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Well, I realized at least one major reason why I've been having so much trouble with thinking and coherency and comprehension.

I've been (at best) managing perhaps 400-600 calories a day. When I, personally, need 2380 a day to be healthy and whatnot given my weight, height and activity level. So I've basically been starving my brain, whee. But it's not like I can help it, I just can't keep food down. That's also probably why I've been feeling so lightheaded and on the verge of passing out lately. That's honestly not usually a warning sign for me, as I'm prone to fainting spells under stress and high emotion, which have pretty much been fueling me of late. Besides which, I haven't been sleeping well. But last night I was realizing how hungry I felt but how sick to my stomach I was, and I started going over how long it's been bothering me and what I've been eating. :/

But in good news: a dear friend from Phoenix is coming up here tomorrow to give a hand - especially since [ profile] husband_brother might be working straight through until next weekend. And the same dear friend is going to be moving up here, which shall be wonderful! But it looks like we'll have at least three people (including myself) to run crap over to the new place. [ profile] husband_brother will be handling the furniture, however. The big stuff, at least.

It's storming now, but nobody would recognize the back of the Devil Shed at this point. :D It's been stripped (almost), cleaned, sprayed, dusted, bleached and everything else I could think of to negate the fact that I've been using it as a smoking space (that regularly gets fish bowled) for two years.

Now there's a thunderstorm and I'm taking a break before I try and finish my closet. Laura San Giacomo is on TV!
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I am slowly turning into a morning person. I was awake at 7:30 this morning, had a fiber bar and a cigarette, got showered and dressed and cleared my room for furniture delivery. Then, garbed in my pink and blue JSK, I went to pluck grapes. Why was I plucking grapes? Because here in the Old West, the trade system is alive and well! The little bath and body shop in the square - who's owner I am friendly with - is happy to trade her homemade wares for the bounty of our garden. :D

But now, further adventures in cleaning the house!

Bizarre Bathroom, The Door That Preaches, and the Shed of Doom )

I am sure there are other things, but it's difficult to remember it all. It's been a long week, to say the least. But there is the gist of it, and more will be added as we remember what other little surprises we found lurking about Silent Hill.
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For once, my subject line isn't a random lyric, it's actually relevant to this entry.

I am referring to the previous tenants who had the house before us. We somewhat questioned their sanitary habits before, but gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were in the middle of moving. And believed them when the claimed the stained linoleum was from before they moved in.

I call them hippies because they are the extremist tree-hugging sort. The holier-than-thou, sacrifice personal hygiene and common sense in the name of...whatever, and generally give the impression of being the sort to show up at PETA rallies with no idea why they're even there.

Our first clue as to their general shadiness - because all the above was generally excused, as we only met them once - was the fact that the lied to us about certain small details regarding the house. But we figured maybe they were confused, hey, it happens. They also lied about the landlady. That was not so excusable.

Then there was there staunch insistence that they couldn't actually be out of the house on time. There was 'too much to do'. That, in particular, makes me twitch. I had too much to do, too, but I still got it done, and so did Nija. But some pressure from the landlady, and they were out just a few days after they were supposed to be.

But oh, did they leave their mark. And I mean that literally, in some cases. Gouges and dents in the walls and doors. Stains on the floor. Crayon or marker on doors. A giant, freaking credenza in my bedroom. The credenza, which has proved too heavy for even the quite strong to move properly, was moved into the bedroom to cover a hole in a door. Now a normal person would either a) fess up (not likely with these people) or b) hang a poster over it. Not use a massive, unwieldy piece of furniture.* They didn't bother to clean the stove, which had years worth of gunk and mess in it, and just generally left trash and mess about.

And then there was....the fridge.

Not the fridge in the kitchen. Oh no, that was cleaned out. No, it was the hidden fridge they failed to mention in the shed. Not only did they fail to mention it, they failed to clean it out, and left crap in there to spoil once the power was turned off. Which it was. The shed reeks. The fridge is defrosting so that the waste can be removed, but for the love of all that is holy....

And on top of that, they stole the microwave.

The damn dirty hippies stole our microwave.


