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There are so, so many awesome and amazing people on my Flist that I've sort of...just drifted away from. And I feel badly for that. I love my Flist. I love all you awesome, crazy people I've met through the wonderful world of the internet. My life would be nowhere near as rich and as fun and full of insanity as it has been if not for you. :D I hate being all general and whatnot with this, but that's really the only way I can do it. And I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for being there and brightening this little corner of fandom and the world wide web. :D

And I think I want to try reconnecting with people. I just really don't know how to do this. Is it going to be weird if I just pop up in people's LJs when we haven't spoken in months or longer? Do I care if it seems weird? Not so much, really.... But be warned, you may suddenly find me jabbering away in comments on your LJs. :D

And of course...if anyone out there is still feeling that way about me, here's a great opportunity to drop me a line! :D I know the last time I did a 'tell me things!!!' anon meme, a few people mentioned a similar quandary.

Anyway, that's what's on my mind today. I hit up all my RP threads already, took care of some email, cleaned something though I forget what exactly, and sprayed for ants. Later there shall be memege!

Happy Friday, everybody!
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So, I'm cleaning out my fridge.

I'm maybe a quarter of the way through, and already it has occurred to me that this is not a job that should be undertaken while sober. There are certain tasks, certain rites of passage that simply demand a shot (or two or three) of liquid courage before undertaking.

Clearing the vast Frigidaire Caves of their evil and ever-more-powerful denizens is one of them. One of the top five I'm going to say. There are reaches of this monstrosity that have not seen human eyes in almost a year.

But as it's only eleven o'clock in the morning, I'm forced to journey into the abyss with all of my wits and focus about me. What about a bit of herbal help, you ask? While smoking at 11 o'clock is much different than drinking, I will not be led into that trap! To smoke then immerse oneself in a land of hostile food is to invite disaster!

So here I am, armed with rubber gloves of protection and an apron of defense tied round my nose to guard me against poisonous fumes, about to return to the horror of the vicious and mysteriously stained caverns.

Wish me luck my friends.
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First up, I got this link via: [ profile] thewlisian_afer and it's one of the most awesome things I've ever read:

Stoned Wallabies Make Crop Circles

The title is not misleading in the least.

Now that we've started Monday off on a good note... ;)

Yesterday was a terribly lazy day. I RPed a little and mostly just hung out in bed reading Mercedes Lackey's magic horsy books. Except for a nice little break to run around with squirt guns and screw around with an old slip-and-slide we found.

It's getting really hot.

I did manage to stay up for Robot Chicken Star Wars Special Episode II, though! And I think I hurt myself laughing. Managed to wake up at around 8:30 despite the semi-late night, saw my parents, got laundry started, took care of the plants, got some posting done... So far, a relatively productive morning.

I kind of want to go to the Square and look at used books and candy. Those are two things that make me very happy.
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So, epic update is epic!

I've been really, really busy lately.

Friday I went with 4 dollars of quarters in my pocket and turned it into almost 30 dollars. And not by gambling! I bought cheap library books and sold them back to Hasting's for a profit. I intend to keep doing this for extra cash. Then it was up to Goldwater Lake again for feeding the ducks. We saw our familiar friends - Angry Goose, Happy Goose, Roland Duck, Eddie Duck...who is an absolute dick about bread, we discovered. (And yes, we were careful about what bread we fed them.)

Saturday my niece came over and we headed to Tsunami on the Square. Tsunami is a giant performance arts festival. Acts included world renowned groups such as Clan Tinker, Instruments of the Now, and others. We stayed until around 9 o'clock, and had the time of our lives.

We caught the parade, we grabbed a late breakfast of crepes and coffee, and got seats just in time for the traditional Native American dance. Then it was Irish Step Dancing, where I lamented that I've forgotten everything I ever learned when I was seven. ;) N and A were there and we said hi and chatted a bit, then they were off to try and secure talent for the festival they help run.

We got lunch, I bought a stuffed Jerry Garcia doll that reeks of cannabis - which means I slept with the original Captain Trips last night ;) - and we perused the vendors. Next it was a very creative musician who combined bizarre items, traditional instruments and technology for his songs.

