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I'm going camping tomorrow!

It's A's birthday, and there's a huge bash tomorrow and Saturday out Bull Pen/Clear Creek. Two days of complete and utter relaxation. Nothing but swimming, hiking, eating, smoking, drinking and spending time with friends. And possibly drum circles and spontaneous folk music, as a number of musicians are among our social circle. In which case maybe I ought to bring one of my outfits that is comfortable and cut well for belly dancing. Because belly dancing around an open fire in the middle of the woods would be freaking awesome. And I am far better at that than African tribal dance, which most of us do. I'm learning, though, and can do a few moves!

I wish I had my ankle bells. :/

It's been months since I was last out camping, and I'm really looking forward to this. Plus! Bull Pen! That's [ profile] husband_brother and my's camping spot! The grove of the earth snail! The forest of the mirror squirrels! The land of the colossi!

Yes, there have been many a grand old time had at Bull Pen.

Speaking of birthdays...the 21st birthday of a very, very dear RL friend who lives out in Tucson is in February. We tend to only see each other at cons, what with gas and distance and crappy cars making commutes between here and there next to impossible, but we really want to be able to spend this with him. We talked about it last month, at PCC, and how fun it would be to hit the hookah bar, grab some Indian food, and party till dawn. And besides that...

Wow Getting Long... )

Yeah, I really need to get out there for his birthday. Somehow. ANYWAY! No idea when I'm leaving tomorrow, will find out tonight. Going to be hanging out with N and A for a bit tonight, after I go to dinner with my folks.

Oh, and I got [ profile] husband_brother into The Dark Tower! SOMEONE WHO CAN READ MY DARK TOWER FIC! Guess this means I should actually post some one of these days.... Speaking of! Finally finished Treachery, and....yeah. So many little things I can point to for evidence of my favorite pairing. And on that note....

Back to this Roy/Hughes pr0n I'm writing!
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Catching up on internet things! Including updating my LJ!

Um...So. Evangeline Lily's in the Hobbit movie. Why not just cast Kiera Knightly? They've got about the same level of annoyance, inability to act, and unpleasantly skinny waists. (These days, because I am well aware that Kiera Knightly used to have proper flesh to her.) Though at least if there are any interviews with her, those should prove highly entertaining. And maybe she won't talk. Much....

Holy Mystery Incorporated! Is anyone else watching? Did anyone else catch last night's episode? I NEED PEOPLE TO BABBLE TO! And after that comment 'as long as Fred Jones is alive....' I'm suddenly very worried for Freddie. Who...jumped pretty highly in my favor last night, I will confess.

Rewritten is jumping! And will jump even more, now that the amazing has happened! NEW BLOOD! [ profile] mnschoen is made of awesome and win!!!!

And now I am filled with desire to write HBC fic. I really need to finish that Shana/Rena hot springs fic I've been working on for ages. Maybe I will do that today, if I get a chance! Because there needs to be way more HBC femslash.

Been playing Oblivion. I'm doing the Thieves Guild quests, and I'm on the last one. There has been way, way too much water adventuring for my liking. But soon I shall have pulled off the Ultimate Heist! And I finally got to break into the Imperial Palace for a reason! Not just to wander around and prove I can!

Going camping this weekend! Big crew is heading up to Bull Pen for camping, hiking, swimming and tubing! It shall be the first proper adventure of the summer, and I am insanely looking forward to it. I feel so cooped up out here, and with things the way they are, I am so often on my own.

[ profile] husband_brother is coming over later, though! And we are going into town for a bit, which shall be nice.

And...there's my recent roundup, that I can remember!
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So, I've started trying to kind of catch up on House.... What the hell? Seriously, I missed a lot. I don't even remember when I stopped watching, but it was shortly after Kal Penn left the show. Also, catching up with out of order random USA and Bravo marathons and occasionally tuning into the new episodes may not be the best way to go about this.

