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I'm pretty sure I'm still recovering from my weekend. In the positive sense. There was much revelry and lots of whatnot. And I played beer pong for the very first time in my life! It's terribly fun! And I was pretty good. Which was surprising, since my hand-eye coordination skills are well known to be lacking. I'm chalking it up to video game playing.

I finally took the plunge and actually picked up a copy of Radio K.A.O.S. I almost feel like a bad fan because I actually like a number of songs on the album. It's a bit lacking, yes - 8 tracks do not a rock opera make -'s not terrible and soulless or forced. A bit odd, and the 'story' could have used some work (too many shades of Tommy, I think) but not what all the reviews of the last 20 years have made it out to be. And whatever else one wants to say about Roger Waters, the man was a damn fine lyricist. Possibly still is, but all I hear is 'no new material, rawr!', so I assume he's not writing anymore.

Speaking of...while dealing with my psychotic break, I completely missed The Wall tour coming to Phoenix. I doubt Waters will do another Wall tour anytime soon, and I'm pretty bummed to have missed it. I'd give both arms to be able to see either Waters or Gilmour preform anything live, but The, that would have been something.

Ah well, at least it isn't as though I would have been able to go even if I'd known about it. And props to Gilmour and Waters for treating each other like human beings again. It's been too long.

I've also been digging Cage the Elephant. I discovered them when the most recent Bones season premiere used one of their songs and immediately went and grabbed their debut album. Very early 90s GnR/RHCP kind of sound, with soul. It's social political rock with solid and inspired musicality and meaningful, symbolic lyrics. I want this band to be big, because they are making the sort of music that needs to be made today.
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I've actually had a very good day so far today!

Despite being in epic amounts of pain last night. Oh boy, that was bad. I fell asleep on the couch, and my head slipped off the temperpedic pillow Nija lets me use. I ended up sleeping with my neck at a terrible angle, and when I woke up I had a knot that went from the round of my shoulder up to my skull. I got sick from the pain. But Nija was able to do something to break up the knot and it's practically gone today.

I started Tai Chi this morning. I'm not very good at it, but hey, I'm just starting. It is pretty relaxing. I want to go back to pilates and yoga, too. I think that will help me be loose and relaxed enough for the Tai Chi stuff.

I also have been cleaning, and I cooked! I haven't cooked in a while. I've just been so blah and sick and in pain recently. But I fixed us some Mexican for lunch, and we ate on the porch, which was nice. I have laundry to start and some more cleaning to do, but since LJ is back, I'm going to respond to posts first!

Myre is...becoming Darth Vader's apprentice. This vastly amuses me. I can't even express how awesome this thread is.

I'm still on an epic Meatloaf and Beatles kick. I'm not sure why. I'm also considering snagging the entire Matchbox Twenty album that How Far We've Come is on. It's sort of become the unofficial soundtrack to my NaNo fic.
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Feeling much, much better this morning. I actually turned to pills last night, I was in such bad shape. I pretty much stayed on the couch with an artful construction of pillows under my neck and back to try and ease the pain. I watched VH1 Rock Honors The Who, which was great.

I may not like The Flaming Lips terribly much, but their Tommy Medley was absolutely amazing. And Tenacious D covering Squeezebox was well worth the watching.

Tomorrow I am apparently going on a 'Girls' Day' with my mother, sister and nieces. While Girls' Days with family don't terribly appeal to me, I've been promised a stop at Barnes and Nobles and a bit of cash with which to purchase things from there. Hoping to pick up the next trade of Fables, volume two of Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo and the next VHD book.

And I really need to find out who around here will be carrying The Stand come September. We do have a comics shop, but it's kind of out of the way - even for us. But it is near my sister, so maybe I can work something out with her. She knows my love both of graphic novels and of The Stand.

I really do have a hell of a lot to do today, since I won't be around tomorrow, but I fell behind RPing last night. :/ Ah wel, I'll just have my lunch break....before I even start.

