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I have been sick as all hell for pretty much the whole week. Still sick, but I seem to be on the mend. I was able to keep down some solid food yesterday, and I actually slept last night. I think I managed a good six hours. Had dreams that were weird as hell, but now I can't remember them well. I know [ profile] attilatehbun was in them. We were going down a crowded stairway into something bad. And there was something about clones....

Anyway, hoping to be able to hop back into stuffs this weekend.

Been re-playing Lost Odyssey. I'm almost to the point where I fucked up royally and screwed myself so bad I had to restart. I pretty much did nothing but play that yesterday, But I made it from the start of the White Boa section all the way to the middle of the Sorceress' Mansion section. And now I find myself needing a walkthrough.

Then I caught SyFy's showing of The Amnityville Horror. Which...well, for me it was more of a comedy, at least until I was able to completely disassociate the characters and setting in the movie with the actual people and events.

It seriously pisses me off that they still have a 'Based on a True Story' tag in front of the movie. All major players in the hoax, including the priest, have revealed exactly how and why they faked the whole thing. No reason not to make a movie, because it's a damn good story, but can we please stop the whole 'TRUE STORY' crap? I feel the same way about Haunting in Connecticut, even though I haven't seen it. While the real life explanation there is much different, it's the same general idea.

And My Very Late Mid-Season Finale Venture Bros Thoughts )

Now we just need moar Dermott, and I'll be a damn happy camper. :D
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I'm paying for it today, but holy crap am I glad I stayed up for Venture Bros last night.

I can't even articulate my squee. That was, hands down, Dean's Crowning Episode of Awesome. I know that Hank has become my favorite Venture, but that doesn't meant I don't still love Dean. I practically clapped when he stood up in the lab and proved he's got that Venture Steel, too.

Plus, mad as I am at Rusty for being a fail!dad to one of his sons, I really liked seeing him and Dean bond.

I still want to sell my soul to the Sovereign, but I've wanted to do that since I was in middle school.

And Now, Spoilers )

Of course, last night's episode did retcon my entire epic novel length fic, but as I'd probably never finish it anyway, that's probably okay. I should post the bits I've got done one of these days. I think there's five whole independent stories finished....

I can't believe next weekend is the season finale of Titan Maximum already. And Metalocalypse never fails to be awesome. Only Dethklok could get away with being their own cover band. They're like the Stephen King of the musical world....

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I crashed early and hard last night! And since today is Sunday, I actually slept in a little. I woke up at seven, but I dozed for another two hours or so.

We watched The Orphan yesterday. Holy shit, good movie. Intense and disturbing and heart wrenching, but such a good movie. It had me in tears at a few points. And the big twist? Beautifully done, and seriously does explain everything. I like that in my horror.

So, since it's Sunday (also known as Venture Day!) I've been browsing VB forums. And I was surprised to discover an apparently popular theory regarding Dermott. One I can't get behind at all.

And Here's Why )

Clearly, I've put way too much thought into this. Then again, I've also put way too much thought into why I don't think I can ever write Hank and Dermott actually having buttsex, as Dermott would so eloquently put it.

New Venture Bros tonight! (Also Titan Maximum and Metalocalypse, but I have no big theory discussions to write on either of those. :D)
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You know, the thing I miss most about a paid LJ is not the icons, or the's being able to un-collapse comment threads. The Venture Bros kink meme has reached close to 70 comments and it's a pain having to open a new link to read comment threads.

That being said: The Venture Bros kink meme has reached nearly 70 comments! It apparently picked up once season 4 started. Not surprising. I've actually been filling some requests! I started one a few hours ago, and it's now four pages long. Apparently my brain had a nice rest.

I'm just sad there isn't more Hank/Dermott. I love this pairing. For Christmas, I hope Fandom Santa provides a glut of fic and art. Or just...more than the two fics and handful of sketches that exist. Of course, I also want a glut of Bert/Al stuff. Apparently I've gone back to that epic love of dumb teenage boy slash. Best friend slash, specifically.

I really wasn't planning on getting involved in any fandoms again, but damnit, Venture Bros is too awesome and speaks to me too greatly to not get bunnied.

It's raining today. I think I shall write porn, play Lost Odyssey, and read more Under the Dome. And possibly take a bath.
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Grocery shopping accomplished!

