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I've been eaten recently by 'Under the Dome', the latest novel from Mr. Stephen King, my favorite author and personal hero. I'm about three hundred pages in, give or take, and so far...

I'm not sure what to think. I've been really excited for this book. Another epic, one with scope and twists and novelty on par with The Stand. I'm guessing this happens sometime after the point I've read to. Because, being perfectly honest, there's nothing new here so far. I'm not saying that this is a bad book. It's well written, intriguing, and I definitely intend to keep reading.

But it's nothing I haven't read before. Rather than liken 'Under the Dome' to 'The Stand', I'm put in mind more of 'Tommyknockers' or 'Insomnia' or 'Needful Things'. It's the same set up, the same driving forces under the main plot (secret evil of small New England towns), and even a lot of the same characters with different names and slightly different situations. It's kind of like...if 'Insomnia' and 'Needful Things' were a same-sex partnership that used donations from The Mist and Tommyknockers to have a baby. That baby would be 'Under the Dome'.

Now, I do like Mr. King's deconstructions of small town New England life. Because oftentimes, he remarkably on the mark. And I enjoy seeing shades of the same characters, and being able to read a bit and think 'aha, that is a bona fide King archtype right there!'. But I passed on buying 'Just After Sunset' because of those same issues. There's clearly a huge difference between skipping on an anthology of short stories I feel like I've read before and a 1,000+ page novel - I expect to see some new and interesting things in Dome, rest assured! - but still.

I know for a fact that we can move away from the whole 'small New England town, real faces of mundane evil'. Look at 'The Shining', 'Desperation', 'The Dark Tower', 'The Stand'.... Ah well.

I'm still enjoying Dome. It really does hook you, and I cannot stress enough the way the book grabs you and makes you want to keep reading to find out what's going on. And who survives, of course.

And hey, it's something to keep me going until book 4 1/2? 4.5? What number do we use to denote a book taking place betwen books4 and 5? Whatever. The next Dark Tower book.
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And in other news!

Had a kind of quiet Sunday yesterday. We watched the mini-series version of the Shining, which took pretty much all evening and well into the night. And finished it up just in time to catch Into The Wild Green Yonder - which I assume will be the last 'movie' before the new episodes run.

I really do adore this version of The Shining. Not just because it was scripted by King himself, but the casting was so well done. Steven Weber and Rebecca De Mornay are just awesome actors, and they played so well off of each other. And Weber really portrayed Jack Torrence's struggle beautifully.

Speaking of Stephen King...I've discovered that I do have to get each individual comic issue of The Dark Tower. Why? Because the written stories and legends from the back of each issue aren't included in the trades. I almost ended up buying totally out of order, just to get the giant essay on The Role of Women in In-World in the back of one of the Treachery issues. But I was good and picked up the first issue of The Long Road Home. Is it just me, or do the artists take any excuse they can get to show Roland shirtless?

I also got my hands on kava tea, finally. Oh man, that stuff is amazing. I slept so well last night, and my muscles remained relaxed and loose even into this morning. It does taste rather blegh, and the numbing effects on the throat and mouth are odd, but it's definitely beneficial as a natural muscle relaxant and sleep aide.

We has thunderstorms today! So hopefully we'll have them while we watch The Unborn. Yeah, we rented it. Hey, the graphics and effects look shiny and it's got Gary Oldman in it. At the very least, it'll have some inspirational visuals. Though we could only get the un-rated version. I don't know if this means more boobies or more blood. Or possibly both! We shall see.
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Whoot! I'm nearly back to my usual self!

I was up at 8:30, I had breakfast, I did some dishes, I took a bath, I watered the plants, I did some more dishes, I got through all of my emails and now I'm updating LJ! :D And all of that was done in just two hours!

Between the new Harry Potter movie and the new FMA series, my old fan fiction is getting a lot of recent hits and reviews. It's always a little jarring to get new comments on something that was posted six or seven years ago.

I finished The Regulators last Saturday, but wasn't quite up to the task of writing about it. I really, really enjoyed it. I honestly enjoyed it more than I did Desperation. Maybe it was just that the premise was something so near and dear to my heart, or that it showcased what a big kid Stephen King really is, I don't know. It just resonated with me. And it had such a sweet ending.

