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An update!

Going to get to meme tonight! Yesterday I ended up psyching myself out so badly over a contact snafu that I was a bit of a mess, and today I've been working my ass off. My ass, which by the way, is finally starting to tighten and firm. If you've ever considered those toning shoes, go for it. They work. I've got the Curves sandals, and in just three weeks of wearing them for walking I can see the difference it's making in my thighs and bottom.

I think my dad might finally be warming up to the little critters. I've caught him watching the girls, and telling my mother funny/cute stories about them. And today he was asking me how often they get out and handled, and said 'good' when I told him every night. And Sheila seems to adore them. She'll sit at the edge of their cage and put her paws or her nose through the bars, and the girls will sniff her and lick her and she'll lick them back. Pepper hates them, but considering she's a terrier, this is unsurprising. And she's gotten better about barking at them and bothering them.

Sheila is, somewhat surprisingly, the current darling of the household. To the point where my parents keep assuring me that I don't have to lock her in my bedroom at night. But if I didn't have her in the bedroom with me at night, she'd just sit outside the door and cry until I let her in. And anyway, they already have Pepper and Claudia in their suite at night.

Also, I've got me a housekeeping gig. Considering how absolutely miserable this week has been, today's been pretty damn good. And will keep on getting better, since in an hour we're going to Bonfire, Smoke'n'Stuff, and the farmer's market. And since my dad has decided that he really likes the way flavored cigars make the garage smell but won't smoke them himself, he has decided to just buy me a pack every couple of weeks. I am vastly amused.

Fandom wise, my two new biggest interests are Haven and Mystery, Incorporated. Talk about random. But Haven is made of awesome and win, even if I'm really sad about how last week's episode ended. And I love this theory I've read about Haven being on a Beam, which so completely works. I don't know why I love Mystery, Incorporated so damn much. Maybe just because it manages to hit all the things I loved about the classic series, but modernizes it and delves into the characters much more. And adds in adult humor! Plus, I'll confess, Velma's smoking hot. Seriously smoking hot.
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Last week was...well, a lot happened. Good and bad, as makes up life, but lots of things. I'm in no mood to dwell on the bad, as that's counter-productive, so I'll simply be highlighting...whatever I can remember.

Due to real life and weather, [ profile] husband_brother and I weren't able to see as much of each other as we'd wanted. Tuesday night we ended up going out for some Chinese food, and then heading back to her place to hang out with her sister (who I have dubbed the Green Pixie) and her boy (the Katamari King). Yes, they have official nicknames now! We watched TV, smoked, chilled, the usual. And had epic moving discussion.

I am not going to be talking about house hunting or the upcoming move.

Weather moved in about the middle of the week, so I wasn't doing so great. I did manage to scrub the bathroom (hurray!) and get some other stuff done, but I spent most of the wet bout in a medicated haze. It was nice, though, and I did get a lot done. Friday was able to get together with the other half again, and we had a wonderful night. And watched the premiere of Haven!

I'm hooked on Haven. Love the cast, love the atmosphere, love the setting, love how despite King not working on the scripts, it's so very Stephen King. Which makes me happy. And I love that it's paired with Eureka.

Now I've been back to the grindstone, in every sense of the word! But I was tickled pink to get a very nice review on one of my fics this morning, made even more nice by the fact that someone Got one of my weird, random, semi-referential jokes-that-aren't-jokes. Usually they're so weirdly convoluted and/or obscure that they don't actually get picked up on. And not only did they get it, they considered it one of the greatest lines they'd ever read in a fan-work.

Why yes, I'll be riding high on that for a while!
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I'm...actually really curious about this. :D

I remember when I used to be embarrassed upon being surprised in PJs and whatnot by random people working in the yard. Apparently I'm over it, as I spent a good five minutes companionably chatting with one of the yard crew in a sheet, face mask and shower cap this morning. It's hot, I haven't been bothering with PJs, and I don't have a summer robe. I'm sure my Seattle buds remember many a hot morning of me stumbling out in a shoddily tied together sheet toga. I've been pretty much doing that, since I get up much earlier than [ profile] nijawial. This morning when I emerged for my cigarette, the yard was full of people! And to my credit, I did not freak and run away.

Apparently the fence is being fixed today!

