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So, my Christmas outfit this year is essentially a school girl uniform. :D I found a gorgeous Pendleton pleated skirt and jacket set in dark red and green at the thrift store. I love it.

It's also been brought to my attention that with my Lennon glasses, I look disturbingly like Ozzy Osbourne. I'm still not sure how I feel about this.

But! The very important thing....we have a tree! That's where I was most of the day. We have a beautiful tree that is smack in the middle of the room. And it smells nice, and looks gorgeous, and already has a present under it! :D All is well in Silent Hill.

Tonight there shall be baking and decorating and good friends and Christmas music and everything else that makes the season what it is.

Oh! REWRITTEN PEOPLES! I...kind of want to somehow reflect the Christmas season in the game. I know Emi and I were talking about Elven religion a while back, and working that in, since there are some fun ideas to play with. And I'm pretty sure I've written about elven winter holidays before....

Anyway, that's about all from over here!
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You know, there's something to this tai chi thing. I did the basic routine thing this morning when I got up, and I can definitely feel a difference in my relaxation and mood. Of course, this could also be because I followed my morning tai chi with a fresh orange cappuccino, but who knows? I should grab my yogurt, too.

Today we're going to a tea house! Wednesdays are something of a family day, where Nija's mom takes us out. Today's outing is tea. I plan to dress in my frillies, since it's going to be in the mid 70s.

I'm feeling invigorated about RP again, which is nice. I go through phases, it seems. Even though I am dealing with a variety of broken and miserable characters, I'm still happy and enjoying it.

I wrote (in my head, need to get it down on paper) a great deal of my NaNo project. Things are starting to come together. And I'm getting more referential. I was failing on that, but I'm remedying it ASAP.

Last night, Nija and I went to Pudge and Asti's for a late dinner. Man, I love their food. I tried their ham and swiss, and it's delicious. The other half will probably be dinner tonight.

I really do need to clean my room and put my new flannel sheets on the bed. They're white with blue snowflakes on them. I am amused.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. I'm going to be very, very busy. This is the first year that I'm in charge of the family dinner. I've been in charge of the turkey for a while now, but this year, it's all me.

A bit daunting, that.
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Thanks for the support yesterday. I'm fine now. What happened was I threw out my back in the shower when I was home alone, so I freaked out a bit. But [ profile] nijawial was home shortly after, and all was fine. [ profile] enigmablade and [ profile] summoneddestiny came over last night, and much fun was had watching Venture Bros deleted scenes and the Christmas episode.

I got more writing done this morning! Apparently mornings are good for me for writing, since that seems to be when I do the bulk of it. I'm up to 17,500 words, which is not shabby. And I'm leaving in what I wrote last night. I've discovered a little secret to my word count uppage. I need to work Dr. Mrs. The Monarch into this more - her name is four whole words!

I swear I had some sort of awesome idea last night, but now it's gone. I'm doing this in such a patchwork way. There are just little scenes and snippets all over, waiting to be somehow connected to the rest of the story. I am figuring out how to fill in little gaps, though, which is good. This thing is actually starting to come together as a complete piece with consistent, underlying themes and plot.

I'm slipping further and further into less than great habits. I'm sitting here, not yet dressed, thinking that leftover pizza and a mocha would be a wonderful breakfast. While I reply to RP posts - all of which are vastly entertaining at the moment.

Hank and Dean the rats are comfortably situated in their new aquarium, and Hank has discovered the wheel. They both seem to enjoy all the new space, even though they consistently seek out the absolute smallest space available to cram themselves into. Usually together.

And now it's time to hit up my RP posts, check email, and see if I can hit 20k today!

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Whoot! Got errands done today!

I also picked up Season 2 of Venture Bros on DVD. Gah, the inside panel art makes me melt. And reaffirms my epic, epic desire for cover art of my NaNo project. I can see so clearly how I want it, too. Maybe I should pester Nija about teaching me to draw. ;)

I also grabbed a couple more bits of decoration for the shed. A Led Zeppelin window sticker and a Pink Floyd one. And I've decided I'm going to get black light Icarus to hang in there one way or another! The Batcave/Fallout Shelter/Whatever will be complete!