I've been really throwing myself into baking and cooking lately. I've perfected cheesecakes and tortes. I have to say, I'm kind of madly in love with tortes. Especially raspberry and orange truffle. And I made fancy cupcakes for Valentine's Day - devil's food with piped raspberry cream cheese frosting and various chocolate decorative toppers. Right now I've got butter crust sandwich bread dough rising, because we ran out of bread and this is easier than going to the store.

Really don't like the newest addition to the cast of Criminal Minds. So far, she hasn't done much and I have no feel whatsoever for her personality. It's like she's just there to say 'look, we have three women!'. And in the first episode I saw her in, she looked so much like JJ that I thought TV Guide was confused and it was a repeat. :/ But I am digging the recent Prentiss-heavy sub-plot! Prentiss is made of awesome and win.

It's not even 11:30 and I'm exhausted already. And I haven't even had a chance to shower or get dressed because I've been baking bread all morning. And doing laundry. But in half an hour the bread will done and I'm washing bedding so then I can get clean and properly dressed! Which is a good thing, because I always feel like a bit of a slob when [ profile] husband_brother stops by on her two o'clock lunch break and I'm still shuffling around in my PJs with bed head.
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Still not dead, just been crazy busy! And not with anything exciting, unless you consider medical crap, therapy crap and home remodeling to be exciting. And in my downtime I've been enjoying playing the original Fallout, because I found it for the Mac and I really miss the first two. I totally failed on character creation though, so I've ended up with a dude named None. I find this somewhat hilarious.

Mostly I've just been focusing on moving on to a new, healthy stage of my life. And a part of that is getting rid of a lot of stuff. Out with the old, in with the new, all of that.

I have been having a lot of trouble writing any sort of fiction, but I'm trying not to stress about it. I'm still me, my creativity isn't gone, I'm just in an adjustment period and I'm sure everything will smooth out. And in the meantime I've been exploring the wide world of lyrics writing! Mainly because I don't do the poetry thing, and I'm supposed to be writing expressive poems as part of my therapy.

Netflix keeps taking things I plan on watching off of direct streaming. :/ I want to watch Karas: The Prophecy mainly because 1) beautiful animation 2) Mathew Lillard. But they've only got part one up, and from what I understand, without part two it may as well be a very pretty acid trip. Netflix has a pretty damn good anime selection, but their anime horror (as loosely defined as that genre is, they've got Trinity Blood listed as horror) is sadly lacking. :/

Oh, went to see The Rite over the weekend! Very, very good movie. The casting was wonderful, the pacing was beautiful, and the film managed to scare and disturb without using overt and obvious visuals. I really, really liked that. Plus, they clearly did their research on Catholic exorcism. I was pleased and impressed. And caught the trailer for Suckerpunch which I need to see. Also want to see Red Riding Hood, though I have to say that visually the commercials all make me think of The Village. Or Sleepy Hollow. Both movies I quite like!

The internet seems like such a strange and disorienting place to me these days. I think about it too much. Not what happens on the internet, but just the internet itself. What we're able to do with it, the applications, the ability to reach anywhere in the world at any time with devices that fit into the palm of our hand, the entire spectrum of humanity splashed daily across this technically non-existent continent from the very best to the very worst....

Does anyone else ever just sit and think about it and feel terribly overwhelmed and frightened? Every few days I find myself waking up and realizing 'I live in the future. The future is now'. Things that existed only in the wildest imagination when I was a child are now commonplace and taken for granted. It's amazing and terrifying and it's all happened so fast. Sometimes I think of the technological revolution as a speeding train without breaks....

Ah well, that's about it, as far as I can think. Now I've got to give Sheila her meds since she had surgery last week and still needs to be tranquilized so she doesn't rip out her stitches. At least she doesn't have to wear her stupid clown cone anymore.... (And she weighs 5.3 pounds of muscle already at seven months! Not as little a kitty as I was expecting when she was a tiny baby!)
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I'm pretty sure I'm still recovering from my weekend. In the positive sense. There was much revelry and lots of whatnot. And I played beer pong for the very first time in my life! It's terribly fun! And I was pretty good. Which was surprising, since my hand-eye coordination skills are well known to be lacking. I'm chalking it up to video game playing.

