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I think I'll just assume that I didn't surprise anyone on my Flist save for [ profile] talia_speaks. Or I'll knock off the memes, since this is the fourth or fifth one I've posted with next to no results. ;)

When the hell did I get so boring? Somehow, when I lived in the middle of nowhere and did nothing, I was more interesting than I am now. Mark that one up in the old irony column. And no, I'm not being whiny and emo over this, and I honestly don't care if people do memes I post. I just find it interesting. But I've always been interested in things like 'what makes an LJ entry eye-catching' and things like that. It's all about the writing, baby.

I'm just in a particularly strange mood this morning. I'm going to blame everything on hormones and let that be that.

My mother called me last night because she'd lost one of our traditional family recipes. Luckily I had it mostly memorized, and the internet was able to help me fill in a few gaps by looking up similar recipes. No Thanksgiving crisis yet.

I think I've wandered away from NaNo. This doesn't mean I'm going to abandon the fic, but I think trying to race to finish it in time will leave me stressed and worried and freaked out and massively disappointed if I don't manage it. So I'd rather save my sanity. Plus, both RPs have been massively distracting lately. ;) And I have another project in the works, and today I just want to write a lot of pr0n. So I think I'm just going to write a lot of pr0n today.

Maybe I'll do that shuffle meme, and write five pieces based on whatever songs come up, or something.

(Speaking of...I need more music!)
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I slept in today. I woke up at 9:30, which threw me off completely. I sort of shambled around before turning on the computer, wandered outside before making coffee, and now I'm still having trouble waking up an hour later. I do however have a fresh homemade mocha and a bowl of biscuits and gravy.

Since I've been trying to eat healthy again, Nija leaves me a note every night so when I wake up, I'm reminded to eat a good breakfast. It's been working so far.

I gave dropping Lyta some serious thought last night. I've been trying to get her out there, I've been trying to drum up plot for her, but outside of Fox she just doesn't have anything. And I'm at the point where...I don't miss playing her when I'm not. Sure, the bit of threading I did with her NS was fun and all, but...there's no burning desire to toss her out there at this point. As sad as it seems, I believe she and I are going to have to part ways. Hey, it's been nearly two years. We've had a good run.

And besides...there's another character I've been considering, for January. Oi, I thought I was done with the apping thing! Especially since CU has a three character limit, and I'm at my limit. We'll see how things go. I'm actually torn between two characters, but one has much more backstory than the other and would be easier to write an application for. But the other would be...just so much kick ass. Bah!

We'll see what happens.

I have to write about 3,500 words a day if I want to finish NaNo on time. We'll see what happens there, too.

Go Team Venture!
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I've actually had a very good day so far today!

Despite being in epic amounts of pain last night. Oh boy, that was bad. I fell asleep on the couch, and my head slipped off the temperpedic pillow Nija lets me use. I ended up sleeping with my neck at a terrible angle, and when I woke up I had a knot that went from the round of my shoulder up to my skull. I got sick from the pain. But Nija was able to do something to break up the knot and it's practically gone today.

I started Tai Chi this morning. I'm not very good at it, but hey, I'm just starting. It is pretty relaxing. I want to go back to pilates and yoga, too. I think that will help me be loose and relaxed enough for the Tai Chi stuff.

I also have been cleaning, and I cooked! I haven't cooked in a while. I've just been so blah and sick and in pain recently. But I fixed us some Mexican for lunch, and we ate on the porch, which was nice. I have laundry to start and some more cleaning to do, but since LJ is back, I'm going to respond to posts first!

Myre is...becoming Darth Vader's apprentice. This vastly amuses me. I can't even express how awesome this thread is.

I'm still on an epic Meatloaf and Beatles kick. I'm not sure why. I'm also considering snagging the entire Matchbox Twenty album that How Far We've Come is on. It's sort of become the unofficial soundtrack to my NaNo fic.

Boom Baby!

Nov. 17th, 2008 11:59 am
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Oh yeah, this is it, I've hit the halfway mark! November 17th and I'm at 25k! And I couldn't have done it without [ profile] nijawial, [ profile] summoneddestiny and [ profile] enigmablade. Seriously. They have been my sanity and inspiration these last two weeks.

