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Wow, being sick really put me behind on con-prep. Especially since we leave Friday morning. O.o

But I got my staff fully sealed, and in a few hours I should be able to paint it. I can't find my red fabric for coat lining, but I have time to find that. Also, my plain white ruffle trim. I thought I knew what box they were in, but apparently I was very wrong. Though at this point, I am not holding my breath on the Dante and Rose ball gowns. It'd be awesome in they were done, and I really hope they are, but it's a lot of work and there's still material needed and if worst comes to worst I will go to cosplay prom as Lust. I do have a fancy Lust dress, and my wig and gloves. (And not the artbook dress, either, it's this awesome vintage 50s style red shimmer dress.) Contingency plans, I has them!

I'm trying to get my goggles done today and my staff sealed and painted. I keep having to take breaks for cramps that just will not die. Nothing else is really wrong at this point, but there's this band of dull aching pain that I can't shake. It's making getting physical activity done difficult. But at least I won't have it for con! Which will be wonderful, because last con I had it so badly I don't even remember the con.

Lady Times and Questionably Legal Activity )


*Sister Sexy is a con friend who got her name from this nun cosplay she does. BGA is also a con friend, who used that moniker on himself so I figured it'd be his online ID name when I talk about him.
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Ugh, I am exhausted and moody. Still just from trying to kick the habit, but at this point....yeah. It's really starting to get to me and I'm realizing that perhaps a ridiculously stress filled time where I am on edge is not the best time to quit smoking.

I just did a bunch of number crunching for con, and I am a bit less freaked out. It looks like I will be able to set aside $20 to commission my art. I already know what I want, too. Envy and Lust done up like Fallout 3 raiders. I figure that is a lot easier than trying to find an artist who is familiar with Lost Odyssey. There's only one artist I know of who is familiar with the canon and hits the cons, but she isn't listed as an attending artist for this one. And I really, really hate asking artists for commissions of things they don't know, even if they say they'll gladly go off of reference. And part of that is for me, because I've found the few times I've done it, the art has been...well, technically very good, but lacking in characterization. Which makes sense, if the artist isn't familiar with the characters. But I also feel it puts them in kind of an awkward position.

Someday, though, I am going to commission that Jansen and Ming Cherry Blossom Festival pic I've been wanting for over a year.

And it looks like my gauzy pirate pants are done, save for elastic! Whoot! Goggles...well, I'm having some technical difficulties with my goggles, but I'm trying another tactic for my eye cups later today. At the moment, I have no energy whatsoever. It's terrible. I'm not even dressed, really, I just pulled a skirt on as a dress and tossed a robe on.

I've done nothing but eat food and I just want to nap.
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Wow. Quitting smoking cigarettes = harder than I thought.

I'm doing it, but...damn. I thought my blood sugar regulation was okay, so I abandoned my strict eating schedule. Apparently this was a bad idea, as my blood sugar tanked this morning. I have never, ever had anything like that happen to me before. I've had weird issues with my blood sugar all week, but never have I come close to passing out from it. That was scary.

But! My staff is actually almost finished. It just needs to finish setting, then I can coat it with sealant and reinforcement, and then paint it! And my undershirt is done. It looks awesome. I'm a tad nervous about the fact that my costume will be exposing my midriff, but considering how much cleavage I have shown off for cosplay it really shouldn't be a big deal. Hell, it covers more than most of my two piece swimsuits cover! And if I really freak out, I can just wrap my obi around my midsection, rather than higher under my breasts. But I have worked hard on firming up my middle, so there's absolutely no reason I can't expose a one inch strip of flesh above my belly button.

I'll convince myself by con time.

I wonder if my meat's defrosted yet....
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Gah, crazy elaborate staff!

I've got the base design work for the bottom done, and now I'm moving on to the difficult task of making the bits that stick out. There are a lot of bits that stick out. I'm definitely simplifying it, but even then, this is kind of insane. I was originally going to take the base design and then modify it for steampunk, but the damn thing already has gears and bronze and copper work and doesn't need any modification. Only difference is instead of a glowing circle of shiny in the center, it's going to have a gear. actually probably harder than just a circle.