*The plus side here being it's a beautiful piece that will serve as a bureau.


Sep. 7th, 2008 01:57 pm
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If you have suddenly found yourself friended by me and are wondering why, it's because I found you through the Small Fandom Friending Meme but comments were maxed out. :D Fandoms from there I tried to comment on/commented on:

Vampire Hunter D
The Venture Bros
Trinity Blood


In other news, furniture is in pieces in the garage save for my bed, because I sort of need that for a couple of more nights. I'm in the process of doing all of my laundry at the moment, a project that will take me well into the night.

Ah, the eternal battle of Man vs Furniture. The sweating, the swearing, the determination to conquer that giant, violent inanimate object.... Blood, sweat, and tears are shed liberally. The battles rage for hours at times. And then, once victory has been achieved, there comes that realization. The sinking, chilling thought that....

You'll have to do it all again to put the damn thing back together.
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Ack, the buses have arrived in town over at [ profile] damned. Well, this is going to be...interesting. O.o

Have begun taking furniture apart. Had a small fight with my mother over one of my statues - that is actually still in Seattle, hence the fight - and banged my legs to hell trying to get a table apart. My knees look I just attempted mountain climbing with no knee pads, and my calves - let's just say they give the appearance that I got on the wrong side of a Yaoi Paddle at a con...

My folks took me to dinner last night, which was nice. We went to a wonderful Mexican restaurant that has the best food, and is made how I like it. When I say no onions and peppers, I get no onions and no peppers. Everywhere else, they're in there anyway and I have to pick them out and my entire meal tastes like them anyway. Not here. Plus, we have family that works there, which is always nice.

I told my mother yesterday that I needed to do laundry today, and what does she do as soon as I come out of my area of the house? Grabs her laundry and starts a load.

At least I have delicious leftovers and not too much left to do.

And thank you to everyone who left their address on the last post! They've all been entered into my address book! Expect holiday cards! :D And yes [ profile] chaneystarr, you are definitely coming to visit me sometime!
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Holy crap, I'm exhausted. But I took the last of my boxes from my bedroom out to the garage today. Now it's just trash pickup and the like for in there. I also did a quick bathroom sweep and packed up non-essentials - I own a hairdryer. O.o I didn't even realize this, the thing was buried in the back of the cabinet behind mountains of crap.

I do need to go through the kitchen and start packing that all up, but I feel like I'm going to drop any moment. And then there's the living room, which I may start shortly as at least that's mostly small stuff that's easily packed.

I definitely pulled a muscle, though. It's still sore and slightly swollen, and my range with my right arm is limited. I've been icing it in the evenings and then applying a heating pad, and rubbing some arnica and ginger into it before bed, since I can't exactly afford to completely rest it at the moment.

As I told [ profile] nijawial, first night in the new house, I'm taking a nice hot soak. We have a lovely bathtub and shower combo that I will gladly break in. :D And I have some delightful bath bombs I can put to use in it.

We'll be officially moving in on Wednesday. So we have four days to finish everything. Which is a clear indicator that I should wrap this up and start packing the living room.

Go Team Venture.
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Apparently, my computer was momentarily possessed by demons. I stuck in an unlabeled CD to see if it was blank or not, and the first track was nothing but 29 minutes of static and garbled voices. O.o Then my net died and some programs froze - which isn't rare, but the timing was eye brow raising.

Track 2 was Sting's 'Message In a Bottle'.

I am now taking down the Wall of Art. The Wall of Art, for those who don't know, is my closet door. My closet is closed in by two sliding doors, the faces of which are mirrors. I'm terrified of mirrors at night, so I covered with beloved fan art, gift art that had been done for me, sketches I got at cons, prints 'd ordered, things like that. It's terribly sad to take it all down and put it n boxes. But! It shall grace a new wall soon, and be joined with more! Because once I'm working, I can afford to commission all that cracked out fan art I want. Such as Arthurian Henry/Eileen, and Brock/Naomi. Plus, I have some VB art to print and hang now.

Good progress is being made.
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Packed eleven boxes yesterday. Went to bed sore and stiff, have already slathered myself in emu juice.

