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My mother's still out of commission. I've got D here helping, which is great, but my dad...being my dad which is not so great. He keeps trying to do more than he can, or take on duties that we have covered, and basically trying to act like the head of the household when in times such as these that falls to me.

I also have discovered that strange pain in the left side of my heart I've been freaking out over for months is not some debilitating heart disease, but indigestion that just feels like it will kill me. Unfortunately, heavy duty heartburn medication is too expensive, so I have to basically change my entire diet.

Everything I love the most is horrible for my heartburn. I love garlic and citrus and spicy and acidic foods. I love chocolate. I love cheese. But mostly I love garlic. Almost everything I eat has garlic in it. Oh, and lemonade and orange juice, basically the only things I drink right now.

On the other's only been a few days and already my clothes are hanging loose, so I guess that's a plus? But my weight is such a weird thing for me, because despite wanting to lose some pounds/tone up...I do not want to lose my belly. I've been studying Turkish belly-dancing and I just mastered abdominal undulations. And authentic belly dancing doesn't look quite as cool when chicks with toned and tight stomachs do it. (By 'authentic' I mean non-Westernized, like what is often seen in theme restaurants and on TV.) And I get so damn messed up on body issues, because I hang out with people who's ideal of physical awesomeness is not the American media ideal at all. And so I go through phases where I love myself and my body type, but then I turn on TV or go online or open a magazine and I'm assaulted by all these expectations and ideals that I'm being told I should aspire to. :/ And then I feel shitty about myself and hate the way I look. Which is stupid, since I'm really only about ten pounds overweight and I'm six feet.

And things are still crazy hectic. I'm too tired and stressed to RP, and it looks like I'm going to miss this NS. Which sucks, because it's a freaking awesome one. And of course apping Daph has to be put off even longer, since I don't have time to canon-review, or brains to write an app.

And poor Sheila is just constantly following me around and crying because I just don't have the time to play with her for hourly chunks right now. And Pepper is staying right by my mom and not playing with her even a little, so she's getting destructive and temperamental due to boredom. And she's scared of horse-smell, so when I do try and pet her or snuggle her, she sniffs me and runs away.

So that's the current State of the Faye.
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Hallo LJ! It's been a few days! Whoops!

I haven't been doing anything terribly exciting or interesting lately. I've been RPing and writing, and marathoning Metalocalypse with [ profile] nijawial in preparation of the third season. Also, um, I've been playing Sims.

Yeah, turns out I can has Sims 2 on Randall. I'm working on my custom Mid-World neighborhood. So far we have Flagg's Tower and Castle Gilead. Oh, and a tavern. Flagg has a kitty. He loves his kitty.

Good Kitty Kitty )

He also apparently hates teddy bears.

Today I pretty much lazed away my Monday, but around seven or so I got myself up off of my bum and got to chores. All the dishes are done, and once I'm done with this I'll be doing laundry. I have Clanaad on in the background, a nummy dinner of salad with dried cranberries and orange slices, and hopefully I can get to sleep easily tonight.
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I hates it, precious, I hates it. I've been busting my ass pretty much all day over it. At least there's improvement. Mmm, improvement. I finally took L's Halloween costume off. And then was wandering around with a pair of batwings strapped to my back for a little while. Just because. Why the hell not? I'm currently trying to organize my closet. This... is not a task for the faint hearted. The sheer amount of clutter is like unto a great beast, snarling and lurking and near immortal. I fear my mortal skills are not up to it. :(

I did find vast amounts of pocky under my bed, though. What was vast amounts of pocky doing beneath my bed? Some things are better left unknown.

And you'll all be proud: I ate a proper lunch. At lunchtime. Soup, bread, cheese, veggies, the whole thing. I am energized and full of work ethic! Or something. And I got some writing done last night. This is a vast improvement from wanting to do nothing but lay on the couch and stare blankly at the television.

I think I am going to say 'screw the closet' and admit defeat to the Beast of Clutter. I'll organize my BPAL or something instead.
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Followed up on the job at Joanne's, didn't get it. But they'll 'call me if something opens up'. Which is the most I've gotten from any place I've applied at, so....

I had such a bizarre dream last night. It was one of the most coherent dreams I've had in a while, in that there was actually something of a linear plot. It was very Death Note-centric.