To make matters worse, Sheila has decided that it would be an awesome toy. I had to kick her out of the room, and now she's laying outside the door wailing like she's dying.

But I have been having fun messing with the model magic stuff to get the cool textures and stuff needed. I'm seriously tempted to just let the base designwork dry and do [ profile] husband_brother's discus. I'd been mulling over what to use as a mold/shape base for it, and as I was coming through the kitchen my dad asked me if I had any use for an old curved frypan. Serendipity indeed!

And I have to get everything here clean and set, since I'm going to be gone for a bit. And still make time to get over to N and A's to go over everything for the weekend, since it's a pain to do it at 5 O'clock in the morning when I'm half-asleep and they're half out the door.

I'm hoping to get a lot of prop work done this weekend. I know the con is still months away, but this is intense stuff. And then I have accessories! Thank goodness [ profile] husband_brother is doing the actual costumes - and she only has three commissions she's doing, and they're super simple Hetalia outfits.

List of Props and Accessories To Be Made )

A lot of stuff, but at least I'm not sewing two epic ballgowns from scratch. ;) I figure the work is pretty evenly divided.

Oh fuck me, it's almost noon. I wasted way too much time typing this up!
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Whoot! Just finished up spending the morning converting crazy ass fantasy costume designs into steampunk! And I'm super happy with how well they look on paper. The only thing I haven't bothered to work out a design for is my staff, but that shouldn't be too hard. It's going to have gears. I love staffs, so much.

And I should be able to begin work later today! [ profile] husband_brother is bringing me a bunch of leather-looking fabric, a pipe for my staff base, and an old authentic leather aviator cap. Which should work perfectly with mine, and better than just goggles on top of my head. My gal is an airship captain after all. :D And I should be able to get a lot of work done this weekend while housesitting. The puppies are pretty easy to look after, and the ferret only comes out at certain times so I'll have plenty of free time. Alone. I can just sit and work - I'm doing all the accessories! And there are a lot of accessories. At least all I have to do for my Dante costume is the little headpiece.

We are trying to figure out another relatively simple, wander around con comfortably cosplay, but we haven't really settled on anything that would a) be easy to do in between our steampunk stuff and our ballgowns, and b) would be recognizable as cosplay. We were considering doing NANA, but so much of it is just clothes and not really obviously a costume. We don't want to do Ed and Al again since no one recognized us or we had to keep explaining the first anime series and movie to people who had no clue. I kind of want to see about tossing together a Maria (Silent Hill) outfit, but it would require a wig and I sort of didn't want to buy a new one. Plus, I don't know if I convince [ profile] husband_brother to be James for me. We'll see. Because those would be simple and comfortable and recognizable as cosplay. Plus, I still have SH props. I think I will brooch this idea at lunch.

And Now House Stuff - With Spoilers )

But I did adore the homage to Joel Gray in Cabaret. That was beautiful.
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So, yesterday as I was hanging out with Danni, we got a call from our convention buddy A! That in itself was pretty awesome, but it ended with A driving up from Phoenix to hang for the weekend! She got in yesterday and evening and it's been absolutely awesome having her!

We had a kind of kicked back night - Danni stayed over a while with the three of us - and watched standup and ordered pizza. I stayed up until a little after nine, which is actually pretty late for me, and managed to sleep in until 8! I'm having a hell of a time waking up, but that's mainly because of monthly exhaustion issues. But A and [ profile] nijawial are going to pick up Dennys and we're going to spend the day with video games. A has never experienced Beyond Good and Evil! And I have promised to write more Hub/Jade stuff with a re-play, so... :D

Also, Danni's coming back over sometime today. I need to make a run to the store when I'm feeling better so I can make her the Portal cake. Also, I need to dig up my little black Lolita skirt. And my black knee high socks. And clean my cosplay glasses....