Lost internet somewhere around...I don't even know. I let the dog out, had a smoke, came back and was offline.

Woke up with a fic writing itself my head. It's been a good year or so since that happened, so I'm rather happy, even if it's a bit of a bad time to get hit with instant-inspiration. I'm attempting to type it out now as I eat breakfast.

The online Rhyming Dictionary I use is sort of sucking. I used to use it for doing Radio Posts - I'm not quite so talented as to be able to free verse anachronistic poetry on my own - and now I'm finding it coming in handy for VB fic titles. Since I like to keep my fic titles in the same vein as the episode titles, with little word plays and the like. Does anyone know of any good ones? I've been using Rhyme Zone.

Fete has started at RW! And I adore the unholy union of [ profile] spiteful_thing and [ profile] sultry_lord. And it tickles me pink that the two Big Bads of the game are a pair of kick ass, tough, powerful women. And soon, [ profile] futureshaman and [ profile] damselesque will meet, and 'Lord Kemynor' can realize his bride-to-be is that terribly nervous girl he scared the crap out of the other day. :D

Some days, I'd like to shake people while screaming 'I'm busy!' at them over and over and over again.....
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I woke up with 'Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite' stuck in my head. Which makes, to me, little to no sense, as while I was packing yesterday I had a steady diet of nothing but Meatloaf and Led Zeppelin.

Another funny story regarding my niece, upon hearing my computer's custom error message:

D: ...Why is angry Kronk in your computer?
Me: Because Patrick Warbuton only has one voice.

And now I'm afraid I will never be able to watch The Emperor's New Groove the same way ever again. Damn my mind, and all of that.

The dog woke me up at around 12:30 AM, needing to go out, and it's completely thrown me off. I've got to go pick up the dining table and chairs, and I'm having a hell of a time waking myself up to get going. This also means dealing with the truck, which I abhor, as it's cramped and difficult for me to get in and out of.

Icon has nothing to do with this post, I just wanted to stare at Brock's ass as I typed this up. I have a problem, I know, it's horrible.

I also have some strange fetish for naked, blood covered, fictional men.

Posted my own wishlist at the Fall Fandom Free For All. It's here, for anyone interested. Due to my current level of fandom activity being restricted to mainly small, out of the way fandoms, I'm not expecting much, but hey. I figured why not? And I made some icons for people, because icon making is fun and I wanted to fulfill some requests.

I need to finish my coffee and get going, as there's also the bank and various other errands I need to run.

Go Team Venture.
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I've been having trouble sleeping again. My damn legs have been acting up like sons of bitches all week, and I don't know why.

Last night, I actually sat down and watched all of Soylent Green, from start to finish. I'd never actually seen the movie in its entirety before. I'd seen every part of it, just not altogether and in order.

One of the things I love about that movie is the fact that even now, it still sends a shiver down my spine. cannibalism is one of the few things in fiction that still bothers me, and unwitting cannibalism even moreso. I don't even know why, there's just something about it that never fails to disturb me. To the point where it is, I believe, the only thing I've ever flat out refused to write.

I've written guro, I've written snuff, I've written all manner of intensely wrong situations...but cannibalism I shy away from. The closest I've come, I believe, is 'Now, At The Hour of Our Deaths', but I don't know if that counts as cannibalism, since it was technically a zombie/demon sort of thing. Who just happened to look human. I'll write it in original fiction, because I push a lot more of my own boundaries in original fiction.

Anyway! Picked [ profile] nijawial up! We're now bemoaning the heat and humidity together, because it's crazily humid. Which is probably why my legs have been such a mess. And! Those boxes we ordered like three weeks ago finally showed up. O.o I'd given them up for gone!

And what I was fearing actually happened. I posted 'Don't Think Vice' on, since there was nothing graphic depicted in it, and someone PMed me to rip me a new one over having Jonas Venture use the term 'oriental'.


