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It's my dad's birthday today, and we're going out to eat later.

I actually didn't go to WalMart this morning, because I was actually sleeping. That, and I had some painful lower abdomen cramps. But they're mostly passed now, and should be fully after this next cup of coffee. Oh, bodies.

I lay awake last night, trying to find rest, and got to thinking about character attachment. I'm in what I call the Stephen King camp when it comes to that. A lot of myself goes into every character I write. I can't help it. Oh, there's always that character that a lot more goes into, of course. And I don't think this is a bad thing. (Unless of course it's random shit or contradicts canon, then there's a problem.)

I know when it comes to fan fiction and whatnot, this is often frowned upon. And I wonder why. As long as whatever you put into the character of yourself isn't contradictory or impossible, doesn't it create a more flushed out, in depth character? And don't most of us do it, whether we mean to or not?

Now my question is: is this just the next step to 'write what you know', or is it another step in escapism? Or are we just whacky people who have way too much attachment to our characters?

I know I've been accused of having unhealthy attachments to my characters. I have an extremely difficult time killing characters in my fiction (original or fan) and my RP characters? Forget about it. They're a part of me. Sure, I love torturing them, but only when they can get better. It's no fun for me to deal with a broken character, and if starts to effect me. Obviously, yes, I know how to take that step back and whatnot, but that comes after I'm already effected.

Anyway, I'm pretty much just rambling and trying to figure out why the fuck my Rhapsody music thingy won't play my songs. Nero will, but not Rhapsody. Or Mediaplayer. Or my MP3 player. Blargh.

(Also, am I a bad person for preferring Steve Hackett to Greg Lake?)
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It's true. You're never too old to learn something new.

I've RPed the same way for years. I don't think too much about what's going to happen down the road to my characters, I don't plan much, I don't set things up OOCly in any great detail, and I never worry about things until they happen.

After picking up [ profile] fyeonly, all that has changed. And it's really an interesting thing for me, to approach RP from a different angle after so many years. I've played intelligent characters before. I've played characters that are the equivalent of FBI agents before. I've played politicians before, all people who need to think one step ahead of the game. But because I'm weird about not wanting my own thoughts and knowledge to taint the characters, I just let them do their thing and draw their conclusions once something has happened. I don't really work out in advance how they'll react.

I know I'm in the minority when it comes to this. But I'm very much a 'whatever happens, happens, deal with it then' sort of RPer. With the exception of major things - like character death or something. So despite my flailing and spazzing and threatening to hide under my desk, I really am enjoying this.

I've been very 'I don't know what's going to happen!' and all since I freaking apped Naomi, but now...

[ profile] xpotion has made me do what no other RPer has made me do for years. Sweat and hang onto the edge of my seat. Not since the days of IB have I sat and gone 'dude, wtf is being planned? What's going to happen? WHAT IS MY CHARACTER IN FOR?!?!' and lain awake wondering about it.

It's like a little energizing jolt. And I like it.


*Pun not intended

RPG Babble

Sep. 19th, 2007 04:03 pm
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Avast me hearties! It be Pirate Talking Day!

And I'm braindead and not up to talking completely in pirate speak.

ZOMG I INTRO'ED [ profile] fyeonly today! *bounces* Though I'm not threading yet, as I'm waiting for [ profile] godhood since apparently there are plans and plotting! Huzzah!

[ profile] notmyfather and [ profile] adorkabledragon are so very much gay for each other, it isn't even funny. Only it is funny. Because it's them.

[ profile] lustful_thing has had enough of children. She wants compensation for 'babysitting' [ profile] word_of_death last night. Because she's a bitch like that. She also wants to have The Talk with [ profile] theycutitout.

[ profile] the_clown_king is in a great mood, because his little clinic is off to a promising start. But since he just started hosting to [ profile] sugarsweetblood, we'll see how long his good mood lasts!

[ profile] reanalyze is just happy to be not-dead. And he likes his wheelchair!

Nothing much massively interesting is happening with the rest of the crew. They had uneventful nights.

Why yes, this was nothing but [ profile] damned babble. :D
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Oh, cleaning. I'm scrubbing the bathroom from top to bottom today. It is hard and slow work, but I am getting there. The shower is so rarely used, so it hasn't been cleaned in a while. I may need to remedy this.