I finally took the plunge and actually picked up a copy of Radio K.A.O.S. I almost feel like a bad fan because I actually like a number of songs on the album. It's a bit lacking, yes - 8 tracks do not a rock opera make -'s not terrible and soulless or forced. A bit odd, and the 'story' could have used some work (too many shades of Tommy, I think) but not what all the reviews of the last 20 years have made it out to be. And whatever else one wants to say about Roger Waters, the man was a damn fine lyricist. Possibly still is, but all I hear is 'no new material, rawr!', so I assume he's not writing anymore.

Speaking of...while dealing with my psychotic break, I completely missed The Wall tour coming to Phoenix. I doubt Waters will do another Wall tour anytime soon, and I'm pretty bummed to have missed it. I'd give both arms to be able to see either Waters or Gilmour preform anything live, but The, that would have been something.

Ah well, at least it isn't as though I would have been able to go even if I'd known about it. And props to Gilmour and Waters for treating each other like human beings again. It's been too long.

I've also been digging Cage the Elephant. I discovered them when the most recent Bones season premiere used one of their songs and immediately went and grabbed their debut album. Very early 90s GnR/RHCP kind of sound, with soul. It's social political rock with solid and inspired musicality and meaningful, symbolic lyrics. I want this band to be big, because they are making the sort of music that needs to be made today.
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An update!

Going to get to meme tonight! Yesterday I ended up psyching myself out so badly over a contact snafu that I was a bit of a mess, and today I've been working my ass off. My ass, which by the way, is finally starting to tighten and firm. If you've ever considered those toning shoes, go for it. They work. I've got the Curves sandals, and in just three weeks of wearing them for walking I can see the difference it's making in my thighs and bottom.

I think my dad might finally be warming up to the little critters. I've caught him watching the girls, and telling my mother funny/cute stories about them. And today he was asking me how often they get out and handled, and said 'good' when I told him every night. And Sheila seems to adore them. She'll sit at the edge of their cage and put her paws or her nose through the bars, and the girls will sniff her and lick her and she'll lick them back. Pepper hates them, but considering she's a terrier, this is unsurprising. And she's gotten better about barking at them and bothering them.

Sheila is, somewhat surprisingly, the current darling of the household. To the point where my parents keep assuring me that I don't have to lock her in my bedroom at night. But if I didn't have her in the bedroom with me at night, she'd just sit outside the door and cry until I let her in. And anyway, they already have Pepper and Claudia in their suite at night.

Also, I've got me a housekeeping gig. Considering how absolutely miserable this week has been, today's been pretty damn good. And will keep on getting better, since in an hour we're going to Bonfire, Smoke'n'Stuff, and the farmer's market. And since my dad has decided that he really likes the way flavored cigars make the garage smell but won't smoke them himself, he has decided to just buy me a pack every couple of weeks. I am vastly amused.

Fandom wise, my two new biggest interests are Haven and Mystery, Incorporated. Talk about random. But Haven is made of awesome and win, even if I'm really sad about how last week's episode ended. And I love this theory I've read about Haven being on a Beam, which so completely works. I don't know why I love Mystery, Incorporated so damn much. Maybe just because it manages to hit all the things I loved about the classic series, but modernizes it and delves into the characters much more. And adds in adult humor! Plus, I'll confess, Velma's smoking hot. Seriously smoking hot.
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I tell you, it has been all about the Meat lately.

When did I get so incredibly boring? Ah well.

SSDD*, for the most part. Followed by a swift SOWISA**. I stripped the living room walls of my stuff this morning, almost done stripping my bedroom walls. Now it's just the stuff I put up high - my Xenogears doujinshi, my Stand character sketches and cover art prints, and my ship signs. My grandfather was once a harbor master, and I've a bunch of neat nautical things. Including some rather old signs from ships. They're wooden and hand painted and I'm so glad I grabbed them.

It's miserable and I'm sick and in pain, but I'm getting things done. I keep needing to take little breaks, but that's alright. It's only 8:30, I've been up and productive for a few hours already. And somehow managing to run on no caffeine and very little nicotine. And have managed not to turn into a raging bitch. I'm very impressed with myself, though I think I'm just too frazzled and tired to be angry or mean. Even when attempting to break free of a terrible chemical dependency, I'm still too emotionally lazy to be terribly upset.