I know it's not a PC term. Jonas? Not so much, no. This fic takes place in the 60s, these characters are canonically racist and sexist, and it'd be ridiculously OOC to have them using modern day PC terminology in dialogue. I tried to capture the way in which Jonas was presented in canon - as a golden god to the other characters, but not so great a guy to the audience. That includes his less than stellar attributes. I politely responded, explaining my reasoning, and pointing out the canon instances of the original Team Venture's racism - the two most glaring examples being the flashback in 'Now Museum, Now You Don't' with Jonas' 'disguise', and the comments Horace made regarding Kano's ethnicity in 'Past Tense'.

I am not the characters I write. Their words are not my words. When characters talk, they talk as themselves. Using their words. I don't see why people can't understand this.
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All I'm going to say about what a large portion of my flist is talking about is this:

I hate anon memes. I don't even acknowledge they exist. They're nothing but wank-factories and a place where people can use anonymity to feel like the Big Bad Man. They call to those who have that despicable combination of cowardliness, attention whoring, and asshattery. And half the time, people who sling shit anonymously on those things are doing it simply to cause a stir, not because they have much faith or backing in what they say.

If they did have faith in what they were saying, or backed it in any way themselves, they wouldn't sling it around on an anon meme. And that's something that I hope everyone realizes. *hugs*

(Disclaimer: I have no idea what was said anywhere, I meant it when I said I don't even acknowledge the existence of these things. I have never and never will look at the thing, and I don't want to know what's been said. I've been bashed in anon memes before, and I've found the best way for me to deal is to completely ignore.)


[ profile] nijawial and I are going furniture shopping this weekend! My dad saw a nice dining table and chair set he wants us to look at. And we need a living room, which will be taken care of as well. But we need to go and pick the stuff out.

I'm making good progress on packing, despite having to take it slow.

I had dreams about cosplay last night. About falling behind on costumes for PCC. Which is probably manifest by the fact that I haven't been able to work on any cosplay stuff for a bit now. But I'm a wee bit too busy for that.

In the Random Fandom Sparkly Love Meme: Fandom Fuh Q. If I had like...time, I'd so flood that with Naomi pr0n. Or take it as an opportunity for Henry to get some. :D But others can go and pr0n up their favorite characters! Remember, fandom exists for fun!

I need to get something to eat and drink, and then respond to emails. They're...building up.

Go Team Venture!
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Took Nija home! Now, after a bite to eat, I need to redouble packing efforts! Due to general health stuff, I haven't been doing much lately, but now with a more official date and all looming.... Time to haul ass!

[ profile] nijawial, what are you doing this weekend? My folks want to take us furniture shopping.

I'm still reeling from the house. We celebrated last night with more Venture Bros - Nija is almost done with season 1! We made it up to episode 11. And I finally saw the second half of 'Are You There God, It's Me Dean' and saw 'Ice Station Impossible' again, which I haven't seen since the very first time I ever saw a single episode of Venture Bros.

It's been so long since so many good things were happening in my life. And I find it so amusing, because over a year ago, I was up in Jerome, and had a Tarot reading done. It's a local guy, and he doesn't charge, but asks for donations for the local humane society. And he's a nice guy, so we sat out in the cold and drizzle and wind and had readings done. And I remember I asked about my social life, and he said that it looked like I'd have more luck finding local friends online than I would trying to get out and meet people. And lo and behold, not too much later, I met Nija through [ profile] damned.

And now we're extremely close friends who have had so much fun together, and are getting a house together. That's the sort of serendipity that doesn't come along too often. It's a giant old internet, and a giant old world. And the odds of someone joining one LJ game, and playing a character who's canonically connected to another, and then finding out they live in the same's astronomical. Especially when that area is the middle of nowhere.

Alright, I've gotten all sappy for long enough. ;) Time to start hauling more bags to the garage.

Go Team Venture!

Holy Fuck!

Aug. 26th, 2008 05:28 pm
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The house is awesome.

It's huge. So much space, so much storage, gorgeous dark wood paneling in the living room, vintage brass cabinet handles, the bathroom has an entire wall of storage, the porch is bigger than my current workroom, my room has a door to the outside, the closets are huge....

There are fruit trees in the yard - plum, apple, crabapple - and grapes. The 'storage shed' is the size of a guest house.

