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So, I've been playing Sims. A lot. Mainly because I spent a very long time making my latest batch of Sims - and I still only kind of have three out of an eventual set Wow. Anyway! I wasn't planning on doing another story/picture post thing, but...yeah, once Rufus ShinRa showed up, everything went to hilarious hell!

(Warnings: This post rated R for naked Sim boobies and bottoms. Also pardon the two or so small pictures.)

So I bring to you:

Immortals (+Rufus) GONE WILD!!!!!! )

...And you know, despite the fact that there's more, I think this is enough insanity for today.

*No, I did not set this up. No, I can't think of a clever reason why those three are gardening naked at midnight.
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Hello LJ land!

I've been sick, which is nothing new. Not entirely sure what it was. Monday I started getting bad migraines, and by Wednesday my stomach was upset and I was feverish and achey. I feel better today, so....

Uh, I really haven't been doing much since I last posted. I'm level grinding in LO, so not much more has happened there - and I'll be honest, I've been hesitating playing further for fear of crushing disappointment - and I've been sick so I haven't been doing much. I did go to hang with some friends, but a migraine interrupted so I cut plans short.

Oh! LJ did finally email me all my notifications crap, INCLUDING CHRISTMAS CRAP! THANK YOU, FLIST! *hugs*

Speaking of...I'm still seriously considering changing my LJ name. It was a silly little thing I picked out like a decade ago, and it's just not me anymore. Plus, um, I'm kind of getting sick of people I don't know who read some fic I wrote like ten years ago under this name and come here and PM me and ask for more or whatever.

Plus, at this point, 'cool' spellings of common names just strike me as silly. I'm tired of Feylene. I am just plain Faye.

The only problem is, I shouldn't be picking an LJ name right now. (At least [ profile] acrossthesky is already taken, because if not....) Of course, [ profile] crossthesky isn't taken....

I have a problem. And now I have this image of [ profile] nijawial and Sasuke staging some sort of intervention. Or just backing me into a corner and spraying me in the face with water and yelling 'No! Bad Faye!'.

OH! That reminds me! I've also been playing The Sims. Now that I've transferred the important things from Walter to Tolten, Walter was cleared off and defragged and now he's very happy running my games and my graphic programs.

I'll have to post some Sims pics later, since I'm on Tolten, but holy crap. Each time I make a new household, I comment that these are/this is the funniest Sim/s I've had. And once more, we've been beaten. How?

Naked. Guitar.
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Hallo LJ! It's been a few days! Whoops!

I haven't been doing anything terribly exciting or interesting lately. I've been RPing and writing, and marathoning Metalocalypse with [ profile] nijawial in preparation of the third season. Also, um, I've been playing Sims.

Yeah, turns out I can has Sims 2 on Randall. I'm working on my custom Mid-World neighborhood. So far we have Flagg's Tower and Castle Gilead. Oh, and a tavern. Flagg has a kitty. He loves his kitty.

Good Kitty Kitty )

He also apparently hates teddy bears.

Today I pretty much lazed away my Monday, but around seven or so I got myself up off of my bum and got to chores. All the dishes are done, and once I'm done with this I'll be doing laundry. I have Clanaad on in the background, a nummy dinner of salad with dried cranberries and orange slices, and hopefully I can get to sleep easily tonight.
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Once more we look in on the investigation of Silent Hill! We follow Mello to Medwitch Elementary...

Back to School )

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While I have had an absolutely miserable day - due to being ridiculously sick - my Sims enjoyed a pleasant Valentine's Day. Yeah, once I was capable of sitting up I decided to play some. No Silent Hill today, because my stomach gets so sensitive that I'm pretty sure five minutes of playing it would have be violently ill.

I'm keeping liquids down, and I tried a little chicken. I'm keeping my fingers crossed now.

Anyway! My Valentine's contribution:

So Many Different Ways To Say I Love You... )

Yes, L's Valentine is cake. What else did you expect? ;) I'm hoping I'm feeling better tomorrow. I've got plans, and I really don't want to call them off.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed your Sadist's Day. I spent mine curled up on the couch with sitcoms and Totoro. Other than the violently sick thing, not a bad way to spend the day.
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First off, I am sick as all hell. That Time of the Month. I'm knocked out on the couch with tea and a heating pad, and stupid sitcoms. I played some more Silent Hill - I just picked up Maria - and then was getting headachy so I turned it off.

Thank you so much for the Vgifts! *hugs* They were an awesome little pick me up!

And now, a Sims update!

Silent Hill Takes Its Toll... )
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Okay, a couple of warnings for this post! One, extremely image heavy! Nearly 20 images! Two, adult content. It's safe for work and all, but we do have scenes in a strip club. So be warned!