Which brings me to upcoming cosplay: I need to hit up some thrift stores and see if I can find some more pieces for my semi-Steampunk cosplay thing. Not that anyone will be able to tell I'm cosplaying, but I don't care. It's a cool outfit on its own, even now, and will be even more cool once I've pimped it out. I should be able to between now and PCC. And I'm redoing Haruka, and Danni's lending me her Miroku cosplay. I like cosplays with staffs!

I should get some dishes done soon. Clean dishes are good.
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Death to the uterus!

I'm stuck in bed today with women's problems. But I've got an awesome Stephen King lineup on SyFy, plenty of porn to write and the ambition to write it, and possibly take out food. Not a bad way to spend a day sick in bed, as far as I'm concerned.

I've been pretty sick, so I've mostly been just medicated and in bed. And writing. And reading fic and watching AMVs. Still trying to get pictures uploaded from con, too! Photobucket and my internet connection don't much like each other, sadly, so it's slow going. Here are a couple, though!

Tactics Group! )

I Met Crispin Freeman! )
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I guess it's not so much a rant, just something that disappoints me.

I'm a cosplayer. Half of cosplaying is the photos that come out of it, both those taken among your own group and those taken by random people. And after the con, everyone who's on the forums posts their picture collections so cosplayers can grab their photos and add them to their website/portfolio/whatever. It used to be pretty much all open, online albums. Lately though, I've noticed people using Myspace and Facebook and other services where you can only view the pictures if you're a) a member and b) friends with the user.

This kind of bothers me. Not everyone has these pages, and not everyone wants to go through the hassle of sending friends requests just to look for their photos. Of all the albums posted so far for Con-nichiwa, half are private albums. I keep clicking them and getting told I need to log in to view things. And for the rare times they're posted somewhere I do have an active account, I get pages telling me I can't view them due to not being 'friends' with the user. I don't quite understand the point of this. Why put everything in a private album, and then post the link publicly when no one can get to it?

And on a personal note...I really want to post pictures of my cosplays! Both of them were absolutely awesome. And I don't have a cord to get my pics off my camera, so I'm relying on all the folks who took pictures of me Friday and Saturday. But since most pics are in private albums....

Yeah. Sadness. :(

I refuse to let this happen for PCC, though. And oh holy heavens, I have five different costumes planned! Two are on the rather elaborate side, too. But that's why I'm starting ASAP on them! (Since technically, altogether, there will be five rather elaborate costumes to do between the three of us!.) Luckily I still have everything for Tamaki cosplay - yes, Tamaki is coming out of retirement! Danni's going to be my Haruhi! - and almost everything for my Orihime cosplay.

It's gonna be a fun two months!
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Con-nichiwa is absolutely wonderful so far!

Yesterday I stayed in my Haruka cosplay until around 7:30, when I changed into the lolita outfit I brought with me. I finally got to wear my music note JSK! I think that's one of the longest I've kept my entire costume on, at least in a 24 hour period. And despite having to bare-bind with duct tape, it wasn't that bad. And I was recognized! Not just by Vic Mingona, either. I even had a girl scream 'HARUKA-KUN!!!!!!!' across the pool garden and then run and glomp me. Politely, though! And she was very careful of my staff!

Speaking of...Yeah, my staff is super awesome. I cannot thank [ profile] nijawial enough for making it for me! It keeps getting mistaken for Miroku's staff from a distance, because of the rings, but that's always amusing.

We've got our Con Friends already. Austin (who for most of the day was Curly Haired Checkered Shirt Guy) and Vice Captain Thirteen. I...still can't remember his actual name. And he can't pronounce the name of the character he's cosplaying. But he's awesome, and totally bit Muu-chan in the Circle K. Muu-chan defended herself well, as she practically cracked a tooth with her eye. It was hilarious.