Still need a new little DVD rack.

I actually have a lot of stuff to do today, I realized, and nearly all of it is on the computer. Speaking of things on the computer...

[ profile] ranchangrnl, were we ready for RW!Shadow and Myre's late night tryst?

Also, why the hell is my brain telling me to write some kinky Henry/Cynthia PWP fic instead of working on NaNo? What the hell, brain! We just figured out how to get Dean's pants off, come on, roll with this....
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Title: Dark Places
Fandom: HBC
Rating: Pg-13
Word Count: 1211
Pairing: Valyn/Shana
Warning: Dark themes, the pairing
Author's Notes: This is technically Rewritten canon, somewhere in the future. Much darker than most of my HBC stuff, and is really more of a stream of conscious thought character study.
Summary: Valyn sometimes wonders which he's more afraid of: his own dark places, his father's, or Shana's.

Dark Places )
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Oh god, I fail! *prostrates self for punishment*

[ profile] chocomimi, [ profile] chaneystarr, [ profile] ranchangrnl! Rewritten! FETE!

I think all necessary pre-threads have been done? Unless, Emi, you wanted to do a thread with Rena and 'Kemynor' beforehand? Or do you just want to have them shoved at each other at the fete itself? (Oh, and is anyone going to tell Rena she's engaged before they're introduced, or does she just get a 'hey, this is your future husband, have fun!'? :D)

Also! Emi, need to talk to you about Myre and Triana, because I had a thought about how to explain why Triana has this younger chick hanging around with her.

I...think that's it.
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Oh, soreness. And weak, jelly legs.

Back safe and sound from my ESI! (For those just recently joining, an ESI is an Epidural Steroid Injection. Imagine a series of giant tetanus shots, directly into your spine. It's a relatively common chronic treatment for a variety of spinal issues.)

My lower back's sore and my legs have that wonderful fell-asleep-but-can't-wake-up sensation, and as usual I'm a quivering mess because I still have a terrible needle phobia. But it's over and done with, and after the soreness fades, I'll have a couple months of blissful less-pain! It really does make a difference, which is why I go back again and again for a procedure that honestly terrifies the hell out of me.

Though now I find myself a little at a loss as to what to do. No packing for a bit, because of this! I've got characters on hiatus at [ profile] damned, I'm pretty sure I'm on full hiatus at CU just from lack of anyone getting back to me about threads and my communications with the mod, and well....we're all on hiatus at RW right! :D So I'd feel a little silly just un-hiatusing for a few days anywhere, and then going right back to hiatus - especially since I'll be at my sister;s this weekend.

Maybe I'll catch up on fic. I haven't submitted anything for [ profile] yuri_challenge, [ profile] dn_contest, [ profile] 30_nights, [ profile] 7_rainbows or [ profile] one_liners in...a very long time.

But for now I'm going to put an ice pack on my lower back.
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Or not, but I kind of wasted a lot of time. :D It's one of those days where RP has eaten my brain. But in a good way.

Tamaki's finally starting to actually, healthily deal with what happened to him. He's had a couple of little set backs, but overall, he's doing a lot of thinking and soul searching and working it all out. And the twins' little plan actually didn't backfire, despite Tamaki's initial freak out. :D And he's opening up about other things, too, which is good for him. He's not repressing quite as much, and his old self is peeking through. *pats him*

Naomi's actually set for nightshift, which was something I was worried about! She really doesn't have anyone she trusts, other than L himself. But an order is an order, and despite the fact that she and L do have a relationship that's more along the line of friends than just professional, she still defects to him and takes her position seriously. So despite him giving her a mission that's technically impossible - ie, find someone she trusts - she's going to do it anyway. And it's good for her, to work with other people - other than by herself like she's used to - and start forming relationships. know. Other people. :D

Valyn's still an absolute mess, who I suspect is about to start clinging to Renji any minute because damn does that boy need a hug. But again, he's starting to talk about things, in his own way. He'll get over it, as he always does, but for the moment he's very much broken. (But that's kind of a daily occurrence for him. :D)

Eileen's still doing fine, Citan's considering taking a night to round up some monster corpses and dissect them, Lyta's still dealing with her brain being overloaded by death and not completely calming down from what happened to Fox the other night, Hughes is quietly worrying over folks from home as usual, and Lust is calming down and getting her focus on. With some help from Hohenheim!