My brain finally appears to be working. I've actually managed to get myself back into RP a bit this morning. Actual, structured RP at CU. I've been able to post fine with Myre, but my Maria and Bert muses have been giving me trouble. They seem to be active and talkative today, though, so I'm not going to complain! Really, the only other RP I've been able to do is the epic fusion with [ profile] husband_brother. Man, it's been weeks since we had a session, and I am not even entirely sure what's going on. We wrapped up the gala, Nheva's in place (I think?) and G² did some Evil Plotting. Oh, yes, because they were using their epic series of Mirrors, Crystal Balls, Viewing Screens, Scrying Glasses and whatnot to spy on the gala. And be creepy and giant and evil. And occasionally burst into song... Mmm, evil plans. I've got to say, I've been enjoying revisiting two of my favorite character types. Evil Bastard and Competent Politician. Guh, I've missed RPing highly political stuff. I don't think I've had an actively political character, Fudge. That was years and years and years ago.

I feel productive. I did dishes, colored my hair, got posting done. Maybe I can finish that fic I've been working on for weeks...
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I had terrible nightmares last night. I suppose it was the zombie apocalypse, but the zombies were...strange shadow creatures. Except they were solid and had grisly detailing to them. I remember this one really big one, with all this blackened and crusted gore around his mouth. There were thousands of them, and a handful of human survivors trying to hide out and avoid them in this old hotel/school. Like I think it had been an elementary school that was converted into a hotel. I don't know. But I almost died quite a few times, lots of other people did, and until I was able to take control of the dream, I survived by hiding in an elevator cage with a mess of shadow zombies trying to break in. Once I was able to exert some control, I managed to limit the number and make them slower, but that wasn't enough and even fleeing into a lake on a boat didn't stop them.

Luckily, on Christmas morning, they all melted.

Yeah, I don't know. Other than I had a lot of cough medicine yesterday, plus shrimp. I'm going to blame them. It was one of those that leaves me shaking and not wanting to get out of bed - especially because it wandered close to HH territory, during a bit where I thought I was awake and stringing Christmas lights in my room to protect me - but finally Millie started barking and I had to. I'm fine now, except still feeling a bit drained and shaky.

Man, I just have to say that Twitter is really proving itself as a valid fandom platform. If you're not aware of the current Criminal Minds debacle - that's so insane and was handled so badly that a) the cast didn't even know and b) I didn't even believe it at first - the network has decided to fire Aj Cook and reduce Paget Brewster's role. Yeah, WTF? JJ and Prentiss are two of the most loved characters on that show, not to mention incredible female role models. But anyway, the bulk of the Save the Ladies campaign is happening on Twitter. And it's kind of awesome to see fans rallying in real time. I just hope that we're heard. I'll miss the show, it's one of my favorites. But I can't keep watching if they go through with this sexist, idiotic and insulting move.
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I have this feeling that I'm going to get a lot done today. You know how some days you just wake up with that drive? That's today.

Though I am somewhat bummed at myself. I saved a bunch of cards with contact info for fan artists I later wanted to commission. Most especially a particular artist who specializes in fairy tale versions of anime and video game characters. Now, I am obsessed with that kind of thing. Especially when it's terribly fitting. And her work is quite lovely. I decided that my housewarming gift to myself would be to finally commission art of Rapunzel!Ming, which I've wanted, a really long time now. For goodness sakes, that's the whole theme of my entire LJ!

And of course...guess which is the one artist's card I've lost? Yup. The one I wanted to commission from. *headdesks* Ah well. I do have another artist I want to commission some LO work from - the one who did my gorgeous Ming sketch at Connichwa - but I really do want my Rapunzel!Ming art. I think tonight, when in bed with my computer, I shall scour Deviantart and attempt to track down this mystery artist! (I'd look up her name on the back of the Swan Princess!Kagome print I have from her, but it's packed somewhere.)

It's terribly icky and cloudy and cold today. Which is bizarre, since it's June. And also bizarre that I'm feeling full of energy and whatnot on such a nasty day.

Alright, I finished my breakfast and the ratty girls are looking for theirs. Spoiled little things...
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Ganked from a couple of people:

Give me a pairing I know and a word/color/lyric/location/kink or cliche and I will write you at least 100 words of smut. You heard me.

I honestly can't make any promises as to quality, depending on pairing/fandom, but I I can promise at least a drabble. As usual, anything goes.

I finally finished my custom moodtheme! I'm pleased. And while it's been nearly unbearably hot, this morning is actually cool and comfortable. Now if only that text I've been waiting for will come in, all will be well!
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So, is anybody else excited about Haven? I haven't seen much buzz about it at all on the intertubes, and this makes me a bit sad. I know we've got at least another month before it premieres, but...