And my other half ran into a couple of her friends, who we hung out with last night. And who are going to let me try on some of their costumes today, so I can have another costume! We went out to dinner at an amazing Italian place a couple of miles from the hotel, and it was really nice. Amazing food, great company, lots of con hilarity. I was in lolita and Danni's friends were in cosplay. But it looked like we matched anyway.

Vic Mingona panel yesterday was awesome, as usual. Halfway through it broke into a teleplay of The Empire Strikes Back with him doing his Darth Vader impression and having an audience member supply Luke's lines. He was hilarious and energetic as always, and I remembered my Tactics pencil board! I brought it up for the signing and he went nuts. He took it and gasped: 'TACTICS! You know Tactics! ....where did you get this?!?!?'. Which most people were asking. And were kind of blown away by the fact that it came from Japan. Which is kind of bizarre, since it's an anime con, but most folks here have never been to a con before.

Vic was also nuts over the homemade Muu-chan plushie Danni (Sasuke, my girlfriend) made. He had to get a picture himself. And he signed it for her, which is awesome!

What else? Oh, dealer's room is pretty unimpressive as far as I'm concerned, save for artists alley. I may look there again. And possibly buy another print from Adriana McGraw (the artist director and the amazing artist I squeed with yesterday and who is doing me a watercolor portrait of my OTP!), because her art is amazing. But the actual dealers are all the same ones I always see, with the same merchandise. And the doujinshi had been picked through pretty cleanly. Not that I expected much luck, the fandom I'm into has practically no doujinshi, but there are a couple. And I have snagged some Xenogears and awesome rare pairing FMA douj at cons. I should look again today....

That's all I can think of for now! We've got some awesome pics, but I need to find my camera cord before I can get them up. BUT THEY WILL BE POSTED! I looked awesome as Haruka. :D
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And I've made my big friends cut! If there was a mistake and I cut you by accident, please speak up! I just defriended dead journals and journals that defriended me. But I'll be honest, there were a lot of journals that defriended me, so if I lost track of what I was clicking...sorry! :( No one who asked to stay was cut! And thank you very much to those who still want to stick around.

It's been a week since Sabo-con! Despite the hotel (Mesa Hilton) being full of idiots and having a room snafu, it was a nice weekend. I did my Eileen Galvin cosplay for the last time on Halloween. I love it, but the makeup is too extensive and too difficult for me to manage it any longer. I went to a few good panels, got the autograph I wanted (and thensome!) and bought some nice stuff. A few doujinshi, a Trinity Blood keychain, some candy, some art...nothing big. I did grab some classic anime, and the first DVD of Mythical Detective Loki, though. We've all been enjoying Tactics over here so much, I figured why not.

We're already planning for Con-Ichiwa in March. Go go group cosplay!

Other things that have happened to me...I went camping last month, which was an amazing experience. I went with my hippie friends to the Verde Valley natural hot springs. The springs are a mile away from camp, across a river that needs be forded. It was an adventure!

I watched a lot of horror movies through October. Good and bad, American, Asian and European. Still didn't hit 100 in 31 days, but it's the journey that's fun!

Re-decorated the shed, made new friends, applied for a fuckton of jobs, baked, despaired when our oven broke (it's better now!) and pretty much I've just been living my life.

Now I need to redo my icons - which shouldn't take much, since I only get 15 now - and my LJ and look into renaming tokens. :D
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Well, I have almost everything I need for two of my cosplays for Sabo. I need a new Tamaki wig (my old one has been dyed and re-purposed, as I had retired the costume and didn't expect to wear it again) but I might just cut my hair. I've been considering it for a while, since it's such a pain to take care of...we'll see.

Yesterday I was able to find a denim jacket, red shirt and brown worn down cowboy boots at the DAV. Plus some summer shirts, and I spent less than 10$. I already have a pair of men's jeans, so as far as the costume goes, I just need the accessories!

I'm looking at this wig. While I do wish it was a bit blonder, I think it's the absolute best I can find - yes, yes, I'm taking most of my inspiration from the movie rather than the comic. But I think it'll work. I just need to put some black feathers in it. And, you know, scrimp and save to actually get it!

