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I've already played through Downpour twice and today I'm starting game 3.

I couldn't even tell you what it is about this game that I love so much. It's not nearly as interactive and frightening as a Silent Hill game should be, the Big Reveal is relatively so-so, the action specific button reflex bits are annoying as hell, there aren't any boss battles, the final battle is ridiculously disappointing, the monsters are lackluster for the most part, the ball was dropped on so many aspects and themes that could have been further explored, Murphy comes from the Henry Townshend School of Emoting and Reacting, and yet...

This is my favorite, right up there with The Room.

I'm already freaking working on a Murphy app, and it's kind of eaten my brain.

Maybe it's just that despite the obvious cult presence in the game...the storyline does stay far away from all of that. Or maybe it's Murph and his delicious, delicious tragic angst. Maybe it's all the shout outs to The Room, or perhaps my heart was won simply with the ghost train to hell. I don't know.

I do know I'd hump Murphy Pendleton's leg in a heartbeat, though.
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Wow, I got next to no sleep last night.

Pills are still working! As long as I drag myself out of bed and take one.

I have so much crap to review. Three books and two video games. Though I'm not quite done with SH: Homecoming yet. It can't be too long, though. I'm heading to the prison now. My god, this is an incredible game. This is the way I like my horror. Subtle, creeping, and atmospheric. Atmosphere has always been a huge draw for me, in terms of the Silent Hill series, but Homecoming goes above and beyond. From the textures and shading to the background sound, everything blends perfectly to give this very eerie feel.

I do have some complaints about the weapons, but I almost always have complaints regarding weapons in the Silent Hill series. Right now, for melee weapons, I stick with the crowbar - yay long reach! - and the dagger. The shotgun is my friend, but damn there's not much ammo.

Love the characters, as always. There's a reason that 2 and 4 are my favorites of the series - they're extremely character focused. Homecoming seems pretty well split between delicious King-esque plot and characters. Which is a balance I have to say I quite enjoy. Alex is made of awesome and win. The side characters are fascinating and diverse. And oh-so-symbolic.

Plus? The street names in Shepherd's Glen fill me with fangirlish glee and giddiness.

I would, however, just once, like to have a Silent Hill that does not victimize the female characters. I know, I know, I'm asking too much. The Room tried, but they ended up with a no-win situation. Either Eileen is regulated to the damsel in distress role, or she actually does pick up a weapon and kick the shit out of monsters along side Henry...only to be further victimized due to those actions. It drives me insane.

I suppose I should just be happy there's finally a POC, and take that as a win.

We watched the fifth Harry Potter movie last night, and once more I was filled to the brim with nostalgia and longing. It's calling me back. I should just stop fighting and let it happen, really.

It's just nice to be taking interest in things and finding enjoyment in things again. That was missing for a good bit. Going out to see if I can finish getting things ready for con today!
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Why does this always happen? I have deadlines for original work, and when the plot ideas and story snatches come, it's for fan fiction. I'm positively buzzing with ideas this morning.

I watched Prisoner of Azkaban again last night, because it was on. [ profile] nijawial was home this time, and watched it with me, and we had hilarious running commentary. And then, when we broke out the wine coolers, I dug out my Sirius Black poster and he's now looking over the living room from the prime spot above the couch. (Though once we find something else to go there, he's going to move to next to the front door, to be on a darker surface as Nija suggested.)

I have this bunny for a Silent Hill fic. It's just one that's going to take some thinking and tweaking to work, since it relies heavily on Henry getting stoned, and my general consensus for Henry re: drugs is: tried it a little in college, never really got into it, doesn't bother with it anymore.

But I was reading about people sharing their experiences with THC induced hallucinations, and got to thinking how that could really be something interesting to work with. Especially in a Silent Hill context. Which means it doesn't have to be Henry, he's just sort of my default when it comes to Silent Hill. ;) But I've never written Heather, and James is more of a booze hound than anything else.... (And I'll spare you my listing of every major SH character and my thoughts on them and drugs.)

On the other hand, I do have an idea for something I need to get submitted in April. Which means this is going to be another rush, but this will need rush editing. So I've got to bust my little butt on it. It only needs to be about 5,000 words, though.