It's Stephen King! Even though he's not involved in the day-to-day stuff, he's a part of the team and he's excited with what they're doing. It looks like they'll be pairing it with Eureka, which makes sense. It's kind of the darker side of the coin, so to speak.

Man, I am feeling productive this morning. I cleaned out the rat cages, colored my hair - the red had faded - took out trash and scrubbed some counters. And it's only nine o'clock! I've discovered that as long as I blast my music and just pay attention to that, I can ignore the fact that I'm exhausted and hurting all over. And once more, Squire Ipod proved he is self-aware with this morning's shuffle choices. (Note: I do not actually think my Ipod is self aware.)

And a small rant on fic, I guess, that is far too small to bother posting to [ profile] fanficrants but bugs the hell out of me all the same. When Epic Romantic Scene is taking place, it is dawn! Am I seriously the only one who actually realizes this? It was just night beforehand, the sun is coming up in the background, that means it's dawn. Sun starts at the horizon in the beginning, and gets higher as the scene progresses. That is not sunset. I am so sick of every single fic that either references that scene or is a written version of it setting it at sunset.

*mops up after self*

SyFy is marathoning the X-Files today, but they appear to be all episodes I will not watch. This saddens me. :/ (I love X-Files, except for the episodes with aliens. Yes, I realize this is madness.)

One of these days, I need to make myself a new custom mood theme.
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I'd forgotten how indignant some people can get over the smallest perceived slight. And how some people can be remarkably dense and...well...silly.

Once more, I ended up getting raked over the coals by some random internet person over word choice. The last time it happened, it was someone bitching me out for using slightly racist terminology in dialogue. Dialogue spoken by a character who is canonically more than a wee bit racist, and has said much, much worse than 'oriental'. (It was a Venture Bros fic, dialogue was between Jonas Venture Sr. and Colonel Gentleman. Horace 'Bitches Need a Good Smack in the Mouth' Gentleman. Yeah.)

This time? Apparently it's an insult on par with skinning puppies to use 'queer'. As in 'the white stone floor gleamed queerly in the haze of the oncoming storm.' No, seriously, that's the exact line from the fic. At first I was just 'buzzah', until after a brief e-mail exchange I realized....

This person had no idea that queer is a synonym for strange.

This boggles my mind. The textbook definition of queer is 'strange or odd; unusually different'. When I pointed this out, I just got a 'you still shouldn't use it, it doesn't mean that anymore' reply.


Oh fandom, how I missed you. On the plus side, at least I know there are people out there reading!
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Well, looks like I ended up choosing a good time to wander back to internet fandom....

For those of you who may not have seen it: Fannish spaces, girls, and the culture of silence, an extremely well written post by [ profile] bookshop that really dissects and brings up the tough truths about how female characters - and by extension women - are handled by fandom.

Fandom is not woman-positive. Fandom needs all the urging it can get just to talk about female characters, let alone talk about them nicely. Fandom prioritizes men above everything. Fandom prioritizes male-based fantasies, and fandom prioritizes the status of the people who write those fantasies.

Fandom perpetuates rape culture by silencing women, and we silence women when we remove women from our own narratives, when we refuse to write or read about women, when we talk about how female characters are stupid, slutty, saucy, too strong or too weak to enjoy, not written well enough, not worthy of as much attention as the boys are. We perpetuate victim-shaming when we degrade "women's issues" as inferior, icky, and gross. We perpetuate misogyny when we venerate canons that have high numbers of male characters and only one or two girls. We perpetuate the idea that boys' stories are better than our own, the idea that boys are better than us.

I know I'm preaching to the choir, but...every single discussion on these very issues that I've ever encountered before has fizzled out and nothing changes. This has been a problem in fandom for a very long time, but hardly anyone wants to have to talk about it. And I can understand that, it can be difficult to realize just the sort of culture fandom perpetuates.

Anyway, this has inspired me to go for [ profile] 100_women again. A few years ago I completed it for Fullmetal Alchemist. This time I'm doing it for Lost Odyssey, another fandom with absolutely amazing female characters. Though a lot less than FMA, so we'll see how that works out...

Point is: fictional ladies are awesome. :D
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Hee! Thank you for the cookies and milk, [ profile] lady_angelina! :D

Man, is it really Monday? For some reason, it doesn't feel like it.