Nightshift has started, and I was woefully unprepared. But I managed to get up a Radio post with shinies and riddles and hints and everything. Not as cryptic as usual, but I'm sick and busy. And [ profile] notmyfather has said 'fuck'. He was just basically repeating Renji, but I still find this hilarious.

I knew someone was going to pair me with [ profile] chocomimi on my 'If my LJ was a TV show...' meme. I also sort of expected someone to pair me up with [ profile] chaneystarr. [ profile] rivendellrose didn't surprise me either - hey, it's canon. And [ profile] zinjadu...we're always being mistaken as a couple IRL, anyway. ;) See, now someone just has to write some RPS ;)

Only four more days of all my snazzy icons. They will be missed. It's going to be hard picking just 6.

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Gacked from all over my Flist:

List all the characters you play in various RP associations, and those who reply may ask whatever questions they wish of the listed characters. Replies will be in-character to those who reply.

Maes Hughes
Suou Tamaki
Lyta Alexander
Valyn Hernalth
Citan Uzuki
Nadine Cross
Mr Radio/Jack/Alec Doyle

All @ [ profile] damned
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Maybe, if I work myself to exhaustion, I'll actually sleep tonight!

I've been cleaning. The bathroom is scrubbed, and I'm just waiting for the bleach stuff to set. I do need to get to my room, but I already feel woozy and tired. So I am taking a small break. I went grocery shopping this morning and had delicious chicken chow mien (I wrote 'cow' first) and won tons.

Oh! [ profile] anna_daae! Just a heads up, my folks are taking us out to dinner tomorrow night! They're very excited someone actually wants to come visit me. ;) And I got out the blazer and my chains! The blazer is actually medium petite, so it should fit you! And I hooked the Playstation 2 up.

[ profile] notmyfather and [ profile] adorkabledragon have met up. This fills me with glee. Even though Valyn's bleeding and grumpy and Keman is woozy and confused.

I am determined to write some fic later today. I need to jog those creative muscles! Also, I want to read more Kenshin. I'm up to volume 8.

So much to do....
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Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. I just blew out my back, I'm on bed-rest and heavy painkillers for a couple of weeks. I've been just sort of dozing and handling/running RPG things for the most part. I'm pretty much completely exhausted, mentally, physically and emotionally.

I need to write my [ profile] fma_fuh_q fic. At least my application for [ profile] damned is done. And it's not 27 or 29 or whatever pages. It's only 12 pages. That'll bring my character total to lucky number seven. Which...hmm. Considering the character I'm apping, that's oddly apt, in a kind of round-about way. But I'm obsessed with tiny, minuscule connections and I realize I'm making no sense whatsoever.

Apps open June 2nd, anyone interested in applying.

I think I'm going to go back to sleep.
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I had a very, very good night last night. Until my internet cut out, of course. And not surprisingly, I had Stephen King dreams - I was watching Kingdom Hospital last night and talking about it with Vegas, so it was heavily on my mind. Oddly enough, I dreamed about a remake of IT. And it was the most amazing thing to ever grace a screen. I forget most of it now, but dream-me was over-awed by its majesty and wonder.

I was up ridiculously late last night, and up early this morning. But I'm not too terribly exhausted. I'm alert and all of that.

And I realized last night (for probably the tenth time, but I forget things) that I always end up with characters in some kind of a threesome relationship. And not in the love triangle kind of way, I mean in a happy poly kind of way. I never plan it, it just happens. It's just something I've noticed, as far as patterns in my RP go. And it isn't like I'm doing this with all the same players, either, or even actually like...planned it out OOCly. I also have decided I can't ever set a character's sexuality, because they always surprise me.

Tamaki? I thought he was straight. Then he met Ed. Okay, the Alucard thing helped, too, not that he'd ever admit it. And he just fell head over heels. It took me completely by surprise, especially since he was already courting Elena. I think I've only played one character with a set in stone sexuality, and that was Evan. He wanted nothing to do with women in that way. Everyone else? Pretty ambiguous. Lust? She'll sleep with anyone if it gets her what she needs. Hughes? Well, he's just kind of Gracia-and-Roysexual. Tamaki we've been over. Lyta's bisexual. Valyn's asexual but will sleep with either if he decides that's the easiest best course of action. Citan I already know will be somewhere in the bisexual area, as that's how I see him. He's married and he is certainly attracted to/in love with his wife, but I also see oodles of subtext and sexual/romantic chemistry between him and his best friend.

