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I had the most terrifying dream of my life last night. It was vivid, clear and coherent (for the most part). I'm honestly still shaking from it, and I stayed in bed with the covers over my head for more than an hour after waking up. I'm still afraid to have my legs hanging down off the couch, for fear something will grab me. Even in the sunny, warm, cheerful morning.

On the plus side, there's a story in that dream. I frantically Tweeted the important details in a jumble of disjointed bits, but there's a story in there. A damn good one, I think. I just need to hammer it out. And if it terrified me, I think there can be no doubt that it's properly frightening.

I was warned that Kava promotes extremely vivid and strange dreams, but so far the only thing I'd noticed was that my dreams were much more directly related to daily events. Such as: I read about the Bodyline half off sale, then dream Bodyline opens a store in the local mall and has a half off sale. I see that Mac commercial with Patrick Warburton and then dream (twice now) that he is my knight of some sort and opens Secret of Mana style treasure chests for me so I don't need to deal with the booby traps.

I don't know where last night's dream came from, other than the twisted depths of my own dark psyche. And the worst part was I'd come awake, scared, and then go back to sleep only to have the dream pick right back up from where it had left off. This continued for three rounds until I forced myself to just not fall asleep again.

It's kind of nice to know I'm still capable of scaring myself shitless.
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Grocery shopping accomplished!

The more tired and stressed out I am, the quicker the shopping goes. I shaved a whole half hour off today.

I really need to eat something - I haven't been eating nearly enough lately. And now I'm always tired and my head keeps hurting. I just haven't been able to keep food down at all lately. And my cough isn't going away - even with drastically reducing my smoking. So not only am I tired, hungry, cranky and nicotine levels are dangerously low.

Arizona friends! Would anyone be interested in going to see CCR with me on July 23rd? My dad doesn't want to go - he'd prefer to watch a concert on TV it turns out - but said he'd happily treat me and any friends who wanted to go. They're playing at Tim's Toyota Center, Thursday the 23 at 7. I know this is probably a long shot, but... I really don't want to go to a concert by myself.

I really need to write, but I just keep coming up empty handed. And people keep giving me such awesome ideas, but I can't seem to do anything with them. The only thing (besides my original work, which I don't like to talk about in detail) that's even semi-formed in my mind is actually a little Eddie-centric ficlet that's been rattling around the old brain for a few days. Eh, maybe I'll give it a go.

Both my fights are up at CU! I need to hop to those threads, wrap up Reno and Maria's date thread, and work on some plottings with Myre. And speaking of CU...I may end up staying up way past my bedtime tonight. If my internal AS schedule is correct, Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny is on tonight - and since I'm struggling with my RP samples for Phantom Limb, it'd be a good episode to watch again. And I don't have season 3 on DVD yet, so....

I also need to get my hands on the soundtrack, but it can only be ordered online. :/ Curse you, Astrobase Go!

I think my phone will be turned back on today? I sure as hell hope so, because N and A are coming back either today or tomorrow morning, and it's the only number they have for us.

I'm sort of tempted to go down to the DAV today and see about putting together my Sasha cosplay.
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I'm working on a story. I'm about halfway done (1454/3000) and I'm realizing....

I don't know if this is scary. It's not at all scary to me, but I think I'm an inaccurate judge. A) I'm writing it, B) I'm just so desensitized that I can't if I've hit that middle ground where it's creepy and frightening but not over the top. And I'd like someone to give it a quick once-over so far, but generally when I share a WIP I can't continue with it.

Human sacrifice, pulsing pink walls of flesh and demonic insanity are all pretty scary, right?

I mean, I'm happy with the writing and how it's shaping up, but...bah. [ profile] attilatehbun, when the rough is finished, can you give it a look over for me?
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I really should be writing, but....

It's the first of the month, which means part of my 'writing time' was spent visiting the websites of a collection of magazines I've either submitted to before or am considering submitting to. I like to check for theme collections, check and see if the 'plots we aren't taking' sections have been updated, or see if any special issues or collections are coming out. Themed issues especially, because those are great for me. I've found I work best with a prompt or a starting place.