Yay Monday.
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I'm not doing Advent Fics, but I'm going to try and post a drabble every day. Here's Dec 1, 2 and 3 to get us on track! :D All holiday themed or winter themed in some way!

Title: Something's Missing
Fandom: Venture Bros
Spoilers: Season 3
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Wordcount: 100

Something's Missing )

Title: Christmas Shopping
Fandom: Silent Hill 4
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: N/A
Pairing: Henry/Eileen
Author's Note: Totally inspired by Henry and Eileen over at CU. :D
Wordcount: 100

Christmas Shopping )

Title: Keeping Warm
Fandom: HBC
Pairing: Valyn/Shadow
Rating: PG
Spoilers: N/A
Warnings: N/A
Wordcount: 100

Keeping Warm )

It's freezing cold and cloudy/rainy out. I think I'm going to stay in bed and write and RP all day.
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I woke up this morning thinking about fandoms. Specifically, that meme that did 'your fandoms as lovers/exes'. I couldn't remember what the different lists were, but I sort of did it myself. Now that I'm pretty settled as far as fandoms go, anyway. Because it's just so true! And it's nearing the end of the year, so it's about time for a review of this sort.

Obviously, at the moment, my Main Squeeze is Venture Bros. I'm wrapped in a steamy, torrid affair that doesn't seem likely to end anytime soon. We're in it for a while, me and the Ventures. ;) It wasn't exactly love at first sight - I was intrigued, but needed to be won over. We flirted for a season, a season and a half. And then, somewhere in the middle of season two, we just clicked. Maybe it was the strung out, drug addicted middle aged Johnny Quest. Maybe it was re-casting the Scooby Doo gang as a group of sociopathic wandering serial killers. Maybe it was Dr. Girlfriend flawlessly recreating some of Aeon Flux's most famous moves, I don't know. But it was Love.

Of course, I am still carrying on an affair with Silent Hill. Silent Hill is kind of like that SO you're hesitant to show off to new friends or family, because it can be a little weird and scary. A little dangerous, pushes your limits a little, but underneath it's a lot of fun and love and laughs. Maybe you seem like a weird couple to outsiders, but those on the In understand completely. It's not all tentacle rape porn and guro! Really!

HBC is, and forever will be, my steady mistress in Europe. ;) We've gone the distance and proved it's For Real. But such a tiny and often mocked fandom? It remains only in my LJ. There's no where I could take it in public!

Death Note was a flash in the pan romance that I should have realized was bad for me right from the start. It was painful and full of fights and for all that there were one or two things that I did really love, overall, there just wasn't anything there for me. We still keep in casual contact, and every now and then I'll muster up some effort to keep the connection alive, but it soured early and it soured badly. I just hung around because everyone was so used to us together.

Ouran was the popular guy that I went on a few dates with, had a couple of drunken one night stands with, and then parted with on friendly terms. There is little interest to revisit, but I've got nothing but fond memories.

FMA. Oh, FMA. No matter where I roam, no matter what shiny new fandom I woo and court, it will always be you I come home to in the end. It's always you I think of when caught letting my mind wander. It's always you, will always be you. Everything about you makes me tremble and shiver. You're beautiful, you're intelligent, you're complex, you make me laugh and cry and keep me on the edge of my seat...even when I know your story already, it doesn't matter. I can watch again and again and again.

Just you wait, baby. I'll be back again. I always am. ;)
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Title: It Was A Mortal's Passion
Fandom: Silent Hill 4
Pairing: Cynthia/Henry
Rating: R/NC-17
Word Count: 1,000
Warnings: N/A
Spoilers: For the first world
Author's Notes: Slightly AU, in which Cynthia is able to give Henry the 'special favor' she promises.
Summary: It wasn't the sort of thing Henry normally did. But here and now, Cynthia's body pressed against him, he just wanted to feel something normal.

It Was a Mortal's Passion )
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Whoot! Got errands done today!

I also picked up Season 2 of Venture Bros on DVD. Gah, the inside panel art makes me melt. And reaffirms my epic, epic desire for cover art of my NaNo project. I can see so clearly how I want it, too. Maybe I should pester Nija about teaching me to draw. ;)

I also grabbed a couple more bits of decoration for the shed. A Led Zeppelin window sticker and a Pink Floyd one. And I've decided I'm going to get black light Icarus to hang in there one way or another! The Batcave/Fallout Shelter/Whatever will be complete!