I'm really just rambling here, with no actual point. SO HERE IS A MEME STOLEN FROM A COUPLE PEOPLE ON MY FLIST!

Comment with two characters I write, and I'll write you their first kiss. It may be just an idea, a sentence, or an entire fic; my mind works in mysterious ways. (And sometimes, apparently, not at all.)

La Musica

Apr. 28th, 2007 05:36 pm
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So I finished prettying up Citan's journal today, and I used two songs by Duran Duran for all the text. I thought I'd share them, because they're awesome songs, and everyone could use a little Duran Duran in their lives! So:

The Seventh Stranger

Lyrics )

Save a Prayer

I just really like the refrain and ending verse of this song.

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As most people know, the Fey-Fey is busy as all hell right now. I do apologize for falling behind with stuff and not keeping up correspondences, but I am exhausted and working hard and just not up to a lot of stuff.

I'm in a much better mood today than yesterday. Despite potential setbacks, I got a new desk today. A beautiful maple Ethan Allen desk with solid brass handles, found at a second hand gallery for under a hundred. It needs polishing and I want to replace two sets of handles, so that's my big project for today. Polishing the desk. And chair, which was in my garage and matches perefctly. I also need to make cushions for it.

Tomorrow will be getting curtains and throw rugs and things to hang stuff on the walls. And then hanging things on the wall. Saturday is the half off Goodwill sale and moving my furniture. And in between all of this, I need to finish my anthology and do my regular housework.

But! I have my visitor thread at [ profile] landels_damned and the wonderful wonderful trainwreck that is Ed, Adel and Tamaki's bizarre friendship. So I have those to soothe my overworked soul when I get a chance to sit down. OMG, Ed/Tamaki is the crackiest non-pairing ever.

Right now I'm chowing down on some coconut curry rice with raisins and getting done what I can. Then it's back to the garage to clean up furniture!
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I know, I do a version of this meme like... every few months. But it's fun, and I need both a distraction and something to keep me entertained! And now that so many people I RP with are on my Flist....

Ask any of my muses anything you want. Just to make it interesting, your muses may also ask mine anything they'd like.
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I need to update my RP character list to include [ profile] ontheabyss. Man, Lyta is so much fun to play. I just started with her yesterday. She is so very different than my other characters. It's interesting to play an actively hostile character after so many non-hostile ones. I knew she would be, going into this, but it's still a huge shift for me. And I feel so bad having her be all snappy and grr with Kaylee, because Kaylee is the cutest thing in the world, but she's so freaked out and convinced this is all Bester's doing.

Speaking of, I re-watched Thirdspace yesterday. That scene with Zack and Lyta will never, ever fail to kill me dead. If only Zack weren't such a lovable moron...

In other news, I have Cable TV in my room now. I stayed up ridiculously late last night watching Law and Order: SVU and working on Barbie hair and clothes. By now, all hair is clean, dry and detangled. I have a crapton of emails to respond to, but I find myself being lazy and not replying. And this is Okay. I don't have to stress out over being in constant contact with people. I can let a few days or a week or so go by.

Today I have a ton of writing to do! I should get started on that....
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Applications for [ profile] landels_damned are open! (Which, looking at the applied character list, some of you already know. ;D) Soon it will be time for the Shiny New Characters dance!

In the middle of doing a new layout. Yes, I'm behind. But I haven't felt like actually making a whole new graphic. If I could just stick a banner on top of this layout, I'd be happy. But sadly, I can only do custom CSS in S1, and S1 doesn't support this layout style. And I love this layout style.

Claimed an insane, crazy pairing for [ profile] fma_fuh_q this month. I am bound and determined to do it every month. Even with NaNo and my other challenge fic due this month. Could I have used 'month' any more in that passage? :/

And... I need to post a new challenge at [ profile] scarlust. If we had more active members, I'd do a Christmas gift exchange, but we just don't have the activity that's needed. Which always saddens me.

I was going to do errands today, but my tummy woke me up at around 3 AM being very grumbly and unhappy, so I am in bed.

I'm in an odd mood today.
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A follow-up to my post about [ profile] landels_damned.

This is just a link to the Requested Characters page. I figured I'd link it to give some folks who may be interested but not sure who to apply for some ideas.