It is pure and utter crack, though. That's half of what I love about it. :D

Once I've finished my housekeeping chores, I'm going to get to all my RP stuff.
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So, I began making use of that new bookshelf today.

I just started with moving my graphic novels - Aeon Flux, Fables, some Gaiman stuff, my Gunslinger Born trad - over there. Then my books in the boxes. Then my hardcovers. Then I realized it was nothing but Stephen King so far.

So...I went with it.

And realized I lost a lot more King books than I thought I had. While I have about 26 books, I'm still missing around 20 more for a complete collection.

Stephen King Books I Still Need )

Luckily, with the plethora of used book stores in the area, I should be able to complete my collection without too much money and time. I know a handful of the ones I need are a buck at Anchor Books....

I'm finally getting around to replacing all those books I lost in that hellish disaster. I've started with replenishing my Lackey collection, my Rice collection and my Mcafferey collection. Though the latter two aren't terribly important to me anymore....
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I'm actually not feeling like absolute crap today! Which is surprising, since I spent a good chunk of the night sick in the bathroom. I actually cooked today! Bavarian potato pancakes with cheddar cheese! Absolutely delicious. But I made way too much batter, so later on I'm just going to fry up a bunch to freeze.

I'm thinking it may be a good idea for me to clean my room today. It's messy as all hell, and there's a bit of an...odor from puppy. :D And since she's going home either today or tomorrow, it wouldn't be a bad idea totidy up and febreeze and whatnot.

I hate slogging through all the crap on The Pit for a handful of good stories. See, I finally completely finished The Dark Tower. And...the final ending made me happier than I can express, which I realize is not the common reaction, but... In a sense, I got exactly what I wanted. So I went looking for fic. And had to go through five pages before I even found any fic that was for The Dark Tower. (I did find some good fic for other Stephen King works, though, including The Stand, Insomnia and Desperation!) And most of what I found was crap.

Sadly, one of the best written and best characterized fics I found was for a pairing that I just can't do. And I'm pretty easy and open with pairings, but Roland/Jake just doesn't sit well with me. Not even because of the age difference, or Jake's age, but just the nature of their relationship. It doesn't wander over to sexual at all for me. And while I can totally dig Roland/Eddie or Roland/Susannah, please to be remembering that they're both very difficult pairings to pull off and that there are other people in Roland's little group than just the two hooking up.

Aw crap, I think I have a new fandom....
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So, I'm being very avoidant of LJ and stuffs today. Why? I went out for pizza with [ profile] summoneddestiny and [ profile] enigmablade last night, and taped the Criminal Minds finale. Yes, as in on a VHS. I'm always terribly behind the technology thing. Hell, until moving in with Nija I neve even had a DVD player. Just used the PS2. Anyway, I plan on watching it today but I want to avoid spoilers.

Yesterday I mostly just vegged and RPed. My hip's still bugging me, but I just can't get to a chiropractor to ease some things out yet. Luckily once I can, we have some amazing chiropractors in the area.

Nija brought me home a copy of Lisey's Story last night! Hardcover that was on clearance. I'm reading 'A Familiar Dragon' by Daniel Hood right now, but I'm so tempted to say 'mm, get back to it later!' and devour Lisey's Story again. It's simply one of the most beautiful, haunting, moving pieces of fiction I've ever read.

I got that Mercedes Lackey CD today. Not that good one, where the music is 'inspired by' her stuff. No, the one with lyrics she wrote herself.

I made it about 16 seconds into one song before I had to turn it off. Further investigation will be carried out at a later date.

My strawberries are turning red!

I'm in the mood for a good horror movie today.
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You know, not having a working collander makes putting fridge groceries away a very difficult task.

Yesterday I ended up going out in the evening with [ profile] summoneddestiny and [ profile] nijawial. This was after I'd cleaned my room, I was good. No play until the work was done. And I did get my room pretty well clean. We went back up to Goldwater, played with Angry Goose some more - got some great pictures of him, I have to find my camera cord to upload them all - and just hung out in nature. It was gorgeous up there.

I also was treated to one of the most awesome gifts someone like me could ever get:

Nija brought me home bubbles! I've spent, totaling yesterday and today, a good hour playing with them already. I played with them when I first got them, in the shed, after the shed, and this morning. Bubbles are awesome, any time, any state of mind.