Sometimes I think what [ profile] husband_brother calls patience is really just emotional sloth.

Also need batteries for my camera. I've been terrible with taking pictures of things, and we were bemoaning the fact that we have no real pictures of us. Other than in cosplay. And while we have nothing against cosplay pictures - quite the opposite! - we just don't feel that Haruka and Sugino are quite the photographic representation of us we'd like to rely on.

I need to go out and finish bagging clothes and washing blankets and crap.

I wish my brain was working. I really want to write a little RP companion piece involving the kids and Doom Cricket. Or possibly The Conversation.

I kind of miss Doom Cricket....

*Same Shit, Different Day
*Strap On Whenever It Seems Appropriate
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Things haven't exactly been going well, but I'm at least dealing a lot better. [ profile] husband_brother gave me an energy cleanse over the weekend, which I desperately needed and she is very good at. I've been really awful about letting the bad gunky build up. But it all got dispersed, and internally I'm handling things a lot better. The stress and everything else is there, but it's not controlling me. And it was really nice, because I've reached that point of 'NO TOUCHY!', so we could still be close and whatnot without anyone actually touching me physically.

I've been pretty much doing nothing but being insanely sick and house hunting. We didn't even get any RPing done over the weekend - even though we've ended up bringing the doom level down from a 10 to like a 4, I just wasn't up for even cracky verbal RP. But we do have at least one major scene set out. Though due to Anizona 2, when I went with [ profile] zinjadu and [ profile] colortheory, whenever a response is 'idunno', all I can ever hear in my head is [ profile] colortheory's response to being asked where Mori is. It was one of the most hilarious, lack-luster responses ever. (We were kind of in a hurry and pushing through a crowd, and it's hard to describe if you didn't hear it, but I've been randomly cracking up over it since Saturday.)

Um, obviously the response 'idunno' to a semi-serious question was discussed, which is why this came up. Though instead of 'where's Mori', it's 'where's your kids?'.

I haven't been able to get my head to a point where I can write or post though. Which is bumming me, because I realized this weekend that I haven't been keeping up with my usual de-stress stuff. I feel like crap and do nothing and sleep, or I feel stressed and spazzed and I'm working my butt off and then I sleep. And I've got stuff going on, too. And the desire is there...well, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

I'm hopefully going to be finishing up some stuff in my room today, at least. And just working my butt off all week, until [ profile] husband_brother's weekend off, and then we can hopefully have a weekend where one or both of us isn't feeling awful.
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I had a nice weekend.

Friday we ended up not going out to dinner, we just grabbed some Japanese food at Fry's and had a picnic in [ profile] husband_brother's room. We watched some TV, smoked and drank and cuddled and had Epic Fanon Discussions - she's an Avatar: The Last Airbender fan, too! - and just relaxed. We didn't get to bed until around 1:30 in the morning, and by that time we were so out of it and exhausted that we weren't even making sense.

At one point, I did end up alone chatting with her mother for a bit. That was kind of awkward, but also nice. Her mom assured me that she liked me, and she was excited and enthusiastic about this move, and thinks we're going to do wonderfully together. So that made me feel good, because...well...this woman is going to be my mother-in-law.

Yeah, I guess it's about time I fess up that I'm basically engaged. :D We never had anything official, just an adorable little discussion where it kind of came up. We both were just assuming, and even though we assumed right, it was still adorable.

Anyway, Saturday morning we did a drive by of that house. It turns out that she is very familiar with it! As is her whole family! And it's not too far from either her current place or my current place, which is awesome. We went out with her sister and her sister's boy (who really need official nicknames) for a nature walk through these gorgeous rock formations and hung out in nature for a bit. Then we spent the rest of the day watching TV, RPing, playing with henna and just plain relaxing and enjoying one another's companionship. I'm terribly excite about RP stuff.

