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Was out and about for a good portion of the day! Took [ profile] nijawial home, got my shuttle tickets for my Seattle trip this week, went grocery shopping and some other errands. Then I got home and started going through stuff!

Holy hell, I'm not going to have to go to Joanne's for a year or so! I can't even list all the fabrics, lace, trims, ribbons and supplies [ profile] talia_speaks was kind enough to pass on to me. And I have a new book! And shiny jewelry! And pins! And Lolita accessories! And all kinds of other awesome stuff! I'll have to gather it all together and take a picture, if it'll fit inside the camera's view lens!

I'm feeling inspired to sew again tonight, so I'll be working on some things later, after dinner - BBQ ribs with lemon, baked beans, homemade french fries and a fruit salad - and trying to get back to things I'd been doing before the weather started to get to me.

It's ridiculously smoky today, with the fires. Everything's hazy and you can't even see most of the mountains. It's actually a touch atmospheric. Assuming I'm not outside in it. The heat's still oppressive and painful, but with the AC and lots of ice water, I'm doing pretty okay.

As I said, yesterday was great. We hit up Denny's - which had horrific bacon, sadly - and feasted, decided to head to Jerome than aborted due to time, and went to Lynx Lake instead, which was lovely. Got some great pictures. Headed to the square afterwards for ice cream, and hanging, and general awesome goofing off. We ended up staying late into the evening, until [ profile] talia_speaks and [ profile] classicyuppie had to get back to Phoenix, so [ profile] nijawial and I headed back here and hung out, long into the night.

Now I'm trying to figure out where to put my organized boxes, and wondering if I have enough time today to start my room.

I like having productive Mondays.
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Wow, it's One of Those Days.

I'm shortly going to be locking myself in my workroom, because I need to get at least one costume finished today. I've already cleaned, I glazed a ham and got it in the oven, and now I just need to get dressed and get some sewing done.

But, it's one of those days where I'm just a little bit out of it. I went out to the garage to have a smoke. I have a nice little routine for smoking. It's when I do my thinking and my plotting and whatnot. I go out there with my cigarette, my lighter and my MP3 player, because smoking and music are how I jump start my brain.

I'm standing there, cigarette in one hand, MP3 player in the other, wondering why NC-17 material (writing or reading) has been making me giggly lately. I lift one to my mouth, put it between my lips, and go to light it.

Luckily I realized just before I set it on fire that I had my MP3 player in my mouth, not my cigarette.

And yes, I have been having a strange bit of trouble with writing and reading pr0n. I'm blaming [ profile] talia_speaks, and the ridiculous conversations we have, for always making my mind go to other things whenever I try and write or read porn. It passes, of course, after a few minutes. But I find it vastly amusing. I'm a grown woman who has written erotica professionally, and all of a sudden I can't even think the word 'erection' without giggling. My mental maturity? That of a twelve year old boy.

I need to go to the store this weekend, to get medical gauze and tape, and all the supplies I need to prepare a treat feast for the Drunken Koalas. Bread, candy sushi, and chocolate chip cookies are all on the menu.

I'll be introducing [ profile] themotherreborn soon. I'm terribly nervous.

And now... to get dressed and actually get my ass in gear. Once I let my various games know I'm going to be on the slow side for the next week.
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So, since I am actually experiencing a little free time, I returned to my workroom. Here's a WIP of the skirt I'm working on. I'm still iffy on the trim, so critique is welcome. The trim hasn't even been pinned, it's just resting in an approximation of where it would go to see how it looks. The lavender skirt is sewn save for some final hemming at the top. Fabric is a light cotton blend, perfect for spring!

For Once, It's Not Gothy or Punky )

This is also my first time working with an elastic waist. Uh, ignore that black lace that ended up draped over it. It fell out of my lace box.

I also snagged this skirt in red, thanks to having awesome friends willing to convert my cash into interwub money for me. :D It's my little 'hurrah' gift to myself.

I have decided this is indeed a full fledged love affair. Or rather, 500+ words of fic and about a dozen ideas in my head have confirmed it. ;)
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I found an easy tutorial for beret making a couple months ago, and finally got around to trying it out. I have this great tartan print fabric with scotty dogs in it that [ profile] talia_speaks sent me, and I wanted to make a set with it. I'm doing a beret and a fashion waist cincher - no actual cinching capabilities! - that I can use on whatever skirt I feel like. I still need the right type of lace for it, so here we have the hat!