So, L had like... made some whacky deal with a Death God and now he was a Death God, but only sort of. Like, he had his own Death Note and the eyes, kind of, but he still looked human and everything. And for some reason he tracked down Naomi, and like... left his Death Note on her doorstep, and then left. But he came back once she'd picked it up, and for some reason that meant he couldn't see her lifespan, or something. And there was this weird French guy who was Kira, and they were trying to track him down, but knowledge of how Kira kills was public so everyone went around with masks on, and L tried using Naomi as bait and.... I don't know. They had creepy, intense sex in the alley behind some church, I don't know. And there was something about shopping for BJDs, and Death was hanging around, I think.

Even my linear dreams are messed up. Maybe I'm just jonesing that hard for some NaomixL fic. But I've read every NaomixL fic that's out there (not counting all of mine, there's only like 5). So clearly my subconscious mind is just spitting up random crap to fill that need.

Though I find it hilarious that even though NaomixL is indeed my OTP, my Naomi (the one I RP) is more inclined to be attracted to Sheska than to L. It amuses me.

I finally got around to getting a new Paypal account ( I'm trying to wrack my brain for articles to write for AC. Hey, ten articles even at 5 bucks a pop is still 50$.
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First off, a pimping:

The I Like My Options! Anonymous Kink Meme!

Anything goes, here. Have a kink you really want to see? Have a pairing you're dying for some kink of? GO HERE! Request anonymously and you will be rewarded anonymously! See a request that inspires you? Write anonymously to fulfill it! There's some great requests already that I would love to see answered! ;) And I will be writing, too, so.....

Anyway! Man, I am so out of it today. I tried to make coffee, and repeatedly failed. The first time, I forgot the coffee grounds. The second time, I forgot to plug it in. Third time, I nearly forgot the pot. But now I have coffee going and I'm contemplating a bath with some crap dumped into it.

I cannot believe it is Wednesday! The week is flying away! Jerome day after tomorrow! Huzzah, huzzah!
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LJ is being an assmonkey with the sending of comments. If I fail to reply, blame it on the notifications. :/

My new computer has been officially dubbed Watari. It suits him. He has an appropriate background and I'm going to work on a desktop theme. It's about time I named a computer after a non-villain. And perhaps this will encourage him to age gracefully....


How bad is Highlander: the Source? So bad that after fifteen minutes of the senseless plot, bad acting, random cannibals, etc, I willingly switched to Legally Blond: The Musical. That's how bad it is. I'm holding out for the anime. That looks incredible.


No Goodwill today. I was sleeping too soundly and my mother didn't want to wake me. We're going tomorrow. I'm putting together a steampunk outfit based on some designs by [ profile] chocomimi, and seeing what I can put together for [ profile] nijawial. I actually have an idea already, I just have to see what's available.


I have a variety of bunnies for fics. And I need to get caught up on [ profile] damned. I have some time before I need to get started on dinner, at least.


Happy belated birthday, [ profile] rivendellrose. Hope it was a good one!


I need a femslash pairing for Naomi. That isn't Naomisa. I want to do a Naomi drabble for [ profile] yuri_challenge this week.


Thank you everyone who gave me music! Watari is slowly but surely getting all properly tricked out!


Okay, time to get to work!
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Today I need to clean my room. I need to clean it like a mad cleaning demon. I've put it off way too long.

I had a strange dream last night where I was talking to someone about apping Detective Munch somewhere. And the conversation revolved around 'what canon would you put for him?' and an ensuing argument. Which when I woke up made me go 'bzuh?' since despite Munch being a character in 7 different shows, I think he's pretty well associated with SVU at this point. Though it gives me some weird ideas for an SVU/X-Files crossover. Of course, I also had a dream that involved me showing up naked to a Ren Faire, so you know....

Speaking of crossovers.... [ profile] all_hallows_fic is eating my soul. And I need to work on my (read: START!) my [ profile] ficrocksthe80s fic. I also think I need to re-read 'Dreams in the Witch House', for my All Hallow's project. I just really, really don't feel like I've captured Arkham properly. Which is because I'm using a contemporary style, which I've never done when writing Lovecraft before, but I can't write a predominantly Death Note fic in anything but contemporary. Unless I was writing about a young Watari or something.

I need to drop off my application at Joanne's. And bake that cake I've been craving. And make dinner.

It's going to be a busy day for me.
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So, laptop trouble is essentially the battery going kaput. Combine that with us not realizing that you have to turn on the outlet I had plugged into.... yeah. Scorpy is still holding on!

