relationships, and that's what makes it so painfully beautiful.

Plus, there have already been nods to three other King books. William Denborough, Thad Beaumont and Joe Wyzer have all been mentioned so far. When King references himself/his other works, I always get a little happy inside.

I'm feeling good about my own project, and that's all I'm going to say about it. I'm too superstitious to give even the most vague hints as to what it's about. And with how I've been struggling and picking at only to drop most of my original works, I'm not taking a single risk with this one.


*I do not know if the wedding cake that was given to [ profile] nijawial's mother at her office did indeed come from a jilted bride or not, but generally one does not bring an entire untouched wedding cake to an office for co-workers to divvy up if there was an actual wedding. It's a delicious, gargantuan sugar and lemon meringue deal, though, with very lovely bridal piping on it. And that fancy frosting. Mmmm.....
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We braved the snow and cold to journey (in one of those fancy automobiles) to the library!

And it was worth it. I scoped out the libary book sale and snagged three or four good research books, and a Peter Straub novel. I've read his collaborations with King, so I'm curious about his solo work. And all of that was just two dollars! Then I checked out two King books I've been meaning to read but haven't had a chance to - Dreamcatcher and Bag of Bones. I know Dreamcatcher wanders off into bizarre-o land - or at least that's what I've been told - but I'm not above giving it a try. The only King novel I flat out refuse to read is Cell.

I read an excerpt and that was enough for me. While I do adore and admire (and all those other things) Stephen King as a brilliant man, I am not so blinded by adoration that I believe everything he writes to be the greatest in the world. The man has written some books which are, in my opinion, bad. Not many, but they're out there. Gerald's Game springs to mind....

Cell falls into that category as far as I'm concerned.

And I'm currently reading No Humans Involved, by Kelley Armstrong. I'd heard good things about her, or as good as I ever hear about supernatural romance. Not that I think the genre is bad, it's just the folks I usually talk shop with are not fans of the genre, and therefor don't often have much to say about it. Save snarky comments regarding Laurell K. Hamilton. But doesn't everyone have snarky comments regarding her these days?

Anyway, I'm enjoying Armstrong. Nothing's too graphic, the characters aren't ridiculously fleshed out or interesting, but they aren't just cardboard cutouts either. Side characters have back story and variation, and while there is a bit of purple prose and the heroine can come off as too-good-to-be-true (drop dead gorgeous ex-beauty queen who's now a TV star and a powerful necromancer), it's an engaging read. And the romance aspect takes a back seat to the paranormal mystery aspect, which I enjoy. I'd definitely be willing to give her other work a try.

In non-book related news, we borrowed a snow shovel so we can shovel the driveway, and hopefully go food shopping tomorrow. We're getting down there on supplies, and we ate the pizza we got yesterday.
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Did you know that TNT plays Angel at 4 AM?

Needless to say, very little sleep was had last night. Half of it was garden variety insomnia, half was the little dude beneath the cut on his wheel. A wheel that sounds eerily like a terribly loud coffee maker - our coffee maker to be exact.

Ham Ham Picture )

I will probably be scarce on the interwub waves today, as there is a great deal of cleaning I need to do, plus some project stuff that I promised myself I'd be done with Monday. It is very much not Monday, as you can see. It's not so much that I've been procrastinating, it's just that the brain hasn't been cooperating. It can be a terribly contrary organ like that, refusing to buckle down and do what it needs to do. It would rather be contemplating outlandish scenarios and ways to built a better metaphorical mousetrap, I'm afraid. And dear old gray matter up there has always been stronger than anything else, and I find myself overpowered by its wants.

And of course, yesterday was Wednesday, and next to nothing that involves the computer gets done on Wednesday.

I've been using the body scrub I made, and so far it's doing wonderful things for my skin. The only problem I've been able to see is that when used in the bath as opposed to the shower, it leaves a bit of a mess in the tub after drainage. But it does wonders for the skin. Three days of using it, and already I've noticed a significant difference - skin's softer and more smooth and highly moisturized. If anyone on my Flist is interested in being a guinea pig, let me know!
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Whoot, feeling better now. Mainly because I've got some things to be feeling better about!

Went grocery shopping today and splurged a bit. But that's because it's Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm probably going to a party and want to bring stuff. Got little smokies, cheddar dogs, the stuff to make salsa, that kind of thing. I'm trying homemade salsa for the first time. I want to test it out now, to make sure I can get it right. I'm using store bought now, but when I start making it to sell, it'll be all garden fresh straight from Silent Hill.

