Jul. 6th, 2011

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I think [livejournal.com profile] mnschoen has been psychically pouring brain juice into me while I sleep. This is the only explanation I can think of for me to write two sizable fics in as many days, after so very long having no inspiration! I can't even blame it on the 'oooh, shiny new fandom!' thing here!

And for the two people here who read this fandom: Gunslinger Born covers the meat of Wizard and Glass, The Long Road Home and most of Treachery are fill-in info not from the novels, but the very last thing that happens in Treachery is also in Wizard and Glass. Which is why the spoiler warnings are bizarre and need quantifying. Because one of you is reading the novels and one of you is reading the comics but YOU CAN BOTH ENJOY!


Title: From Whatever Lamp
Fandom: The Dark Tower: Wizard and Glass
Word Count: 3694
Rating: R, language
Pairing: Cuthbert/Alain
Spoilers: W&G, Marvel run through Treachery ([livejournal.com profile] husband_brother if you read ALL of Treachery you're safe to read this. ONLY IF YOU READ ALL OF IT AS THIS HAS MASSIVE SPOILER FOR THE LAST PANEL!)
Summary: Even as New Canaan falls around them, even as he loses his own faith in the gods he was raised to revere and serve, Cuthbert refuses to believe there is any darkness so great it could rob the world entirely of light.

From Whatever Lamp )
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Argh, ignoring the fact that as soon as I post to Plurk about the glitch that has allowed me to keep 30 icons for free when it shouldn't have LJ realizes and I am dropped back down to 15 icons, I have a quandary! Of sorts.

Talk of Hair Removal And Stuff )

Now I'm going to go pout in my coffee over losing my icons. And I'd post using my 'I'm pouting in my coffee' icon, but LJ ate it.


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