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Catching up on internet things! Including updating my LJ!

Um...So. Evangeline Lily's in the Hobbit movie. Why not just cast Kiera Knightly? They've got about the same level of annoyance, inability to act, and unpleasantly skinny waists. (These days, because I am well aware that Kiera Knightly used to have proper flesh to her.) Though at least if there are any interviews with her, those should prove highly entertaining. And maybe she won't talk. Much....

Holy Mystery Incorporated! Is anyone else watching? Did anyone else catch last night's episode? I NEED PEOPLE TO BABBLE TO! And after that comment 'as long as Fred Jones is alive....' I'm suddenly very worried for Freddie. Who...jumped pretty highly in my favor last night, I will confess.

Rewritten is jumping! And will jump even more, now that the amazing has happened! NEW BLOOD! [ profile] mnschoen is made of awesome and win!!!!

And now I am filled with desire to write HBC fic. I really need to finish that Shana/Rena hot springs fic I've been working on for ages. Maybe I will do that today, if I get a chance! Because there needs to be way more HBC femslash.

Been playing Oblivion. I'm doing the Thieves Guild quests, and I'm on the last one. There has been way, way too much water adventuring for my liking. But soon I shall have pulled off the Ultimate Heist! And I finally got to break into the Imperial Palace for a reason! Not just to wander around and prove I can!

Going camping this weekend! Big crew is heading up to Bull Pen for camping, hiking, swimming and tubing! It shall be the first proper adventure of the summer, and I am insanely looking forward to it. I feel so cooped up out here, and with things the way they are, I am so often on my own.

[ profile] husband_brother is coming over later, though! And we are going into town for a bit, which shall be nice.

And...there's my recent roundup, that I can remember!
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Fallout: New Vegas has been eating my life. Which means I've finally got a good reason to use the above quote as a title! (Ten points to your House if you recognize what it's from!)

This is the Fallout I've needed. I love 3, love it to bits, but it left holes in my post-nuclear-apocolypse loving soul. For one, since it took place on the east coast, there wasn't much (other than standard items) that was familiar. Not hardly a mention of the NCR, or the epic battle the Enclave fought in the west. Even all the BoS characters running around didn't say much. For second, they did away with the whacky and random encounter stuff scattered all over. That's what hurt me the most. What's a Fallout when there isn't a chance of stumbling upon a dancing super mutant in a top hat?

And this is why the first trait I snagged when making my New Vegas character was the Wild Wasteland trait. It makes me tingly in my happy places. I've had four instances of it kicking in, and so far I've gotten every reference. :D I think I'm nearly done with my first play through. (The Render Unto Caesar quest just opened up, so....) But then I'll go back and do everything.

Also, another difference I'm kind of 'meh' over is the alignment requirements for certain companions in F3. And the limit (your dog and one companion, regardless of what the companion is). Happy to be back to companion free-for-all, and a more sensible companion restriction. I'm currently running around with Boone and Rex, and determined to keep both until the end. I think I only need to complete two more quests with Boone before he trusts me and tells me his story.

Plus...MAKING THINGS AND GATHERING PLANTS! I'll be honest: gathering plants and making things is 85% of what I do in Oblivion and 85% of what I did when I played Warcraft. So adding it to Fallout just sent me over the moon like a zombie looking for heaven.

Only sad part was running into a pretty minor character (one of the Gomorrah prostitutes) and realizing her voice was so familiar because it was Andrea Thompson. :/

Oh, and we're getting mass snow storms here. Internet and cable keep going out, but I've got plenty of spiced tea, crackers and batteries for my controller. :D
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I have been sick as all hell for pretty much the whole week. Still sick, but I seem to be on the mend. I was able to keep down some solid food yesterday, and I actually slept last night. I think I managed a good six hours. Had dreams that were weird as hell, but now I can't remember them well. I know [ profile] attilatehbun was in them. We were going down a crowded stairway into something bad. And there was something about clones....

Anyway, hoping to be able to hop back into stuffs this weekend.

Been re-playing Lost Odyssey. I'm almost to the point where I fucked up royally and screwed myself so bad I had to restart. I pretty much did nothing but play that yesterday, But I made it from the start of the White Boa section all the way to the middle of the Sorceress' Mansion section. And now I find myself needing a walkthrough.

Then I caught SyFy's showing of The Amnityville Horror. Which...well, for me it was more of a comedy, at least until I was able to completely disassociate the characters and setting in the movie with the actual people and events.