We spent a great deal of time and the hula hoop and poi stand. D and I played with hula hoops - it turns out I'm actually pretty good, thank you giant hips! - and Nija discovered poi! Which she's damn good at. She bought a pair, had a lesson from the really cool woman who makes them, and is impressive already! I'm considering buying a hula hoop the next time they're here. :D

And I danced in the middle of the square, shoes off and hair down in the afternoon heat, not caring. I danced with a little girl and a group of teenagers in tie-dye, we sang along, we danced in rounds and circles...

I was exhausted by the end. Then came Clan Tinker, who were one of my favorite acts of the night. They're a family who perform in a traditional Victorian manner, with all the old standards. Sword swallowing, fire throwing, juggling, tight-rope walking, tumbling... All in full costume. They got quite a round of applause!

Following that we had a gorgeous capoeira demonstration from a group that ranged from four year olds to a 55 year old domo. They were incredible. We sang Portuguese call back songs and clapped.

And then, as Instruments of the Now, the fire dance troupe was setting up, someone taps me on the shoulder and asks if he can sit next to me. We're cramped on the courthouse steps, no room at the inn whatsoever. I look up....and it's one of the Clan Tinker boys. Still in full costume. We get to talking, and he's giving me the inside information on fire dancing and the troup - how long they've been doing it, their message, who was in the original troupe and who's new, what equipment was borrowed throughout the acts...

Somehow we ended up goofing off and cuddling and discussing the Grateful Dead. He liked my Jerry plushie. ;)

By then my back was killing me and it was starting to get cold. Having no medication and no jackets, we decided to head home. There we wound down with pizza and Venture Bros, and then crashed. Heavily.

Now I'm recovering. And I've decided I want to learn fire dancing. And possibly the harp.
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Apparently, my computer was momentarily possessed by demons. I stuck in an unlabeled CD to see if it was blank or not, and the first track was nothing but 29 minutes of static and garbled voices. O.o Then my net died and some programs froze - which isn't rare, but the timing was eye brow raising.

Track 2 was Sting's 'Message In a Bottle'.

I am now taking down the Wall of Art. The Wall of Art, for those who don't know, is my closet door. My closet is closed in by two sliding doors, the faces of which are mirrors. I'm terrified of mirrors at night, so I covered with beloved fan art, gift art that had been done for me, sketches I got at cons, prints 'd ordered, things like that. It's terribly sad to take it all down and put it n boxes. But! It shall grace a new wall soon, and be joined with more! Because once I'm working, I can afford to commission all that cracked out fan art I want. Such as Arthurian Henry/Eileen, and Brock/Naomi. Plus, I have some VB art to print and hang now.

Good progress is being made.
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So, I'm going through my Giant Drawer of CDs, and popping in all my CD mixes to rip them since I lost all my music on my computer.

Some of them are labeled, most of them aren't, and the ones that are labeled...are labeled by me. For those who don't know me IRL, my handwriting is atrocious. Worse than chicken scratch. This oftentimes means I'm staring at CDs going '...what the hell is this? That's not English! Where are the vowels?!?!'.

Generally I can make out roughly what it's supposed to be - such as 'Dolfce' = 'Police', 'Bcnx TX' = 'Fenix TX', 'Bagles' = 'Eagles' etc.

I found a CD that, as far as I could make out, was labeled 'X-Men Mix'. I was very curious as to what the hell I'd put on an X-Men OST, so I of course popped it in.

I was greeted with David Bowie's rendition of 'Little Drummer Boy'.


Oh. X-mas mix.

Can you tell I'm bored out of my skull with packing?
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Okay, every so often, I get to thinking about things like TV shows I watched when I was young, or books I've read. Nija and I got off on talking about what we used to read, and we were discussing horror/supernatural books....

And I remembered this book. Actually, a series of books, but I only vividly recall one - which I think is the second in the series. What I remember is this:

There was (I believe) a group of friends who solved supernatural/paranormal mysteries. I think it was two guys and a girl. I'm pretty sure they lived in New York. And the plot of the book revolved around werewolves. there was a new guy at school, and he was kind of weird, and there were these reports of animals being brutally torn apart - things like pigeons and whatnot - and I the school was putting on a play of The Hound of the Baskervilles. And the weird kid was a werewolf, and I think his stepdad had turned him, or it was his stepdad who was the werewolf, and to reverse the curse and become human again the werewolf had to swim backwards across a body of water.... Oh, and he was playing the Hound in the play. And I think the female friend was somewhere else, because I remember the main kid writing a letter to her, or something, and them doing werewolf research and having to coordinate with her or something....