Screencap With Small Preview! )

Yeah, I had to preserve that in screencap format.

At the Hallmark store today, I saw a Johnny Quest ornament. I...kind of want it. A lot.
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“Honestly, Dean, we’re twin brothers being raised in complete isolation on a compound. What else are we supposed to do?”

Cold morning is cold. Holy Molotov, it's 33 degrees out!

Errands this morning! Hopefully I can finally get my shelves. We also need trash bags and dish soap.

I think today is going to be a cleaning day, once I'm done with errands. I got some NaNo done last night - though I imagine I will edit this scene out post-November and make it a stand alone.

Eagle Eye was an awesome movie. What's his face there - I can never remember his name, but the main guy, he was in Transformers, too - reminded me a great deal of a young Edward Norton in that movie. Which is promising for him, as I consider Edward Norton one of the best actors out there. But it was definitely worth seeing in the theater. The action struck that perfect level of not overdone but not underdone, the plot had a few layers to it so it wasn't just mindless action, acting was phenomenal, atmosphere and cinematography were wonderful....

Definitely recommend that one.

While I am still wrapped in my epic Venture Bros kick, I have found myself falling head over heels back in love with FMA. AS has been playing it again, and it's grabbed me all over again. Some love affairs never fade completely. I guess if I were doing that 'fandom as exes' meme, FMA would be the one I always come back to. Death Note would probably be that sexy bad boy that I flirted with hard and heavy for a bit, but wizened up and realized wasn't for me before it got too serious. I don't know what I'd classify HP as. HBC will probably always be 'best friend with benefits', or something. ;)

Adult Swim has also been playing the old Clerks tv show. God I loved that show. And it's still as hilarious now as it ever was. Is that out on DVD anywhere, does anyone know?

I should get dressed and see about some fresh coffee, or something.

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I just almost walked out of the house to do errands in my PJs and bathrobe.

I wasn't even aware that I hadn't gotten dressed.

Clearly, this is some sort of problem. But as I've managed to go from 16k to over 21k on NaNo just this morning, I'm willing to ignore it and consider it a mark of being really, really into my project.

I'm shooting for 25k today.

I think I might just make it.

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Thanks for the support yesterday. I'm fine now. What happened was I threw out my back in the shower when I was home alone, so I freaked out a bit. But [ profile] nijawial was home shortly after, and all was fine. [ profile] enigmablade and [ profile] summoneddestiny came over last night, and much fun was had watching Venture Bros deleted scenes and the Christmas episode.

I got more writing done this morning! Apparently mornings are good for me for writing, since that seems to be when I do the bulk of it. I'm up to 17,500 words, which is not shabby. And I'm leaving in what I wrote last night. I've discovered a little secret to my word count uppage. I need to work Dr. Mrs. The Monarch into this more - her name is four whole words!

I swear I had some sort of awesome idea last night, but now it's gone. I'm doing this in such a patchwork way. There are just little scenes and snippets all over, waiting to be somehow connected to the rest of the story. I am figuring out how to fill in little gaps, though, which is good. This thing is actually starting to come together as a complete piece with consistent, underlying themes and plot.

I'm slipping further and further into less than great habits. I'm sitting here, not yet dressed, thinking that leftover pizza and a mocha would be a wonderful breakfast. While I reply to RP posts - all of which are vastly entertaining at the moment.

Hank and Dean the rats are comfortably situated in their new aquarium, and Hank has discovered the wheel. They both seem to enjoy all the new space, even though they consistently seek out the absolute smallest space available to cram themselves into. Usually together.

And now it's time to hit up my RP posts, check email, and see if I can hit 20k today!

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There would be no fainting, no drooling, no twitching and no spontaneous giggling. This was the big night. Dean Venture…was going to become a man!

NaNo is still kicking my ass. My little graph should say '16,000'. I was hoping to meet 20k yesterday, but an epic migraine unfortunately got in the way. After I told chat I was going to lie down for a minute or two, I ended up needing to lay perfectly still in the dark with a cold washcloth over my eyes.