Still need a new little DVD rack.

I actually have a lot of stuff to do today, I realized, and nearly all of it is on the computer. Speaking of things on the computer...

[ profile] ranchangrnl, were we ready for RW!Shadow and Myre's late night tryst?

Also, why the hell is my brain telling me to write some kinky Henry/Cynthia PWP fic instead of working on NaNo? What the hell, brain! We just figured out how to get Dean's pants off, come on, roll with this....
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Bah, my stomach trouble seems to be back. It's been pretty good for the last month or so - a few upsets after dinner, but nothing monumental. But this morning I woke up feeling nauseas and spent a good ten minutes dry heaving. It passed, like it always does, but it's a pain in the ass.

And my legs are still being utter bastards. I indulged in fantasies of amputating them at the knee last night.

Anyway, enough about my crappy health!

I beat 0rigins yesterday! I honestly didn't think I was going to do it - not with half life, hardly any ammo and only one healing item. But somehow, Travis pulled through, as he always had before! I think there's something a little bit wrong when the boss battles are easier than the normal monsters running around on the street. The boss battles in 0rigins, while interesting (especially the Sanitarium boss and the Motel boss) weren't exactly...difficult or frightening. I didn't have any moments of 'ohshitohshit' or anything like that. In fact, the first motel battle ended up being a little bit laughable, as apparently someone doesn't know how to go around corners and spent most of the battle attempting to walk through a table.

But in all honesty, that is my single complaint about the game.

I don't understand the hate-on I've seen for 0rigins. I really don't. The design was beautiful, we had some neat new monsters, the plot was solid (if a little predictable for a SH game) the characters were good, the puzzles were good, the atmosphere was beautifully Silent Hill, and I know I'm not an expert when it comes to that particular storyline, but it didn't look like canon was buggered at all by the game. And I liked Travis. I still maintain he's the world's most backwards smoker - generally, smokers smoke when upset, stressed, angry or unhappy - but it was amusing nonetheless. I'm tempted to try some fic for it, but I have no idea what.

ChaCha is going well! I've got around 70$, which to me is a hell of a lot of money. And I'm terribly tempted to ChaCha my ass off until I can afford an Xbox.

In an effort to not feel like a total slug, I did myself up in Aristocrat today. I was going to do Lolita, but it's a tad cold for a knee skirt, even with socks. So I'm swathed comfortably in my long black ruffled skirt. I think I'll do some more decorating today.

Oh! [ profile] summoneddestiny! Did you say you have a fax machine? I need to fax in my ID for my bank stuff.

I think I'll start my Oktoberfest fic today....
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The high for today is only 65 degrees. This may not seem too terribly cold, but add in potential 37 MPH wind and rain, and it's pure misery. I think at this point, I'm as recovered as I'm going to get. There's still very much an all over ache, and stabbing pain in my lower back and hips when I move certain ways, but I'm getting around without needing my cane and I'm sitting up alright.

Still having a hell of a time sleeping, but that's really nothing new.

I'm trying to get caught up on RP right now, and figure out what I need to do today. I want to make some more progress on my room.

Yesterday was spent playing SH:0. We finished the sanitarium and the theater - oh holy hell, why does a single hit from nearly any monster drop Travis' life by half? I love Travis. I don't want him to die. The theater section was extremely well done, though, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the clever puzzles. And the design of it was just very, very well done. The color scheme, the narrow hallways, the small details... plus, it was something new. The Sanitarium was pretty nicely designed, too, but there wasn't a sense of something new there. It was a mental hospital, with nothing terribly new. I did call the big reveal, though.

Homecoming has been released. And in honor of that, I've removed all the SH communities I belong to from my Flist, to avoid spoilers. I'm saving up for an Xbox 360, and Homecoming is going to be my first purchase. What vague things I've heard have sounded promising, and the music is beautiful. And I'm not going to make any assumptions or anything until I play it - I am one of those people who hails The Room as the best of the series, after all. ;)

I'm doing a ton of research on Etruscan mythology and death legends for my Oktoberfest fic. Here's hoping I can turn it into something workable.

I still need to get one of my library books back to the library, before I get assaulted with late fees. :/
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I overslept this morning. I have to get dressed and toss together a bag, and then I'll be over my sister's for the weekend. Don't know if I'll be online or not. Had strange dreams, but barely remember them now. Have two more tubs, but they do no good at the moment.

