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Title: I've Always Loved Your Mind
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 1,225
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Isobel attempts to surprise Caleb for Valentine's Day. It has unexpected results.

I've Always Loved Your Mind )
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Title: Extracurricular Activities
Rating: R
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 1,187
Summary: It's called a 'chemistry lab' for a reason.....

Extracurricular Activities )
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Title: Harvest Night
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 3,133
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Leynaverse. Scar and Lust spend a traditional autumn harvest in rural England.

Harvest Night )
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Title: The Awkwardness of Adolescence
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 1,989
Rating: R
Summary: A pair of clueless teens attempt heavy petting in a secret attic meeting.

The Awkwardness of Adolescence )
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A little domestic slice of life ficlet, Leynaverse AU. Scar and Lust with their first baby.

Scenes From Two AM )
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Applications for [ profile] landels_damned are open! (Which, looking at the applied character list, some of you already know. ;D) Soon it will be time for the Shiny New Characters dance!

In the middle of doing a new layout. Yes, I'm behind. But I haven't felt like actually making a whole new graphic. If I could just stick a banner on top of this layout, I'd be happy. But sadly, I can only do custom CSS in S1, and S1 doesn't support this layout style. And I love this layout style.

Claimed an insane, crazy pairing for [ profile] fma_fuh_q this month. I am bound and determined to do it every month. Even with NaNo and my other challenge fic due this month. Could I have used 'month' any more in that passage? :/

And... I need to post a new challenge at [ profile] scarlust. If we had more active members, I'd do a Christmas gift exchange, but we just don't have the activity that's needed. Which always saddens me.

I was going to do errands today, but my tummy woke me up at around 3 AM being very grumbly and unhappy, so I am in bed.

I'm in an odd mood today.
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This month's [ profile] scarlust challenge is Forgiveness. I expect many awesome fics out of this one! :D

Long day today. Much being Out and About. I at least got some stuff done in town today, despite the crowds. And we met a very nice elderly foriegn man (I am ass at accents, so he could have been German or Romanian or maybe something else entirely, I don't know) while we were waiting for breakfast who imparted the wisdom of 'live every other day like it was a holiday, and you will be happy' to us.

[ profile] mikazuki comes back today! Much cause for celebration! I am hoping to have another RO story posted tonight, but it's giving me a wee bit of trouble. What else is new, when it comes to writing?

(Also, new icon which makes me weak in the knees with squeeing!)
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Massive, massive connection problems today. Among other things. :/ Had a massive storm that knocked me offline for vast amounts of time, and made me an unhappy Fey-Fey.

For any ScarxLust fan on my Flist who hasn't seen this yet, go look at it now. It's ten different shades of awesome. And puts my little FST to shame! The graphics are so beautifully done, and I find myself dying of Photoshop Skill Envy. And the songs are all quite lovely. [ profile] rivendellrose, there's a Kate Rusby song up there that I suggest you grab. Thank you again for introducing me to her work!

Sin and Salvation had a small update, but there's much more to go up. And to answer a couple of questions, yes, I can get fics directly from the community LJ posts, so you don't have to send them to me. I am also desperately seeking ScarxLust art. There are five pieces that haven't been labeled by the artist as un-archivable. Thanks to the wonderful efforts of such authors like [ profile] 47thlight, [ profile] greedyslayer, [ profile] momoiro_usagi and others, there is a large assortment of fic, but art is sadly lacking. So if anyone can point me in the direction of any, please do. Or if anyone feels like trying their hand at it themselves...

Moving on:

I caught the latest episode of Ouran. I really wish Hunny didn't look so damn young, because oh my god, Mori/Hunny is one of the most awesome pairings ever. Officially, now. I need an icon, desperately.

Alright, I think that's all for today. Sorry I wasn't around like I said I'd be, but connection issues prevented it. :(
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Work has been busy! But busy is good. :D

Things finally started slowing down around noon, so I did another sentence set to occupy myself. Number 5 gave me a hell of a time, and [ profile] zinjadu, I think you will appreciate 38, as it's a small nod to the AU of Doom.

ScarxLust Sentence Set: Alpha )

I had a whole bunch of things I wanted to post about, but I forget them all now.


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