Eventually, after many attempts to heal the infuriating headache, ranging from benignly natural to downright bizarre, I was well enough to stumble off to bed. Needless to say, NaNo writing did not happen.

Not much else happened, either. But I worked on it some this morning and got to 16k, which isn't bad. But I really need to be ahead of this.

Nothing else is new in the land of RL. My mother's doing pretty well, but she has some follow up surgery today. There's plenty of food in the house, which is always good. I've got some cleaning to do, but I wanted to hit 16k before I did that. Other than that....

Go Team Venture!

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If you saw me in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for? Answer me, then post to your own journal (if you want to) and see how many crimes you get accused of.

Wow, the high is 64 today! That's pretty high, considering our weather lately. I'm cold and groggy and trying hard to wake up, though.

My mother's doing alright. She's in pain and very restricted, but she's alright. I'm going to give my father a hand with errands until she's back on her feet. Thank you so much, those who knew beforehand, for the support. I didn't really want to talk about what was going on very much, so I kept it on the quiet side, but my mother had emergency jaw surgery yesterday.

I got a little work on NaNo done last night, but I'm still so terribly behind that I can't bear to use the calculator of shame to chart my progress. We have the far less admonishing and far more friendly and non-pressuring mini-graph instead today.

“No.” Hank folded his arms. “I’ll have no part in this ridiculous farce, thank you very much!”

“Hank?” Dean gaped at his brother for a moment, thrown off and taken by surprise.


“Where did you learn how to use a word like ‘farce’ correctly?”

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I've spent the morning cleaning, and I'm feeling like I'm back to normal just because of that small thing. My dad's dropping by, so it was an excuse to kick my ass into gear and not just plop myself in front of the computer all morning as I've been doing recently.

I'm feeling...pretty good today, honestly. Despite epic amounts of pain last night - we very nearly got snow - I woke up pretty rested and relaxed and at a very normal pain level. It's nice.

I missed signing up for exchanges, but...I realized that's okay. Because I have a horrible history with exchanges. In all but a couple rare instances, I either never get anything myself, or I get so great.

I never did get my cartoon-canon Legend of Zelda pic or fic from the most recent exchange I was in. (Which ended last month.)

Way behind on NaNo, thanks to my computer falling as ill as I usually am. We'll see if I can catch up. I had an epic revelation last night, as I was watching the clouds spiral into a tunnel around the moon.

At least I'm done with the tripping scene.
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“Ugh, I can’t take this anymore! Dean, get on the couch and take off your pants.”

Two things that are very difficult to write:

1) Synesthesia

2) Dean having sex.

On two...I'm pretty sure it's not happening. I had planned on really, really awkward sex that didn't even technically make it to sex, but I don't think even that's going to happen. Dean had to open his big mouth. We'll see.

On one, it's just really hard trying to figure things out like 'what sound would the color of blood make?' and things like that.

But hey, look, I'm caught up to yesterday!

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"I cannot simply idly stand by and watch my little baby toy with that fragile man-boy’s heart!”

I really wish our neighbors would keep it down. I don't know what they're doing, but they've been yelling and playing loud music and possibly welding underneath the living room window for about an hour now. And it's screwing with my focus.

My new routine is apparently: get up, get something to drink, reply to RP posts, write NaNo. And then sometimes possibly shower or clean or whatever.

As for NaNo:

Chapter 1: History Completes Itself - Done
Chapter 2: Not All Mushrooms are Edible - Almost Done
Chapter 3: Electric Cyberella - 0%
Chapter 4: No Title - 0%
Chapter 5: When Spars Collide - 2 pages
Chapter 6: Gentlemen Prefer Microchips - 1 page
Chapter 7: No Title - 0%
Chapter 8: War and Fleece - 0%
Chapter 9: The Monarch's Revenge - 0%
Chapter 10: The Apes of Wrath - 0%
Chapter 11: Whatever Happened to Rusty? - 3 pages

Yeah, I'm doing this entirely out of order. But hey, I've got chapters outlined and whatnot, even if I haven't actually started them. Each chapter is set up like an episode, essentially, and I'm trying to keep with the episode title scheme in the chapter titles. I'm hoping to do 13 chapters, like a season, but we'll see if I can figure something out for two more chapters.