I have a freezer full of frozen paninis and piroshkis. This makes me happy.
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I remember saying, a few days ago, that clearly there had to be something in the water, or the planets are in some strange alignment. And I think the same goes for today, because my Flist is full of people who have just had Bad Nights, Bad Mornings, and Bad Days. And I'd say half of those were directly proportional to Other People Being Assholes. :/

So lots of hugs and well wishes to everyone on my Flist who needs it. I'm doing my little gimpy dance for you, even if you can't see it. ;)

Lost internet last evening, for longer than normal, and ended up feeling ridiculously sick and not sure why. I felt nauseous and dizzy, so I went on my deck to get fresh air, and I mostly just felt exhausted. Listened to Alice Cooper, and he actually said something that I've been trying to verbalize about today's music for a while.

There are no larger than life musicians right now. There are no David Bowies, no Mick Jaggers, no Pink Floyds, no The Whos, no Led Zepplins. There is no handful of larger than life rockers, and just a great plethora of smaller than life ones. He mentioned, specifically, that The Darkness in a unique position to revive that form of rock. Because they are a throwback to the mega glam rock bands of the olden days.

And I have to agree. Their sound, their look, their attitude... it's very musically anachronistic. And I do feel we need that again. I know I'm terribly biased, but I think it's time modern music looked to the past for inspiration. Remember the origins of these so-called 'genres', which have been warped and blended and meshed together until no one even really knows what genre they even play anymore. Harken back to the gods of rock, and offer them tribute!

Because as The Darkness proves (and the fact that The Eagles, Meatloaf, The Who, etc are all making well received comebacks but haven't changed their sound) the old ways are still good when it comes to strumming the old guitar.

Anyway...turns out I just overworked myself yesterday and wasn't putting in enough fuel. My healthy calorie intake is 1,300 a day....and I had maybe 360 yesterday, if that. So it's no wonder I was feeling like crap last night. I'm thinking putting off cleaning the bedroom until tomorrow, and reorganizing my work room today.

But first, a shower.
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[ profile] talia_speaks, [ profile] strych9chaitea, I was over at IJ, customizing one of my RPG journals...

And the Tweak saying when I saved my changes was 'Do you like muffins?'.

All I could think of was you guys.

(And no, I'm not spamming because of some bizarre counter-protest, I spam anyway mainly because my AIM refuses to work so when I have something I want to say, it goes in Mr. LJ.)

And to give this post some sort of content: dropped [ profile] nijawial off safe and sound. Now I'm cleaning while the turkey roasts for dinner. I went on a music spree last night, and I was able to get some songs that I absolutely love. And some crack songs, too. But!

I got this one song I'd heard years ago and fallen in love with. Years ago, on a mix CD of anime and game music I'd been given, I heard this gorgeous, eerie song. And I went 'oooo', as I am prone to do over music. It was listed as being on the SH3 OST. So I grabbed the OST when I decided I wanted that song on my computer. But I listened to all the vocal songs and it wasn't there. And I was very D:.

As I was playing SH4, I remember a particular cutscene where I turned to [ profile] nijawial and commented on the amazing use of music in the game. I believe it was the graphic cutscene in Subway World the first time. Because I heard a bit of the song they were playing and decided I really, really liked it. And half-heartedly told myself to get the OST at some point, but then I forgot.

ANYWAY! When I was redoing my IJ layout, I went looking for the lyrics to the SH4 songs. And lo and behold, there was the song! That beautiful song I'd heard about three years ago and have been searching for ever since, with only a snip of the refrain to go on.

It's 'Your Rain', which I guess I didn't hear enough of to make the connection. I only really remembered the final verse line, anyway - like a flower, in the basement, waiting for a lonely death. But I have it now, and I'm happy.

(No, I don't know why I never plugged the lyric I remembered into Google. Probably because I do have it on a CD so it wasn't that desperate of a need.)

I think I do want the whole SH4 OST, though.
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So, when [ profile] anna_daae was up here last, she introduced me to some new music. Mainly, Postal Service and Cobra Starship. I already knew Cobra Starship from the Snakes on a Plane song, but that was all I knew them from.

Turns out their other music? Is pretty damn good. And Postal Service reminds me of Death Cab For Cutie, which is a very good thing. So I went and snagged two Cobra Starship albums and one Postal Service Album.

Here, sample some of their music. These are the songs that got me hooked.