Also, if any Firefly fans on my Flist are reading this, please take a look. We're looking for a Wash, so if you're a Wash fan and you enjoy writing him, give us a look please. :D We already have River, Inara and Kaylee in play, and rumor has it we're getting quite a few more Firefly applications.

Wow, I never thought I'd be making a post like that!

Also, personally, I am dying to see more anime-canon homunculi. Especially Envy. Or more Ouran characters. We've just got Tamaki and Haruhi.

So, yes. And, to make this a bit more than just another RPG pimp:

As everyone knows by now, I love action figures. Would anyone be interested in action figure reviews? Because I always am tempted to post them, and then think 'dude, who wants to read me babbling about the detail and quality of plastic toys?'.


Oct. 26th, 2006 10:01 am
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Yes, it's that time again. Where I pimp Landel's. Specifically, [ profile] landels_damned. I'm pretty sure you're all used to me going on about this game by now. Some of you even follow it. Well, applications are opening up November 3rd!

For those who are just joining us recently, [ profile] landels_damned is a multi-fandom horror based RPG. Characters wake up in a small, locked hospital room and are told their lives are a complete delusion. They're given a different name and told to cooperate and 'get better'. During the day they're ushered through various activities and meals, and then locked in at night.

And that's when the fun really begins.

Night time at Landel's is when everything goes to hell. Literally. With creatures of nightmare proportions wandering the halls and magic and other abilities muted, it's a fight to survive, to discover the truth behind the hospital's facade, and to escape the insanity.

As the main ad says, [ profile] landels_damned accepts all humanoid characters from any series - books, tv, movies, comics, manga, etc.

Seriously, we've got an amazing cast of characters, a kick ass plot, brilliant writers and a very friendly and comfortable environment. I know I've sung the praises of our FMA players to high heaven for a while now, and I continue to do so. But we have such a huge, huge variety of characters from so many different fandoms. And they're all so awesome. Despite what some people think, it is not purely anime/game based. Just take a look at our Firefly cast! Not to mention all the Jedi (and of course Han Solo) who are out and about! Whatever you're a fan of, you'll have fun at [ profile] landels_damned. And for my Kingdom Hospital friends, be sure to keep an eye out for the good Dr Stegman....

(Standard disclaimer: be sure to read all rules and info on the RPGs main page, as it is full of very important stuff.)

I hope to see you there!
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If people don't know I support gay rights at this point, then there's clearly a problem somewhere. I don't need to repost other people's words as proof. Actions always speak louder than words anyway. And I know a good chunk of my Flist feels the same way.


I'm giving Kyouya way too much attention. But... but... Kyouya! It's kind of unavoidable. And I am seized with the desire to write Kyouya/Renge for some reason. With lots of angst. And a painful talk between Kyouya and his father. Why, oh why did episode 26 give me angst-bunnies?


The weather looks very ominous. There are big dark clouds gathering. This does not please me. :(


Laundry today! And other things. I shall be busy. But I've been busy, so this isn't new. I should eat some breakfast, however. Breakfast is good, and there is much to choose from! So I shall go and do that now.
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Man, they don't make trolls like they used to. *shakes head* But maybe that's a good thing, considering it was trolls that forced me into friends only mode way back when.

[ profile] landels_redux applications are open again! They'll close September 29th, and I know a few people were thinking of applying this time around. If you would still like to, go for it! For those of you just joining us, Redux is a multi-fandom survivor horror LJ RPG set in a mental institute. Daytimes are all normal - except for the nurses telling patients they're all crazy - but at night the monsters come out to play...

I play Lust and Maes Hughes, and would play more but there's a character cap of two. Something to keep in mind when applying. And man, it's a whole lot different than playing 14 characters in one game. Anyway, it's an awesome game as I've said before here, and full of amazing writers, really fun people, and a wide variety of characters. Check out the info page for more details! Since I know probably forgot stuff as I am super out of it tonight.

And now a quiz:

House Personality Quiz Ganked From Peoples )
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First off: holy hell, internets! What is your deal? Seriously! It dies once a day, at least. No rhyme or reason. We get the modem lights being all wonky and everything. And then it will magically come back sometimes.

Second: I am so, so glad I did that meme yesterday! I need to get to responding to comments, but you guys win. All of you, seriously.