And the history of the property! Way back when, when Prescott was countryland, Japanese farmers used to own it. That's where the fruit trees are left over from.

It's...more than we ever dreamed it would be. And will take very little to make absolutely beautiful. Also? We pretty much have free reign over what we want to do to it, as far as installing things and adding things. Plus, pets are a-okay!

We're thrilled.

(Also, I kidnapped Nija. :D)

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Bad brain, stop it! I am not writing a Venture Bros/Death Note crossover for [ profile] dn_contest's crossover challenge. The canons aren't compatible, they aren't. I don't care how mind shatteringly hot Brock/Naomi would be. On the hood of the charger, with a classic rock accompaniment.


I kind of want art of that now. In a hardcore way.


Finally taking everything in from the finale. That was everything Jason promised and more. And now we have to wait until next season for the pieces to be picked up. I was freaking out terribly over it last night, and poor Nija got to deal with it in emails. And I finally confessed that yes, somewhere along the line, I fell head over heels for the Swedish Murder Machine himself. What can I say? I've just been living in denial, though it's probably terribly obvious to everyone. And Nija was also able to calm me down from the end with a very, very astute observation that I had missed completely!

I'm going to be doing some light packing today, as I caught up on sleep last night. And my back's not too bad. And I really want to have more progress done, mainly so my furniture can be moved out of my room when the time comes. Which...isn't too terribly far off.

Feeling much less emotionally roller-coaster-esque today, and far less hormonal. Time for some food, and then some light packing!
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I beat Okami! Took me around 46 hours altogether, didn't die once, saved 89 times, and a bunch of other statistics I've forgotten already. :D That was a beautiful game! And extremely satisfying. Long, meaty, varied, and with plenty of side quests and mini-games. There were a couple little things that I felt just didn't fit in, but overall, definitely gets a thumbs up for me and I'm joining the throngs who want a sequel - it certainly left things open for one! Sadly, it looks as though a sequel is not in the future. At least not with Capcom at the reins. :/

Word of advice: if you want your games to sell, market them.

Anyway! Ate pretty well today! Had breakfast and dinner, and while I'm still not running at full capacity, I'm definitely better than usual. And I think I may grab a little something else to eat before too much longer.

Now that we're done with Okami, it's back to Origins! Which we're greatly enjoying as well, but due to a...small misstep last time we played, we needed a small break. :D Plunging headfirst into nightmare Sanitarium with no healing items, no idea where we're going and no walkthrough on hand? Very bad idea.

I'm both impressed and frustrated that AS has kept absolutely everything regarding the Venture Bros season finale completely under wraps. I need to re-watch last weekend's ep and the most recent ep, to pick up on things I missed, but I'm going crazy waiting to see if any of my theories have any substance at all.

Tomorrow I'll be getting back to packing, and Tuesday we go to see the house! Which has ended up dubbed simply 'Silent Hill', per Nija's mother referring to it as that through all conversations regarding it. :D

Not much else new, other than I feel like a great weight has been lifted and I'm no longer in a state of stressed panic. I'll still be busy, but a much calmer sort of busy. And before much longer, we'll be shopping for house things! And moving in!

Go Team Venture!
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Early update!

I was actually going to go shopping this morning - groceries and Joanne's, since corkboards are on sale - but decided against it after getting dressed. Much as I've been wanting a corkboard and needed some other small things - corkboard to tack my references and whatnot up to, and some acrylic ink for dying wigs - I am about to move. It'd be better to hold off until then, otherwise it's just going to be something else to move. And I made a list for groceries, though my dad seemed pretty well set on what to pick up.

[ profile] nijawial and I are finally getting together today. Due to one thing or another, busy schedules, etc, we actually haven't been able to get together in person since before we found out about the house.

The television kept flickering in and out after the internet had died last night, and I came far too close for comfort to missing Venture Bros. First half of the season finale. I...was not happy. But it evened out around 11, and all was well. does one keyboard mash? Something along the lines of 'fgshhbgfdkjffasljdbhfas!!!!!!!'? I think that sums up my reaction pretty damn well. More precise thoughts:

So that's where all the action and violence was hiding!