...there's something wrong about that sentence. ;)

I also got paid today. Monthly type thing, not terribly much, but enough to cover rent and whatnot and leave me some extra. I'm thinking of splurging on a bookcase for the living room, and maybe even a couple of new books. Possibly some new knobs for the bathroom cabinets, we'll see. ;)

I'm just very, very happy I can pay my rent. And maybe I'll even give The Girl a buzz and see what she's up to this week. Or Nikk or Arynn. Actually, I have to call one of them anyway to see what's up this weekend.

I'm hoping to finish chapter 2 of my Epic today. I'm still wibbling on a title, but it's narrowed down to just a couple now. I'll probably get [ profile] chocomimi's opinion, as she's my beta/editor/idea wall for this. :D

And thanks to everybody who commented on my last entry. I really do feel a lot better, and I'm not going to let that bother me anymore. I've got an awesome Flist. *hugs all around*

Oh, and apologies all around for failing on emails lately! I know I've got quite a few to respond to! I'm a bad llama. :(
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Good shopping day today! Very, very good shopping day today. We have plenty of food, which is wonderful, and I'm feeling far less panicky after talking to my folks. I'm just going to focus on my cooking and the house right now.

So today, I'm hitting the thrift stores I can hit within walking distance and scoping out the wares. We're looking for a long low bookshelf, seating of some kind for the yard, and decorative pieces. Or possibly I'll be walking to Tru Value to look for new knobs to replace the bathroom cabinet knobs with.* I don't know what yet, but I have A Project. I'm always happy when I have A Project.

So, speaking of The Project....

Designing on a very tight budget! What are your favorite tips and tricks? Obviously mine is as simple as 'thrift stores, thrift stores, thrift stores!' but I'm just curious as to other little things that can be done to make over a nice place into a stellar place. Because I'm going for stellar.

If I can't work like a normal person, fine. But I will be damned if I can't manage to cook restaurant quality food for Team Venture and keep a beautiful home. And eventually, once spring comes, I shall be a farmer.

We've got the soil for it, as we discovered yesterday. ;)


*I may also say 'fuck that for today' and get my hair done. I have to see what salons I can get to in the area, and if they're cheap.
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Well, I managed to wake up and be out of bed at around 8:30. Most of this is thanks to [ profile] enigmablade, who arrived quite a bit earlier than expected. Not that this is a bad thing! I was already semi-conscious when he called, due to a text message at around 7:30 AM - which I thought was my alarm as I fumbled in the sheets for the phone - but I figured I'd doze in bed until around 8:30. Except my phone went off again at around 8:15, and it was a phone call this time. My immediate reaction was 'who's calling me during no-no hours?'. But when I saw the number and realized it was a local number, and assumed it was Cody telling me he was on his way.

Nope, it was Cody telling me he was here. :D I believe I mumbled something about needing pants before attempting to put myself in some semblance of decency.

But hey, I'm up! And I've already done some dishes, though I'm just going to make more as I fix us some breakfast before our day of hard manual labour. ;) We're digging that fire pit today! Tonight, we shall dine on s'mores! And this morning we shall dine on French Toast and apple cinnamon muffins.

Last night, [ profile] enigmablade and [ profile] summoneddestiny came over for dinner and video games. Fixed spiced garlic chicken kabobs, chipotle mashed potatoes and buttermilk biscuits. Then we fell upon Dokapon and immediately proceeded to pwning one another. I was RLY PWNED. (That was actually my name for about eight or nine turns. ;D)

I've been drinking V8, and so far it's been doing good things for me. I do eat vegetables, just not very many.

I'm still very much in the process of waking up, but hopefully this will help me get my sleep schedule back on...well...schedule. :D
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So huge thank yous to: [ profile] zinjadu, [ profile] lovelies, [ profile] cuylerjade, [ profile] drusillas_rain and [ profile] ellid! I got your holiday cards, about half of them today! Which greatly improved my mood. :D

Fence is fixed as good as it possibly can be with just me and no tools. All the garbage has been picked up and the trash barrels have been righted, and the shingles and whatnot have been returned to the neighbor's yard.

I can't do anything about the door. The wind knocked the bottom of it out, and while I was able to get it back in sort of, it's hanging funny and gaping open and so the porch is freezing. I also can't do anything about the screens. Or the fact that my beautiful high, standing ashtray is busted up. At least it's no longer stuck in the window of the shed....

I haven't even gone into the shed. I'm almost afraid to. While the doors were closed and locked - and even that almost didn't help, the metal latch is almost torn off its hinges - the windows were not. They can't be, for a variety of reasons.

I haven't even eaten yet, and I'm still so nauseous that I'm worried I can't keep anything down. It's not even 11:30 and I already feel ready for a hot bath and bed. And I still need to pack for L.A.

So much for relaxing and enjoying the wind down after Christmas. I am very, very tempted to treat myself to Sonic and say 'fuck it' for an hour or two while I veg in front of the TV. But I really should get some posts done while I have a few minutes sitting down.