It seriously pisses me off that they still have a 'Based on a True Story' tag in front of the movie. All major players in the hoax, including the priest, have revealed exactly how and why they faked the whole thing. No reason not to make a movie, because it's a damn good story, but can we please stop the whole 'TRUE STORY' crap? I feel the same way about Haunting in Connecticut, even though I haven't seen it. While the real life explanation there is much different, it's the same general idea.

And My Very Late Mid-Season Finale Venture Bros Thoughts )

Now we just need moar Dermott, and I'll be a damn happy camper. :D
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Got caught in a sudden summer hail storm on the way from grocery shopping! Everything's dark and damp out now, but it's a very nice change.

Fully restocked on groceries! Huzzah! And now I'm gearing up to either organize the kitchen cupboards or start tackling the living room overhaul. Whichever I'm inspired for first, we'll see what happens. :D

I hate grinding for gold in Secret of Mana. Wryyyyy must your armor be so expensive, Neko, wrrrryyyy?

I am so tempted to take on the final dungeon in my freaking Gold City armor. Probably a bad idea...and probably why I never beat games like these. ;)

I'll get to tags and whatnot once my brain is more awake. It still thinks it should be asleep. Silly brain!

ETA: I can't believe I forgot this...

So, I generally don't use celebrities/actors for RP PBs. There's just a weird disconnect for me, where I have trouble accepting an actor as a character when I know them as an actor.

But when an actor looks just like a character, to the point where I spent the night wondering if this was on purpose - IE, character design was influence - then there's just no other option.

No, seriously. I am half-convinced that Joseph Gorden Levitt inspired Marvel's design for Cuthbert. See for yourselves:

Photobucket = Photobucket

That's almost creepy.
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1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] talia_speaks! I HOPE IT IS AWESOME!

2. I think I got that twitter thing set up, so like everyone else, my random ass twitter postings will be posted to my LJ. I'm part of the group, I'm part of the group! ;)

3. I beat Beyond Good and Evil today! And just in time for the upcoming sequel! I got all the animals, and all but a few pearls.

4. I...think I'm going rollerblading tonight? I've never been rollerblading. I don't know if I can do rollerblading. Plus there's kind of a storm going on....

5. I have leftover pizza!
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I'm feeling much better today.

Yesterday wasn't total hell, or anything like that, it was just lots of little stupid things wearing me down and getting on my nerves. I was slightly cranky, irritated, and off-kilter. But that's about all. I did have a head-desk moment when, after getting dressed since company was coming over, I put my foot down wrong on the DDR dance pad and completely wiped out.

I mean wiped out. Legs went up, arms went out to try and brace myself but just knocked everything off the coffee table, and I went down. And then couldn't get up, because getting up when I sit on the floor of my own volition is hard enough. Getting up when I've fallen and don't have anything to haul myself up with? Not a fun process.

But I wasn't in any distress - my back hurt, obviously, but not excruciating danger-pain - so I just managed to roll myself over and stayed on the floor until folks showed up. And it's not exactly surprising - with the frequency of which I fall, it was only a matter of time until there wasn't a conveniently placed couch, chair, bed or pile of laundry.

So hung out with A and C for a while, watched TV, chatted, etc. Played some Psychonauts and decided we're cosplaying it. It'll be fun, the costumes aren't terribly difficult (I'm doing Sasha, Nija's doing Milla) and we get to have a lot of fun with it. :D And most stuff can be found at thrift stores.

Tomorrow we're heading up to Jerome and Sedona for a fun filled day! And I can grab my mother a Mother's Day gift. :D

Went grocery shopping this morning, going to rent some movies later. And maybe play some more video games. Returned to CU, will be returning to [ profile] damned very shortly!

I think that's everything....
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Wow, I completely forgot to update yesterday.

Not because I was particularly busy, I was just so intent on other things that it completely slipped my mind. I did finally go thrift storing, though, yay! Got some new shirts, a gorgeous pink knitted poncho, and found the original Broadway Hair recording on vinyl for a quarter. No scratches on the record at all. I was a happy camper!

I did something horrible to my shoulder, but it's finally starting to feel better today. We found one of those wooden massage ball things, and [ profile] nijawial went to work on me with it. My god, that thing is amazing. I practically melted into the floor.