My back is still sore and weird feeling, but my legs are no longer numb.

Venture Bros season finale tomorrow night. God, I can't wait. And speaking of theories....

I practiced running in 0rigins last night. I didn't advance the plot any, since I'll be starting over so [ profile] nijawial can see everything from the beginning, and so we can save up healing items, but....

As I was popping back and forth between the mirror world and the 'normal' world in the basement - oh holy hell, I hate Carrions, I hate them, why can they see Travis when his flashlight is off??? - I had a Thought. I wish I had paid more attention to that audio overlay in the patient's possession room. Ah well, next run through! But I have a theory about what's going on, and what a couple of those little memos we found are alluding to. I'm very much curbing myself from going and looking things up to see if I'm on the right track. Same with Venture Bros - especially since it's apparently up online now.

I shall know if I'm correct in the promised times!

Alright, I really do need to get dressed.
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So today I pretty much just decided to just write pr0n. It's one of those days, you know? Grabbed a bunch of [ profile] centi_porn prompts and did a bunch of drabbles.

We've got a variety of fandoms, pairings and kinks. warned!

Pretty much everything under the cut is NC-17 or R, except a couple of the Naomi/L ones because L + sex = Very Difficult to Manage.

Death Note, Naomi/L, 'Kiss' )

Death Note, Naomi/L, 'Naked' )

Death Note, Naomi/L, 'Sweet' )

Death Note, Naomisa, 'Arch' )

Silent Hill: The Room, Henry/Eileen, 'Tremble' )

Damned, Jack/Max, 'Bite' )

Silent Hill 2, James/Maria, 'Warm' )

Damned, Alec/Martin, 'Rip' )

HBC, Shana/Valyn, 'Ice' )

Damned, Alec/Martin, 'Blind', Light Bondage )

Fatal Frame II, Mio/Hand, Mio/Mayu, 'Breath', Twincest, Autoerotic Asphyxiation )

Silent Hill 2, Mary/Maria, 'Reflection' )
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My piroshki dough is rising - I added a little more brown sugar than the recipe calls for, because it really makes the dough. I'm getting hungry already, thinking about them.

There is a wall of blackness headed towards my isolated ranch, and I'll confess, it's making me nervous. I can't even see the Bradshaws, which means those dark storm clouds could well be a dark sheet of rain. The temperature has been fluxing between 89 and 70 degrees over the course of the last few hours.

I'm almost worried my Century Plant is going to end up breaking due to the weather. And it's so terribly close to blooming, too. I have my fingers crossed that it holds out just long enough to bloom. There's something very humbling about realizing you'll be one of only three people to ever see this plant bloom. (I of course intend to take pictures, but that's a bit different.)

Speaking of! [ profile] talia_speaks finished the editing from our last shoot, and I'm happy with them photographs! We went in a different direction than usual, but it was fun to play around with something new. And it was such a great day, anyway. As always, her photography skills are incredible, and she manages to find angles and lighting arrangement that make me look like something other than a corpse. (Though I saw clear evidence of my slacking in the photographs. Ah well, I knew it was inevitable with my health and the weather over the summer.)

I'm torn now between playing more Origins (more points for having area names that are sure to invoke a shiver) or cleaning up my workroom. I essentially just dumped my stuff on whatever area was clear, and now it's rather a mess. Though I'm amused at the random juxtaposition of items. A Furuba hat, a wine bottle, a dozen or so springs, some fake flowers, boxes of cigarettes, an old copy of The Divine Comedy, a tin of cashews and a scattering of wig heads that resemble the victims of a sociosadist with a blinding fetish...

I'm actually inspired to write. (And something other than deviant AUs or the epic monster SH2/SH4 crossover I've undertaken.) It's been some time since a bunny bit me hard. Perhaps we'll see where it goes....

I am still hankering for fan art of Valyn as The Godfather. I curse you Vista, for taking my Sims from me! Because with Sims, I could not only emulate that, but I could have a great deal more RP icons for my IJ journals.

I saw the box art for Homecoming today. It made me weak in the knees with want.

I'm going to buy an XboX 360, aren't I?
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This is another one from the Jack Kerouac School of Writing. Forgive me for anything that seems ridiculously bizarre or surreal.