Anyway, the 'things we don't want' is pretty standard in the horror genre. Plot points that are never accepted are generally gratuitous or detailed child abuse, bestiality, pornography, etc. Plot lines are things that have so saturated the genre that no one wants to see them anymore. Cannibalism, stereotypical zombies, basic serial killer story, the sympathetic werewolf, etc.

But this month there was something new I saw on at least three different websites:

"No handsome teenage vampires or teen romance".

Now at first I just sort of laughed, but then I started thinking. If three different magazines are getting enough teen romance stories to have to say 'don't send us this', there's a genre problem going on.

Vampire =/= horror. There's a reason Anne Rice is listed under Fiction, not Horror. Sure, her books are full of vampires, but they aren't horror. They're gothic romances with pretty, lusty vampires. The same goes for Twilight. Vampires, sure. Horror? No. No way in hell. I've never read a single teen or adult supernatural romance that could be considered horror.

I can only assume that people don't read the lovely summaries of these magazines. It details quite clearly that for a piece of fiction to be horror, it needs to focus on horrific, shocking, or frightening events. (I'm simplifying and paraphrasing, but I believe my Flist can identify 'horror' as opposed to 'happens to have vampires/werewolves/whatever'.) And it boggles my mind. Hell, one magazine actually has a disclaimer griping about how many people attempt to copy Stephanie Meyer's style (which boggles the mind on its own, she has a terrible writing style) or send in straight up Twilight fan fiction.

So apparently the 'trying to publish Twilight fan fiction' is not limited to the most recent 'novel' issue. Apparently there is a large number of fans who have been sending in short fan fiction for publication, enough to piss off at least one group of magazine editors to the point they have to act preemptively against it.

Now, I know there are sane Twilight fans out there. My Flist is full of them, after all! But damn it all, when I see things like this, I can't help but headdesk.
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Holy crap, temperatures of 55 degrees! It's been in the 90s lately. It's cold and it won't stop raining, so needless to say I'm in pain.

Watched Hair last night. I'd seen it, [ profile] nijawial hadn't, so we rented and watched. That movie never fails to effect me. It's just a well done film where everything comes together right. I'm actually sort of glad we ended up with that instead of Jesus Christ Super Star. I've been craving psych rock musicals and operas lately.

Tonight, I believe we're going to go see Star Trek! I'm terribly excited. I've heard nothing but good things from everyone, and what little snitches I've heard have me wriggling in my seat to go see this movie.

I've decided that my recent lack of fic writing has just been fandom boredom. Not that I'm leaving any of my current fandoms, it's just that currently I've written everything for them that I want to write. Season 4 of VB isn't out yet, and other than my epic, I've exhausted all the little plots I wanted to play around with. I still haven't finished Homecoming, so I'm stuck between-canons for Silent Hill. HBC...well, I've wandered into bizarre crossovers and AUs that shouldn't be shared with the general public. Let's just leave it at that.

I go for weeks without being able to write much of anything, and then once I turn to new fandoms I'm banging them out like usual. And the sheer fact that I wrote Across the Universe fic says something of just how starved for new fandom experiences I am. I don't even actually like the movie, I just like the music and the characters.

My parents brought me corn on the cob and artichoke today. That makes me happy. :D
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Why does this always happen? I have deadlines for original work, and when the plot ideas and story snatches come, it's for fan fiction. I'm positively buzzing with ideas this morning.

I watched Prisoner of Azkaban again last night, because it was on. [ profile] nijawial was home this time, and watched it with me, and we had hilarious running commentary. And then, when we broke out the wine coolers, I dug out my Sirius Black poster and he's now looking over the living room from the prime spot above the couch. (Though once we find something else to go there, he's going to move to next to the front door, to be on a darker surface as Nija suggested.)

I have this bunny for a Silent Hill fic. It's just one that's going to take some thinking and tweaking to work, since it relies heavily on Henry getting stoned, and my general consensus for Henry re: drugs is: tried it a little in college, never really got into it, doesn't bother with it anymore.