The more tired and stressed out I am, the quicker the shopping goes. I shaved a whole half hour off today.

I really need to eat something - I haven't been eating nearly enough lately. And now I'm always tired and my head keeps hurting. I just haven't been able to keep food down at all lately. And my cough isn't going away - even with drastically reducing my smoking. So not only am I tired, hungry, cranky and nicotine levels are dangerously low.

Arizona friends! Would anyone be interested in going to see CCR with me on July 23rd? My dad doesn't want to go - he'd prefer to watch a concert on TV it turns out - but said he'd happily treat me and any friends who wanted to go. They're playing at Tim's Toyota Center, Thursday the 23 at 7. I know this is probably a long shot, but... I really don't want to go to a concert by myself.

I really need to write, but I just keep coming up empty handed. And people keep giving me such awesome ideas, but I can't seem to do anything with them. The only thing (besides my original work, which I don't like to talk about in detail) that's even semi-formed in my mind is actually a little Eddie-centric ficlet that's been rattling around the old brain for a few days. Eh, maybe I'll give it a go.

Both my fights are up at CU! I need to hop to those threads, wrap up Reno and Maria's date thread, and work on some plottings with Myre. And speaking of CU...I may end up staying up way past my bedtime tonight. If my internal AS schedule is correct, Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny is on tonight - and since I'm struggling with my RP samples for Phantom Limb, it'd be a good episode to watch again. And I don't have season 3 on DVD yet, so....

I also need to get my hands on the soundtrack, but it can only be ordered online. :/ Curse you, Astrobase Go!

I think my phone will be turned back on today? I sure as hell hope so, because N and A are coming back either today or tomorrow morning, and it's the only number they have for us.

I'm sort of tempted to go down to the DAV today and see about putting together my Sasha cosplay.
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Title: Rebels Without a Clue
Fandom: Venture Bros
Pairing: Dermott/Hank
Rating: R
Word Count: 1983
Spoilers: Season 3 spoilers
Author's Note: This was originally supposed to be a tiny little thing for the VB kink meme, but the idea really grabbed me.
Summary: Some things Hank did because he wanted to be cool, some things Hank did because he was angry at his dad, and some things Hank did simply because he was a seventeen year old boy.

Rebels Without a Clue )
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And...more fic! I don't know what's gotten into me, but my creative juices are flowing. A pity I have to go to my nephew's birthday party today, I think I could make some serious headway on my fic backlist!

Anyway, this was born out of two parts. Last night, as I was enjoying my Friday night pain relief, I ended up listening to a lot of David Bowie. (Which prompted other writing adventures, but I'm afraid those can't be shared.) Anyway, his cover of 'Across the Universe' came on. To my ears at that point, it sounded like bad karaoke. I mentioned this to [ profile] nijawial while we were cleaning the porch, and made a joke about David Bowie getting drunk and performing bad karaoke, and she demanded a fic. It...turned out a lot different than I'd intended.

Title: Being For the Benefit of Phantom Limb
Author: [ profile] theladyfeylene
Pairing: The Sovereign/Phantom Limb
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Season 2 and 3 spoilers
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 1059
Summary: Sometimes, Phantom Limb needed to rethink his philosophy of doing anything to ensure his place at the Sovereign's right hand.

Being For the Benefit of Phantom Limb )
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Alright, computer has been fully adjusted and set up as far as software issues go. Still need to take care of a couple hardware problems, but it looks like I'll be good to go before too much longer.

Yesterday turned out to be a delightfully wonderful day. Went thrift storing with [ profile] nijawial, [ profile] enigmablade and [ profile] summoneddestiny. I wasn't able to find the suspenders I was looking for but I did find a perfect vest, some nice summer tops, a couple of books, an Inuyasha DVD, and a new back massager. And the cashier was a big Stephen King fan, and shared the same opinion of After Sunset that I did. She did recommend a few stories near that back, however, so it may be worth grabbing from the library at least. She highly recommended Desperation, which is one of the books I grabbed. In beautiful hardcover, I might add. My list of books are piling up. I've got the most recent Dresden novels to read, [ profile] enigmablade lent me the first RE book, and now I have a couple more Stephen King books I haven't read yet. (I could have had more, but I have no desire to ever read Cujo.)

