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Title: A Crime of Passion
Fandom: FMA AU
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Wordcount: 2,012
Summary: An public incident leads to violence and far more pleasant private surprises.

A Crime of Passion )
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Title: Tales From the Mojave: The Sordid Spring
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 1,508
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Scar and Lust find a hot spring, but it takes a backseat to Lust's leather pants.

Tales From the Mojave: The Sordid Spring )
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Managed to get everything I needed to done yesterday. Go me!

Announced the new challenge over at [ profile] scarlust, which is the Sin and Salvation Lyrics Challenge. Check out the community for more details. Also posted the banner for last months participants. And I did a wee bit of advertising today, and we'll hopefully get some more active members. I'd love to have enough members to be able to do a Ficathon of some sort.

Speaking of, I signed up for [ profile] het_challenge again. I'm keeping my eyes open for the next round of [ profile] yuri_challenge, but I think my yuri/femslash needs are going to be well met by [ profile] amorous_angels, an invite-only, multi-fandom femslash community! Femslash from all over the fandomverse, all in one place! I shall try not to flood it with sappy WinryxSheska fluff.

Bah, what else? I feel like I've gotten something else done, but I can't think of what it is.

Ah well, it'll come to me.

Oh, and GIP. I love, love, love Winry's expression in this icon. And it was the most time consuming and difficult icon I've ever made.

Enjoy your Friday, folks!


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