Cut For RP Babble No One Cares About )

But we aren't just heartless bastards who do terrible things to the ones we love! We sent the kidlets to go get lost in the Lost Woods to ensure they will never know of the Doom. Because while we'll break adults (and Shineybottom), we will not break the kids. Even though they're teenagers, no Doom for them.

It's vastly amusing to me that currently the most functional, rational, capable person in this whole epic fusion is one who has only a passing acquaintance with sobriety. (This will change once Doom starts, of course.)

We had planned to watch a movie and camp out in the shed Saturday night, but by six o'clock we were both so exhausted and achey that we decided it would be best just to get caught up on sleep - especially as she went back to work on Sunday. I know I was out of it by eight.

Next week, she has almost the whole week off. :D

In other news, my sleep schedule's fucked due to the heat and ailments. I didn't get much last night, but at least I was up to catch The Revenge Society! And I got some writing done - I now have multi-chapter fic up at ff.n! - and I did sleep in a bit this morning. It was already too hot for me to be able to eat, but I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll get my allotment and be able to get some green herb to manage it.

My room is being eaten by boxes.
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I'm...actually really curious about this. :D

I remember when I used to be embarrassed upon being surprised in PJs and whatnot by random people working in the yard. Apparently I'm over it, as I spent a good five minutes companionably chatting with one of the yard crew in a sheet, face mask and shower cap this morning. It's hot, I haven't been bothering with PJs, and I don't have a summer robe. I'm sure my Seattle buds remember many a hot morning of me stumbling out in a shoddily tied together sheet toga. I've been pretty much doing that, since I get up much earlier than [ profile] nijawial. This morning when I emerged for my cigarette, the yard was full of people! And to my credit, I did not freak and run away.

Apparently the fence is being fixed today!

My brain finally appears to be working. I've actually managed to get myself back into RP a bit this morning. Actual, structured RP at CU. I've been able to post fine with Myre, but my Maria and Bert muses have been giving me trouble. They seem to be active and talkative today, though, so I'm not going to complain! Really, the only other RP I've been able to do is the epic fusion with [ profile] husband_brother. Man, it's been weeks since we had a session, and I am not even entirely sure what's going on. We wrapped up the gala, Nheva's in place (I think?) and G² did some Evil Plotting. Oh, yes, because they were using their epic series of Mirrors, Crystal Balls, Viewing Screens, Scrying Glasses and whatnot to spy on the gala. And be creepy and giant and evil. And occasionally burst into song... Mmm, evil plans. I've got to say, I've been enjoying revisiting two of my favorite character types. Evil Bastard and Competent Politician. Guh, I've missed RPing highly political stuff. I don't think I've had an actively political character, Fudge. That was years and years and years ago.

I feel productive. I did dishes, colored my hair, got posting done. Maybe I can finish that fic I've been working on for weeks...
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I have this feeling that I'm going to get a lot done today. You know how some days you just wake up with that drive? That's today.

Though I am somewhat bummed at myself. I saved a bunch of cards with contact info for fan artists I later wanted to commission. Most especially a particular artist who specializes in fairy tale versions of anime and video game characters. Now, I am obsessed with that kind of thing. Especially when it's terribly fitting. And her work is quite lovely. I decided that my housewarming gift to myself would be to finally commission art of Rapunzel!Ming, which I've wanted, a really long time now. For goodness sakes, that's the whole theme of my entire LJ!

And of course...guess which is the one artist's card I've lost? Yup. The one I wanted to commission from. *headdesks* Ah well. I do have another artist I want to commission some LO work from - the one who did my gorgeous Ming sketch at Connichwa - but I really do want my Rapunzel!Ming art. I think tonight, when in bed with my computer, I shall scour Deviantart and attempt to track down this mystery artist! (I'd look up her name on the back of the Swan Princess!Kagome print I have from her, but it's packed somewhere.)

It's terribly icky and cloudy and cold today. Which is bizarre, since it's June. And also bizarre that I'm feeling full of energy and whatnot on such a nasty day.