We headed to the mall afterwards, and I grabbed a very chocolaty mocha drink from Dairy Queen. Which I'm glad I did, since I ended up staying up passed midnight.

After we hung out back here in Silent Hill for a bit, [ profile] enigmablade and [ profile] summoneddestiny had to get going. But then N and A came over and brought this absolutely adorable Chinese children's movie to watch. Plus wine we couldn't open because none of us have a corkscrew, but that's more an amusing side note than anything. (And leftover 4/20 brownies for me, which was an awesome little surprise!)

Anyway, we watched CJ7, a Stephen Chow film. (He's the one who did Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, among many others.) It was terribly adorable and sweet. So much so that I didn't even care that we were watching it subtitled. It was like a blend of Flubber and ET, only adorable and very cleverly executed. The first thing we did upon finishing was look to see if there were any plushies of CJ7 himself. (We were very successful.)

Then [ profile] nijawial and I caught the encore airing of last night's South Park episode. Either those guys have laid off the drugs or they found better drugs, but the majority of episodes this season have been on a higher level than previous seasons. Less vulgarity, more cleverness, more social relevance... Yes, a couple have been the usual, but overall I'm honestly impressed. I'd wandered away from South Park because it was just getting to be Too Much, but I've happily wandered back this season. Here's hoping the trend continues!

Oh! Over the course of having No-Net time, we rented VB season 3. Un-censored adventure. I probably could have happily gone my whole life without ever seeing Jonas Venture's penis.

Today I'm going to be potting my herbs and marathoning Nightmares and Dreamscapes. And wrapping K's first birthday gift - his party is Saturday. I can't believe my little nephew's a year old already!
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Wow, I completely forgot to update yesterday.

Not because I was particularly busy, I was just so intent on other things that it completely slipped my mind. I did finally go thrift storing, though, yay! Got some new shirts, a gorgeous pink knitted poncho, and found the original Broadway Hair recording on vinyl for a quarter. No scratches on the record at all. I was a happy camper!

I did something horrible to my shoulder, but it's finally starting to feel better today. We found one of those wooden massage ball things, and [ profile] nijawial went to work on me with it. My god, that thing is amazing. I practically melted into the floor.

I am finally reading the Dark Tower series. I know, I know, I'm a terrible person for not reading it before. I've read part of the first book before - a very, very long time ago, to the point that on re-reading it I don't remember anything - and one of the short stories that Stephen King did for Legends. But that's it. So I dug up my illustrated copy of The Gunslinger and got started.

Why haven't I read this before?

Been playing RE5, I think we're almost done with it. We switched off characters, and I got to play as Chris while [ profile] enigmablade played as Sheva. I must admit, I have quite the growing affection for her. She kicks ass, she's gorgeous, and she's tough. And much, much more agile than Chris. The man is a tank.

My birthday is looming. All I really want is the vinyl release of the Venture Bros soundtrack.

Seth Green is joining the cast of Venture Bros in season 4. This pleases me greatly. Not to mention a season 3 Blu-Ray release. Not that I have a Blu-Ray player, but this is a very good sign of how invested AS is in the series. It's the first ever Blu-Ray release from AS. They wouldn't spend the cash on any of their other DVD releases, but they'll do it for Venture Bros. And now I'm really vibrating in my seat over season 4, both excitedly and nervously. Please let it be that we can't believe it because it's not true, Doc Hammer, please.

Also, oh crap, season 3 comes out Tuesday! Need monies for it! And it's actually going to be uncensored. I'm...not sure how I feel about that.

Today I'm going to clean the house. It's long overdue. I've got coffee going, dishes drying, and it's a beautiful day.

Go Team Venture!
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So, I've looked all over for a Venture Bros Kink Meme, and haven't found one. And this makes me sad. So I decided to start one!

How the kink meme (and like every other kink meme out there) works:

Comment anonymously with a request for something kinky! All requests must contain a character or a pairing or a threesome or whatever, and at least one kink. For inspiration, check out the huge list of kinks!

Reply anonymously to someone else's request with some fic that meets the request! It can be as long or as short as you want. Even if someone else has already responded to a request, it's fine to write another one. If you're an artist, feel free to post some art!