Brock quoting scripture is strangely and intensely hot.

Is it just me, or is the animation taking a decidedly Peter Chung turn? Herr Trigger's design and movements just scream 'Peter Chung'. 'I Know Why The Caged Bird Kills' already had some direct references to Aeon Flux - Dr. Girlfriend's infiltration was straight out of the pilot full-length episode - so it could well be intentional.

Spoilers ) god, his beautiful, beautiful hair. :(

Anyway! Plans for next weekend have changed again. And I actually like Kid Rock's new song. I assume it's new, but I'm so behind in music that I could be wrong. But it makes me think of being a teenager, and specifically one magical night. (There was a lake, Sweet Home Alabama was playing, it was late summer/early fall....)

Alright! I've got a bathroom to clean!
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I finally managed some personal productivity last night. First, I colored my hair. No more Bride of Frankenstein. Then a bit later I swept the garage, scrubbed the linoleum in my workroom, cleaned out the sink, and then decided: hey, it's Friday night. I'm going to grab a snack and watch a movie.

And lucky for me, it was around 12:20, and The Dark Half was on at 12:30. I hadn't seen it in a while, and though it's not a particularly stand out Stephen King movie - relatively generic as far as King adaptations go, somewhere above Attack of the Killer Bouncy Balls but not at the high end of the spectrum - I decided to stick it on. It had been a while since I was able to just stretch out on the couch and watch a movie. So I grabbed a pack of cookies, turned off Watari, and settled in.

And I still managed to be up at 9:00, despite not going to bed until around 3:00 AM.

I was also able to catch up on what RP threads I was solid on, which was very nice. I've absolutely hated being not able to really get to it lately, but now that the bulk of my packing is squared away, I can take more breaks between packing and whatnot. Still waiting to work out a few backthreads and upcoming threads, but as it's the weekend, I think folks are off doing whatever it is people do on the weekends. :D

And I'm really not doing too much today. I packed my Lolita clothes, nice and neat in a suitcase, folded up George though I'm not entirely sure how to transport him, and began planning on how the hell to get my pirate chest out of the garage.

In some sad news, I found my Voltaire CD, but discovered when I put it in that it's cracked and scratched to all hell. :( Ah well.

Rumor has it there will be Burger King tonight.

ETA: Oh god, I remembered the fucked up dream I had last night!

So, [ profile] nijawial and I were already living together in the dream, and we were walking home from...some sort of Halloween party, I think. We were in this weird dark forest, and this meandering knife edged, double backing path down a mountain. And it was all Silent Hill like, with fog and creepy things, and we kept having to hide in bushes. And for some reason I was carrying an empty cardboard box - this is important later.

We get back to the apartment building where we apparently live, and we decide we need to take showers because we were dirty from hiding in bushes. Apparently there was a big communal shower room in the basement, so we go down. And we get there, and there are all these mutilated corpses - mostly headless, limbless and eviscerated. And James is standing there, and he warns us Pyramid Head is wandering around the showers. And then Phead himself shows up.

We start freaking out, and I...get behind him and put the box over his head. It's a small box, but somehow it goes over him completely, and now there's a normal cardboard box, upside down in the middle of the carnage, with Phead under it. And this...stops him. So James suggests we go upstairs and look online to see how that could have worked. We go to me and Nija's apartment, and boot up the net, and James interjects that he needs to check his ponies first. Nija starts yelling at him that now isn't the time, that box will only hold Phead for so long, we need to look out how to kill him once and for all. I get online and...I don't know, I'm pretty sure Nija and James started making out in the background.
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Nothing like waking up to a bloody nose. Especially nothing like waking up to a bloody nose when your eye mask cord is tangled in your hair, and you can't get it off, and all you know is there's warm wet stuff all over you and it's pitch black and you're still vaguely remembering lucid-bordering-on-hypnogogic hallucination dreams about living with a roommate who has homicidal tendencies and a clowder of ghost cats outside....

It was a confusing wake up session, let's just leave it at that.

Apparently my dad ramped up the central air last night, which is what caused my nose bleed.