Guilty Pleasures - Cobra Starship

Nothing Better - Postal Service

So, sort of in relation to my last post, I've realized why I never bother to keep up with [ profile] fandomsecrets. Over half the 'secrets' posted, I don't see why they're secrets. I've been watching it for a week - because in the recent past there were two secrets posted that were directly relevant to my interests - and I find myself reacting mostly with 'why is this something that can't be admitted with a name attached?'. Which leads me to the only conclusion I can think of: a lot of people in fandom are douches, if so many people feel they can't admit to liking a pairing or disliking a show or not enjoying the work of a particular author or fangirling a particular RPer.

And that just makes me all the more thankful for my Flist, who mainly doesn't give a flying fuck what I like or don't like. (With a few small exceptions involving television shows.) And it's amazing, really, considering how massively huge my Flist is. But it is full of polite disagreement, and agreeing to disagree, and gentle teasing about more whacked out interests. As [ profile] attilatehbun once pointed out: that is the secret to true, lasting friendship.

And! I have not forgotten about fics owed! They will be written! You'll just get surprise fics at some point in the near future!

I need to find clothes and take a bath, because I am being dragged to the pub this afternoon.
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I'm exhausted. I've been on my sister's couch for a couple of days now, and I'm not sleeping well on it. Which isn't surprising, because it's a couch, and it's winter. But I'm heading home today!

Last night I watched last season's season finale of Heroes. It was good. I mean, I wasn't all caught up in suspense, because I've seen this season, but it was still good. And Petrellicest-tastic.

I also ended up finally watching an episode of Supernatural. I like it. I like it quite a bit. I need to go back and see the first two seasons. But I wasn't lost - it was apparently a stand alone episode - and I found the writing and acting very entertaining.

And I caught the premiere or Viva Laughlin. I really didn't know what to expect, but I was intrigued because music + casino drama + Hugh Jackman. So I checked it out, and I really enjoyed it. I was sold as soon as Hugh Jackman stepped off that plane to Sympathy For the Devil. I'm easily wooed with music. ;)

Speaking of, I got a ton of music last night. The soundtracks for seasons 1 - 5 of Scrubs, a couple Guns N Roses CDs, the Rock Album Soundtrack for Supernatural... they use a lot of damn good music in that show. Lots of Blue Oyster Cult, lots of CCR, I highly approve.

Death Note premieres tomorrow night on Adult Swim. I know a lot of my Flist is cringing over this fact, but I'm excited. In fact, I'm going to be recording it. I promise I'll put any squeeing under a cut. :D

I'll be posting my responses to the letter meme later today, when I'm back home.
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Hello! I am typing live from...My New Laptop!

Went and got him this morning. He's beautiful. He's a sleek, stylish, classy black Compaq. He's got a widescreen, HD capabilities, 120GB harddrive, integrated Wifi, and lots of other shiny features. And he is mine for the low price of 450$. Mmm, Best Buy. The sales guy kept trying to get me to buy something more expensive, but I knew exactly what I wanted. And now he is home and set up. Well, basically set up. I need to download LJlogin and all my other needed programs, but he's online and he's got Foxfire and I'm entering my usernames and passwords all over the net. Or, the parts of the net I frequent, anyway.

He needs a name. I shall ruminate on it a while.

Now! That ever fun 'new computer/hardrive/etc call....


Since this dude's got speakers and a soundcard that work! I can listen to music! I can watch DVDs! I can access Youtube! No longer will un-cut Youtube posts on my Flist cause my computer to seize up and die! Which, considering the amount of un-cut Youtube videos that get posted on my flist on any given day, is a very good thing.

Anyway! Send me la musica, please! Anything you think I'd like. You guys know my tastes, I think. :D

Now, to finish getting this guy set up.

La Musica

Apr. 28th, 2007 05:36 pm
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So I finished prettying up Citan's journal today, and I used two songs by Duran Duran for all the text. I thought I'd share them, because they're awesome songs, and everyone could use a little Duran Duran in their lives! So:

The Seventh Stranger

Lyrics )

Save a Prayer

I just really like the refrain and ending verse of this song.