Some rule type things:

1. If you make a request, please respond to someone's! That's how we keep the meme going!

2. Don't be shy to offer feedback to anyone and anything! Seconding a kink request? Go for it! Read something you really liked? Let the anon-author know!

3. While anonymous is the word here, you're more than welcome to out yourself and post your stuff elsewhere.

4. This is a kink meme. You're bound to see requests or warnings for things you don't like. Just scroll on by, seriously. Everyone has different kinks and squicks, and this meme is for everyone.

Spread the message! Let's see if we can give the bigger fandoms a run for their money!

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So, between hearing all of 'their' songs yesterday and just ending up reading various discussions on the internet, I have fallen back in love with one of my pairings. No, I'm not going to say which one, since I'm hoping to get some fic written for it. ;) Maybe this was the charge I needed, I don't know. Maybe that spark is back. It's weak and dull but by damn we're going to nurture that thing!

I poked at my FSTs again. I've added some to my HBC FST. There's...a lot of Coldplay on there. I didn't intend for this to happen, but there are a few songs that just fit. I can't deny them if they fit. There's also some Enya, because 'Return to Innocence' has become my Rena song.

Still very little movement on the VB FST.

I've started laying down my costume plans for the upcoming con season. The one I'm currently working on is going to be more ambitious than my other cosplays. Not only am I making the dress, I'm dyeing and styling the wig, making armor and jewelry, and possibly making an epic cloak if I can find a pattern anywhere near Lamika's insane cloak of doom. And her armor will be good practice for when I make my Monarch armor.

Or I'll just say 'screw that' and do Prison!Monarch with his cardboard and duct-tape wings. It could be hilarious. And would also negate the need for a skintight bodysuit. I do not have his amazing abs. I will probably never have his amazing abs in my life. But a gal can dream. ;)

I want to get some cleaning done this morning, but it's raining and I'm feeling achey, so I think today may just be a 'sit on the couch and play video games' kind of day. I'm playing... a lot of games. The most recent being Obscure, Left 4 Dead and Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. I still have No More Heroes to play, too. I've made progress on Harvest Moon - I think I've done three or four rainbows.

I just need to catch a damn wood fish to do the red rainbow right now.

Why I keep helping those chicken bothering Harvest Sprites is beyond me...;)
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Title: The Second Greatest Gift of All
Fandom: Venture Bros
Pairing: Brock/Molotov
Rating: R
Warnings: Frottage
Word Count: 1,067
Summary: On a stakeout that lasts through Christmas, Brock gets the closest thing to what he really wants.

The Second Greatest Gift of All )
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I'm not doing Advent Fics, but I'm going to try and post a drabble every day. Here's Dec 1, 2 and 3 to get us on track! :D All holiday themed or winter themed in some way!

Title: Something's Missing
Fandom: Venture Bros
Spoilers: Season 3
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Wordcount: 100

Something's Missing )

Title: Christmas Shopping
Fandom: Silent Hill 4
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: N/A
Pairing: Henry/Eileen
Author's Note: Totally inspired by Henry and Eileen over at CU. :D
Wordcount: 100

Christmas Shopping )

Title: Keeping Warm
Fandom: HBC
Pairing: Valyn/Shadow
Rating: PG
Spoilers: N/A
Warnings: N/A
Wordcount: 100

Keeping Warm )

It's freezing cold and cloudy/rainy out. I think I'm going to stay in bed and write and RP all day.
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I woke up this morning thinking about fandoms. Specifically, that meme that did 'your fandoms as lovers/exes'. I couldn't remember what the different lists were, but I sort of did it myself. Now that I'm pretty settled as far as fandoms go, anyway. Because it's just so true! And it's nearing the end of the year, so it's about time for a review of this sort.

Obviously, at the moment, my Main Squeeze is Venture Bros. I'm wrapped in a steamy, torrid affair that doesn't seem likely to end anytime soon. We're in it for a while, me and the Ventures. ;) It wasn't exactly love at first sight - I was intrigued, but needed to be won over. We flirted for a season, a season and a half. And then, somewhere in the middle of season two, we just clicked. Maybe it was the strung out, drug addicted middle aged Johnny Quest. Maybe it was re-casting the Scooby Doo gang as a group of sociopathic wandering serial killers. Maybe it was Dr. Girlfriend flawlessly recreating some of Aeon Flux's most famous moves, I don't know. But it was Love.