But I was reading about people sharing their experiences with THC induced hallucinations, and got to thinking how that could really be something interesting to work with. Especially in a Silent Hill context. Which means it doesn't have to be Henry, he's just sort of my default when it comes to Silent Hill. ;) But I've never written Heather, and James is more of a booze hound than anything else.... (And I'll spare you my listing of every major SH character and my thoughts on them and drugs.)

On the other hand, I do have an idea for something I need to get submitted in April. Which means this is going to be another rush, but this will need rush editing. So I've got to bust my little butt on it. It only needs to be about 5,000 words, though.

Yay Monday.
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1) Yay, the Venture Bros kink meme is gaining speed! It'd be awesome if more people were fulfilling requests, but it's still early.

2) My sickness is upon me. I've spent most of the day in bed. I got a little cleaning done, then it hit while I was in the bath. That was...unpleasantly surprising, to say the least.

3) I...think we have new neighbors? I'm too tired and out of it to write up the whole event, but people moved out yesterday and today there has been...a great deal of confusing activity and many strange people. I'll give the whole run down when I'm feeling better.

4) I need to go to the library soon to get some more reference material. I never thought I'd have to be going out for self help books.

5) I hate being sick.
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I hate when the mind refuses to cooperate. On anything. Maybe I still haven't properly woken up and that's the problem. I'll confess, I lazed half-awake in bed until 8:00. And I haven't technically gotten 'up' yet, as I haven't done the morning dishes or made myself some sort of drink to give me energy.

Somehow, over the course of the last few months, I've completely turned myself into a morning person. Instead of taking my pleasure in staying up late of nights, watching TV and enjoying the darkness, it's now all about the morning.

I love the quiet of it. I love standing at the kitchen sink as I dry or wash the dishes and watch the light come up. It's a contemplative, reflective time. I think we all need that at the start of the day. It certainly keeps me calm. Why, I'm not even the list bit angry over things I probably ought to be angry over. Either I've become terribly zen, or I've just become terribly used to being blown off and forgotten about.

That, or I'm so wrapped up in TBC that I just don't care.

I've decided I am most definitely cosplaying Sylvia. But instead of Sylvia and Lamika, I'm doing Sylvia instead of Lamkia. Realistically, I don't have the time to get Lamika done between now and AniZona. Not with my novel, [ profile] damned, finally learning how to drive, getting the garden set up and helping everyone else with their costumes. Plus the normal little things that eat away at my time, like cooking and cleaning.

I was tagged to do that 'pick ten people who make my day' meme thing, but...I can't bring myself to do it. I can't in all honesty or fairness pick just ten people, and I'd hate to leave anyone out. Usually I love jumping on memes, but that one just leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. (Which is not directed at anyone who's done it! Just my own personal viewpoint here, nothing more.)

I've been abed too long, and the morning light is nearly gone. I'd better catch it before it's too late. ;)
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You know, on one hand, research can be fun. It's a nice break from actually writing, but you're still working on the project.

The problem enters when you find yourself a) having to research the most mundane or obscure things or b) when you realize you don't have the right resources to actually do your research.

So...quick question to the Flist! Would it be plausible for a cheap motel to have a 24 hour place where you could get alcohol and cigarettes? Or would Our Intrepid Hero have to actually leave the motel grounds in search of a 24 hour packie or something? I know I've never been at a cheap motel where they had much of anything but...I'm just hoping I haven't written myself into a corner and that if I do have OIH getting his booze and smokes at the motel, it wouldn't be terribly jarring.

I don't know if I'm going to finish Dreamcatcher, after all. I'm at page 300 now and I'm pretty sure this one goes in my 'Bad Book' category. There's nothing new, save for...well...ridiculously stupid things. Other than that, it's rehashed plots from early works and has aspects more fitting in a South Park episode than a Stephen King novel. I think this may have been a work of fiction where the editor (or anyone down the line) needed to say 'Uh...Mr. King? Don't you think this plot is a little...ridiculous?'.