I am finally reading the Dark Tower series. I know, I know, I'm a terrible person for not reading it before. I've read part of the first book before - a very, very long time ago, to the point that on re-reading it I don't remember anything - and one of the short stories that Stephen King did for Legends. But that's it. So I dug up my illustrated copy of The Gunslinger and got started.

Why haven't I read this before?

Been playing RE5, I think we're almost done with it. We switched off characters, and I got to play as Chris while [ profile] enigmablade played as Sheva. I must admit, I have quite the growing affection for her. She kicks ass, she's gorgeous, and she's tough. And much, much more agile than Chris. The man is a tank.

My birthday is looming. All I really want is the vinyl release of the Venture Bros soundtrack.

Seth Green is joining the cast of Venture Bros in season 4. This pleases me greatly. Not to mention a season 3 Blu-Ray release. Not that I have a Blu-Ray player, but this is a very good sign of how invested AS is in the series. It's the first ever Blu-Ray release from AS. They wouldn't spend the cash on any of their other DVD releases, but they'll do it for Venture Bros. And now I'm really vibrating in my seat over season 4, both excitedly and nervously. Please let it be that we can't believe it because it's not true, Doc Hammer, please.

Also, oh crap, season 3 comes out Tuesday! Need monies for it! And it's actually going to be uncensored. I'm...not sure how I feel about that.

Today I'm going to clean the house. It's long overdue. I've got coffee going, dishes drying, and it's a beautiful day.

Go Team Venture!
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Alright, doing a fair bit better today.

[ profile] enigmablade brought over Resident Evil 5.

I think we're about halfway through the game already! It is a beautiful, beautifully done game. The rendering is breathtaking. The graphics are some of the best I've seen, on any latest gen console game. The gameplay is smooth and streamlined, the co-op mode is one of the best I've seen, and the detail is impeccable. From sun glares to the texture of shadows on a wall, nothing was overlooked.

As for the plot...I'm not going to spoil anyone, but it may well be my favorite RE so far. Chris is awesome as always and Sheva, the new female lead, is just as awesome. She's tough, she's kick ass, she's smart and she can blow away zombies with the best of them. And it gives us delicious little teasers that keep us wanting more.

And the auto-save is nice. We're playing it on easy mode to get a feel for it, but that doesn't eliminate the challenge. The boss battles are varied and different, and sometimes almost frustrating in the sense of 'what the hell do I do to kill this thing?!?!', but that's part of the appeal.

It is a very forward moving game, with no option to go back to previous areas. And with all the little hidden items, you want to be sure you explore the fuck out of everywhere.

As for the contreversy over the demo and trailer....

Cut For Mild Spoilers )

Now, I'm not trying to say 'you can't see race issues in RE5'. All I'm saying is that the arguments first brought out when the demo was released are not valid and are misinformed.

Anyway, awesome game is awesome. And while it does have some very disturbing imagery, there is a reason that this game is rated M. We'll be playing more tonight!
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Today, so far, has been an awesome day.

I got some news by email that is incredible, that I will go into detail later on, for fear of jinxing things! Did grocery shopping, and did incredible with getting stuff and paying a very small amount. Got nice and caught up on my RP stuff, got some dishes done, and in a bit [ profile] summoneddestiny is coming over! I need to grab another card for my phone, as I'm almost out of minutes and chatting with Nikk this morning nearly killed them. I'm starting to suspect I do not get free texts from fellow Verizon users. *eyes phone askance* I'm going to have to talk to someone about that. I tried to reply to some texts and I don't have enough minutes....

Also, I think I should grab some organic peanut butter! :D

And once more, my energy seems to have spiked on Wednesday. And I don't think it's just because of good day-ness. Last Wednesday I was bouncing off the walls, too. I'm tempted to do some DDR to use up some of this energy!

Apparently mid-week is when I have all my oomph. Go figure.

Oh! And I've been playing Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon for the DS. Holy crap, it's awesome. All the fun of Harvest Moon, but you get to fight monsters! And make your own weapons! And you can do alchemy! Plus, the characters all have very clearly defined personalities, and they talk. If you're a Harvest Moon fan with a DS, and you don't have this game, go get it!

Happy Wednesday!
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Okay, now that my viewing scheme is fixed....

My list of games for the XboX is growing. Despite controversy, I do want to play the new Resident Evil. I've heard all points of view on it, read the arguments and dissertations, and figure I'll just make my own judgments upon playing the game myself. I think that's all anyone can do. And as I'm quite the fan of RE, and the gameplay looks beautiful, I can't just dismiss it with no personal basis whatsoever.