While [ profile] chocomimi is getting ready, I'm taking a quick moment to update on our excellent adventure. Friday she took me to Temple Square and I had an absolutely amazing time. It's beautiful. I honestly can't put into words how beautiful it is. It's one of those places that defies the boundaries of human adjectives. And everyone sort of just assumed I was Mormon, which was a little bit neat, actually. I'll spare everyone the religious details, as I know not everyone on my Flist is as fascinated with religion as I am. :D But we talked with Sisters from all over the world, got a tour, had dinner at an amazing little restaurant on top of the Joseph Smith Building - guh, buffalo! - and then said goodbye to Temple Square. I am forever thankful to [ profile] chocomimi for taking me and allowing me to learn firsthand about the history of the place and the people who built it.

At that point, it was time to call a cab to head to our Haunted Salt Lake Ghost Tour! Which was a two hour bus tour all over the city, led by three professional story tellers. It was a great tour, the three tour guides were funny, friendly and informative. And we had some weird occurences at one of the stops that I'll delve into later, I think.

Yesterday we went out for brunch and ended up staying out until 10! We went to this awesome beauty shop where Emi talked me into splurging and treating myself. I bought a dress. A brand new dress. A Betty Paige dress. Blue with brown polka-dots and a retro cut. Then we went to an awesome thrift store where I got a down coat for 10$, a better Naomi jacket, this amazing brown leather jacket with sweater sleeves (for 10$) another suitcase to pack this stuff in (5$) and this cool handbag thing to go with my new dress. Oh, and we also grabbed quick Light and L cosplay outfits. Then we went to an amazing Japanese restaurant, I had authentic Japanese food and sake, and was very full and happy. We headed home and dressed up and baked....

DEATH NOTE CUPCAKES! We did it. :D I ended up dressed as Light and Emi dressed as Honey (Ouran) and we baked cupcakes. Pictures to be posted when they're on a computer! Then we ended up in Lolita, wandered around campus, watched some Avatar, a documentary on the history of illegal drugs, and finally crashed.

Now we're getting Lolita-ed up again for a day on the town!

I need to finish being bowed and beribboned, so I shall update again...some other time! :D :D :D

(Expect RP stuff to be posted when I return. Sorry, I just don't have the time right now!)
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Okay people.

It's October 1st. No more saying it's too early for Halloween stuff. ;)


For people who don't know, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love it. I love everything about it. I love the history, I love the commercialization, I love the traditions, I love the food, I love the costumes, the haunted houses, the corn mazes, the pumpkining, and I love the fact that horror is everywhere.

And now that it is officially Terror Month, be prepared for horror themed fics, reviews, etc.

And... yeah, I need a Halloween icon. As adorable as Tenma-chan is, just doesn't cut it for Hallowwn. I could use last year's Renge icon, but that doesn't fit my layout. And much as I love Halloween, I am not changing my layout again. I like my L and Naomi layout.

Anyone wanna make me a pic of like.... L as a vampire or zombie or something? Or with a pumpkin. Misa in a witch hat! Anything! SOMETHING HALLOWEEN THEMED!

I've got over 2,000 words on my [ profile] all_hallows_fic project. It's actually going good now, even though I realized I didn't think it through far enough. Because, uh, how exactly do two normal human detectives beat a Lovecraftian horror from beyond the stars? Yeah. Though discussing it in chat led to visions of Light standing there, Death Note in hand, facing down a terror from the deep and going 'Uh...guys....? How do you spell 'Hziulquoigmnzhah'?!?!?'

Still waiting for my assignment from [ profile] obscurefandom.

And... I need to clean and do laundry. As I was woken up at 8 AM and reminded that I'm leaving in a few days and the bathroom needs cleaning. Mmm, subtle hint.
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I have discovered why I am having so much trouble with my [ profile] all_hallows_fic. There's no explaining why L and Naomi are working together on this case. And I know how they ended up working together like this, and why Watari doesn't seem to exist and all this other stuff. But that is a fic unto itself. Which I have to write first.

And I wasn't ever going to write the idea out, but [ profile] nijawial and I were discussing theories, and she had some of the same ones as me, and now this just needs to be written.

Moving on, because I'm sure a vast number of you are sick to death of me babbling about my fics....

I jammed my sewing machine. Thread got caught in the shuttle, whatever. I cleaned the shuttle, and...unthreaded the damn bobbin by accident. Now I have to wait for my mother to get home to help me with re-threading it.