Of course, I am still carrying on an affair with Silent Hill. Silent Hill is kind of like that SO you're hesitant to show off to new friends or family, because it can be a little weird and scary. A little dangerous, pushes your limits a little, but underneath it's a lot of fun and love and laughs. Maybe you seem like a weird couple to outsiders, but those on the In understand completely. It's not all tentacle rape porn and guro! Really!

HBC is, and forever will be, my steady mistress in Europe. ;) We've gone the distance and proved it's For Real. But such a tiny and often mocked fandom? It remains only in my LJ. There's no where I could take it in public!

Death Note was a flash in the pan romance that I should have realized was bad for me right from the start. It was painful and full of fights and for all that there were one or two things that I did really love, overall, there just wasn't anything there for me. We still keep in casual contact, and every now and then I'll muster up some effort to keep the connection alive, but it soured early and it soured badly. I just hung around because everyone was so used to us together.

Ouran was the popular guy that I went on a few dates with, had a couple of drunken one night stands with, and then parted with on friendly terms. There is little interest to revisit, but I've got nothing but fond memories.

FMA. Oh, FMA. No matter where I roam, no matter what shiny new fandom I woo and court, it will always be you I come home to in the end. It's always you I think of when caught letting my mind wander. It's always you, will always be you. Everything about you makes me tremble and shiver. You're beautiful, you're intelligent, you're complex, you make me laugh and cry and keep me on the edge of my seat...even when I know your story already, it doesn't matter. I can watch again and again and again.

Just you wait, baby. I'll be back again. I always am. ;)

Boom Baby!

Nov. 17th, 2008 11:59 am
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Oh yeah, this is it, I've hit the halfway mark! November 17th and I'm at 25k! And I couldn't have done it without [ profile] nijawial, [ profile] summoneddestiny and [ profile] enigmablade. Seriously. They have been my sanity and inspiration these last two weeks.

Screencap With Small Preview! )

Yeah, I had to preserve that in screencap format.

At the Hallmark store today, I saw a Johnny Quest ornament. I...kind of want it. A lot.
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Thanks for the support yesterday. I'm fine now. What happened was I threw out my back in the shower when I was home alone, so I freaked out a bit. But [ profile] nijawial was home shortly after, and all was fine. [ profile] enigmablade and [ profile] summoneddestiny came over last night, and much fun was had watching Venture Bros deleted scenes and the Christmas episode.

I got more writing done this morning! Apparently mornings are good for me for writing, since that seems to be when I do the bulk of it. I'm up to 17,500 words, which is not shabby. And I'm leaving in what I wrote last night. I've discovered a little secret to my word count uppage. I need to work Dr. Mrs. The Monarch into this more - her name is four whole words!

I swear I had some sort of awesome idea last night, but now it's gone. I'm doing this in such a patchwork way. There are just little scenes and snippets all over, waiting to be somehow connected to the rest of the story. I am figuring out how to fill in little gaps, though, which is good. This thing is actually starting to come together as a complete piece with consistent, underlying themes and plot.

I'm slipping further and further into less than great habits. I'm sitting here, not yet dressed, thinking that leftover pizza and a mocha would be a wonderful breakfast. While I reply to RP posts - all of which are vastly entertaining at the moment.

Hank and Dean the rats are comfortably situated in their new aquarium, and Hank has discovered the wheel. They both seem to enjoy all the new space, even though they consistently seek out the absolute smallest space available to cram themselves into. Usually together.

And now it's time to hit up my RP posts, check email, and see if I can hit 20k today!

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Whoot! Got errands done today!

I also picked up Season 2 of Venture Bros on DVD. Gah, the inside panel art makes me melt. And reaffirms my epic, epic desire for cover art of my NaNo project. I can see so clearly how I want it, too. Maybe I should pester Nija about teaching me to draw. ;)

I also grabbed a couple more bits of decoration for the shed. A Led Zeppelin window sticker and a Pink Floyd one. And I've decided I'm going to get black light Icarus to hang in there one way or another! The Batcave/Fallout Shelter/Whatever will be complete!