And my god, Star Ocean: The Last Hope looks gorgeous! I just saw the commercial last night, and I have to say I crave the shiny. Hey, it's Star Ocean, that in itself is enough to sell me on it.

I actually have little interest in Street Fighter. Despite loving the games, and playing the earliest incarnations obsessively in my teen years, the newest installation just doesn't grab me. It's not terribly pretty, it doesn't look like they're utilizing all the features that the new gen consoles offer, and it doesn't really look like anything new was brought to the table. And when we have something like Soul Calibur out there...I'm going to go with Soul Calibur for my fighting games.

And of course, Fallout 3, Homecoming and I'm honestly contemplating the Afro Samurai game. It's pretty and it's mindless chopping up of bad guys. I'll need something to fill that role once I'm done with No More Heroes and Left 4 Dead...

Not that I currently have time for video games, but still. Nothing wrong with a wish list, especially with a birthday not too far off.
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Wow, setting your hair on fire is a great way to start the day!


Not too much damage was done, my bangs have just gotten way too long and caught when I was lighting my cigarette.

My god, did I gorge myself on cookies last night. We ordered Pizza Hut and had three boxes of cookies. I ate almost an entire box of Oreo Cakesters myself. I'm trying to bring myself to regret it, but they were just so damn good.

It's still rainy and cloudy here.

And now, a meme!

Name a character from any of my fandoms, and I'll tell you every pairing I've ever written them in, read them in, or even just thought about.

I think I'm going to spend the day writing, RPing and possibly playing Dokapon if all parties are interested. Or Obscure, which I had dreams about last night.
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So, between hearing all of 'their' songs yesterday and just ending up reading various discussions on the internet, I have fallen back in love with one of my pairings. No, I'm not going to say which one, since I'm hoping to get some fic written for it. ;) Maybe this was the charge I needed, I don't know. Maybe that spark is back. It's weak and dull but by damn we're going to nurture that thing!

I poked at my FSTs again. I've added some to my HBC FST. There's...a lot of Coldplay on there. I didn't intend for this to happen, but there are a few songs that just fit. I can't deny them if they fit. There's also some Enya, because 'Return to Innocence' has become my Rena song.

Still very little movement on the VB FST.

I've started laying down my costume plans for the upcoming con season. The one I'm currently working on is going to be more ambitious than my other cosplays. Not only am I making the dress, I'm dyeing and styling the wig, making armor and jewelry, and possibly making an epic cloak if I can find a pattern anywhere near Lamika's insane cloak of doom. And her armor will be good practice for when I make my Monarch armor.

Or I'll just say 'screw that' and do Prison!Monarch with his cardboard and duct-tape wings. It could be hilarious. And would also negate the need for a skintight bodysuit. I do not have his amazing abs. I will probably never have his amazing abs in my life. But a gal can dream. ;)

I want to get some cleaning done this morning, but it's raining and I'm feeling achey, so I think today may just be a 'sit on the couch and play video games' kind of day. I'm playing... a lot of games. The most recent being Obscure, Left 4 Dead and Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. I still have No More Heroes to play, too. I've made progress on Harvest Moon - I think I've done three or four rainbows.

I just need to catch a damn wood fish to do the red rainbow right now.

Why I keep helping those chicken bothering Harvest Sprites is beyond me...;)
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Mmm, it's nice to be back in bed with my laptop.

My father believes I have the flu, as it continues to linger quite spectacularly. I still think it's just a nasty cold that has found easy prey in my weak, soft system. I've never been able to fight off illness well, and with age it has only gotten worse. I am ripe for the teeming masses of viral marauders, I'm afraid.

I dreamed of Ganondorf and sacrificing John Travolta for a rare, hard-to-find Transformer. It was for my mother.

I am simultaneously playing three games right now, and feeling something of my old self. I've already spoken on SH:H, now I'd like to take a few moments to discuss the others:

Left 4 Dead: I think the word that best sums up this game, for me, is 'fun'. I'm terrible at this game, I will confess now. I shoot my teammates more often than I shoot zombies, I have no concept of how to control the camera angles, I still don't know how to pick items up, but I don't care. There's simply something remarkably satisfying and enjoyable about shooting things with wild abandon.

I do like the set up of the areas, though. Despite my utter failing at the game, it's very well made and designed. The zombies are varied and interesting, from their design to their methods of attack, and even how they die. It makes shooting them that much more entertaining. It fills me with glee. This is the game to play when there are frustrations that need venting. Mindless shooting of slack jawed, pus filled urban horrors. What better to improve the mood?