Third: RPG babble, but... Ladies and Gentleman, We Have Contact! Lust's supposed to be warning Scar about Dante. We'll see if she eventually gets to that. And god bless Dias for actually closing the door.

Fourth: Playing Eternal Darkness again. Having a much, much easier time with it, but still creeping the hell out of myself. I forgot how quickly/easily the main character goes completely insane.


Today's agenda includes responding to LJ comments, lunch, and RO. I got a pretty decent night's sleep last night, at least.

Now I should really get out of bed.
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Wow, I actually find myself with a lot to talk about today.

First off, the Dragonlance movie. I've already seen the small bursts of whining and bitching over Lucy Lawless referring to Goldmoon as 'Native American'. And I just roll my eyes. Lucy Lawless has no clue about the Dragonlance books, and if I were given a very basic overview, I'd look at 'nomadic hunter/gatherers who live off the land' and sum it up as being Native American-esque as well. Cut the woman some slack.

Me? I'm just happy that North America's caught on to making animated films for adults. And with a voice cast of Lucy Lawless, Michael Rosenbaum and Jason Marsden..... yeah, I'm sort of looking forward to it. I'm certainly not going to claim it will automatically suck because a) Lucy Lawless isn't a Dragonlance fan and b) it's animated.


[ profile] landels_redux owns my soul. We got so many incredible new players and I'm having so much fun playing with all these awesome new characters. And Lust has I hate using the term friend, since Lust doesn't really have friends, but she likes Haruhi well enough and she feels very weirdly protective of River. But yes, so much fun.


[ profile] zinjadu, I'll get that fic to you sometime. I keep editing pieces. I'm trying very hard to make sure character motivation comes across, and that's difficult when only working with one POV.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] jadedsilk! I hope it's a good one!


I need to do laundry and clean the bathroom today. And it's already noon. I've been aching and twitching all morning, so things got put off a bit. Now I'm off to do the domestic thing.
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Applications for [ profile] landels_redux close tonight at midnight! Just a friendly reminder for those of you who've been thinking about applying this month but haven't gotten around to it. Apps will be open again next month, if you don't make it this time. :D You can check here to see what characters have been apped for already. And don't let the numbers intimidate you! The more the merrier!

This morning was hell for me. I woke up around three in the morning in excruciating pain. I'm happily doped up on medication for it now, which I'd like to think added to my dreams about me, Pyro, Magneto and Superman going on a crime spree to find three sacred gems. Superman was being mind-controlled by me, else he wouldn't have gone on a crime spree. Or let all those whales loose in the streets of Boston after he flooded it. Sawyer from Lost was in there somewhere, at a sleazy little hotel. But I probably would have had strange dreams anyway.

So, I was talking with [ profile] ranchangrnl about fandom experiences and starting out in fan fiction. The first fics I wrote are long gone, swallowed by the great cavernous void of cyberspace. My Highlander Mary Sue series. My Babylon 5 Zack/Lyta schmoop. That's all gone. I have a printed out copy of one Babylon 5 fic, and a horrible Due South epic I once wrote. Why I saved these things, I'm never sure. Except that it's fun to go back and see how far I've come. And while those are gone, others still remain.

I come before you now to share with you the stories of my old fan fiction. The fan fiction full of cliches, purple prose and mary sues. Because I wrote it. I wrote it in the grand tradition of fanwit fiction. Back when I honestly believed characters that were half demon/half cat with wings and super powers were actually a good idea. Back when I saw nothing wrong with having an entire cast fall head over heels for my chaos demon reincarnated as a powerful sorceress - even though she was shagging the villain. I did it all. Super powers, amazing beauty, canon-warping, reincarnation-resulting-in-split-personalities (both of which were awe-inspiring and amazing, of course), animal bonding powers, the ability to save the soul of the twisted, power hungry villain...

There are two fandoms for which fics of this nature remain. The Halfblood Chronicles, and the Aladdin TV show. Yes, you heard me correctly. And if you're truly curious, I am willing to post these old fics here, so we can all look back and laugh. Because I'm not embarrassed of these god awful pieces of fantasy. They were a starting point, and I've come so very far in writing that it's nice to look back and remember where I started.

So come on folks! Share your stories of your embarrassing fiction! Share your tales of Mary-Sues, canon rape, ideas-that-seemed-good-at-the-time and everything else. Look back with me and laugh, and be thankful for those first stories that set you on the path.


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