We're going to rent the movie, since I want to see who survives, but I don't actually want to slog through the whole damn novel.

Ended up having a good night last night, watching Charlie and the Chocolate factory and devouring delicious British candy. Why oh why do you people have so much better chocolate than we do? ;)
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So, apparently my brain would rather do anything but write. Despite mapping things out in my mind and booting up the computer at around 7:00 AM, I wandered away to have my morning smoke and got distracted by the idea of breakfast. Generally, unless it's Sunday, breakfast is composed of a) toaster strudels, b) cereal, c) a microwavable Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich.

This morning I fried some of the worst bacon I've ever seen - it was cheap, and it's terribly fatty - and made a coffee cake. Technically I was going to make cinnamon swirl bread, since I have an overabundance of cinnamon, but when I finished the batter I found I had lost my bread pan. So I switched a couple things up, grabbed the cake pan, and there's coffee cake in the oven.

Now I'm contemplating hash browns and scrambled eggs. Or playing No More Heroes. With the little voice in my head saying 'it's not even 9! You have plenty of time!'.

But that's what got me into this trouble in the first place. I can excuse breakfast because hey, [ profile] nijawial's got a big day today! (So everyone wish her luck and send her good thoughts!) So a big breakfast is a necessity! Maybe I could have gone without baking an entire coffee cake, but...why not? Besides, all I had to eat yesterday was a Sonic burger and some rice cakes.

Oh yes, and I also spent some time over at the Animanga Multi-Fandom Frieding Meme. Hello, new friends! Welcome to the madness. :D

Wajas has also been offering distraction, but there's only so much to do there, so it's an alright distraction. I only spend maybe ten or fifteen minutes over there. And now even less, since I went broke buying a breeding pair of Banes. Both of them have 100% cheetah marks, both have a visible mane. Their first pup is due day after tomorrow!

But despite all this, as soon as my cake is done, I'm buckling down. I've got a good feeling about this one. This one wants to come.
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Holy hell.

I've been writing for almost four hours straight - with a cigarette break in there somewhere - and while I've plugged in a good word count so far, I'm starting to see normal words as nonsense and make the most ridiculous spelling errors. Plus, I seriously considered partially stale, left-over jilted bride wedding cake for breakfast*. That means break time! Which will most likely consist of eating lunch, reading, and catching up on internet things.

I finished up No Humans Involved. Entertaining book, and I am definitely not adverse to reading more Kelley Armstrong. It reminds me a little bit of the Dresden books, just in the 'snarky magical person solves paranormal mysteries while trying to keep the norms out of it and leading a normal life'. And it's very...situational, in the same sense that the Dresden books are. So think Butcher meets Laurel K. Hamilton, and I think we've got a good basis of comparison.

I did start Shadowland by Straub yesterday, but I have to admit, 60 pages in and it has yet to grab me. I've enjoyed his collaborations with King, but on his own... there's a tendency towards Lovecraft, and not in the good way. The setting is the 1960s, but Straub has a habit of stuffing Victorian wording into both the dialogue and prose. I'm putting it aside for the moment to read my two library books instead, and will return to it later.

I'm starting my library reads with Bag of Bones.

I'm about 25 pages in, and already I'm hooked. It reminds me of Lisey's Story, but considering we're dealing with a novelist who's just getting over the death of his wife and the horrors that follow, it's unsurprising that parallels would be drawn between the two. But this time it's the novelist who stumbles upon secrets left behind and is over and over again stricken by the loss of his spouse. It does seem, at least so far, to be another Love Story: Stephen King Style. And I do adore when he writes love stories, because his characters are so real. It's always such a gritty, honest portrayal of human relationships, and that's what makes it so painfully beautiful.

Plus, there have already been nods to three other King books. William Denborough, Thad Beaumont and Joe Wyzer have all been mentioned so far. When King references himself/his other works, I always get a little happy inside.