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility: If you are a Harvest Moon fan, you cannot miss this installment of the sleepy, life-simulation series. It is by far the biggest and most in depth of the games, with countless options in all aspects of the game. The farming remains the same, though the crops choices are nearly limitless. Already, in two months I've grown corn, tomatoes, strawberries, breadfruit, melons, cocoa, potatoes, onions, hibiscus, oranges, herbs, and crops that currently escape my memory. And there are far more options than that. Livestock includes the usual fair, but added in are silk worms, ducks, ostriches, and some even more rare and bizarre creatures. Rather than one town, there are now a multitude of islands you can traverse, all offering unique pleasures and sundry.

And the bachelors and bachelorettes! As usual, there are around 8 or 9 to choose from. But added to the usual dull litany of giving gifts daily and waiting for conversation to change, the chosen recipient of your affection can now ask you on dates, randomly drop by your farm, and give you surprise gifts and letters. And the Wiimote makes simple tasks into something much more. The fishing is akin to LoZ:TP, simple but satisfying. The tool set is not immediately handed to you, so you must venture out to seek out townspeople to trigger events.

This game makes you build friendships and interact with townspeople. It's impossible to progress without doing so. The plot is far more intricate and in depth than any other HM, but still revolves around the Harvest Goddess and her sprites - which are just as annoying and ultimately useless in early stages of the game.

I also have No More Heroes, which I'll start once I'm done with SH:H. And we have Obscure. So I am one content gamer right now.

I was going to babble about RP stuff, but I think I've already bored my Flist to death with my console game ramblings! I'll have to save that for another post, I'm afraid. Besides, it's nearly 11 and I haven't even gotten out of bed yet. I need sustenance and my morning absolution.
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So, I started Metal Gear 3 yesterday. I...really don't have much to say at this point. I started it a touch too close to bed, as I didn't realize that 'playing' it meant 'a small fraction where you can actually move Snake, but mostly you're watching a movie'. Which I only really understood bits and pieces of, as I was tired when I was playing. I grasp the actual mission, which I suppose is the important stuff. The random information about Godzilla and Snake's penis? Not so much getting what that has to do with anything.

Essentially, I haven't actually played enough to comment on the gameplay or plot or combat or anything much at all. It's a damn pretty game, though, I can say that. And I find it funny, so I just hope it was meant to be funny.

I'll be playing more today, and will hopefully get to some actual playing. And now I'm playing about 5 games at once. I have a problem.

Grocery shopping this morning, laundry today, the usual. Though all kinds of fun and hilarious and horrible things are going on at my various RPs. Christmas season has hit at CU, and Henry's...well, let's just say he's in a very playful mood. :D [ profile] damned is a bit more full of angst.

Speaking of RPs.... *prods [ profile] rewritten folks* Have we hit another little dead period?

Anyway, I've got to get dressed and whatnot to head to the store. Thank you everybody who left presents under the tree, I got a kick out of them! :D Save for whoever it was who gave me a lump of coal and told me I sucked. No, I lie, I did get a kick out of that. How can you take an un-capitalized 'u suck' seriously?
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Feeling much better today! A long hot bath and a night's rest have put me back to pretty much normal shape.

So, today I am going to hook up the PS2 and finally experience this Metal Gear thing. ;) Actually, technically I'm already familiar with Metal Gear, as the original NES games were my favorites when I was young and NES was considered the most awesome thing ever. I couldn't even remember what these games were until I was describing what I could remember and someone recognized them. On looking at screenshots of the original games, I was certain of it. These were the games I'd played over and over again after school.

But as for the new ones...well...I know nothing other than what I've learned through RPing at [ profile] damned. :D But the ever awesome [ profile] grayfoxinabox sent me a copy of Metal Gear 3! I'm terribly excited, despite how difficult the game looks. It will be an adventure!

If only there were money for pizza. Pizza and video games go together beautifully. Perhaps I can scrounge up enough change for something from Sonic later.... I'm ready for solid food today, and chicken sounds just right!

Oh! [ profile] cacodaemonia! I got your card, thank you so much! It's lovely!

Speaking of cards, I've started doing mine. I've even got a batch to send out, as soon as I put stamps on them! I apologize in advance for my terrible hand writing.