I've got two dolls drying right now. One of them I had to scrub the shellac crap out of her hair before washing it. I hate the newer cheap Barbie dolls because of that. But then I washed it out and brushed it and it does look much better already. Now she's drying before I style and paint.

I need to burn CDs today. Some CDs for friends, and then some CDs for in my work room. And thanks to everyone who's given me music, I've got an awesome creepy selection now! :D Huzzah Halloween!
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This whole 'being productive' thing is tiring. I seem to have fallen into a routine of working from when I get up until 3. Routines are good. When it comes to doing things around the house, I cling to my routines.

I cleaned and took out trash and organized things today. I have fabric washing now. I really, really like this brown checked fabric I got, and kind of want to make a skirt or a jumper out of it. Tote bag experiments going well, so I am feeling rather pleased.

Now I'm zonked out on the couch with half a chicken focaccia sandwich and wincing at Jeff Conaway on Celebrity Fit Club. Yes, I watch junk sometimes. Mindless, mindless junk. But there's really nothing on, and I don't feel like moving my PS2 again to pop in a DVD or play some SO2. I mostly just want to veg on the couch for an hour, maybe RP some, read fic, whatever.

I'm going to have two RP characters in wheelchairs come Dayshift. And good god, the super bonding between [ profile] adorkabledragon and [ profile] notmyfather.... I figured they'd get close, but I had no idea they'd get this close. It's actually really cute to see, though I wonder over what possible repercussions it could have. Mmm, issutastic!

Fall is here. I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt. It's cold at night - I'm sleeping under a blanket and my comforter - and soon there will be snow on the mountains. And the Jerome trip is coming up! I need to get working on a costume. I'd love to do some Lolita pics up there at the hotel, but I am still lacking a petticoat. And a proper blouse.

I kind of want to take a nap.
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This morning was a productive morning!

I went to Goodwill, got a bag of dolls, a bunch of bolts of fabric and ten patterns, all for about 10$. I love Goodwill.

Today I'm going to be cleaning out some closets and pretty much just setting up my crafts room. As soon as I find something that will play music, because I cannot work without music. And since my laptop speakers and sound card are dead, that means I have to root around for a radio or something. Someday I will get an MP3 player of some sort. After I have money and pay bills and pay back loans and buy all the stuff I need.

But I expect today to continue to be productive. I like being productive. Productivity gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Now I'm off to snag food and look for something that will play music!

(Also, my dad asked me what the hell I'm going to call my business, and I have no freaking clue. I hadn't thought that far ahead. But he wants to get me a little sign/plaque thingy for my craft room, so I better come up with something.)
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Alright, the Fey is a busy, busy badger today. And probably through to Thursday, since not only does the house need to be cleaned from top to bottom, apparently we need to put furniture in the guest-room. I also need to wash a few of my wigs, take in my Lust costume - why do I always drop ridiculous amounts of weight right before a con? - pack, find my cooler, get rid of the ridiculous bags under my eyes, clean out my purses, find my khaki pants, finish Death Note, re-watch Cowboy Bebop, get fake roses at the dollar store, get toiletries....

And all of this before Thursday. Thursday is also going to be busy, but busy in a different way. A more fun sort of way. Thursday is grocery shopping in the wee hours of the morning, making food, picking up [ profile] jade_pen, and then all those little last-minute, right-before con things. Plus, you know, hanging out and having Quality Time and stuff. And heading to bed early, because Friday is an early morning. [ profile] anna_daae will be here at an hour that is before I'm usually even awake. But then! It's off to Vegas for fun and frolicking in Sin City.

And I'm actually doing photoshoots this year. We're doing the Ouran shoot and the Death Note shoot. And I have decided that yes, I am doing Lust again, because I love the costume so damn much. And there are too many awesome photoshoot opportunities to pass up.

I think I'm bringing one of my FMA artbooks for Laura Bailey to sign. And since Colleen Clinkenbeard is going to be there, may as well get her autograph, too. Maybe, eventually, I can get a large chunk of the cast signatures!

Okay, enough procrastination! I need to vacuum and scrub the stove.
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Oh, cleaning. I'm scrubbing the bathroom from top to bottom today. It is hard and slow work, but I am getting there. The shower is so rarely used, so it hasn't been cleaned in a while. I may need to remedy this.

Nightshift has started, and I was woefully unprepared. But I managed to get up a Radio post with shinies and riddles and hints and everything. Not as cryptic as usual, but I'm sick and busy. And [ profile] notmyfather has said 'fuck'. He was just basically repeating Renji, but I still find this hilarious.