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Orchids, by Stone Sour - This song always makes me think of Envy and Dante. Most Stone Sour songs remind me of the homunculi in some way, honestly. Don't try to be the one person who stayed just to say they never left me

Twenty Years of Snow, by Regina Spektor - It was [ profile] rivendellrose who first introduced me to this artist, and I love her music. She's twenty years of strangers looking into each others eyes, she's twenty years of clean

Dead Boy's Poem, by Nightwish - This is uploaded in honor of my newest RP character. I've always associated this song with Valyn, and at this point I'm not even sure why. There was so much I wanted to say to the ones who loved me

With Or Without You, by U2 - Sure, everyone probably already has this song, but I love it. And it makes me think of Hohenheim for some reason. You've got me with nothing left to lose and nothing left to win

Harbor, by Vienna Teng - I don't even know how I discovered Vienna Teng. But her voice is amazing.
Fear is the brightest of sins, the shape of the boundary you leave behind

Comment if you take, and enjoy!
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Here's some music. Because I have nothing much to post, really, other than whining.

So, it is my opinion that Cowboy Bebop has the best soundtrack ever. (Well, in my opinion, Cowboy Bebop has the best everything ever, but that's besides the point.) Seriously, even if you're not an anime fan, the music for this series is awesome. So here are my favorite vocal tracks, gathered from various Cowboy Bebop OSTs.

No one owes you, no one's to blame
Save for bad genes or DNA
Ask DNA, Raju Ramayya

Still sitting pretty with a pistol in hand,
Living to love you, will you be my man?
Cosmic Dare (Pretty With a Pistol), Reynada Hill

Mother used to say,
If you want you'll find a way.
But mother never danced through fire shower.
Rain, Steve Conte

Someday maybe
We'll make it right
Until that day
Long endless nights
We couldn't say them
So now we just pray them
Words That We Couldn't Say, Steve Conte

Ten thousand years I've searched it seems and now
Gotta get to you
Won't you tell me how
Call Me, Call Me, Steve Conte
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Hello hello!

I noticed that there have been a lot of new folks friending this journal, so I thought I'd do a little introductory blub, so folks know what they're getting into. :D And also, welcome, this place is kind of crazy. ;)

I'm Fey, and I'm a fandom nut. Most of what you'll find here is fan fiction, fandom babblings, RPG nattering, and various other completely inane posts. ;) Also I tend to talk about my better half, the lovely and talented [ profile] mikazuki, quite a bit. Along with our Ragnarok Online adventures!

Occasionally there will be a Real Life post. But my Real Life is rather boring, and most of my days are spent cooking, cleaning, tending to small critters and writing. Also there are lots of books and video games involved. I'm pretty much a big geeky homebody.

As for fandoms: there's a pretty wide assortment that I dabble in. Predominantly I write in Fullmetal Alchemist and Ouran High School Host Club, but I will also dabble in Babylon 5, Highlander, Kingdom Hospital, and really anything else that bunnies me. I run [ profile] scarlust, The ScarxLust Community and Sin and Salvation, the ScarxLust Archive, and I co-mod [ profile] fullservicefma - a place for all your creative FMA posting needs! I'm also addicted to fic claim communities.

As for RPGs: I play Lust and Maes Hughes over at [ profile] landels_redux, a multi-fandom survival horror RPG.

I don't believe in pairing wars. I don't believe a person's pairing/ship preference means absolutely anything other than they happen to like two characters together. Fighting over pairings is like fighting over breakfast cereal - it doesn't matter. Also, OT3s solve everything. ;)

As for non-fandom interests - I'm an advocate for animal welfare and I've studied criminal psychology.

Now, have some music: Ikea - A song about Ikea. It's hilarious, and I could listen to it for hours.

Now I need to do laundry and scrub down the stove, and then hopefully grab some lunch.
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It's that time again! Enjoy the music, folks!

Music Post! )
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[ profile] redbrunja requested that I upload two songs that I wrote fics based off of. This is back from when I did that random song write a fic meme thing. Anyway, I didn't want to post just two songs, so here's some more.

Even if you don't care about my fic, it's some awesome music! :D

Songs That Inspired Fic )
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Some music for you all on this Sunday. Just a random selection of songs I like: some Pink Floyd, some Dio, some Belle and Sebastian, some others... I included little clips of lyrics, too. Enjoy, and please let me know what you take. :D

Some Music! )


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