I should grab some breakfast....
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Holy crap, still cold! So cold that the porch heater was turned on this morning. And despite the weather on my desktop assuring me that rain was not coming, as I was taking out trash, I was rained upon.

Everything's gray and dreary and miserable out. On the one hand, my body is not happy. On the's beautifully gray and dreary out. It's a perfect Silent Hill day. It makes me want to bake. Hopefully tomorrow will be the same way, as I'm going to be spending the day making pies.

I am feeling better than last night, at least. I headed to bed early and slept through most of the night. I was awakened by the Naked Neighbors' Band at around 5:30 AM guessed it. The engine. If I had been more coherent and my legs were working at that point, I would have gone out and yelled at them. As it was, I managed to get to the bathroom and drink some Gatorade before falling back into bed and dozing for an hour or so until I got up for the day.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is day after tomorrow. Where the hell did the month go?

Now that I've abandoned NaNo, I've gone back to Twilight Princess. And writing actual fic. But most importantly, Twilight Princess. ;) I'm almost done with the Lake Temple. There's only one small problem. The boss battle? Is underwater.

I have a problem with underwater parts of games. This has been a problem ever since Tomb Raider. I'm terrified of being enclosed under water. Especially under deep water. Like Twenty One, I can't even swim Lara through a tunnel without freaking out. So when Link started diving deeper and deeper into black, impenetrable water....

Yeah, I freaked out. I freaked out badly. I had to turn off the game and step outside to calm down. And then I made some Miis. I made me, Hughes, and some of the Host Club. I should finish my Host Club Miis, but I started getting a headache and then everything went down hill from there.

I am enjoying the game, though. It's a Zelda game, there are very few I don't enjoy. I didn't like Wind Waker, but I blame that on the cutesy style and endless amounts of time spent on the ocean. There is a beautiful predictability to the Zelda games that I appreciate. Like the order of things. It's always the same: forest temple, mountain temple, water temple. Next I will bet money that we get the Master Sword. Then all hell's going to break loose.

I'm thinking of maybe giving Resident Evil 4 another shot, though. Or finishing up SH3 today - it's one of those days. But first I need to finish cleaning and getting recipes copied over!

And finish my delicious peppermint mocha.
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So I reached 23k and it was decided I needed a little break. What with the drooling and babbling nonsensically. ;)

So here is some stuff completely not related to NaNo at all! To prove there is life outside of Nano!

We finally got all the Halloween decorations, and now the porch is being converted to a sort of work space. [ profile] nijawial has her art table out there, and my sewing table is set up. I need to somehow move my desk to the shed, but it's out of the way for the moment.

The rats are vastly amusing when we walk by their aquarium. As they're on the floor, they can clearly see just how giant we are, as Nija pointed out to me yesterday. And they are in awe. Hank is still fat, but with his preference for running on the wheel, hopefully he'll slim down some.

My mother is still doing well, though a little frustrated with some of the limitations she has while her teeth and jaw heal up.

If you're into psychedelic music and you haven't heard Infected Mushrooms yet, why not? I highly recommend their Doors remixes. I am generally not one for covers and remixes, but these cannot be missed. Same with Dream Theater's Pink Floyd covers. And I rarely praise covers or remixes.

I'm still reading Dead Beat, and still trying to get unstuck in Twilight Princess. Jumping and I are not friends, at all. Need to go back and finish up SH3 again, too. Am tempted to try a Vincent cosplay at some point. But Claudia first!

Steamboy? Not as awesome as I was led to believe.

Now time to catch up on cleaning, because holy crap, it's Friday. When did that happen?
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For once, my body listened to me, and my period held off until today.

Yesterday was Sunday, so [ profile] nijawial and I said 'fuck it' and decided to take it easy. I broke in the kitchen with homemade breakfast - omelets and tater tots (from Sonic because we had no pan for the hashbrowns I picked up) - and lazed about a bit before deciding to head up to Hastings to see if [ profile] yamino_tora was around. And she was! So we invited her and [ profile] enigmablade over later for hanging out and whatnot.

We also did a little splurge shopping. I grabbed Siren, a horror game that had a great many mixed reviews. But it was cheap, and it looked damn interesting, so why not. [ profile] nijawial got some manga. We headed home, mucked about on Ponystars (one of our housewarming gifts was an Acclaim Coin card each, so we have been having fun customizing our herds!) and then I popped in Siren.