CU is still all pirate-y, and Maria's going to be calming down some before too much longer. She's cooled off, and she does have the trial to deal with. Henry and Dante are still doing their respective things. :D And...that's pretty much the state of my RP characters. Save for RW, but I think we'll be moving the plot ahead after Otakon?

I really should finish my laundry....
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Okay, actual update time!

Holy fuck. It's 2:30, and I'm exhausted. Like ready to fall asleep exhausted. I think I did doze off watching a movie I've seen a dozen times, actually. I haven't even finished unpacking, I have no clean clothes to the point where I'm wearing my autographed Twisp and Catsby (PA) shirt because it's the only thing clean. That isn't a giant sweater, but it's 85 degrees.

My uncle went home this morning. He didn't even say goodbye last night, to me at least, he just left before I was awake. Classy. But he did take us out to dinner last night, and it was...really good. The food was delicious, and finally! A mexican restaurant that understand when I say 'just cheese and sauce' I mean 'just cheese and sauce'. I don't mean 'just cheese and sauce and the onions, tomatoes and peppers that are also in the dish but not listed on the menu'. I had these amazingly yummy little chicken taco things, on the most delicious tortillas I've ever had. And delicious refried beans, and Spanish rice, and since it was my uncle's dime, I ordered dessert. I don't even particularly like cheesecake that much, but it was the most expensive dessert on the menu so I went for it. I ate the delicious strawberry topping, and my dad ate the actual cheesecake. I also had a bite of my mother's flan, and it was to die for. We ended up buying a bottle of their homemade salsa, too, because it was that delicious.

For those of you who have not heard the stories of my uncle, there is a reason that we order the expensive food when he pays. He's very wealthy, and shares his wealth liberally with random waitresses - including buying one of his regular waitresses a bracelet that cost $1,500, just because he thought she'd like it, not even for her birthday or Christmas - but never gives us any money, even when we're struggling to get by. He also uses my parent's house as a hotel, eats their food, uses their gas, water, electricity, etc and just assumes that whatever we have is his as well. And never says thank you.

I have a lasagna in the oven, and I need to do laundry. The washing machine is finally free, but I feel like I've melted into the couch and can't get up.

In RP news, jumped back into [ profile] damned since NS has started. Tamaki's got the clinic going, Eileen is still trying to grasp what's going on, Lust will be burying her sorrow in killing things and clinging to Gluttony, and I believe Valyn and co are going after files tonight!

Am still enjoying CU, it's a great break from [ profile] damned. Not that I'm saying I need a break, just...something lighter. Not so much doom and angst and massive, massive thinking. I've only got two characters, and they're easy and it's a more open scenario. It's a good balance. And oh, the web of lies and manipulation! If Dante weren't already kind of in hell, I'd say she was so going to hell. She's screwed if any other FMA characters show up, though. It'd be hard to play the poor, grieving, bereft mother/widow/whatever with people spilling her real story.

Henry is still bumbling along, getting used to being a social creature, and trying to untangle his overly-complex feelings about Eileen. I kind of want to shake him and yell 'you like her, you idiot, that's all there is too it!'. But it's Henry, and he overthinks things. He's also dealing with the OMG!PANIC! of Walter showing up. He still needs to sit down and have his chat with Alessa, too. He is a busy, busy boy!

ReWritten folks - [ profile] chaneystarr, [ profile] ranchangrnl, [ profile] chocomimi! I think there's, I've only got two threads planned for pre-fete. One with Valyn and Lorryn, one with Rena and Keman? I don't know if there are any other threads planned, but.... When [ profile] chocomimi's back and settled in, shall we move on over there?


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