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Title: It Was A Mortal's Passion
Fandom: Silent Hill 4
Pairing: Cynthia/Henry
Rating: R/NC-17
Word Count: 1,000
Warnings: N/A
Spoilers: For the first world
Author's Notes: Slightly AU, in which Cynthia is able to give Henry the 'special favor' she promises.
Summary: It wasn't the sort of thing Henry normally did. But here and now, Cynthia's body pressed against him, he just wanted to feel something normal.

It Was a Mortal's Passion )
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This is another one from the Jack Kerouac School of Writing. Forgive me for anything that seems ridiculously bizarre or surreal.

Inspired by the song 'The Glass Prison'.

Title: That Which Held Me Is Now Gone
Fandom: SH4
Characters: Henry Townshend, Frank Sunderland
Word Count: 1894
Spoilers: Full game
Rating: PG-13
AN: Again, Jack Kerouac School of Writing. I fixed spelling mistakes and where I had left out words, or completely misused words, but other than that, I left it as is. As usual, this is going with the 'Escape' ending.
Summary: It was truly over and done with, the darkness retreated and Henry finally free. But there were still small things that needed to be done....

That Which Held Me Is Now Gone )
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Yay, time to write! I was baking and listening to Oingo Boingo my MP3 player, and the song 'Private Life' just started an entire fic writing itself out in my head. After dinner, I sat down to see if I could write it all out.

Title: The Dirty Pictures, Religious Objects (These Are My Private Things)
Fandom: SH4
Pairing: One-sided Henry/Eileen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1205
Spoilers: For the full first half of the game
Summary: Henry is no knight in shining armor, no hero from a fairy tale. But he will do what he must and continue to fight for the only two things he has left to hold on to.

The Dirty Pictures, Religious Objects (These Are My Private Things) )
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Trying to revive the pr0n-bug.

Title: Cleopatra and the Devil's Daughter
Fandom: SH4: The Room
Pairing: Cynthia Velasquez/Eileen Galvin
Rating: R
Word Count: 2212
Spoilers: None, really
Genre: PWP
Warnings/Kinks: Recreational drug use, public sex, intoxicated sex.
Summary: In her senior year of college, Eileen meets a captivating, vivacious older woman at a campus party.

Cleopatra and the Devil's Daughter )
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Yeah, yeah, I wrote fic. Insanely nervous of this. :/

Title: The Nightmare Shapes and Fades Away
Author: [ profile] theladyfeylene
Fandom: SH4
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Henry/Eileen, Established
Spoilers: Full game
Word Count: 1268
Summary: Eileen thought the nightmares had stopped. But would they ever, when every night she slept beside the strongest reminder of that hellish ordeal?

The Nightmare Shapes and Fades Away )


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