And the main kid lived in an apartment.

If any of this rings a bell, PLEASE HELP! I am going nuts trying to remember the name of this book, and the author, and all that good stuff. I might be smooshing various books into one, but I know the Hound of the Baskervilles thing, the swimming backwards thing, and the pigeons being torn apart are in this book.

I know it's in my head, and I think I'm getting a headache I'm trying so hard to remember. :/

ETA: And I've tried looking it up, but everything has failed. Lists of werewolf fiction, lists of fiction referencing Hound of the Baskervilles, etc etc.

After two hours of searching, the database of the Mid-Continental Library system came through, with a function of searching YA fiction series' by genre. After trying 'paranormal' and 'supernatural' to no avail, I found 'The Monster Hunters' series under Mystery, and the book I have been desperately trying to remember for two hours: Mystery of the Midnight Menace.

I feel better now.
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Last night, I found myself facing the quandary of 'am I being a hypocrite or not?'.

As I lay in bed, my mind began wandering around various philosophical theories. This is actually a very common occurrence, I just don't bother blogging about it. Folks are here for RP babble and pr0n, mostly, not to listen to be painfully pull apart obscure transcendental theories. ;)

Anyway, to the root of my problem.

There is Theory A, which I dismiss, scoff at, and consider a complete and utter crock.

Then there is Theory B, which I cleave to and subscribe to and have been known to argue to the point of incoherency.

And therein lies the problem. To spare myself a headache, I'll just focus on one aspect of Theory B, which boiled down essentially states: all things are true.

By that logic, Theory A must be true, because it is a thing, and all things are true. (There's a hell of a lot more to it than that, but I just woke up, so bear with me.) So, if I truly claim to adhere to and follow Theory B, I must admit that Theory A, by the very nature of Theory B, is true.

I wrestled with this for a good hour before I came to the obvious conclusion that no, I wasn't a hypocrite, because I acknowledge Theory A, therefor the idea of its existence is true, and the actual belief system itself is immaterial.

And as I lay there contemplating that while simultaneously considering the venom tolerance of certain types of small rodents and the various properties of the Indian herb kadumenthys.....

I realized in a brilliant flash of understanding that I am not, as I formerly believed, going to grow up to be Kramer from 'Seinfeld', I'm going to grow up to be Wilson from 'Home Improvement'.

I had dreams about evil pirates, ghosts, Noah Bennet being the ultimate evil, and running from super spies. Oh, and living a double life as a traveling comedienne. I don't know.
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Home again home again, jiggety jig.

Will be catching up on things a bit later!

But I have one small little story to share with you all, and I imagine a great many people on my Flist will get a kick out of this.

My niece had had all of my Graeme Base books, as every young person should read them. But they're an important part of my youth, and I asked for them back a bit ago.

As they've been returned to me, I've been pouring through them and getting just as much entertainment out of them now as I did when I was younger. I was eagerly flipping through Animalia, enjoying the ever fun task of identifying each and every object on the page. For those who've never seen the book, each page (sometimes a full two page spread) has a sentence (all alliterated) and everything on the page starts with that letter, A-Z.

I was looking over the double page D spread, happily identifying each item and moving on to the next. On the second page, it went a little like this:

"Doormouse, dumbbell, daschaund, drawer, dragonfly, doberman, dodo, dove, Dr. Who, Dalek.....waitaminute...."

Yes, that's correct. I can't find a scan of the page to show everyone, but outside the window, in the lefthand corner, you can clearly see a dalek, the Doctor, and a donkey. I even had my folks look at it and confirm.

I am amused.
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Woo, am catching up with RP! And my ponies. And holy crap, Cabrilla's genes are...insane. And dominant. Three air foals, all essentially variations on the same color. Purple. I'm gonna have to start selling some....

I'm still feeling drained and weak, but other than that, I'm mostly alright. [ profile] nijawial! Let me know when you want to get together, now that I'm back on my feet! :D I'll bring video games and wine coolers!

I did a hell of a lot of reading while I was laid up in bed. Non-spoilery thoughts to follow!