I blame [ profile] husband_brother that I had dreams where Link was chasing me all over some city, trying to catch me doing something illegal. Especially behind dumpsters. I'm only sad that I was not actually a wannabe rapper/tyrannical McDonald's Manager.

Also, I can't believe it took this long for me to have a nightmare about the mommy doll.

I've seen a few fic memes floating around, and since I've been, figured I'd do the 'post experts of what you're working on!' one. Since I don't actually have 20 fics to post first lines from. I have 11.

Whee, Out Of Context Fic Snippets! )

Okay, I actually had 8, since I apparently completely forgot I did start the sheep fic! Baaaa!
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Yes, you read that right!

I've been out of the game for a bit, but recently dabbling. And I'm lost and confused. :(

1) When did institute this waiting period before uploading thing?

2) Are there any good, reputable archives for NC-17 and the like fic? I only really know I stopped being happy with that site while I was still in the Harry Potter fandom.

And before anyone asks why I don't just use livejournal...I have a couple of reasons.

The first is just that...I really don't like the weird social stuff involved in being a fic author on LJ. You post to comms, and people read your stuff, and then there's the whole friending thing. Which is awesome, and I have definitely made some amazing friends through LJ comms! But...I also ended up with an Flist I couldn't manage, and some really messed up self worth and value issues.

I know I posted a lot at the other journal about how I had weird issues about what people thought of me, and why they friended me, and my worries that I was only liked due to the things I wrote and did in fandom. LJ is the only place I've ever felt this way, and I've been active in fandom for about fifteen years now. Especially after dozens of those people who swore up and down that it had nothing to do with fandom...jumped ship after I left fandom. Which wasn't surprising, but soured me a bit. And it's not the people - it's just the way that LJ is set up.

I'm leery of posting in my own journal mainly because once I start posting fic, I'm honestly terribly worried I then just won't shut the fiddlesticks up about my epic fandom obsession. And I'd annoy the crap out of people. And I do not want to be That Person.

So...yes, this is why I'm looking into archives. :D
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After I feed the dog, it's off to the store for garbage bags! I've been relatively okay walking to the store on my early monthlies before, so.... *fingers crossed*

Eh, I was gonna write up a whole thing about how I still don't get the rabid OTP spewing ship wars thing, but then I realized 'eh, preaching to the choir' and it's not like I haven't gone off on the subject many times before. It's just that now I get the OTP thing. In the sense of having that couple that you will not separate. But I still don't see what the big deal is if other people aren't into it, or write other pairings with the same characters, or whatever.

I always kind of figured if I ever did finally discover a pairing that was It for me - since even my previous ultimate pairings like Scar/Lust and Snape/Remus or Henry/Eileen got shuffled around to whoever I felt like sticking them with at the time - maybe I would finally see what the big deal is. Especially considering how into characters I get, and how I tend to draw parallels with real life relationships. (I think the two former girlfriends who are still around can attest to this!)

But I don't. At all.

(Which is damn good, since otherwise, I'm pretty sure my roommate would kick me out. Bless her heart for putting up with all my crazy fantasy crap, but I think the day I started preaching about the holy ultimate OTP or some crap, I'd come home to my stuff on the curb. And I wouldn't blame her in the least.)

And yes, that is the terribly condensed version. I've still got to feed the dog and go out for garbage bags!
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Hello LJ land!

I've been sick, which is nothing new. Not entirely sure what it was. Monday I started getting bad migraines, and by Wednesday my stomach was upset and I was feverish and achey. I feel better today, so....

Uh, I really haven't been doing much since I last posted. I'm level grinding in LO, so not much more has happened there - and I'll be honest, I've been hesitating playing further for fear of crushing disappointment - and I've been sick so I haven't been doing much. I did go to hang with some friends, but a migraine interrupted so I cut plans short.

Oh! LJ did finally email me all my notifications crap, INCLUDING CHRISTMAS CRAP! THANK YOU, FLIST! *hugs*

Speaking of...I'm still seriously considering changing my LJ name. It was a silly little thing I picked out like a decade ago, and it's just not me anymore. Plus, um, I'm kind of getting sick of people I don't know who read some fic I wrote like ten years ago under this name and come here and PM me and ask for more or whatever.

Plus, at this point, 'cool' spellings of common names just strike me as silly. I'm tired of Feylene. I am just plain Faye.

The only problem is, I shouldn't be picking an LJ name right now. (At least [ profile] acrossthesky is already taken, because if not....) Of course, [ profile] crossthesky isn't taken....