Also, a ducky watering can which works great.

Went grocery shopping this morning, got some posting done, watered everything, did some dishes, and I'm feeling pretty productive. I'm going to try and get the bathroom done. And later on, N is coming over to hang out and quite possibly cook us dinner! And as goes without saying, smoke me out. :D And we will watch Session 9, as we didn't get a chance to yesterday!

I have been...sort of reading more of The Dark Tower. A page here and there. I meant to pick it up and just finish it, but then I got The Green Mile, and that has distracted me. I'm still in love with the world and characters though, so I will be getting back to it!

Also, I fit into a size 12 again!

I should probably shower and fix myself some lunch.
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Feeling better than I was yesterday, but there are heavy dark clouds overhead and that unpleasant pressure that means more rain. The weather channel agrees with that prediction.

I've been reading Desperation. I can't say it's grabbing me or sucking me in, but it's an interesting read. For some reason it reminds me of Insomnia, even though the plots are entirely dissimilar. It's just a feel of sorts. Or maybe it's simply some convoluted way for my mind to tell me it thinks I'll like Desperation about as much as I like Insomnia. (Which is to say, something to read, and certainly has its good moments, but nothing I'll read over and over.) Of course, I know the plot and have watched the movie - albeit not paying terrible close attention. I remember the theater in the movie reminded me of the theater in SH:0rigins, though....

I'm feeling Mexican food today. I'm really tempted to try some grilled burritos and tacos, if I can conquer the cheapest, least-flammable charcoal in the world. My Chinese food cravings have been assuaged, and now it is Mexican I desire.

So, Dreamwidth. I'm terribly spoiled. I was slightly interested until I discovered you only get six icon slots. I'm all about the icons, and having as many as possible. You know, I should see if there's a way to double-post to LJ and IJ, since I do like my IJ and have a lot of folks over there who aren't here. And...I haven't updated it in over half a year. :/

Another weekend's come. Oh! We finished Rune Soldier yesterday (adorable series, very much a D&D campaign/RPG game style plot and characters) and watched Slumdog Millionaire. Very glad we rented that one - and that we watched the credits! :D I need to find the list I was keeping of 'movies we need to rent'. But hey, I finished an anime series! And [ profile] nijawial offered to lend me the Bleach manga, since I like the characters and whatnot, but the filler crap chased me away from the anime.

I really miss RPing.

I have comments and emails to catch up with, and I promise I will get to them as soon as possible!
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Whatever slump or burn out I was emeshed in, I think it's safe to say it's over. I've written four things in 24 hours - one which will not be posted, for a variety of reasons - and my brain is still crackling and popping like an electrified fence.

I think I was having withdrawals. Though it was weird, what fandoms my mind turned to first. Instead of my most recent fandoms (Silent Hill and Venture Bros) or my staple return-to fandom (HBC), I went for Xenogears and [ profile] damned. Half of it has to be the simple fact that I accessed my old music. Which meant all my David Bowie and my Duran Duran. The rest...well, I think there are things I've just been missing badly lately.

I'm dragging horribly on The Dark Tower. Mainly this is because of the simple fact that if I don't finish the last book, it's never really over. And it's been a long time since I wanted something to not end like this. Plus there's the epic foreshadowing, and my insane fear of character death. And I know not everyone's going to make it, but there are two characters I really want to see make it to the end. Sadly, I have a bad history with Stephen King killing off my favorite characters. To drag things out, I'm reading Desperation at the same time.

After a very, very long day for the Silent Hill household yesterday, [ profile] nijawial and I are kicking back today with our Stephen King DVDs and a very large pizza order from Domino's. Nija has to work again tonight, and I figure I'll take this evening to work on more writing. We watched disc two of Nightmares and Dreamscapes. The End of the Whole Mess was amazing. I don't see why I wasn't reading stunning review after stunning review for this one. For anyone who's read the original story, this is a rare treat. Nothing was changed. Nothing was taken out or added in. The only thing different was that in the adaptation, Howie is a documentary filmmaker instead of a journalist. I'd just been reading the story a few days ago (Nightmares and Dreamscapes was my bathroom book until I replaced it with Desperation) and the dialogue was word-for-word perfect. The Road Virus Heads North was pretty well done, too. No, not dead-on accurate but an entertaining piece and a fair adaptation.