Inspired by the song 'The Glass Prison'.

Title: That Which Held Me Is Now Gone
Fandom: SH4
Characters: Henry Townshend, Frank Sunderland
Word Count: 1894
Spoilers: Full game
Rating: PG-13
AN: Again, Jack Kerouac School of Writing. I fixed spelling mistakes and where I had left out words, or completely misused words, but other than that, I left it as is. As usual, this is going with the 'Escape' ending.
Summary: It was truly over and done with, the darkness retreated and Henry finally free. But there were still small things that needed to be done....

That Which Held Me Is Now Gone )
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First off: New LJ header! I realize the writing is busy and cramped, it's supposed to be that way. I was inspired by the section in Apartment World where Henry looks at the wall and comments on how much writing there is, and how close together it was. I don't know, I did this last night. But I actually like it. And it has a more clear Henry/Eileen slant, which I'm happy for. God, I love those two together. They're up there with my other two het OTPs. (Scar/Lust and Naomi/L)

Leaving my journal text as is, since it works. The banner's text is from two Dream Theater songs: Repentance and Another Day. Not too big a change from Forsaken lyrics. Different colored words are supposed to match up with different characters. White = Henry, purple = Eileen, red = evil!Walter, gray = little!Walter. No clue about the rest, again, this was made last night.

Yes, I'm still on my SH kick. I told you all it wasn't going to be a passing craze. :D

Yet again, I wish I could draw. Last night I had the perfect vision of a piece of fan art I wish to somehow coax into existence. Henry and Eileen as King Arthur and Guenevere. I'm not sure where it came from, other than the murky depths of my distracted mind, and some strange tangential thought about Henry and fairy tales. But I think it works.

It's Monday. Cleaning, as always. I did a bit when I first got up, and now I have to switch over my laundry, start a new load, and work on the bathroom.

Was able to finish up one of my original pieces, and will send it off to the usual suspects after editing and whatnot. But for now, I must take care of the household.
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See, this is why I've been so desperate to find my controller and replay SH4. I was sure there were little characterization aspects I was overlooking.

The last time I played the game, I didn't pay too much attention to what was in Henry's apartment. I noted that his electronics seemed pretty old - older TV, older stereo, no computer, VCR instead of DVD player - and mostly just had fun clicking on his pictures and snickering about what he said, because he really does come off as having an architecture fetish.

I noted the stuff on his coffee table vaguely, paying attention mostly to the car magazine, because hey! Clear indication Henry is into cars, okay! I mostly ignored the two remotes, place mat, and over-sized novelty coaster.

When I started the game today, I went through his apartment and clicked everything, inspected everything, and wrote down what was there, just because. And I noted some random things - such as a produce scale, when Henry's diet seems to consist of cookies, chips, soda and Chef Boyardee, and three different bottles of cologne when he never goes out socially - and in the living room I took a closer look at the 'coaster'.

And noted hey, that really is a huge coaster. It's as big as the magazine. And the edges are really high. And have little grooves in them. And what's with the black smudges on the bottom, like someone took charcoal and rubbed it around in there? And what are all those gray flecks around it....

Oh man, it's an ashtray! A...very used ashtray. And I clicked on it, and yes, Henry identified it as indeed being his ashtray, and an uninteresting one at that.

That made no sense to me, since other than the fact that the walls and ceiling and furniture have clearly been exposed to smoke, there are no signs of cigarettes anywhere in the apartment. I puzzled over this for hours. And as I reached for my own cigarettes only to find the pack empty, I realized....

Of course there aren't any cigarettes! Henry's been trapped in his apartment for five days now, he smoked them all and can't get out for more!

And this puts me in an interesting position. Since I've been playing Henry for...over a month now, and the only smoking he's ever referred to is that one time in college he tried pot and felt funny for a while then decided he didn't see what the big deal was. And I know it's a really tiny little detail, and other than a used ashtray there's no reference to it in canon, but still. I'm anal about little details like this, and I am constantly looking for justification for my characters to be smokers, because damnit, it's just something I like writing about. (Even though I currently only have two out of....13 who smoke.)

I shall ponder this some.

Now I just need to figure out why he owns a meat produce scale and that much cologne. And why buildings make him feel so good inside.... ;)

(I only tease because I love.)