I have a problem. And now I have this image of [ profile] nijawial and Sasuke staging some sort of intervention. Or just backing me into a corner and spraying me in the face with water and yelling 'No! Bad Faye!'.

OH! That reminds me! I've also been playing The Sims. Now that I've transferred the important things from Walter to Tolten, Walter was cleared off and defragged and now he's very happy running my games and my graphic programs.

I'll have to post some Sims pics later, since I'm on Tolten, but holy crap. Each time I make a new household, I comment that these are/this is the funniest Sim/s I've had. And once more, we've been beaten. How?

Naked. Guitar.
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You know, the thing I miss most about a paid LJ is not the icons, or the's being able to un-collapse comment threads. The Venture Bros kink meme has reached close to 70 comments and it's a pain having to open a new link to read comment threads.

That being said: The Venture Bros kink meme has reached nearly 70 comments! It apparently picked up once season 4 started. Not surprising. I've actually been filling some requests! I started one a few hours ago, and it's now four pages long. Apparently my brain had a nice rest.

I'm just sad there isn't more Hank/Dermott. I love this pairing. For Christmas, I hope Fandom Santa provides a glut of fic and art. Or just...more than the two fics and handful of sketches that exist. Of course, I also want a glut of Bert/Al stuff. Apparently I've gone back to that epic love of dumb teenage boy slash. Best friend slash, specifically.

I really wasn't planning on getting involved in any fandoms again, but damnit, Venture Bros is too awesome and speaks to me too greatly to not get bunnied.

It's raining today. I think I shall write porn, play Lost Odyssey, and read more Under the Dome. And possibly take a bath.
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Today is a day for Getting On Top of Things.

Everything, really. I'm well aware I've recently been slacking on everything, everywhere. My health and RL things just drained me, even though I swore I wasn't going to let that happen. But now I'm back in control, and already well on my way to getting back into the groove everywhere.

I did dishes. I ate. I posted all my RP characters at both my games. I have an original story halfway written. Hell, I even applied to a new RP. I just need a little more variety, and I've been dying to play Eddie. But he's not a right fit for [ profile] damned, and with Phantom Limb I'm at my cap in CU. So when [ profile] orenda33 posted about [ profile] rapturereborn, I checked it out. And am now awaiting to hear back, so fingers crossed!

I'm going to get out the trash, clean the critter cages, clean the bathroom, hopefully finish the rough of Girl Underground, RP, maybe even play a little Okami later....

Whatever. I'm kicking my own ass into gear, and it's high time I did it. I might even be back on AIM before much longer....
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I didn't realize I'd written over 200 FMA fics.

Sometimes I think about counting up all my fics, everywhere, and then I decide I probably don't want to know the actual number. I think that's for the best. :D

It's cloudy and wet and icky today, so I'm not exactly up to snuff. I thought monsoon season was over! Also not sleeping well again, just to warn everyone. I got a few hours last night, but I'm back to just a few hours a night.

I'm even considering breaking my 'no caffeine' vow - I did just finish my period, so one coffee drink shouldn't do any damage - just because I'm feeling so groggy. I need to work on my story, I need to hit my tags, I need to clean the critter cages....

Anyway, this is a fascinating article I'd like to share regarding hemp importing vs cultivating in the US:

If You Drive a BMW, You Support the Hemp Industry...

Seriously, the uses for hemp are numerable. And yet, because hemp is of the cannabis family - despite not having any of the mind altering drug qualities of pot - it's illegal to farm in this country. Hemp is grouped with mescaline and heroin. Hemp! Not even pot, but hemp! The law makes no distinction between the two! But...the US government imports hemp. And allows hemp products to be sold in stores. So why can't American farmers grow it?

At least the laws are being re-evaluated, and now two whole farmers can grow hemp. Wow, two whole farmers!

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Whoot! I'm nearly back to my usual self!

I was up at 8:30, I had breakfast, I did some dishes, I took a bath, I watered the plants, I did some more dishes, I got through all of my emails and now I'm updating LJ! :D And all of that was done in just two hours!

Between the new Harry Potter movie and the new FMA series, my old fan fiction is getting a lot of recent hits and reviews. It's always a little jarring to get new comments on something that was posted six or seven years ago.