Then we hit The Fifth Quarter. I was watching the opening (heavily camera filtered angsting of a wife and child) and trying to figure out which story it was. I had thought I knew, but as I watched, I was doubtful and wondering if maybe I really had come across a short story I hadn't read.

But no, the plot had just been butchered so badly that it was unrecognizable. Once they got to the part about the map it all clicked, and I was a bit appalled. We actually shut it off. Now Accepted is on Comedy Central, and I consider that a vast improvement.
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Just after ten, and already I've made a number of accomplishments!

I did some more potting, some dishes, some brainstorming for writing, responded to a bunch of comments and got some trash out. I do feel a bit badly that I skipped breakfast - I like to have breakfast on the porch and read while I eat and have my coffee or tea - but I overslept a bit. And I did have a breakfast shake.

I encountered another small (and really not important) issue with my computer. It's too old to support Itunes. Or even the Itunes clones designed to work with older computers. Which saddens me greatly, because I'm already bored of most of the music on my Ipod and would love to get all my Duran Duran, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Flogging Molly on there. I did try doing the transfering with Media Player, and while the files supposedly transferred...they don't show up on Sadie. (Sadie is my Ipod.)

Oh! Big news I completely forgot! I'm driving! I'm a driver! A year after I get my damn car, but I'm finally driving him! And not crashing into anything, organic or mineral!

My dad's bringing me a grill today. The season of barbecue is upon us! And I've got hot dogs and ground beef....

I slept beautifully last night. And we watched the first disc of Nightmares and Dreamscapes! Battleground was very well executed. Crouch End...never, ever should have been made for television. I was nearly in pain watching that atrocity of an episode. Too much needless build up, poor acting, ridiculous changes so that the entire point of the story is lost, and I swear, it is not terribly difficult to pronounce 'Cthulhu'. 'Kooshoo' is not an acceptable pronunciation anywhere. Kooshoo. But luckily, Umney's Last Case was beautiful. William H. Macy was perfect for Umney, hands down. The first part really captured that 30s pulp detective feel, and the creeping sense of the story was preserved. Nothing but thumbs up for that instillation!

I'm going the shameful but far easier route for one of my costumes, simply because I cannot work with leather and gun belts and holsters are beyond my abilities to afford or craft. So as for purchases's just a wig and boots. My Ila skirt is nearly done, and then I'm going to be starting on the hat for Nija's Melissa cosplay. I have the fabric, pattern and accessories.

I think I'm going to do some beading while we watch the second disc. And it seems my computer is fully workable. I'll be hopping back into my RPs before too much longer - I figure I'll wait until dayshift to jump back into [ profile] damned, for sake of ease, and decide when to jump back into CU once I've caught up on what's going on over there. (And keep canon reviewing in the meantime.)

I'm in a terribly Xenogears state of mind today. Maybe I'll try and write fic....

Happy Friday, everyone!
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Alright, computer has been fully adjusted and set up as far as software issues go. Still need to take care of a couple hardware problems, but it looks like I'll be good to go before too much longer.

Yesterday turned out to be a delightfully wonderful day. Went thrift storing with [ profile] nijawial, [ profile] enigmablade and [ profile] summoneddestiny. I wasn't able to find the suspenders I was looking for but I did find a perfect vest, some nice summer tops, a couple of books, an Inuyasha DVD, and a new back massager. And the cashier was a big Stephen King fan, and shared the same opinion of After Sunset that I did. She did recommend a few stories near that back, however, so it may be worth grabbing from the library at least. She highly recommended Desperation, which is one of the books I grabbed. In beautiful hardcover, I might add. My list of books are piling up. I've got the most recent Dresden novels to read, [ profile] enigmablade lent me the first RE book, and now I have a couple more Stephen King books I haven't read yet. (I could have had more, but I have no desire to ever read Cujo.)

We headed to the mall afterwards, and I grabbed a very chocolaty mocha drink from Dairy Queen. Which I'm glad I did, since I ended up staying up passed midnight.