I have been seriously toying with the idea of having Dermott come out as gay. It was one of those silly little ideas I had, but I got to thinking about it, and it can work. I know why he makes himself build up this ultra-macho persona, and why he tries so hard to be a ladies man, but it's clear it's all overcompensation and a desperate attempt to be someone he's not. And besides that, this series is about disappointments and shattered dreams. And to spare those who haven't seen season 3, Dermott being gay would be a disappointment to someone.

It's windy and cold today, and I don't think I want to leave the house. I never did get any meat last night. I really should remedy that today and give my body the stuff it's been craving.

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1) Anon commenting briefly turned on, so I can properly thank Mr. or Ms. Anon who gifted me with extra icons! *hugs* Thank you so much! That was something awesome to wake up to this morning!

2) Still not liking the new profile pages. It's purely an aesthetic issue, I'll readily admit that. And of course my distinct dislike of change. ;)

3) On Holiday Cards: don't worry about where you are, I'm sending cards all over the globe!

4) It's still freaking cold.

5) Myre is chilling with Darth Vader on a beach. I think that has to qualify that thread as Most Awesome Thread Ever.

6) I'm almost to 7,000 words on my NaNo project. I had ideas last night, when I realized just how insane and over the top I can really go.

7. I need to get dressed since I've got errands this morning.
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It was like they were basting in their own juices, and contrary to popular cannibal propaganda, people-juices did not smell very appetizing.

Went shopping today! I now has gorgeous little Japanese tea pot, frilly aprons, winter clothes, some Barbies to mod into Venture Bros dolls, and...the Dresden Files graphic novel! It's so shiny and pretty.

I've also got over 5,000 words on my NaNo project. Hence the quote above. I'm still struggling a bit with it, but first 'chapter' is done, and I apparently worked on it some last night which means I've got a lot of ideas for things, just nothing coherently written. Chapter two takes us to the jungle! Where adventure and mystery await in an ancient, lost temple!

I love pulp adventure, I really, really do.

Plus, making up science! Always fun!

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So, my NaNo project is an epic future-set Venture Bros fic. It takes place in 2018, so the boys are 296. Or maybe they are 29, I'll have to decide if they know all about That Stuff at this point or not.

Anyway, I need an actress. One who's probably a teenager/youngish now, and will still be huge in ten years, and a young man would hang her poster on his wall. I'm doing a compare and contrast of Hank as he is now with Brock as he was when the boys were teenagers. As in the fic, Hank has just graduated from OSI and is working as his brother's bodyguard. And I know next to nothing about young actresses or musical talents of today.

Is Anne Hathaway still big?

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“Cyberella?” Hank finally said. “You’re…gonna kill us by cyber-sexing us to death? Awesome!”

I've hit 3,000 words! And this is a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be, since I decided to do a future-fic. I've got ten years of blank space between canon and what I'm writing, and while I have a general idea of what everyone's been doing in the meantime, making sure to reflect the character changes but keep everyone true and IC is a bit tricky.

On the other hand, I'm having a lot of fun just sort of going nuts with all this open canon. And Kim is one damn sexy super villainess. She gives Dr. Girlfriend a run for her money! I need to buff up on my computer and intarweb knowledge, though, since her entire theme is cyber-punk.

My body hates cheese today. :(

I did remember to have coffee this morning, though, so while I feel drowsy and blah, I have yet to randomly fall asleep today. I've been having a small problem with that lately. I'll lay down on the couch for a minute, and the next thing I know it's two to three hours later and I'm just coming to.

I had my coffee in my Jack mug, since I had it cold.

I have laundry in the washer I need to change over, and I still need to clean the rat cage and get crap off the bathroom floor. I've just sort of been...leaving my clothes there because I can't muster up the oomph to bend over and pick stuff up.

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I'm sort of doing NaNo this year. In the sense that I have an epic fic to do, and figured I may as well go for novel length. Maybe force me face-first back into the writing thing.

Can I actually write 50,000 words of Venture Bros fic?

We'll find out.


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