Idiot lawyers are at first amusing, then sad, then just damn frustrating.

I am going to finish my workroom today, no matter what.

I also think I'm going to be done with the first Artemis Fowl book soon! I've, ah, been keeping it in the bathroom to ensure I'm able to read at least a page or two at a time throughout the day. And completely forgetting to make any mention of it! Usually I'm all over talking about new books I'm reading, but I've got so much else on my mind! I've been enjoying it, though!

RP friends, I should be getting back to things this weekend! Though I might have Tamaki take a night off the Clinic, since I don't think there's any way I'd be able to keep up with that.

In my dream, I also argued with [ profile] attilatehbun over whether or not hemerine had ever actually been a word or not* - we were playing ritual Scrabble. I don't know. That's one dream I don't understand.

*Yes, it was a real word, but it fell out of use sometime in the mid 1700s, I believe.
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I looked in the mirror this morning and realized I look a great deal like a mad woman. My hair is falling out again, and it resists any attempt to condition it or coax it into some state of smoothness. Coupled with the tangled curls that refuse to untangle and the meandering swaths of white and gray....

I may as well just don all black and a pointy hat and be done with it.

I'm at least making progress on my skin, with better eating and more water consumption. I've fallen behind on my calorie intake again, however, so I really have to get on myself more to keep up with that. But I get caught up with packing and cleaning and going through things that I tend to skip two of my meals. And making them up in the evening/at night doesn't work, because I've been having those gastrointestinal issues at night again.

My mother's...lack of common sense or linear thought continues today. While informing me of some very important developments in the lawsuit, she suddenly pauses to inform me she bought Pringles, and what sort of Pringles she bought. She also just keeps talking to me, and making me stop as I'm hauling a large box of crap, without even apologizing for holding me up. This LJ entry? Was started at 9 AM. It's almost 11:30 now.


I was able to actually get a decent night's sleep last night. I had to practically sensory deprive myself, but I got a good six hours.

I'm still completely unfocused and ridiculously....well, at the moment, failing to find the word I want. But considering yesterday evening I ate and didn't even register I was eating, or remember I'd eaten afterwards until I noticed a wrapper, I think that gives a good indication of my mental capabilities at the moment.

And since I really don't want to end up with an LJ entry that too more than three hours to type up - especially because generally this would take me ten, fifteen minutes tops - I'm going to finish going through the stuff under the sink.

Any suggestions on what the hell to do about my hair are greatly welcomed. Otherwise...I'm chopping it all off.
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Last night, after my internet went dead, I decided to take it easy and relax and do fun things and pamper myself. Since I haven't, for a while. So I gave myself a whole little at-home spa treatment, munched on some delicious sliced cucumbers, and put on some music. Then, feeling relaxed for once, I decided to get to work on a small, low key project that caught my eye.

I'm already planning for Halloween, because I plan early, and have some Sooper Sekrit Plans. And I discovered this awesome little tutorial for making simple, DIY 'alien specimens'. I thought to myself 'wow, those are really neat, and really easy to make, and would make awesome decorations'. And not just Halloween decorations! Anytime decorations!

Yes, yes, I consider deformed fetal monsters in formaldehyde filled jars to be an awesome household decoration. I think they'll go nicely with my whole 'Steampunk study/laboratory' theme, as Gentleman Explorer Adventurer Scientists have all manner of bizarre things laying around. They can sit on my desk!

So anyway, I made a few little 'specimens' out of sculpey last night. Haven't baked them, but definitely enjoyed just kicking back on the couch with my TV tray and getting my hands on some clay again. I used to sculpt clay all the time. Had a little trouble with the faces - deformed specimens should not have smiley faces - but all in all, an evening well spent. I've also made sure to keep out one current cosplay project, for winding down in the evenings. No sense in burning myself out with packing and preparation!

I'm feeling a bit deflated today, for various reasons, so I think I'm going to be taking it easy. Have a light lunch, maybe pop in a movie, and work on a smaller organizing project.

And for those interested in making your own Alien/Monster/Abomination Against Nature In a Jar.... Here's the link!


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