I both love and hate this game. It's a beautiful game. The graphics are incredibly realistic, especially the characters. A hell of a lot of detail went into this game. The controls are standard horror game controls, nothing new there. The storyline is very much classic Japanese horror, and grabbed my interest immediately. The gameplay can be a bit annoying, with absolutely no auto actions. None at all. You have to command the controlled character to do everything.

The monsters also have a great deal of intelligence. A prime example would be on the first mission (the game is divided into missions, with a set goal and a save after each) when attempting to flee from a gun wielding zombie thing, we ran into a shed, closed the door, and...well...I taunted the monster. I believe I said something along the lines of 'haha, you can't get me!'.

Then it opened the door.

I died immediately.

There's also the sightjacking feature, which allows you to see through the eyes of the other characters and the monsters themselves. This took some getting used to, but is a really neat feature once mastered that helps a great deal. And when you die (and you will die, a lot) you start back at the beginning of your current mission, and the missions are relatively short. There are multiple missions in a single area once you pass the tutorial.

The biggest drawback I've encountered is that no one save for Tamon (one of the six main characters you switch between) has a weapon to begin with.

It's also very disconcerting for every single character in a small, traditional Japanese town to speak with British accents, but we've gotten used to that. Overall, enjoying it, but not one I'd recommend quickly due to some of the small flaws which can be extremely irritating. You need a great deal of patience for this game. (And a walkthrough, if you're me.)

Then [ profile] yamino_tora and [ profile] enigmablade came over bearing Brawl and extra controls, and there was drinking and brawling and a journey to the Wal-Mart for snacks. Got to bed around 3:00 AM.

There's more cleaning to do, but it's Monday. Weekend is over, now it's time to return to the grindstone!

Go Team Venture!
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I beat Okami! Took me around 46 hours altogether, didn't die once, saved 89 times, and a bunch of other statistics I've forgotten already. :D That was a beautiful game! And extremely satisfying. Long, meaty, varied, and with plenty of side quests and mini-games. There were a couple little things that I felt just didn't fit in, but overall, definitely gets a thumbs up for me and I'm joining the throngs who want a sequel - it certainly left things open for one! Sadly, it looks as though a sequel is not in the future. At least not with Capcom at the reins. :/

Word of advice: if you want your games to sell, market them.

Anyway! Ate pretty well today! Had breakfast and dinner, and while I'm still not running at full capacity, I'm definitely better than usual. And I think I may grab a little something else to eat before too much longer.

Now that we're done with Okami, it's back to Origins! Which we're greatly enjoying as well, but due to a...small misstep last time we played, we needed a small break. :D Plunging headfirst into nightmare Sanitarium with no healing items, no idea where we're going and no walkthrough on hand? Very bad idea.

I'm both impressed and frustrated that AS has kept absolutely everything regarding the Venture Bros season finale completely under wraps. I need to re-watch last weekend's ep and the most recent ep, to pick up on things I missed, but I'm going crazy waiting to see if any of my theories have any substance at all.

Tomorrow I'll be getting back to packing, and Tuesday we go to see the house! Which has ended up dubbed simply 'Silent Hill', per Nija's mother referring to it as that through all conversations regarding it. :D

Not much else new, other than I feel like a great weight has been lifted and I'm no longer in a state of stressed panic. I'll still be busy, but a much calmer sort of busy. And before much longer, we'll be shopping for house things! And moving in!

Go Team Venture!
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So, obviously, common sense won out and I declined to go run errands today. I just assumed this meant I would not be getting my game. Saddening, yes, but my health comes first - we don't need a repeat of passing out in public. But! My folks offered to pick it up for me. My dad even offered to buy it for me! I wrote down the name and the system, but... well, chances are I will indeed get a game today. Will it be Origins? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm trusting my dad to take care of this, as his recommendation was to spend the day doped up playing a video game anyway.

(One time, I sent my mother out for pads, and she came home with paper cups. Another time, she was sent out for milk and butter and came home with eggs. You can see the pattern here.)

Crampy and emotional today, but so far that seems to be the worst. Not as bad as last night, where responses to RP posts were making me bawl - in the good way! - but still emotional enough that I fear long distance phone commercials and anything with baby animals.

Regardless of what is brought home, I shall be spending the day on the couch, trying to take my mind off of my womanly problems.

ETA: Stores still hate me, but my dad ordered 0rigins from Hastings for me. (Not our Gamestop, the mall Gamestop, Wal-Mart, Target or Hastings had it.)


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