Alright, I finished my breakfast and the ratty girls are looking for theirs. Spoiled little things...
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Man, I've been active today! Which is awesome, since I've got a nasty summer cold that keeps wanting to knock me out. I went to the market this morning, to pick up a few special little things for [ profile] nijawial's birthday. I managed to get back and inside just before the thunder and lightening hit and the sky opened up for a quick downpour. Did some dishes, made myself a quick breakfast - sausage, bacon and cheese on an english muffin - and started prepping for pierogis for lunch!

I decided to use my gyoza wraps to make potato and cheddar pierogis. Filled with cheese, potato and seasonings, fried to a crispy golden brown, it is definitely a recipe worth keeping! Now I'm taking a break and watching 5 Ingredient Fixes on the Food Network. Damn does the host get extremely excited over every little thing! But some damn nice recipes.

I've been sending inquiries on properties, but so far no one's gotten back to me. I'm...starting to worry that we may have to compromise, and go for a duplex or triplex situation after all. It's a pity that the gorgeous Victorian duplex doesn't allow cats, as we have a cat that will be coming with us. I did send an inquiry on the place on Idylwild, because at least that's a house. Kind of. It's a single property/building that allows pets and smoking on property. Plus, it has a full bath and it's pretty cute in the kitchen. And the yard, while not fenced in, is beautiful. It's further out of the way than we'd intended, but...well, options are limited.


Okay, I really want whatever drugs Five Ingredient Fixes lady is on. I want to pour brilliant golden sun orbs out of eggs!

Actually, this is just making me think of all the cooking stuff I'd like to get. Especially as I'm becoming more and more bold and elaborate with my cooking.

I should try and do something about my pain...
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Whoot! I've been doing things! Yesterday I was massively productive, in all manner of ways. Firstly, I got shopping and cleaning done. I even cleaned out the fridge, and organized it as well. After that, I made a most delicious lunch! Crab rangoon and ground beef + gorgonzola cheese gyoza wraps with a peach mango dipping sauce. SO GOOD! Following that, I decided it would be a great idea for [ profile] nijawial and I to go to the square for ice cream.

It was a great idea. We got prickly pear ice cream cones. Delicious, homemade, all natural prickly pear ice cream cones. And then I ended up bumping into this dude I know, who randomly gave me a clove cigarette. That was pretty awesome. I was essentially dead by the time we got back, but after a bit of a nap I got some packing done, and ended the day with parmesan and basil crisps smothered in cream cheese, provolone and gorgonzola.

I've been on quite the food kick lately.

This morning I've been packing up my stuff in the living room and watching The Outer Limits. And squealing over every 'Haven' trailer I see. I can't wait, just one month!

I really kind of want to go rent Shutter Island later.
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Whoot, new icon! I ship it, I needed an icon for it. :D And I found my uber-subtexty screencaps, finally!

I made crab wontons from scratch today, and holy crap they came out delicious! I was a bit terrified of the whole deep frying aspect, but I did it without causing any damage to myself, the food, or anything in the immediate vicinity. And they came out sooo good. They tasted just like the ones from Canton Dragon. I had seven and wish I had more, but alas, that was all there was. I am so getting more crab and cream cheese Tuesday, because I want to make these a lot more.

I spent Friday night with [ profile] husband_brother, but I was so damn tired and out of it that I don't even remember what we ended up watching. But I got a good night's sleep, which is the important thing, and a bit of quality time.

The heat is here in full force now. Even my cross breeze isn't cooling down my room much, which is a pity. At least it's going to start cooling down in an hour or so.

I need to start bagging clothes. My piles have created a labyrinth inside of my room. But right now it's too hot, so I'm going to grab some ice cream and continue enjoying the SVU marathon USA has so kindly provided.

And possibly start working on a new mood theme...
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So, is anybody else excited about Haven? I haven't seen much buzz about it at all on the intertubes, and this makes me a bit sad. I know we've got at least another month before it premieres, but...

It's Stephen King! Even though he's not involved in the day-to-day stuff, he's a part of the team and he's excited with what they're doing. It looks like they'll be pairing it with Eureka, which makes sense. It's kind of the darker side of the coin, so to speak.