I knew someone was going to pair me with [ profile] chocomimi on my 'If my LJ was a TV show...' meme. I also sort of expected someone to pair me up with [ profile] chaneystarr. [ profile] rivendellrose didn't surprise me either - hey, it's canon. And [ profile] zinjadu...we're always being mistaken as a couple IRL, anyway. ;) See, now someone just has to write some RPS ;)

Only four more days of all my snazzy icons. They will be missed. It's going to be hard picking just 6.

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The weather is taking its toll. I'm in constant pain, a constant foul mood - because of the pain - and I'm having trouble sleeping. Last night was one of the worst. But [ profile] chaneystarr and [ profile] ranchangrnl kept me sane. Though I suppose, all things considered, 'sane' would be a relative term in this case....

I have fic deadlines. So I'm going to be sort of working my little rump off to get that done. At least I am writing again. So be on the lookout for some FMA fic later!

And on an aside: you know what I can't stand? Those people, who in a community thread, just have to get involved in everything. Even if they have nothing relevant to add to a particular thread, they have to pipe up anyway, and they post something that's only borderline on topic and it's obvious they really have no idea what the other people are actually talking about. And then the conversation just sort of stumbles to an awkward close. Those people really bug me for some reason.

I have muffins, and they are good. And more sleepy-tea, which is even better.

I'm also really, really happy with the reception to 'In Delirium'. It is, above all, a humor piece, and I was really nervous about how my humor would translate to the characters and the setting. Since really, there isn't much humor at all in the original canon. So it really was an experimental piece in a lot of ways. But for such a crack-inspired idea, I'm seriously happy with it. If this fandom had fic awards, I'd so submit it.

Now, to write the fics due today!
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Ended up out most of the day! I go back tomorrow to the place I applied at, so... still keep fingers crossed! :D Also! [ profile] anna_daae, [ profile] zinjadu! Can I use you guys as references?

Went out grocery shopping, too. Fry's had all their Asian dinnerware on sale, and I got this gorgeous red and black 16 piece dinner set for 11$. My dad got it for me, since it was so cheap. And now....

Ashley and Fey's Haunted Arizona Adventure: Part II )

Now to make lunch, and then to RP and clean!

ETA: Redid my LJ layout to match my GJ layout! IS SHINY!
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Ah, monsoon season. Rain, thunder and cold. Things I can't stand.

Just a reminder, I'm theladyfeylene on GJ!

I went out on the quest for employment this morning. I failed the Wal*Mart assessment test. Which was essentially a freaking meme. You have all these multiple choice answers to scenario questions, and then a bunch of questions where you click somewhere on the scale of 'greatly disagree' to 'greatly agree'. Whatever. I was very much pissed off at first, but I'm over it now. But I still think it's a horrible way to screen applications.

But! My dad found a job listing in the paper, and I have an interview tomorrow. It's entry level, $8.50 and hour, full medical, paid vacation and a retirement fund. From the get-go. The required skills? Friendly customer service, basic math skills and legible handwriting. Please, please send good thoughts my way. Pray, cross your fingers, light candles, dance around naked in the moonlight chanting my name, anything!

Still plugging away at Fatal Frame 2. I think I'm nearly done, I've just started the last chapter. I'm not entirely sure why everyone kept telling me I could never handle playing these games. It isn't scary. Or rather, I don't find it scary. I've been startled twice - once when the doll fell after getting the doll designs, and once when you're getting one of the crests and the box woman grabs Mio's hand. But I've been playing it during thunderstorms, alone, in the dark... and I haven't even been creeped out. Maybe it's because I find a lot of the battles frustrating, and it's hard to be scared of something that gets me frustrated. I don't know. Maybe the other ones are scarier. But so far, I'm enjoying the hell out of the game and not finding it particularly frightening. I like the story, the graphics are great, the battle system is a bit frustrating, but hey, I get to stare at a cute girl while playing so that makes up for it. (And dude, Mio is freaking adorable!) I also sort of want to write very symbolic twincest with her and Mayu. Because they are so special friends. And I want to do a Mio cosplay at some point. Why yes, I have something shiny and new which has caught my attention!

My dad's decided to drag in the old oak dining table so I can use it as a sewing space. Now I need a crash course in sewing Victorian clothes, so I can get started on a costume. I've got some patterns, but I don't really know how to use patterns.