I finished The Regulators last Saturday, but wasn't quite up to the task of writing about it. I really, really enjoyed it. I honestly enjoyed it more than I did Desperation. Maybe it was just that the premise was something so near and dear to my heart, or that it showcased what a big kid Stephen King really is, I don't know. It just resonated with me. And it had such a sweet ending.

It is pure and utter crack, though. That's half of what I love about it. :D

Once I've finished my housekeeping chores, I'm going to get to all my RP stuff.
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Holy crap, temperatures of 55 degrees! It's been in the 90s lately. It's cold and it won't stop raining, so needless to say I'm in pain.

Watched Hair last night. I'd seen it, [ profile] nijawial hadn't, so we rented and watched. That movie never fails to effect me. It's just a well done film where everything comes together right. I'm actually sort of glad we ended up with that instead of Jesus Christ Super Star. I've been craving psych rock musicals and operas lately.

Tonight, I believe we're going to go see Star Trek! I'm terribly excited. I've heard nothing but good things from everyone, and what little snitches I've heard have me wriggling in my seat to go see this movie.

I've decided that my recent lack of fic writing has just been fandom boredom. Not that I'm leaving any of my current fandoms, it's just that currently I've written everything for them that I want to write. Season 4 of VB isn't out yet, and other than my epic, I've exhausted all the little plots I wanted to play around with. I still haven't finished Homecoming, so I'm stuck between-canons for Silent Hill. HBC...well, I've wandered into bizarre crossovers and AUs that shouldn't be shared with the general public. Let's just leave it at that.

I go for weeks without being able to write much of anything, and then once I turn to new fandoms I'm banging them out like usual. And the sheer fact that I wrote Across the Universe fic says something of just how starved for new fandom experiences I am. I don't even actually like the movie, I just like the music and the characters.

My parents brought me corn on the cob and artichoke today. That makes me happy. :D
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So, I'm being very avoidant of LJ and stuffs today. Why? I went out for pizza with [ profile] summoneddestiny and [ profile] enigmablade last night, and taped the Criminal Minds finale. Yes, as in on a VHS. I'm always terribly behind the technology thing. Hell, until moving in with Nija I neve even had a DVD player. Just used the PS2. Anyway, I plan on watching it today but I want to avoid spoilers.

Yesterday I mostly just vegged and RPed. My hip's still bugging me, but I just can't get to a chiropractor to ease some things out yet. Luckily once I can, we have some amazing chiropractors in the area.

Nija brought me home a copy of Lisey's Story last night! Hardcover that was on clearance. I'm reading 'A Familiar Dragon' by Daniel Hood right now, but I'm so tempted to say 'mm, get back to it later!' and devour Lisey's Story again. It's simply one of the most beautiful, haunting, moving pieces of fiction I've ever read.

I got that Mercedes Lackey CD today. Not that good one, where the music is 'inspired by' her stuff. No, the one with lyrics she wrote herself.

I made it about 16 seconds into one song before I had to turn it off. Further investigation will be carried out at a later date.

My strawberries are turning red!

I'm in the mood for a good horror movie today.
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Despite a shaky start to things Monday and the fact that my hip is experiencing epic problems, yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day.

[ profile] summoneddestiny dropped by after work to hang out for a little while. We spent most of our time on our favorite subject: authors! And, subsequently, writing. I actually did overcome my writer's block a little to get some fic written last night. But mostly we discussed the ever-popular Mercedes Lackey - dissection of the specific cultures she's clumsily and ham-fistedly appropriated - and a hilarious comparison between Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer. Interestingly enough, when dissecting their work side by side, there are some glaring and detailed similarities that can be eyebrow raising.

We grabbed a quick dinner, went into the square to take some pictures, and just had a relaxing afternoon. Then N came over for a little while, and we hung out on the porch having one of those meandering, deep thought type conversations. We somehow managed to start out on a very introspective discussion comparing and contrasting the philosophical schools of Jainism to Carvaka and end up on the archetypal symbolism of supporting characters in The Venture Bros.

I love my friends.

Then there was just vegging in front of the TV until [ profile] nijawial got in and I very, very much needed to get to bed.

I've been hearing a lot about the new FMA series, but haven't been able to watch any of it. My computer doesn't have sound. I consider this a mixed blessing situation. ;)

I also got the bathroom entirely cleaned! And got to creep people out my showing them the effects of my deformed hip. :D It's just gotten to the point where my right leg is now significantly shorter than my left. I have to bend my left leg to stand properly, and when I straighten up I only stand on one foot. This amuses me - except for the pain in my hip, but I have stuff for that.


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