After we hung out back here in Silent Hill for a bit, [ profile] enigmablade and [ profile] summoneddestiny had to get going. But then N and A came over and brought this absolutely adorable Chinese children's movie to watch. Plus wine we couldn't open because none of us have a corkscrew, but that's more an amusing side note than anything. (And leftover 4/20 brownies for me, which was an awesome little surprise!)

Anyway, we watched CJ7, a Stephen Chow film. (He's the one who did Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, among many others.) It was terribly adorable and sweet. So much so that I didn't even care that we were watching it subtitled. It was like a blend of Flubber and ET, only adorable and very cleverly executed. The first thing we did upon finishing was look to see if there were any plushies of CJ7 himself. (We were very successful.)

Then [ profile] nijawial and I caught the encore airing of last night's South Park episode. Either those guys have laid off the drugs or they found better drugs, but the majority of episodes this season have been on a higher level than previous seasons. Less vulgarity, more cleverness, more social relevance... Yes, a couple have been the usual, but overall I'm honestly impressed. I'd wandered away from South Park because it was just getting to be Too Much, but I've happily wandered back this season. Here's hoping the trend continues!

Oh! Over the course of having No-Net time, we rented VB season 3. Un-censored adventure. I probably could have happily gone my whole life without ever seeing Jonas Venture's penis.

Today I'm going to be potting my herbs and marathoning Nightmares and Dreamscapes. And wrapping K's first birthday gift - his party is Saturday. I can't believe my little nephew's a year old already!
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Wow, so!

I've actually got a hell of a lot to post about, it's just hard getting it all sorted out.

I'll just start with today, since that's freshest in my mind!

I was up ungodly early once more, to go to Wal-Mart. We were just going o pick up stuff for my younger nephew's birthday party, but my father mentioned going to the gardening section. Just to see.

I now have a pot of strawberries, some German Thyme, some Oregano, a gorgeous Ichiban Eggplant plant, and oodles of tomatoes and peppers. And we may be going back tomorrow. So, my garden is well underway! Also did the usual Wednesday cleaning, though I'm still sort of in the middle of that.

I'm nearly done. :/ I'm halfway or so through the final book. I don't know what I'm going to do when it's over. Other than, uh, seek out the fandom most likely. I was mentioning jokingly to [ profile] t3h_toby_chan that it looked like I'd be back online just in time to plunge headfirst into a new fandom.

It looks like it's not so much a joke anymore.

Uh...what else? Oh, working on costumes! Three for me and so far two for [ profile] nijawial! We're cosplaying Rune Soldier and Inuyasha for Sabo, and then I have one I'm working on just for photoshoots. Well, technically two. Because I really don't see the point in wearing book/obscure comic costumes to anime/video game cons. But I still want to do the costumes.

Computer is...on its way to functioning properly. It desperately needs RAM, and I've got it defragmenting. Also still needs cords, but whatever. I can use it for at least small periods of time. And it's been enough for me to check my Flist, make some headway on my email, and make a new LJ icon. ;)

I'm looking into some new (to me) anime. I caught a bit of Darker Than Black, which I'd like to see, and a little bit of Vexille. Which was pretty and then highly recommended. And there was one other, but I forget the name. It was being advertised on the program, and was compared to Twelve Kingdoms.

I've finally rented Nightmares and Dreamscapes, though I haven't watched it yet. I've heard that Crouch End is just terrible, which I can understand. I don't think it would make the transition from text to screen very well. Speaking of...I read the first few stories in After Sunset, and I have to admit, I'm not impressed. After reading the forward, I was forewarned (King himself admits he's not sure if his recent short fiction is good or not) wasn't so much bad writing or bad plots, just the fact that of the stories I read, King had already written on those subjects in his novels. It was very regurgitated. I don't think I'm going to bother buying the book until I find it cheaply used.

Alright, this computer (tentatively named Walter) is making horrific grinding and wheezing noises, so I'm going to give him a little break.

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So...I went up to Hastings figuring I'd snag a copy of The Drawing of Three. To make sure I didn't blow all my money there - as is a possibility, because I love books and video games and the other shinies they carry - I only brought 20 bucks. For the book and for smokes.