BUT! In good news: I'm not quite as terrified about money as I was. So that's one huge load off my mind, at least.
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I think I'm finally done with my bedroom.

And by 'finally done', I mean 'finally done putting things where I want and making it livable since moving in'. Yes, it's taken me this long. Large scale cleaning projects are a pain for me, so I'd been poking at it on and off until just recently.

It started with the draft. My window, the one directly above the bed (and the only window in the room) doesn't close properly. There is a narrow space between the window and the wall, and it lets in the cold. I finally put something over the window - a lovely length of red and gold brocade that I adjusted and tweaked to look like curtains. Then I decided that for such a lovely set up on the wall, the room was shit.

Cue two or so days of essentially burying myself in there during spare time to set everything to right. Then it was decorating time.

I hate blank spaces on walls. I don't know why, and I'm sure there are people who would say my walls are too busy, but it's my space and it's how I want it. And that's covered with as many posters, pictures and other things as possible.

And I got creative. After hanging all of my posters and pictures - everything from little anime posters to large movie posters to actual framed Art - I had lots of space left. So first I hung a pair of costume fairy wings up. Then some bookmarks. Then some cards and letters. Then I grabbed one of my Stand Sketchbooks - since I have 9 of the things - and carefully tore it apart and hung the character sketches. Sadly, Frannie didn't get to go up, as her page was on the back of Larry's. And there is no way in hell that Larry wasn't going up.

I still have blank space. I'd love some photo paper and ink to print out some of the beautiful Venture Bros art I've collected on my HD. The only VB thing I have on the wall is a small sheaf of paper with the Venture Industries logo on it, taken from one of my DVDs. But all in all, I'm happy with it. Even if the brocade blocks the light and tints the room red and causes me to wake up with no concept of what time it is. (I tell time by the amount of light in my room and where it's coming from in the morning.) It's my space, and it reflects me. Though I imagine anyone seeing it would be hard pressed to guess my age, what with the prevalence of action figures and plushies and cartoon characters on the walls. ;)

I'm just barely stopping myself from stringing Christmas lights all over the place.

I'll be getting to emails later this evening!
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So I reached 23k and it was decided I needed a little break. What with the drooling and babbling nonsensically. ;)

So here is some stuff completely not related to NaNo at all! To prove there is life outside of Nano!

We finally got all the Halloween decorations, and now the porch is being converted to a sort of work space. [ profile] nijawial has her art table out there, and my sewing table is set up. I need to somehow move my desk to the shed, but it's out of the way for the moment.

The rats are vastly amusing when we walk by their aquarium. As they're on the floor, they can clearly see just how giant we are, as Nija pointed out to me yesterday. And they are in awe. Hank is still fat, but with his preference for running on the wheel, hopefully he'll slim down some.

My mother is still doing well, though a little frustrated with some of the limitations she has while her teeth and jaw heal up.

If you're into psychedelic music and you haven't heard Infected Mushrooms yet, why not? I highly recommend their Doors remixes. I am generally not one for covers and remixes, but these cannot be missed. Same with Dream Theater's Pink Floyd covers. And I rarely praise covers or remixes.

I'm still reading Dead Beat, and still trying to get unstuck in Twilight Princess. Jumping and I are not friends, at all. Need to go back and finish up SH3 again, too. Am tempted to try a Vincent cosplay at some point. But Claudia first!

Steamboy? Not as awesome as I was led to believe.

Now time to catch up on cleaning, because holy crap, it's Friday. When did that happen?
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Alright. That's it.

I have come to the conclusion that there is something supernatural about the ants that plague us.


Well, two trips by the exterminator in as many weeks, plus our constant spraying of heavy duty poison has done nothing to deter them. On top of that, they have a habit of going for nothing but what we want to use, when we want to use it.

I kid you not.

I had a pie crust (packaged and unopened) that had been sitting on the counter for days, and was returned to the cabinet yesterday. I actually took it out less than an hour ago, because I needed to move it to get to my soup. And as I picked it up, I looked down at it thinking 'I have pie crust and chocolate pudding mix, I can pick up milano cookies, oreos and gummy worms, and make a cemetery pie for Halloween!'. I put it back, made my soup, had my soup. This took all of maybe fifteen or twenty minutes.

Maybe ten minutes later, [ profile] nijawial commented she was craving something chocolaty. Since I'm going to the grocery store Wednesday, I suggested I make a chocolate cream pie. she grabs the pie crust for me and...

It's suddenly teeming with ants. Covered in the suckers. They'd somehow gotten into the packaging. They were on nothing else. Nothing at all. Just the pie crust.

Cue a Chewbacca-style wail of frustration.

We're at a loss. The exterminator has used the strongest poisons available. And to no avail.