I'm feeling good about my own project, and that's all I'm going to say about it. I'm too superstitious to give even the most vague hints as to what it's about. And with how I've been struggling and picking at only to drop most of my original works, I'm not taking a single risk with this one.


*I do not know if the wedding cake that was given to [ profile] nijawial's mother at her office did indeed come from a jilted bride or not, but generally one does not bring an entire untouched wedding cake to an office for co-workers to divvy up if there was an actual wedding. It's a delicious, gargantuan sugar and lemon meringue deal, though, with very lovely bridal piping on it. And that fancy frosting. Mmmm.....
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Redid the old LJ layout, finally.

For once, it's not fandom. I was considering another HBC layout, but I decided not to. I've used up all the usable pictures, after all. And while I am still active in a few fandoms (HBC, SH, VB) I'm honestly mostly into my own work right now.

Which you will very rarely see me posting about, because I'm one of those people who can't talk about a project while it's in the works.

Anyway, as I have decided that I very much like looking at Toda Erika, I figured I may as well use her for an LJ theme. Consider her my muse, if you will. Hey, she's quite an improvement from the surly, whiskey swilling old chap who's usually my inspiration. ;)

I can't believe the day is nearly gone. Where the hell did it go?

Ah yes, I pleasantly wasted a few hours at CU, enjoying Crack Day. Henry and Myre were very easy to write OOCly. Henry, a normally quiet, calm, inoffensive soul who's not so great with words becomes an unrepentant asshole. Myre, normally self assured to the point of egotism and a loner has become a whining, insecure, needy mess. Maria...Maria was harder. She's a little more complex than the other two, but I thought to what OOC qualities always piss me off in fan fiction. Mainly, the idea that there's nothing to her but sex. So I went that way, after briefly chatting with Nija about it. It's been vastly entertaining, to say the very least.

No one's going to want to look anyone else in the eye after this is over. :D

I've no idea what to do for dinner.
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First off: [ profile] taradilien! Thank you so much for the goodies! The package arrived safe and sound! Those candies are delicious!

Second off: Will be getting to comments today! Yesterday sort of went to hell in a handbasket, but was rescued by [ profile] summoneddestiny and [ profile] enigmablade dropping by for a surprise visit.

I Guess I Ought To Talk About This... )
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I've spent the morning cleaning, and I'm feeling like I'm back to normal just because of that small thing. My dad's dropping by, so it was an excuse to kick my ass into gear and not just plop myself in front of the computer all morning as I've been doing recently.

I'm feeling...pretty good today, honestly. Despite epic amounts of pain last night - we very nearly got snow - I woke up pretty rested and relaxed and at a very normal pain level. It's nice.

I missed signing up for exchanges, but...I realized that's okay. Because I have a horrible history with exchanges. In all but a couple rare instances, I either never get anything myself, or I get so great.

I never did get my cartoon-canon Legend of Zelda pic or fic from the most recent exchange I was in. (Which ended last month.)

Way behind on NaNo, thanks to my computer falling as ill as I usually am. We'll see if I can catch up. I had an epic revelation last night, as I was watching the clouds spiral into a tunnel around the moon.

At least I'm done with the tripping scene.
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What the hell has happened to me, writing-wise?

Two years ago, I was successfully juggling about five fic fests plus claims and random gift fic. Now, I can barely decide if I can manage to write for one holiday exchange, haven't written anything on my NaNo project for two days, and can't manage a single random fic for the life of me.

I've been considering signing up for Yuletide. But I've never done it before, and it looks a bit intimidating. And from reading the fics I have that have come from Yuletides passed...yeeek. Amazing writers. But then I remember that I'm still wibbling over the Silent Hill fic exchange (if sign ups are even still open, orz) and trying to finish NaNo.

It's not a lack of desire or drive, it's a lack of ideas and ability. And maybe time, too. I need to be honest with myself, I am a lot busier than I used to be. But even when I do set aside time to sit down and write, very little seems to come.