Man, I am feeling productive this morning. I cleaned out the rat cages, colored my hair - the red had faded - took out trash and scrubbed some counters. And it's only nine o'clock! I've discovered that as long as I blast my music and just pay attention to that, I can ignore the fact that I'm exhausted and hurting all over. And once more, Squire Ipod proved he is self-aware with this morning's shuffle choices. (Note: I do not actually think my Ipod is self aware.)

And a small rant on fic, I guess, that is far too small to bother posting to [ profile] fanficrants but bugs the hell out of me all the same. When Epic Romantic Scene is taking place, it is dawn! Am I seriously the only one who actually realizes this? It was just night beforehand, the sun is coming up in the background, that means it's dawn. Sun starts at the horizon in the beginning, and gets higher as the scene progresses. That is not sunset. I am so sick of every single fic that either references that scene or is a written version of it setting it at sunset.

*mops up after self*

SyFy is marathoning the X-Files today, but they appear to be all episodes I will not watch. This saddens me. :/ (I love X-Files, except for the episodes with aliens. Yes, I realize this is madness.)

One of these days, I need to make myself a new custom mood theme.
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I just realized that I missed a wonderful opportunity to use it on my last post, and am making up for it now.

I had to take a break from packing yesterday. I'm not sleeping, I'm having tummy trouble, and I'm in a lot of pain. And I am now officially out of all meds and painkillers, of both the natural herbal kind (including my teas) and the over the counter crap. But if I wait, I'll be doing all this during monsoon season. Some days, I can't even get out of bed during monsoon season. I need to get this shit done! So my brave companion Squire Ipod and I shall be throwing ourselves back into battle today. Even though we're out of potions and mana herbs. ;)

And if anyone is wondering why I so often present daily tasks as video game quests/battles... that's how we did it in my family. It's how my mother taught me to put things into scope and stick with something when I was a teenager, and it's a technique that has served me well. Though in those days she'd use specific battles. Usually The Evil Wall. That was always a favorite of hers....

I've been recently introduced to Yngwei Malmsteen. And I am digging him hardcore. It's like a blend of Dream Theater and Hammerfall, with a dash of old school Dio thrown in. If you like hard fantasy psych rock with a touch of metal, I recommend looking into him.

But yesterday was a pretty good day, even if I didn't get much done. [ profile] nijawial treated me to breakfast, and I got a lot of reading done. Plus, since I'm not sleeping well, I was able to catch the premiere of Ghost Hunters Academy. I'm already routing for Roslyn.

It's almost the weekend!
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I'd forgotten how indignant some people can get over the smallest perceived slight. And how some people can be remarkably dense and...well...silly.

Once more, I ended up getting raked over the coals by some random internet person over word choice. The last time it happened, it was someone bitching me out for using slightly racist terminology in dialogue. Dialogue spoken by a character who is canonically more than a wee bit racist, and has said much, much worse than 'oriental'. (It was a Venture Bros fic, dialogue was between Jonas Venture Sr. and Colonel Gentleman. Horace 'Bitches Need a Good Smack in the Mouth' Gentleman. Yeah.)

This time? Apparently it's an insult on par with skinning puppies to use 'queer'. As in 'the white stone floor gleamed queerly in the haze of the oncoming storm.' No, seriously, that's the exact line from the fic. At first I was just 'buzzah', until after a brief e-mail exchange I realized....

This person had no idea that queer is a synonym for strange.

This boggles my mind. The textbook definition of queer is 'strange or odd; unusually different'. When I pointed this out, I just got a 'you still shouldn't use it, it doesn't mean that anymore' reply.


Oh fandom, how I missed you. On the plus side, at least I know there are people out there reading!
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Well, I am officially out of useable boxes. But I have a great deal of books packed, as well as knick knacks and odds and ends. I need to start stripping my walls today, as my folks have offered to keep my artwork stored in their garage while I'm packing and whatnot, so none of it gets messed up. I have a lot of limited edition prints and a couple of original paintings, and I am rather...indelicate when it comes to packing. I have great fear that if I just took them down and propped them up here, I'd blunder into them or step on one or set them on fire or something. (Okay, that last one's probably a stretch, but considering some of the other things I've accidentally set on fire....)