Fables: Animal Farm: Wow, they stepped up the darkness and violence in this arc! And I'm not complaining, it just took me a little by surprise. Still very much enjoying this series, and love the characters. And I see what you mean about the art, [ profile] zinjadu, but I honestly like the changes. I kind of want to cosplay Rose Red at some point. I can't thank [ profile] nekokoban enough for getting me started on it!

Pet Shop of Horrors: Toyko V2: I think I actually do like the Tokyo series better than the original. I've always had a very soft spot in my heart for Pet Shop of Horrors - my first exposure being years and years ago, when I bought the 'movie' on VHS - bootleg, unbeknowest to me. There's just this wonderful Twilight Zone/Outer Limits feel to it, moreso in Tokyo than the original. And is it just me, or is there more humor? D seems a little more...whimsical. (And, um, I kind of want to seek out fic. I don't even know why.) Definitely eager to get my hands on the next volume!

Runaways: Tore through the second two trades, and holy crap! Love it. Love the characters, love the plot, love the twists, loved everything. And I can safely say that I absolutely loved how the pairings ended up. (I totally called one in volume 2, and was happy to see I was right and not just hoping. :D) There's...more of this series, right? I mean, it's still going on in monthly issues, right? Because I need more. Thank you so much, [ profile] attilatehbun, for sending me these!

I also read two of the Dark Angel companion books, which I very much enjoyed and...recommend to anyone who liked the show, basically. They're pretty typical for companion books, but the ones I've read so far make a damn good effort to keep the feel and world of the series preserved, which is a step above a great many other volumes for various series.

As for my whacky email from yesterday, I deleted it and blocked the email address, because as hilarious as it was, I don't feel up to attempting to investigate or figure out what this person has against me. I would have responded to the weird review, too, but it was anon with no email left. I shall only say that if someone has trouble finding fluffy Roy/Hughes fic on, they're doing something wrong.

I need to do laundry now, because I am completely out of clean clothing! Then it's back to RP!
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I was up relatively early for a Sunday morning - 9:30 - and was awake in time for my dad to wander down and offer me breakfast. I popped one of my pills and feasted on ham and eggs and toast, and it was delicious. I just ate the yolks, to be safe, but it was still quite tasty and I haven't fallen over in the fetal position with gut cramps yet, so I figure my pill worked.

Last night I lost internet, so I popped in the first DVD of Getbackers and zoned out to goofy fun anime. I also finally found a way to keep my new DVDs neatly displayed and contained in my living room. I dug out my box for that Death Note triple figure I got at Sabo, and it happens to be the perfect shape for holding DVDs. It's currently housing Getbackers, Saikano and Aeon Flux.

Speaking of, I think I'm going to bring the figure itself out here. It's currently on top of my bureau, but it's somewhat hidden behind all my PVC figures. And I certainly can't have those out here - well, I could, but I'd feel slightly awkward about it. It's bad enough when my dad happens to pop his head inside my bedroom and comment teasingly on the half or near naked 12 inch high anime girls all over my room. It would be even worse if they were in my living room.

This will of course ruin the eventual Steampunk decor I'm aiming for, but meh. I can put it on the shelf behind the television. It will look just lovely between my apple teapot and my Sanrio lunchbox.

I really need to organize my crap.

Piroshkis came out delicious. I ate two yesterday, and my mother heated two up for brunch today. The rest are in the freezer for later. We're trying the pub again today, despite our last two visits being less than great. But they have the best ale in town.

Thunder's starting up already. I should take my bath before it hits us.

I have over 1,000 words of a Death Note Steampunk AU mystery/thriller written. It's nice to be writing again.

I had one of those experiences yesterday that shakes you to the core. Not in a good or a bad way, it just shakes you. Stumbled upon the Livejournal of an old, old ex. I didn't read any of it - I felt far too close to stalkerish just looking at the userinfo - but it really hammered once more how far I've come and how much I've changed.

Apparently Sci-Fi channel ran out of bad horror movies to show. This almost makes me sad.
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[ profile] nijawial is here, and we have been busy little bees. Sewing, cooking, organizing, finalizing, etc etc. Had a horrible disaster with attempting to melt dark chocolate. I burnt it, and it was brownie like. BUT! A bit of milk and it was creamy enough to dip stuff in, so now we have candy sushi.