I do not want to go through taking everything out of the cabinet and leaving it out and then putting it all back again. Not after I spent all afternoon yesterday reorganizing the kitchen.
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My hands itch from cleaning solution. Most likely because they've been immersed in it all day.

This morning we went to the Pumpkin Carnival in the square. I threw together a quick costume, which mostly consisted of layering all my gothy skirts, wrapping some cloth around me, messing up my hair and sticking on a witch hat. I got a lot of compliments, though, and pictures taken! I've got a really nice one I had done at the photobooth that I'll have to scan at some point. We mostly just wandered around, grabbed some snacks, and I entered the homemade costume contest, but as there were two adults in the 10+ category (me and this guy who did an awesome Jack Black from School of Rock costume) and one kid, the kid won, which is fitting.

Then we came home and there was epic cleaning. Technically there is still epic cleaning, but I needed a quick break. I stripped off everything but one skirt and my skirt, coaxed my insanely hairsprayed hair up into a bun thing, and set to work as soon as I was home. [ profile] nijawial is handling the porch while I tackle the kitchen. Found pencil shavings and old soup. The wonders never cease.

The epic amounts of cleaning is because [ profile] chocomimi is coming for Halloween! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see her, and for her to see Silent Hill!

Started Silent Hill 3 last night. I forgot what a pain the controls are for that one. Heather may run the fastest of them all, but she can't do it in a straight line! Got through the mall though, and put it down at the subway, then popped in Castle in the Sky. Which was adorable! And quite heavily influenced the design of Shevat in Xenogears, I'd guess. Then I was exhausted, and went to bed around 11.

Woo, food, then back to cleaning!
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The shed smells like clean! This morning had me scrubbing down every inch I could possibly scrub down with Mr. Clean diluted in water. I'm really, really happy with how it's coming along. I feel comfortable and happy in there, which is a good thing, since I'll soon be spending weekend evenings in there. I still need to track down a couch, since I don't trust myself with the complicated folding chair in a state of herbal relaxation. I'd probably manage to get myself stuck in it.

My folks dropped by and put together my sewing table, too! It's currently being used to house Halloween decorations, but soon I shall be sewing again! And Nija is busy working on finishing up our spiderwebs!

In about half an hour we're heading into the square. My folks gave me a little money to do some stuff with the shed, so I want to check out the New Age/Hippie store and see what they have in the way of wall decorations and whatnot. Hell, they may even have the stuff I need to get the epic pipe up and running! It's nice and clean now - and has a gorgeous blue and green overlayed scale design on the base - and has been washed away of Damn Dirty Hippie Taint. It just needs a stopper and tube.

There is leftover pizza in the fridge and plenty of soda, and later on I'm going to clean the bathroom. It's a hell of a lot more satisfying to work on your own home.

I really should finish getting changed and put a shirt on....
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We found a stash of old, dirty diapers in the cieling of the shed.

Old. Dirty. Diapers.

Who does that? Aside from the Damn Dirty Hippies, of course.

Biohazard suits are now required for shed cleaning. ;)

Going to be getting painting done today! And we'll see what else. But first, a small story.

Animals love our yard. We've had a variety of neighborhood animals come in and hang out on our porch, and a history of animals just trying to get into our house as though they live there. Last night - I kind of crashed early, and without warning, apologies about that! - I woke up in need of the bathroom and found myself trapped in my room.

Due to a broken doorknob, this is very common, and usually I can jiggle the knob until it's aligned right. Last night I couldn't, and Nija had to come save me. Afterwards, I was a bit 'mrrr' so I stepped out on my little 'porch' to have a cigarette. (My 'porch' is a slice of tree that sits outside my door.) As I was smoking, I look up passed the Devil Shed and see a shaggy neighbor dog trotting through the yard.

I just sort of mentally go 'argh, neighbor dog, please don't poop in our yard' and watch Big Shaggy as he trots around. As I'm halfway done with my cigarette, he seems to notice either me or the open door behind me, because he trots right over, tail a'wagging, like he owns the place and wants to come inside. And he finally enters the light from my porch, and I get a good look at him as he sits down just a few feet away from me, looking happy as a clam.

It wasn't a neighbor dog.

It was a coyote.

Coyotes at my folks' place isn't uncommon, what with living out in the middle of the wilderness area. We live in town. And yes, we do get coyotes down in here, but generally they're skittish, rather scrawny looking things. Not big, shaggy, handsome boys who act like they're Rover coming in for the night.

I just finished my cigarette, not taking my eyes off him, and he just sat there watching me, completely relaxed and at ease. I snuffed my cigarette in my ash tray, and he stood up and once I closed the screen door between us, he just trotted back off towards the shed.

I went back to bed and told myself not to forget about that, as it wasn't a dream, it actually happened. Sometimes I have trouble telling the difference.


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