I ended up not only getting The Drawing of Three and a pack of smokes, but a hardcover copy of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and the first trade of the Dark Tower graphic novel - The Gunslinger Born.

I am a happy, happy camper.

I also covered the living room walls with all kinds of stuff, and the Battle of Helm's Deep is going on on the living room windowsill. Just...with not as many orcs. And Boromir gets to be there.

Gandalf is guarding the toaster.

(I finally finished unpacking. Sort of. I found a ton of crap I'd been looking for, too, including my little journals. I have three Harry Potter journals and one gorgeous little leather-bound journal that is a replica of Bilbo's - with the initials and inscription and everything.)

My geek flag flies proud. :D
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Wow, I completely forgot to update yesterday.

Not because I was particularly busy, I was just so intent on other things that it completely slipped my mind. I did finally go thrift storing, though, yay! Got some new shirts, a gorgeous pink knitted poncho, and found the original Broadway Hair recording on vinyl for a quarter. No scratches on the record at all. I was a happy camper!

I did something horrible to my shoulder, but it's finally starting to feel better today. We found one of those wooden massage ball things, and [ profile] nijawial went to work on me with it. My god, that thing is amazing. I practically melted into the floor.

I am finally reading the Dark Tower series. I know, I know, I'm a terrible person for not reading it before. I've read part of the first book before - a very, very long time ago, to the point that on re-reading it I don't remember anything - and one of the short stories that Stephen King did for Legends. But that's it. So I dug up my illustrated copy of The Gunslinger and got started.

Why haven't I read this before?

Been playing RE5, I think we're almost done with it. We switched off characters, and I got to play as Chris while [ profile] enigmablade played as Sheva. I must admit, I have quite the growing affection for her. She kicks ass, she's gorgeous, and she's tough. And much, much more agile than Chris. The man is a tank.

My birthday is looming. All I really want is the vinyl release of the Venture Bros soundtrack.

Seth Green is joining the cast of Venture Bros in season 4. This pleases me greatly. Not to mention a season 3 Blu-Ray release. Not that I have a Blu-Ray player, but this is a very good sign of how invested AS is in the series. It's the first ever Blu-Ray release from AS. They wouldn't spend the cash on any of their other DVD releases, but they'll do it for Venture Bros. And now I'm really vibrating in my seat over season 4, both excitedly and nervously. Please let it be that we can't believe it because it's not true, Doc Hammer, please.

Also, oh crap, season 3 comes out Tuesday! Need monies for it! And it's actually going to be uncensored. I'm...not sure how I feel about that.

Today I'm going to clean the house. It's long overdue. I've got coffee going, dishes drying, and it's a beautiful day.

Go Team Venture!
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Welcome, welcome, welcome new friends! There've been a good number of you over the last week!

I've never been terribly good at those 'about me' things. I can never quite think what to say, what's important enough to warrant inclusion, what anyone else will care about. So I tend to stick to the bare basics and assume the rest will come out one way or another.

A Bit About Me )

I'm still debating back and forth on whether or not I want to watch King's commentary on Ass Weasels...I'm sorry, I mean Dreamcatcher. I know he's not terribly proud of it, but still. I can think of no excuse other than painkillers and post-accident dementia for this one. The novel is clearly regurgitated bits of every novel that came before it, jumbled and muddled together with little coherency.

I've gone back to Shadowland in the wake of all this...mess. While Straub's tendency towards Victoriana in his prose is irritating, the plot and premise are sound and interesting. It's also quite clear that Mr. Straub has either a) never visited Arizona or b) has forgotten what it's like here. We have no sprawling, dark stone gothic architecture about. We certainly don't have dark, foreboding, gothic boy's boarding schools with lush verdant greenery surrounding them.

Due to weather, it looks like I'm having a shakeup in routine and may be doing errands today rather than tomorrow. We've got some bad storms moving in. Again.

And for those who play Wajas...I finally bred my first 'for traits' Waja. Bane, Female, 100% cheetah, 100% belly, visible mane, LQ=86 I'd like to put her up for sale, but I'm not entirely sure what the price should be. Her folks, who had the same markings and mutations but slightly lower litter quality, were 100,000 WC each. Ah, and she's Gen 7.
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You know, on one hand, research can be fun. It's a nice break from actually writing, but you're still working on the project.