And I'm going for these three pins: Peace Sign, Bullet Hole Smiley Face, and since they don't have the damn pig one anywhere, The Eye of the Crimson King.

I have...absolutely nothing for my Sasha cosplay yet, but I figure I can find everything in thrift stores. Brown striped sweater, dark blue/green jacket, black slacks, black gloves, square tinted glasses. And [ profile] nijawial and I still need to master the Psychonauts pose.

All things considered, I'm not in too bad a shape considering the con's a little over two months away!
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I'm feeling much better today.

Yesterday wasn't total hell, or anything like that, it was just lots of little stupid things wearing me down and getting on my nerves. I was slightly cranky, irritated, and off-kilter. But that's about all. I did have a head-desk moment when, after getting dressed since company was coming over, I put my foot down wrong on the DDR dance pad and completely wiped out.

I mean wiped out. Legs went up, arms went out to try and brace myself but just knocked everything off the coffee table, and I went down. And then couldn't get up, because getting up when I sit on the floor of my own volition is hard enough. Getting up when I've fallen and don't have anything to haul myself up with? Not a fun process.

But I wasn't in any distress - my back hurt, obviously, but not excruciating danger-pain - so I just managed to roll myself over and stayed on the floor until folks showed up. And it's not exactly surprising - with the frequency of which I fall, it was only a matter of time until there wasn't a conveniently placed couch, chair, bed or pile of laundry.

So hung out with A and C for a while, watched TV, chatted, etc. Played some Psychonauts and decided we're cosplaying it. It'll be fun, the costumes aren't terribly difficult (I'm doing Sasha, Nija's doing Milla) and we get to have a lot of fun with it. :D And most stuff can be found at thrift stores.

Tomorrow we're heading up to Jerome and Sedona for a fun filled day! And I can grab my mother a Mother's Day gift. :D

Went grocery shopping this morning, going to rent some movies later. And maybe play some more video games. Returned to CU, will be returning to [ profile] damned very shortly!

I think that's everything....
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Just after ten, and already I've made a number of accomplishments!

I did some more potting, some dishes, some brainstorming for writing, responded to a bunch of comments and got some trash out. I do feel a bit badly that I skipped breakfast - I like to have breakfast on the porch and read while I eat and have my coffee or tea - but I overslept a bit. And I did have a breakfast shake.

I encountered another small (and really not important) issue with my computer. It's too old to support Itunes. Or even the Itunes clones designed to work with older computers. Which saddens me greatly, because I'm already bored of most of the music on my Ipod and would love to get all my Duran Duran, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Flogging Molly on there. I did try doing the transfering with Media Player, and while the files supposedly transferred...they don't show up on Sadie. (Sadie is my Ipod.)

Oh! Big news I completely forgot! I'm driving! I'm a driver! A year after I get my damn car, but I'm finally driving him! And not crashing into anything, organic or mineral!

My dad's bringing me a grill today. The season of barbecue is upon us! And I've got hot dogs and ground beef....

I slept beautifully last night. And we watched the first disc of Nightmares and Dreamscapes! Battleground was very well executed. Crouch End...never, ever should have been made for television. I was nearly in pain watching that atrocity of an episode. Too much needless build up, poor acting, ridiculous changes so that the entire point of the story is lost, and I swear, it is not terribly difficult to pronounce 'Cthulhu'. 'Kooshoo' is not an acceptable pronunciation anywhere. Kooshoo. But luckily, Umney's Last Case was beautiful. William H. Macy was perfect for Umney, hands down. The first part really captured that 30s pulp detective feel, and the creeping sense of the story was preserved. Nothing but thumbs up for that instillation!

I'm going the shameful but far easier route for one of my costumes, simply because I cannot work with leather and gun belts and holsters are beyond my abilities to afford or craft. So as for purchases's just a wig and boots. My Ila skirt is nearly done, and then I'm going to be starting on the hat for Nija's Melissa cosplay. I have the fabric, pattern and accessories.