My internet keeps going out as I write this. I turned off my video game due to the storms, and not wanting to lose power and lose an unsaved game. Now I wait patiently for my net to return, and then I shall upload my Jerome photos!

ETA: While waiting for LJ to come back, I beat Fatal Frame 2. I hated fighting that...thing that was in the house, where one touch kills you and you die. And how you had to start from way back in the house when you did die. :/ Now to look for the the alternate end on Youtube!)
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Freaking awesome weekend. Seriously, awesome. Ashley headed home just a little bit ago, and we had a wonderful time all weekend. I can't even begin to put it into a coherent sequence now, but here is the most awesome news of all:

While in Jerome last night, [ profile] anna_daae and I had dinner at The Asylum Restaurant, a dining room for the Jerome Grand Hotel - which used to be a hospital, and is supposed to be very haunted. We had an awesome dinner - international cheese platter FTW! - and then poked around the historically preserved downstairs of the hotel. I grabbed a brochure and looked at the room rates, and went '!!!!!! DUDE LOOK HOW CHEAP THE ROOMS ARE!'. Especially considering it's a 5 Star, historical hotel with views that rival those of the most expensive hotels at the Grand Canyon. So we casually asked about how far in advance you should make reservations, and the woman - Ingrid - at the desk told us a week or two in advance. I mentioned we were looking for October, and she told us it was very busy then, and we should book far in advance.

On a whim, we asked what was available in late October, the weekend before Halloween. There were no openings she told us. Oh well, it was a total whim, spur of the moment idea. No big loss, whatever. Then she paused and asked if we wanted the whole weekend or just one night. We just wanted one night. Aha! There were three rooms open. Including a deluxe balcony - fully preserved historical room, private balcony, on the third floor - did we want it? Oh yes. Yes we wanted it.

Well, we got it. Room 30, right next to room 32, where the most supposed sightings have been. The third floor, I understand, was where the victims of a flu epidemic all died. Reports of coughing, moaning, crying, vomiting, lights turning on and off, doors locking and unlocking themselves, fans turning on and off, a miner walking along the third floor, a young boy running along the third floor hallway, footsteps, items falling off of flat surfaces for no reason, chairs moving, phone calls to the lobby from empty rooms, and various other phenomena.

There will be tons of pictures and further anecdotes when I gather all my thoughts together.

In other news, I'm catching up on RP stuff and playing Fatal Frame 2. But I'm already stuck. :/ I'm in the shrine, and I have to go back by that big ghost that kills you with one touch, and I can't remember where the door I have to go back through is so I keep dying. The walkthrough says the W door, which I assume means west. Which freaking way is west? Besides that, stupid Mio doesn't run fast enough. :/
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The bank has launched the investigation into my account hacking! Once this is settled, and I have access to all my money, I am buying this to celebrate. [ profile] chocomimi linked me to it when I asked her what would look good on me, and I fell in love instantly. And it would be gorgeous for fall and winter events around here. Especially in town square, with the gazebo and the old town hall.

Apparently, all the Halfblood Chronicles fans are on JF! I've gotten two comments and three emails from fellow fans after making a comment that reference my Valyn/Mero fic! The fandom doubled in size! With some luck, someone else will start writing fic and posting it online. It's hard being the only one!

Everything's clean! Or as clean as I can get it. I'm rather comfortably cluttered by nature. But it feels nice to have tidied up, made the bed, all that stuff.

So far, the weekend is off to a great start!

(See! I told you the normal spazzy, happy updates would return!)
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Maybe, if I work myself to exhaustion, I'll actually sleep tonight!

I've been cleaning. The bathroom is scrubbed, and I'm just waiting for the bleach stuff to set. I do need to get to my room, but I already feel woozy and tired. So I am taking a small break. I went grocery shopping this morning and had delicious chicken chow mien (I wrote 'cow' first) and won tons.

Oh! [ profile] anna_daae! Just a heads up, my folks are taking us out to dinner tomorrow night! They're very excited someone actually wants to come visit me. ;) And I got out the blazer and my chains! The blazer is actually medium petite, so it should fit you! And I hooked the Playstation 2 up.

[ profile] notmyfather and [ profile] adorkabledragon have met up. This fills me with glee. Even though Valyn's bleeding and grumpy and Keman is woozy and confused.

I am determined to write some fic later today. I need to jog those creative muscles! Also, I want to read more Kenshin. I'm up to volume 8.

So much to do....


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