The problem enters when you find yourself a) having to research the most mundane or obscure things or b) when you realize you don't have the right resources to actually do your research.

So...quick question to the Flist! Would it be plausible for a cheap motel to have a 24 hour place where you could get alcohol and cigarettes? Or would Our Intrepid Hero have to actually leave the motel grounds in search of a 24 hour packie or something? I know I've never been at a cheap motel where they had much of anything but...I'm just hoping I haven't written myself into a corner and that if I do have OIH getting his booze and smokes at the motel, it wouldn't be terribly jarring.

I don't know if I'm going to finish Dreamcatcher, after all. I'm at page 300 now and I'm pretty sure this one goes in my 'Bad Book' category. There's nothing new, save for...well...ridiculously stupid things. Other than that, it's rehashed plots from early works and has aspects more fitting in a South Park episode than a Stephen King novel. I think this may have been a work of fiction where the editor (or anyone down the line) needed to say 'Uh...Mr. King? Don't you think this plot is a little...ridiculous?'.

We're going to rent the movie, since I want to see who survives, but I don't actually want to slog through the whole damn novel.

Ended up having a good night last night, watching Charlie and the Chocolate factory and devouring delicious British candy. Why oh why do you people have so much better chocolate than we do? ;)
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I had another nightmare last night, that went hand in hand with the one that came before. There slight differences, but the gist of it was the same. My talents and abilities put on trial, and they did not measure up. Akin to the man in Salem, though with a writer's flair, I was crushed beneath the weight of my own words.

I'm not in the habit of recurring dreams. Recurring places, recurring people, recurring items - yes. Recurring scenarios? Practically unheard of. And it worries me that these dreams bother me. Both times I woke up shaking and clutching my pillow and frightened, which is unusual. The last time I had any sort of 'nightmare' that caused such a reaction in me, it was a hypnogogic hallucination and therefor I thought it was real. And the moment I realized it was only a dream, I was fine.

Either Secret Garden, Secret Window really did get to me - which I suppose it could, it did deal with some issues I've been dealing with lately myself, in regards to writing and some other things - or I do have some some subconscious problem.

Let's face it: I've been having trouble writing lately. A lot. I can't even write drabbles at this point. I don't know why, and I don't know what to do to fix it. And maybe this is something that's tearing me apart inside where I can't realize it. Hell, I've even been feeling rather apathetic and cringy about my own LJ posts.

I finished the novella. We'll see what happens tonight.

Speaking of, I'm afraid I must blaspheme. You will most likely never, ever hear me say this again in regards to the work of the good Mr. King. I hate that I'm putting this on paper, but why hide from the truth?

I prefer the movie version to the novella.

More on that later, though, as I don't feel like going into a compare and contrast. This entry is already getting long, and I have things to do today. Yesterday ended up being spent in the kitchen for a great deal longer than I anticipated, and then I lost internet due to the weather. There's snow on the ground and more on the way and I overslept again.

At least it's Sunday.
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So, I watched The Mist tonight.

All through it, I was riveted. I was overjoyed. Instead of the shrieks and whimpers that usually accompany R rated horror movies, I was squealing happily like a little girl as the movie unfolded and more and more of the plot had been left completely in tact.

I am not exaggerating. The one thought that pervaded my mind as I watched this film, all two and thensome hours, was how it was the most faithful adaptation I had ever seen. And I know I've been saying that for every Stephen King movie that comes out, but I mean it. One thing was left out. Just one. And I felt it was needless in the novella, so....

It also was more of a Silent Hill movie than the actual Silent Hill movie. But I digress.

I was completely wrapped in glee and bliss for this, the ultimate Stephen King movie! The one that truly brings his vision to the big screen! The King of Kings......

And then I got to the last five minutes.

What the fuck was that?!?!

No, really. What the fuck was that? Where the fuck did that ending come from? What sick son of a bitch thought that up and decided it was better than the ending the esteemed Mr. King wrote himself?

If you're a die hard Stephen King fan, and you watch this movie....

Shut it off as soon as the doors shut. You'll know what I mean. Don't watch beyond that because the purely orgasmic experience you just went through will be rendered void and meaningless.


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