I finished up Nija's costume - screw pants, we went with a skirt - and I still need to make a couple of wig heads and pack. It's raining, so it's only a matter of time before my back starts hating me.

BUT! For the most part, I am excited. Kind of all over the place, releasing joules of nervous energy, flitting from one thing to another.

If it weren't for [ profile] nijawial, I probably wouldn't get anything done. Hurrah for Nija! And Sperm Bunny! But for the moment busy we're discussing super babies with their robots and explorers trapped in crystal koala dimensions.

Just basically wanted to update with 'not dead!' and all that, and heading off to Phoenix at early'o'fuck in the morning!

I am looking forward to the break!
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While taking part of that ever popular activity 'waiting for shit to dry', I decided I'd burn some CDs for the trip, since I've been meaning to do that for weeks. I grab what I assume is a blank CD - as it is in my blank CD tower, and is unmarked - and pop it into my computer.

Only for a folder to open up with the disc's contents.

Which appear to be... the Linux OS?


It is apparently a Linux backup CD. So anyone who has been over my place recently, are you missing a Linux backup disc? If so, it is in my possession and chances are I'll be seeing you soon - since the only 2 people I know of who have taken CDs out of their computers here since I last used my CD tower are [ profile] nijawial and [ profile] talia_speaks.

If it isn't one of you two...

Has anyone on my Flist had a Linux backup CD sucked through a wormhole? And if so, could you check and see if maybe it was taken in exchange for my PS2 controller?
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I was Bad today. I had ham and cheese roll ups and chips for lunch. Sweet sliced ham, plain old yellow American cheese, and normal chips. But I figure since I'm down to a 29 inch waist, I can afford to splurge just a little bit. And it's Sunday, and I don't feel like putting anything together for lunch. Hey, it's still well within my calorie limit for the day.

I picked up everything I need for candy sushi this morning, as well as some unflavored gelatin for cosplay wounds. I'm using the gelatin trick instead of liquid latex, because nowhere around here carries it. The local costuming shop went out of business a few months ago - I still mourn it's passing.

Yesterday I washed and brushed all of my wigs, so they look brand new. I'm quite pleased.

I need to steam and febreeze my AB!Lust costume, and I need to fix Sirius' fly mask. The warm weather has gotten to the horses, and they're being idiots. Rohan pulled off Sirius' mask, and the two of them began playing tug-of-war with it. It was rescued in the nick of time, and is now drying. And of course, I need to clean.

Stitched the mask, got some cleaning done. I could have gotten more done, but I was distracted by comics and wasted half an hour on my bed with them. Then I did some cleaning in my workroom and the kitchen, and while finding a place in the kitchen for my bento - on top of the bread box, it actually looks quite nice there - I was distracted by looking online at bentos and bento supplies.

I kind of want to get one of those Wal-Mart debit card things so I can order some mini-cookie cutters shaped like bunnies and strawberries and hearts and things so I can make cute little sammiches and stuff. Also, I sort of want one of these. HUSH! I LIKE NOVELTY THINGS! And imagine the lulz it will bring when I casually mention 'oh, I have to stick the humping dog into Watari'.

I still need to do my AB!Lust costume and a bunch of ironing, but it's dinner time now - healthier than lunch, roast beef sub with low-fat cheese, sliced cucumbers and pears.

I'll catch up on responses and posts sometime tonight.

AND! THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE DAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] talia_speaks! I won't get all gushy on you, but I seriously hope you've had a good one. You deserve it.

And do me a favor. No one mention pants to me, please? Pants make me go stabby stabby.
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I'm doing some heat-bonding for trim, and I discovered I did not have an iron. So I went and asked my mother if she had one. She said she did. She procured it for me and I gaped in horror. It looks to be about circa 1970, is covered with dust to the point where the orangish yellow surface appears gray, and gives them impression of being remarkably unsafe. It is dangerous. It is an iron from the depths of the ages, a giant unwieldy thing that looks as though it will leap from the counter and sear my throat in a fit of elderly rage. I can feel it's resentment at being woken from its sound slumber radiating off of it. It is an iron straight from a Stephen King novel.

But it's the only iron I've got.

Wish me luck.


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