I think I'm going to do some beading while we watch the second disc. And it seems my computer is fully workable. I'll be hopping back into my RPs before too much longer - I figure I'll wait until dayshift to jump back into [ profile] damned, for sake of ease, and decide when to jump back into CU once I've caught up on what's going on over there. (And keep canon reviewing in the meantime.)

I'm in a terribly Xenogears state of mind today. Maybe I'll try and write fic....

Happy Friday, everyone!
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Wow, so!

I've actually got a hell of a lot to post about, it's just hard getting it all sorted out.

I'll just start with today, since that's freshest in my mind!

I was up ungodly early once more, to go to Wal-Mart. We were just going o pick up stuff for my younger nephew's birthday party, but my father mentioned going to the gardening section. Just to see.

I now have a pot of strawberries, some German Thyme, some Oregano, a gorgeous Ichiban Eggplant plant, and oodles of tomatoes and peppers. And we may be going back tomorrow. So, my garden is well underway! Also did the usual Wednesday cleaning, though I'm still sort of in the middle of that.

I'm nearly done. :/ I'm halfway or so through the final book. I don't know what I'm going to do when it's over. Other than, uh, seek out the fandom most likely. I was mentioning jokingly to [ profile] t3h_toby_chan that it looked like I'd be back online just in time to plunge headfirst into a new fandom.

It looks like it's not so much a joke anymore.

Uh...what else? Oh, working on costumes! Three for me and so far two for [ profile] nijawial! We're cosplaying Rune Soldier and Inuyasha for Sabo, and then I have one I'm working on just for photoshoots. Well, technically two. Because I really don't see the point in wearing book/obscure comic costumes to anime/video game cons. But I still want to do the costumes.

Computer is...on its way to functioning properly. It desperately needs RAM, and I've got it defragmenting. Also still needs cords, but whatever. I can use it for at least small periods of time. And it's been enough for me to check my Flist, make some headway on my email, and make a new LJ icon. ;)

I'm looking into some new (to me) anime. I caught a bit of Darker Than Black, which I'd like to see, and a little bit of Vexille. Which was pretty and then highly recommended. And there was one other, but I forget the name. It was being advertised on the program, and was compared to Twelve Kingdoms.

I've finally rented Nightmares and Dreamscapes, though I haven't watched it yet. I've heard that Crouch End is just terrible, which I can understand. I don't think it would make the transition from text to screen very well. Speaking of...I read the first few stories in After Sunset, and I have to admit, I'm not impressed. After reading the forward, I was forewarned (King himself admits he's not sure if his recent short fiction is good or not) wasn't so much bad writing or bad plots, just the fact that of the stories I read, King had already written on those subjects in his novels. It was very regurgitated. I don't think I'm going to bother buying the book until I find it cheaply used.

Alright, this computer (tentatively named Walter) is making horrific grinding and wheezing noises, so I'm going to give him a little break.

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Hello again!

Birthday last week was fun - [ profile] nijawial got me Demetri Martin's CD (that comes with a DVD of his Comedy Central special), [ profile] summoneddestiny and [ profile] enigmablade got me the fifth Dark Tower book and took me to dinner, and Nikk and Aaryn came over and brought a movie to watch, plus smoked me out since it was birthday.

Then...came con!

While Anizona this year was very small and there were no guests, it was an awesome con. Nija and I had a ton of fun, actually went to panels, met people and had a blast. We did the Anime Murder Mystery Party, and were able to participate! We had to show up 2 hours early - only 20 people were allowed in - but it was worth it. And we had fun in line. We ended up with a group of people who were willing to do anything to entertain themselves and us. Which ended up with one guy trying to balance anything he could get his hands on on his nose.

We then hit up the 'Illustrate the Fan Fic' panel, which ended up being a Late Night Panel. And the Spartan Penis was born. (Hey, I don't draw, and we could interpret the fic any way we wanted. So I drew a penis with a sword, shield and toga. I got second place!) We stayed up ridiculously late both nights, but it was well worth it. And we took advantage of the pool, jacuzzi, and consuite - with free food and soda!