I'm going to try some more today. Since I'm stuck in Zelda and not up to going anywhere today. I'm starting to feel like Johnny Depp in Secret Window. In the sense that I've been hanging around in a bathrobe with crazy hair, chainsmoking, living off junk food and completely without any inspiration. Not the going crazy/being stalked part. ;)

Oh, and my spare headphones broke last night. Now I am without music. :(

On the plus side, my stomach is feeling better and while I am currently stiff and stuffy and slightly headache-y, I'm feeling better than I have been.
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Well, after trying the first home remedy solution via [ profile] tsunderes, I noted a lack of ants in the cabinet this morning. At least on the shelf they'd been on last night. We'll see.

I'm slowly retraining my sleep schedule. I woke up at 8:30 this morning, and I'm damn proud of myself.I used to be a morning person, many years ago. I'd like to recapture that - there's something magical about watching the morning stretch out across the world.

I am still dealing with that pain in the ass cold. I'm about ready to give up on that, too. My throat's so raw I sound like Dr. Girlfriend when I open my mouth - and doubly so, thank you New England accent.

I've identified why I've been having so much trouble writing lately. It's nothing more than crippling feelings of inadequacy, which grip me from time to time. While I don't doubt my own writing abilities (for the most part) I have this terrible habit of comparing them to the skills of others. Especially when reading, because...well...I think the train of thought is obvious there.

I haven't been writing because I've fallen into that pit of 'I am not as good a writer as I want to be' and it's a hard pit to pull oneself out of. It's been effecting my RP as well. Like most people, I stumble and fall in the face of 'I am not good enough'. And it takes me a bit to get back on my feet.

And it's all utterly ridiculous, I know, but there you have it. I'm also a woman who goes through irrational spats of being fully convinced that people don't like me simply due to not speaking for a time or only being spoken to for official things.

Hopefully I'll drag myself out of this soon. I miss writing.
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I am completely devoid of inspiration.

I try and I try and I try and write, but nothing comes. I hate this. I don't know how to jumpstart my brain.

Sometimes, I hate running fan fiction communities. Because I want to comment to certain entries that if you want people to read your fic, it's a good idea to write full, proper sentences and use correct spelling and grammar. And no netspeak.

Maybe I'm just a snob, but I abhor netspeak. Textspeak. Whatever you want to call the mangling and butchering of perfectly simple words because apparently it's too much effort to write 'you' or 'whatever' or whatever other words get chopped down to mere shadows of language.

I especially abhor it in summaries and fiction. You aren't on a text message system. You don't have a tiny character limit. You can write actual words, I promise!

But I never say anything because we don't have any rules that demand it. Though the profile page does strongly recommend spellchecking and getting a beta.

I'd like to ask for some Halloween-y prompts, but I can't make any promises I'll manage to write anything.

If you don't mind the lack of surety of receiving some sort of ficlet in return, I'd love some prompts. Fandom, Character/Pairing and prompt. Maybe something will stoke the dormant fires of my creativity, who knows?
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I seem to have caught some sort of bug over the weekend. I was fine until maybe 11 o'clock last night, when suddenly I found myself with aching, stuffed sinuses and a cough so bad I was throwing up. O.o

On the mend now, it seems, but that was rather hellish.

Anyway, here's that 25 First Lines meme that's going around, where you take the first lines from the most recent 25 of your fics and look for a pattern. My patterns are...clearly evident. I actually did this a few days ago, but didn't post, but I felt there should be some content of at least mild interest here.

25 First Lines )

Why has no one yet told me how horrible I am at first sentences? *winces* I need to work on my opening lines. Standing alone, without the rest of the paragraph to support them, they fall rather flat. And half of them don't even read like opening lines, they look like they were taken from the middle of a paragraph. So in the sense that I know what I need to work on, this was a worthwhile meme to do.

I hope I start feeling better shortly, so I can get back to packing.
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My piroshki dough is rising - I added a little more brown sugar than the recipe calls for, because it really makes the dough. I'm getting hungry already, thinking about them.