ETA: I find it highly amusing my last post, which was mostly about Henry, was titled 'Smoke'em if you've Got'em'.
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I think it's been long enough to re-post, under my own name, what I wrote for the Silent Hill Kink Meme. :D And I wasn't able to write any pr0n yesterday, with my uncle about. Here's some Silent Hill pr0n! We've got sweet and sexy, disturbing and horrific, and... whacky pairing-tastic. :D

Title: Angel in a Centerfold
Pairing: Henry/Eileen
Kink: Photography
Warnings: None really, this is pretty tame
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: Henry and Eileen have a very special sort of photoshoot.

Angel In a Centerfold )

Title: Sacrifice of Flesh
Pairing: Pyramid Head/Maria
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Um, a lot? Non-con, gore, violence, guro, snuff, tentacle-rape. It's Pyramid Head.
Summary: Maria existed for punishment and punishment alone - her own, as well as James'.

Sacrifice of Flesh )

Title: On The Job
Post an Entry
Pairing: Frank Sunderland/Cynthia
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Prostitution?
Summary: The escort gig wasn't a bad one, and some clients could be...surprising.

On The Job )
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Title: Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Fandom: SH2
Pairing: James/Maria
Rating: R
Wordcount: 1117
Spoilers: Full game spoilers for SH2
Warnings: Experimental style
Author's Note: Taking the 'Leave' ending for this
Summary: James wonders if he can ever go back, and how deep scars of the soul truly run. Written for [ profile] sh_het weekly lyric prompt.

The ghosts are crawling on our skin
We may race and we may run
We'll not undo what has been done
Or change the moment when it's gone
- David Gray, The Other Side

Nightmares and Dreamscapes )
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One of the current challenge/prompts going on over at [ profile] sh_het right now is Eddie fic. So I whipped up a little contribution. Because it's not just the pretty characters who deserve some hot sexxins. :D

Title: Like a Girl on Film
Fandom: Silent Hill
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Eddie Dombrowski/Cynthia Velasquez
Word Count: 2732
Warnings: Foul language
Genre: PWP
Spoilers: None, save for Eddie's life-long issues
Summary: Eddie picks up a hitchhiker one night who gives him the night of his life.

Like a Girl on Film )
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Sent in my Eileen app. Now the nerves start!

I got a review on 'The Nightmare Shapes and Fades Away', my quiet, angsty Henry/Eileen fic. It takes place a year after the end of the game, in a perfectly normal apartment, in a normal town, with nothing disturbing or out of the ordinary happening in the fic at all. There are general, non-specific references to 'that time' and 'those awful places' and 'the nightmare', but it's basically an introspective character piece that illuminates and deconstructs the idea of a relationship born out of tragedy.

The review: '...this is scary and disturbing'. WTF? I know it's a Silent Hill fic, but nothing disturbing or scary happens in the fic itself, or is described in any detail. Perhaps the idea of a romance with a less than happy ending is just that terrifying?

It sort of makes me want to write a fic in the theme of the games, with disturbing sexual symbolism, blood and gore, chilling allusions, all wrapped up in hopeless despair. Perhaps with some sort of creepy pseudo-sex scene. Now that would be scary and disturbing.

In [ profile] damned news, eeee! Therapy! :D
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I made Apple Ginger Pork Chops for dinner tonight, topped with sauteed apples and raisins, and unfortunately no one liked it but me. Which I find ironic, because it was my parents who wanted it. Ah well.

Now I have apples and raisins left over, so I think I'm going to make raisin bread and an apple butter spread tomorrow. Or tonight, depending on how bored and restless I get. I also have almost a full bottle of white wine. I don't drink wine, and I rarely cook with it, so I have no idea what to do with it. I'll have to hunt down some recipes that call for it.

When I feel the need to be active, which I've been feeling lately, I tend to exorcise it in the kitchen. Nothing takes care of it like spending hours over the stove or cutting board. And the result is generally well worth it.

I'm considering finally getting around to playing the Born From a Wish scenario on SH2 Greatest Hits. I do have my brain rotting model show on - I can't help it, I'm addicted, and the clothes in the photoshoots are so pretty! - but we'll see. I don't think it's a particularly long scenario.

But before I do anything, I'm going to shower.


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