Mello's Investigation Starts Out Pretty Well )

*No, really, I mean twitchy. You can see how spazzes and twitches here
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So, some kind person pointed me to Sexy Sims, home of a variety of adult mods, skins, objects, etc. And of course, I made a strip club for Silent Hill. With strippers. And I was setting the club up - using OFB options to have it a community lot with custom NPCs - and sims started showing up.

Well, A sim....

Of Vast Interest to Damned People )

Well, I'd say it's a proper adult entertainment club....
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Wow, yes, another update already! Only because I lost internet.

Deeper Into the Horror )

Sims Stuff

Feb. 9th, 2008 01:23 pm
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I just really liked this Sims pic. Though most credit needs to go to the awesome people at Mod The Sims2, for their wonderful and free custom content. My Sims wouldn't look near as good as they do without them!

Since there's been way too much SRZ BZNZ! around here, here's some links to where I download my custom Sims content!

ModtheSims2: Giant, giant forum with nothing but pages and pages of awesome free content. And content is user rated, so you can see what other people are downloading and using, to get a feel of if it's worth it or not. Has skins, clothes, objects, hacks, mods, everything.

XMsims: Mostly clothes and genetics, but with a lot of selection and stuff for men!

Sims Artist Union: The majority of my Death Note clothes and genetics came from here. Amazing work, really.

ParSimonious: Clothes, objects, genetics, you name it. Almost all my HBC sim stuff comes from here - lots of fantasy and historical clothes.

I hope my fellow Simmers get some use out of these links!
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Because my brain is seriously melting and I need to wait until it wakes up to do a million things....

Sims Explore Silent Hill )

Yeah, Naomi thinks it's time to call L.
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When we last left our little neighborhood, there was much cheating and unpleasantness going on!

And Nothing Has Changed.... )

I'm going to take the rest of the afternoon and add to the neighborhood, I think. :D I plan to make a Silent Hill shopping district!
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Finally! Mello and L! Image heavy, be warned, all that good stuff!

Mello and L Join In )

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When we last left off, Naomi was engaged in a torrid affair with Light, and Raye was proving to be a bit of a pervert....

Apparently They're Preparing for Jerry Springer )
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Since my brain really isn't up to much more than playing mindless computer games....

Yagami Light, Ultimate Player )
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So [ profile] attilatehbun tagged me to list ten things that have recently made me happy. I admit, this is going to be difficult.

1. Sims 2 plus expansion packs on my computer! And playable!
2. My LUSH stuff came today. Two bath bombs, two bubble bars and a bunch of free soap samples. Including one named after a city famous for cheese. O.o
3. Oodles of awesome fabric from [ profile] talia_speaks!
4. The delicious turkey, bacon and mozzarella wrap I had for dinner.
5. There's a new episode of Criminal Minds and Ghost Hunters on tonight!
6. Thanks to a combination of Brazilians, squats, pilates and firming lotion, my thighs are starting to look pretty damn good.
7. I might have a Lamika costume done by PCC! I have everything, I just need to make it.
8. I'm seeing [ profile] chocomimi next weekend!
10. I have a variety of delicious, low fat chips.


Married Life Sucks )

If you're wondering what Misa is doing while all this is going on, the answer is simple: either bowling or singing karaoke. That's all she does. Ever.
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I only have the four - though I have Mello and Near made, I just haven't put them anywhere - because Sims Artist Union is the only site that has L's hair, and it's down until the 15th. It also has a better Light hair, which I want to switch to eventually so Light doesn't look so much like Keman. ANYWAY!

Light and Misa Live In a Kick Ass Apartment )

Anime sims are so damn hard to make, and make them look like the characters. I'm very happy with Misa, though, even if the hair isn't 100% accurate.
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The website I need to complete my Death Note sims is down for remodeling. Sadness.

So I played with my HBC Sims some more. And...yes. I'd forgotten about the dangers of the telescope!

Have You Ever Wondered What The Offspring of an Elf and an Alien Would Look Like? )

Dude, that thing is scary. O.o
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So, through various means, I know have Sims 2, all the way through Pets, on my laptop!

So, after a very long hiatus, my Sims posts are back! Because it's my big thing right now, I made HBC sims. :D And here are some pictures!

Pixelated Adventures of the Failtastic Four )

I love my dysfunctional Sims. I'm working on making some Death Note Sims, too! Man, I missed playing. AND SOON THEY WILL HAVE ANIMALS!

I need to reply to RP posts now!
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Here we join some of Central's finest.... or so they'd like you to believe, anyway.

Roy Is Insane and Other Fun Stories )

No, I don't know why Roy insists on not wearing clothes if left to his own devices. He's always either in his underwear or his pajamas. I'm still looking for good hair to make a Havoc sim. If anyone can point any out to me, I would love you forever!


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