There is a wall of blackness headed towards my isolated ranch, and I'll confess, it's making me nervous. I can't even see the Bradshaws, which means those dark storm clouds could well be a dark sheet of rain. The temperature has been fluxing between 89 and 70 degrees over the course of the last few hours.

I'm almost worried my Century Plant is going to end up breaking due to the weather. And it's so terribly close to blooming, too. I have my fingers crossed that it holds out just long enough to bloom. There's something very humbling about realizing you'll be one of only three people to ever see this plant bloom. (I of course intend to take pictures, but that's a bit different.)

Speaking of! [ profile] talia_speaks finished the editing from our last shoot, and I'm happy with them photographs! We went in a different direction than usual, but it was fun to play around with something new. And it was such a great day, anyway. As always, her photography skills are incredible, and she manages to find angles and lighting arrangement that make me look like something other than a corpse. (Though I saw clear evidence of my slacking in the photographs. Ah well, I knew it was inevitable with my health and the weather over the summer.)

I'm torn now between playing more Origins (more points for having area names that are sure to invoke a shiver) or cleaning up my workroom. I essentially just dumped my stuff on whatever area was clear, and now it's rather a mess. Though I'm amused at the random juxtaposition of items. A Furuba hat, a wine bottle, a dozen or so springs, some fake flowers, boxes of cigarettes, an old copy of The Divine Comedy, a tin of cashews and a scattering of wig heads that resemble the victims of a sociosadist with a blinding fetish...

I'm actually inspired to write. (And something other than deviant AUs or the epic monster SH2/SH4 crossover I've undertaken.) It's been some time since a bunny bit me hard. Perhaps we'll see where it goes....

I am still hankering for fan art of Valyn as The Godfather. I curse you Vista, for taking my Sims from me! Because with Sims, I could not only emulate that, but I could have a great deal more RP icons for my IJ journals.

I saw the box art for Homecoming today. It made me weak in the knees with want.

I'm going to buy an XboX 360, aren't I?
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So, I broke out Crackover this morning, because I'm still flowing with creativity.

But I'm hitting a roadblock of the purely technical sense. Dialogue. Specifically, Our Hero's dialogue.

As things get worse and worse, and Our Intrepid Hero heads deeper and deeper into the hell that is Silent Hill (Albert in tow), he's losing his grip more and more. So his speech is becoming a bit less controlled, less poetic, less rigidly structured. And this is on purpose.

But! It's become harder and harder to keep his expletives and the like IC. We've moved beyond the realm of snappy jive slang, because the deeper into Silent Hill we get, the more the mind goes. And let's be honest: Our Hero has a mouth on him. Half the time you can't understand what he's saying because he uses counter-culture specific terms and phrases and euphemisms from the late 50s/early 60s, but now that he's more or less....not thinking, obviously he's going to lose a lot of that.

But I can't figure out a good set of curses and the like that fit him. Sure, he's a rebel bad ass type, but he's also a genius and a very well educated man who has Very Set Opinions when it comes to 'gutter talk'. Even in bed, his dirty talk (unless asked, of course!) tends to be reciting counter culture poetry. It just doesn't seem right to have him wail on monsters while screaming 'eat shit and die, motherfucker'. Unless he was being derivative and quoting something. Something such as pumping a monster full of lead while exclaiming 'yippy kye aye ay, motherfucker' is completely different, because it's referential.

We've come upon the first 'Boss Battle', so to speak, which is why this is coming up. It's not going well for Our Hero, and he's losing it quickly. And his dialogue (both internal and external) needs to reflect this. It needs to be raw, but it needs to be fitting and it needs to still reflect who Jack is.


And now that I've whined on about my ridiculous dialogue issues, it's discussion time! How do you decide on a dialogue set for a character? How much does background, gender, ethnicity and location influence how you decide to structure a character's dialogue? Have you ever had an idea of how a character would sound before writing them, and then discovered their 'voice' is completely different?

(Obviously, this is heavily biased towards original characters existing outside the realm of fa fiction, but since around half my Flist is composed of actual writers, I don't think that's a problem.)

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