So today I'll just be getting done sorting clothes, and taking down wall stuff. And watching the Stephen King marathon on SciFi. Langoliers and The Stand! Which means I get quite the dose of Laura San Giacomo this week! Mmm, Laura San Giacomo....

Also, hopefully The Stand will finish nudging my brain into the right brainspace for posting. While giving up caffeine - and successfully, I haven't had a caffeinated beverage in two weeks - has been great for my body, it's been not so great for my brain. Add to that all the kava and valerian I've been taking to deal with pain, trouble sleeping, and general exhaustion/pain from all the packing...

My brain is not doing so well. But! In between packing, I've been happily (mostly) galloping through A Song of Ice and Fire. I pack a box, read a chapter, and I'm about 150 pages into A Storm of Swords. And I was so excited when I started it, because that would mean I'd be all caught up...until I remembered the fourth book came out. I don't have that one. I got lucky and was able to snag the second and third for 25 cents each at the local D.A.V, but not the fourth. Hopefully I can dig it up at one of the thrift stores around here, because I forgot just how much I love this series. And it fills that need I have for epic, dark fantasy adventure.

I should try and dig up some breakfast...
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So, I went to Fry's and got my Coinstar voucher. I was wandering around, lost in music, and suddenly I'm grabbed from behind!

[ profile] husband_brother was there! It was completely random and awesome, and I ended up joining her and her sister plus some friends on a hike up through Wolf Creek. It was a beautiful day for a hike up there, too. And I did go in the water! I ended up with an awesome new bathing suit, as [ profile] husband_brother had this random one that was a) too girly for her and b) made for a taller/bustier/hippier woman. Which I am. It fit me beautifully, and I love it. It has a skirt and ties around my neck and a zipper and a buckle and I want to add some neat decorative things to it and make it my awesome fantasy RPG suit.

I'm exhausted and sore, and the tops of my feet are insanely sunburned, but I hit the shed and now I'm relaxing in bed with Sunday evening cartoons. We planned some RP stuff, which I'm super excited for! I can't wait to break in Nheva. She gets to show up to the gala in a slinky dress with her shiny new eyes and insinuate herself. :D Pity the kids will miss the festivities, but they'll be enjoying themselves killing monsters and exploring exotic new locals. And Link can fill in everybody on what they're up to, since they just sort of took off without telling anybody. Poor Valyn's going to keep getting mistaken for a halfblood now, which is just going to be damned confusing for him. We're hoping to get a session in tomorrow.

Also getting back to CU! Working out excuses for character absence now before I throw them back in.

I'm starting to like indie music. I discovered Portugal, The Man the other day and I've been digging them something fierce.

I really want some chocolate. I don't think we have any...
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I am absolutely exhausted this weekend!

Friday night, after a spontaneous trip up into the mountains, [ profile] husband_brother and I had our 'last hurrah' so to speak, before she starts working. We camped out in the shed again. It's really wonderful to be able to do that - it's an epic adventure, right in the backyard. And it was remarkably comfortable. We didn't stay up terribly late, as we were both exhausted. And sadly she had to leave rather early in the morning, but we had a great deal of fun and she left her brown mage shirt with me. :D

Yesterday I ran errands, cooked, cleaned and generally just got caught up on some household stuff. Before trying my new herbal blend and passing out after scarfing down a sandwich. I even managed to get a path cleared through my room, which is rather impressive. I vaguely remember watching some Jeff Dunham before giving up the ghost to sleep. That man almost never fails to crack me up.

I...have a bunch of internet stuff to catch up. I may or may not get to it today. I'm feeling terribly sleepy and content to do not much of anything at all today. It feels like a bit of a movie day. Pity it's Sunday, because curling up in bed with [ profile] husband_brother and some movies sounds like the perfect way to spend the day. And I do have a long list of movies I've been meaning to see....

I'm thinking I'm going to take the change in the change jug to the Coinstar thing at Fry's and see about renting movies.


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