I'm still recovering, and my brain is still mush, so I can't recall all the specific things that happened. There were a ton of good cosplayers, though!'s some pictures!

Cosplay Pictures! )

Yes, there are more pictures, but I haven't resized them yet. Uh...nothing much else new. Still computerless, still can't find my phone charger, and still playing lots of video games and reading.

I hope you're all doing well! *hugs*
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Last night, someone accused me of plagiarizing myself.

I have an account, and the nickname is different. It still says in my profile that this is my LJ, and there's even a freaking picture of me right there. But I got an angry PM ranting at me about how this person had read a lot of the same fics on livejounral by 'someone else', only they were 'a little different and definitely better' and pointed out that I'd kept some things the same and they were going to report me for stealing someone else's stories!

I responded by pointing out I was the 'someone else' on livejournal, and the only editing done between LJ and was language and sex. Those were taken out to comply with's rules.

I haven't heard back yet.

Sylvia cosplay isn't going to work out for this con. But that's alright, I have a super secret cosplay that will be. That no one will recognize, but I don't care. All I will say is this: my god it's pink, and my god I'm going to have so much jewelery.

I managed t hit Joanne's right as they were having a massive bead sale. 40 percent off all bead making supplies. Last night I made a hairpiece involving pearls and pink stones and ostrich feathers. Yes, this is for my cosplay.

Has Livejournal stopped giving advance warning about paid accounts? I'm used to getting the '12 days, 7 days, 5 days, etc' warnings. Not just 'tomorrow your account expires'. And since this was yesterday, today marks the day that all of my RPG accounts are back to basic. I'm slowly getting to used to the lack of icons - Tamaki's still the hardest. I just like a bit more warning. :/

This morning, a tiny elderly woman came by to invite me to a semi-religious get together on Easter. She was very, very nice, and explained at length that it didn't matter what religion you were, all this gathering would be for would be to remember the life of Jesus Christ, as a man and a teacher. I thanked her very much, but I'm going to be out of town. Still, I think it was very nice and I like how she stressed it wasn't about religion, it was about a good man who lived a very long time ago and changed history.

This weekend I plan to work on cosplay, work on [ profile] damned stuff, and hopefully finally adjust properly to these pills. Working good, but there's still that period of weirdness when I first take them.
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I hate when the mind refuses to cooperate. On anything. Maybe I still haven't properly woken up and that's the problem. I'll confess, I lazed half-awake in bed until 8:00. And I haven't technically gotten 'up' yet, as I haven't done the morning dishes or made myself some sort of drink to give me energy.

Somehow, over the course of the last few months, I've completely turned myself into a morning person. Instead of taking my pleasure in staying up late of nights, watching TV and enjoying the darkness, it's now all about the morning.

I love the quiet of it. I love standing at the kitchen sink as I dry or wash the dishes and watch the light come up. It's a contemplative, reflective time. I think we all need that at the start of the day. It certainly keeps me calm. Why, I'm not even the list bit angry over things I probably ought to be angry over. Either I've become terribly zen, or I've just become terribly used to being blown off and forgotten about.

That, or I'm so wrapped up in TBC that I just don't care.

I've decided I am most definitely cosplaying Sylvia. But instead of Sylvia and Lamika, I'm doing Sylvia instead of Lamkia. Realistically, I don't have the time to get Lamika done between now and AniZona. Not with my novel, [ profile] damned, finally learning how to drive, getting the garden set up and helping everyone else with their costumes. Plus the normal little things that eat away at my time, like cooking and cleaning.

I was tagged to do that 'pick ten people who make my day' meme thing, but...I can't bring myself to do it. I can't in all honesty or fairness pick just ten people, and I'd hate to leave anyone out. Usually I love jumping on memes, but that one just leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. (Which is not directed at anyone who's done it! Just my own personal viewpoint here, nothing more.)