Still need a new little DVD rack.

I actually have a lot of stuff to do today, I realized, and nearly all of it is on the computer. Speaking of things on the computer...

[ profile] ranchangrnl, were we ready for RW!Shadow and Myre's late night tryst?

Also, why the hell is my brain telling me to write some kinky Henry/Cynthia PWP fic instead of working on NaNo? What the hell, brain! We just figured out how to get Dean's pants off, come on, roll with this....
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"I cannot simply idly stand by and watch my little baby toy with that fragile man-boy’s heart!”

I really wish our neighbors would keep it down. I don't know what they're doing, but they've been yelling and playing loud music and possibly welding underneath the living room window for about an hour now. And it's screwing with my focus.

My new routine is apparently: get up, get something to drink, reply to RP posts, write NaNo. And then sometimes possibly shower or clean or whatever.

As for NaNo:

Chapter 1: History Completes Itself - Done
Chapter 2: Not All Mushrooms are Edible - Almost Done
Chapter 3: Electric Cyberella - 0%
Chapter 4: No Title - 0%
Chapter 5: When Spars Collide - 2 pages
Chapter 6: Gentlemen Prefer Microchips - 1 page
Chapter 7: No Title - 0%
Chapter 8: War and Fleece - 0%
Chapter 9: The Monarch's Revenge - 0%
Chapter 10: The Apes of Wrath - 0%
Chapter 11: Whatever Happened to Rusty? - 3 pages

Yeah, I'm doing this entirely out of order. But hey, I've got chapters outlined and whatnot, even if I haven't actually started them. Each chapter is set up like an episode, essentially, and I'm trying to keep with the episode title scheme in the chapter titles. I'm hoping to do 13 chapters, like a season, but we'll see if I can figure something out for two more chapters.

I have been seriously toying with the idea of having Dermott come out as gay. It was one of those silly little ideas I had, but I got to thinking about it, and it can work. I know why he makes himself build up this ultra-macho persona, and why he tries so hard to be a ladies man, but it's clear it's all overcompensation and a desperate attempt to be someone he's not. And besides that, this series is about disappointments and shattered dreams. And to spare those who haven't seen season 3, Dermott being gay would be a disappointment to someone.

It's windy and cold today, and I don't think I want to leave the house. I never did get any meat last night. I really should remedy that today and give my body the stuff it's been craving.

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It was like they were basting in their own juices, and contrary to popular cannibal propaganda, people-juices did not smell very appetizing.

Went shopping today! I now has gorgeous little Japanese tea pot, frilly aprons, winter clothes, some Barbies to mod into Venture Bros dolls, and...the Dresden Files graphic novel! It's so shiny and pretty.

I've also got over 5,000 words on my NaNo project. Hence the quote above. I'm still struggling a bit with it, but first 'chapter' is done, and I apparently worked on it some last night which means I've got a lot of ideas for things, just nothing coherently written. Chapter two takes us to the jungle! Where adventure and mystery await in an ancient, lost temple!

I love pulp adventure, I really, really do.

Plus, making up science! Always fun!

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“Cyberella?” Hank finally said. “You’re…gonna kill us by cyber-sexing us to death? Awesome!”

I've hit 3,000 words! And this is a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be, since I decided to do a future-fic. I've got ten years of blank space between canon and what I'm writing, and while I have a general idea of what everyone's been doing in the meantime, making sure to reflect the character changes but keep everyone true and IC is a bit tricky.

On the other hand, I'm having a lot of fun just sort of going nuts with all this open canon. And Kim is one damn sexy super villainess. She gives Dr. Girlfriend a run for her money! I need to buff up on my computer and intarweb knowledge, though, since her entire theme is cyber-punk.

My body hates cheese today. :(

I did remember to have coffee this morning, though, so while I feel drowsy and blah, I have yet to randomly fall asleep today. I've been having a small problem with that lately. I'll lay down on the couch for a minute, and the next thing I know it's two to three hours later and I'm just coming to.

I had my coffee in my Jack mug, since I had it cold.

I have laundry in the washer I need to change over, and I still need to clean the rat cage and get crap off the bathroom floor. I've just sort of been...leaving my clothes there because I can't muster up the oomph to bend over and pick stuff up.


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