Yay Hat! )

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with a little over half a yard of beautiful red and black asian patterned brocade.
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Sewing Project Complete!

I'm making progress today!

Snuggly Warm Fleece! )
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Argh. I think I'm going to see about a bath after dinner.

Exhausted. Stressed. Sore. But here, this is the skirt I made, to wear tomorrow with my Victorian cravat blouse.

Full Length Gathered Thanksgiving Skirt )
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I slept until 1 pm again. Wow. I know I needed the sleep, but that's almost a whole day wasted. *headdesks*

I had a sex dream about one of my best friends last night. That's always an interesting experience. I rarely ever have those types of dreams about real people.

Had a plumber out today to look at the shower. (Actually had four plumbers, but that's a whole other story.) It's... not good. And going to take a while to fix. Why does this crap always happen around the holiday season? I have so much to do as it is, and more crap just keeps piling up.

I'd like to just veg on the couch and watch Law and Order all day, but that is not an option. Speaking of tv, holy shit, Criminal Minds last night! I so called the ending. I had a feeling something was actually wrong, and then at the end, right as he was walking away, I said out loud 'he's going to ***** ***!' and then it happened. I can't wait until next week. :/ I love Garcia to itty bitty pieces, and not just because she's by far the hottest woman on that show. She's awesome.

And I got batteries for my camera! So here's some WIP pics of the skirt I'm making, and some fabric I need an opinion on.

Because I Was Asked So Nicely.... )

I need to do laundry and clean. My uncle is coming. Joy.

Today's haiku:

Haiku2 for theladyfeylene
sex happened when
the victim was still there but
it tore his body
Created by Grahame
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I made a killing at Joanne's today.

I got four yards of beautiful pink gingham, a bunch of nice lace, the white beads I need for my Lust cosplay, and I splurged on this gorgeous fabric that was originally about 12$ a yard, but I got for $2.50 a yard, thanks to a variety of sales. It's 100% soft cotton, dark cream with blue roses. I saw it and went '....oooo pretty!' and noticed it was 50% off. So I said 'ooooo' yet again. But it turns out that since it was basically leftover fabric, and she couldn't cut as many yards as I wanted (I wanted 3, there was only 2.75 or so yards left) she marked the whole thing as a remnant, which was 80% off. So....yes. Very, very pleased.

I'm also splurging on McDonalds. Chicken McNuggets and a double cheeseburger - no onions. Horribly unhealthy, but you know what, I'm 135 pounds and stomach issues are under control, I can afford to indulge a little bit now and again.

I'm getting a late start on things, but oh well. I was out all morning. Now I must write, because I've fallen behind massively.
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So, the wonderful [ profile] talia_speaks sent me a package. She returned some manga I'd lent her, and also sent me some tea, some honey sugar, an adorable tea ball, and oodles of this gorgeous pink and white lace. And I just had to do something with said lace. So I found one of my Goodwill shirts that had become too big for me, took it in so it was properly fitted, tried to gather the sleeves, and added some lace and ribbon to it.

This is my first attempt at making something that is actually meant to be worn. I'm pretty happy with it, and plan to make matching socks. :D

Sometimes, I Wear Pink )

So that is my first completed sewing project! I'm going to Goodwill to stock up on blouses and then Joanne's to get all sorts of lace, to see what else I can do. :D
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I am going to fucking beat the next person who tells me using a sewing machine is easy. :/

The damn thing somehow came unthreaded and I didn't realize. So I keep jamming my bobbin. And of course, my mother got all pissed at me like it's somehow my fault I can't read the water and smoke damaged owners manual that assumes you already know all the terms and doesn't bother to explain them.

I did, at least, get the pattern cut out alright. It looks like it's supposed to and everything. The fabric is kind of blah - brown checked - but this is just practice and I'll just be happy if it doesn't look like a sack with arms.

Anyway, here, have a picture of Halloween L:

Some People Shouldn't Be Left Alone Around Decorations )


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