I've been abed too long, and the morning light is nearly gone. I'd better catch it before it's too late. ;)
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AniZona room is booked!

We've got a two room suite - two double beds plus a fold out couch - with a private balcony and kitchenette! Plus free hot made-to-order breakfast and free happy hour. :D

So now the con crunch is on! And I'll have at least one new costume, if I can ever find my damn fabric scissors. Maybe two, we'll see. If I can get another pale blond wig - something like this - . ETA: I have the wig! I'm seriously tempted to toss together a Sylvia Cristel (No More Heroes) cosplay. All I need (clothes wise) is a black blazer, short black skirt, white blouse, black scarf and black bra. And black dress shoes. And...well, I've got the white blouse and the black bra, and the rest is easily found at thrift stores.

This is Sylvia, for those not familiar:

Yay or nay?
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So, between hearing all of 'their' songs yesterday and just ending up reading various discussions on the internet, I have fallen back in love with one of my pairings. No, I'm not going to say which one, since I'm hoping to get some fic written for it. ;) Maybe this was the charge I needed, I don't know. Maybe that spark is back. It's weak and dull but by damn we're going to nurture that thing!

I poked at my FSTs again. I've added some to my HBC FST. There's...a lot of Coldplay on there. I didn't intend for this to happen, but there are a few songs that just fit. I can't deny them if they fit. There's also some Enya, because 'Return to Innocence' has become my Rena song.

Still very little movement on the VB FST.

I've started laying down my costume plans for the upcoming con season. The one I'm currently working on is going to be more ambitious than my other cosplays. Not only am I making the dress, I'm dyeing and styling the wig, making armor and jewelry, and possibly making an epic cloak if I can find a pattern anywhere near Lamika's insane cloak of doom. And her armor will be good practice for when I make my Monarch armor.

Or I'll just say 'screw that' and do Prison!Monarch with his cardboard and duct-tape wings. It could be hilarious. And would also negate the need for a skintight bodysuit. I do not have his amazing abs. I will probably never have his amazing abs in my life. But a gal can dream. ;)

I want to get some cleaning done this morning, but it's raining and I'm feeling achey, so I think today may just be a 'sit on the couch and play video games' kind of day. I'm playing... a lot of games. The most recent being Obscure, Left 4 Dead and Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. I still have No More Heroes to play, too. I've made progress on Harvest Moon - I think I've done three or four rainbows.

I just need to catch a damn wood fish to do the red rainbow right now.

Why I keep helping those chicken bothering Harvest Sprites is beyond me...;)
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So I reached 23k and it was decided I needed a little break. What with the drooling and babbling nonsensically. ;)

So here is some stuff completely not related to NaNo at all! To prove there is life outside of Nano!

We finally got all the Halloween decorations, and now the porch is being converted to a sort of work space. [ profile] nijawial has her art table out there, and my sewing table is set up. I need to somehow move my desk to the shed, but it's out of the way for the moment.

The rats are vastly amusing when we walk by their aquarium. As they're on the floor, they can clearly see just how giant we are, as Nija pointed out to me yesterday. And they are in awe. Hank is still fat, but with his preference for running on the wheel, hopefully he'll slim down some.

My mother is still doing well, though a little frustrated with some of the limitations she has while her teeth and jaw heal up.

If you're into psychedelic music and you haven't heard Infected Mushrooms yet, why not? I highly recommend their Doors remixes. I am generally not one for covers and remixes, but these cannot be missed. Same with Dream Theater's Pink Floyd covers. And I rarely praise covers or remixes.

I'm still reading Dead Beat, and still trying to get unstuck in Twilight Princess. Jumping and I are not friends, at all. Need to go back and finish up SH3 again, too. Am tempted to try a Vincent cosplay at some point. But Claudia first!

Steamboy? Not as awesome as I was led to believe.

Now time to catch up on cleaning, because holy crap, it's Friday. When did that happen?


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