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2017-02-12 09:01 pm
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Scar/Lust - HS AU - PG-13

Title: I've Always Loved Your Mind
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 1,225
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Isobel attempts to surprise Caleb for Valentine's Day. It has unexpected results.

I've Always Loved Your Mind )
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2016-12-29 08:19 pm

Borderlands Fic | Jack/Nisha | N-17

Title: Wasted and Ready
Pairing: Jack/Nisha
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,783
Warnings: Drug use, hard sex
Summary: Jack spices up a boring afternoon in Lynchwood shortly after Nisha's installed as sheriff.

Wasted and Ready )
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2016-11-05 08:23 pm
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Scar/Lust - HS AU - R

Title: Extracurricular Activities
Rating: R
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 1,187
Summary: It's called a 'chemistry lab' for a reason.....

Extracurricular Activities )
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2016-09-25 07:08 pm

Scar/Lust AU Fic

Title: Harvest Night
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 3,133
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Leynaverse. Scar and Lust spend a traditional autumn harvest in rural England.

Harvest Night )
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2016-09-20 03:38 pm
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AU Ficlet - Scar/Lust - Teen AU

Title: The Awkwardness of Adolescence
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 1,989
Rating: R
Summary: A pair of clueless teens attempt heavy petting in a secret attic meeting.

The Awkwardness of Adolescence )
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2016-09-17 10:16 am

AU Ficlet - Scar/Lust - Domestic Scenario - Leynaverse

A little domestic slice of life ficlet, Leynaverse AU. Scar and Lust with their first baby.

Scenes From Two AM )
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2016-09-07 02:03 pm
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AU ficlet- Persim Party

Title: Watching Henry
Pairing: Henry/Lust
Word Count: 521
Rating: PGish
Summary: Lust finds herself watching Henry. Often. And Thinking.

Watching Henry )
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2016-03-16 07:33 pm
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Scar/Lust Fic, NC-17, AU Verse

Title: A Crime of Passion
Fandom: FMA AU
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Wordcount: 2,012
Summary: An public incident leads to violence and far more pleasant private surprises.

A Crime of Passion )
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2016-03-01 01:02 pm
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Scar/Lust Fic, NC-17, AU Verse

Title: Tales From the Mojave: The Sordid Spring
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 1,508
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Scar and Lust find a hot spring, but it takes a backseat to Lust's leather pants.

Tales From the Mojave: The Sordid Spring )
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2016-02-24 07:09 pm
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Scar/Lust Fic, NC-17, AU Verse

Title: Primal Urges
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,171
Summary: Scar wins a back alley boxing match, adrenaline fueled rough sex follows.

Primal Urges )
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2015-01-05 09:23 am
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Korrasami Flash Fics!

Omg, I wrote fic! It's been years since I did that! But LoK has eaten my soul and I've gone all old school, voice testing Korra through fic first instead of RP.

So here's some Korrasami flash fics using a random 100 word prompt table I found online.

Title: Taking Shelter
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Pairing: Korrasami
Word Count: 471
Rating: PG
Prompt #42: Nature's Fury

Taking Shelter )

Title: A Helping Hand
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Pairing: Korrasami
Word Count: 489
Rating: PG
Prompt #60: Exhaustion

A Helping Hand )

Title: Hide and Seek
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Pairing: Korrasami
Word Count: 473
Rating: PG
Prompt #37: Mist

Hide and Seek )

Title: Impatience
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Pairing: Korrasami
Word Count: 437
Rating: PG-13
Prompt #13: Burning

Impatience )
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2011-07-06 03:47 pm
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Fic: From Whatever Lamp - (DT:W&G; R)

I think [ profile] mnschoen has been psychically pouring brain juice into me while I sleep. This is the only explanation I can think of for me to write two sizable fics in as many days, after so very long having no inspiration! I can't even blame it on the 'oooh, shiny new fandom!' thing here!

And for the two people here who read this fandom: Gunslinger Born covers the meat of Wizard and Glass, The Long Road Home and most of Treachery are fill-in info not from the novels, but the very last thing that happens in Treachery is also in Wizard and Glass. Which is why the spoiler warnings are bizarre and need quantifying. Because one of you is reading the novels and one of you is reading the comics but YOU CAN BOTH ENJOY!


Title: From Whatever Lamp
Fandom: The Dark Tower: Wizard and Glass
Word Count: 3694
Rating: R, language
Pairing: Cuthbert/Alain
Spoilers: W&G, Marvel run through Treachery ([ profile] husband_brother if you read ALL of Treachery you're safe to read this. ONLY IF YOU READ ALL OF IT AS THIS HAS MASSIVE SPOILER FOR THE LAST PANEL!)
Summary: Even as New Canaan falls around them, even as he loses his own faith in the gods he was raised to revere and serve, Cuthbert refuses to believe there is any darkness so great it could rob the world entirely of light.

From Whatever Lamp )
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2011-07-05 05:16 pm
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Fic: El Evangelio De La Miseria (DT: W&G)

So...this is for [ profile] mnschoen. Who is made of awesome and win. And we're totally doing a fic exchange kind of thing for each other and anyway here is my offering! IT IS NOT AT ALL WHAT WAS INTENDED!

Title: El Evangelio De La Miseria
Fandom: Dark Tower: Wizard and Glass/Marvel Run
Rating: R for language!
Word Count: 3,941
Spoilers: Uh...for Wizard and Glass and/or The Gunslinger Born
Pairings: Bert/Roland, Alain/Bert, Roland/Susan
Summary: There is what a man wants, what a man needs, and what a man gets. Fourteen year old Cuthbert has only ever given thought to the first....

El Evangelio De La Miseria )
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2011-06-30 12:02 pm
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Kind of. I haven't written FMA in a long time, so...apologies if I am rusty! Also, this so did not come out how I planned.

Title: Private Showing
Fandom: FMA (original anime)
Pairing: Roy/Hughes
Rating: R
Content: Masturbation, voyeurism
Summary: Hughes watches Roy sleep...with rather particular definitions of 'watch' and 'sleep'.

Private Showing )
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2010-02-16 08:54 am

Icon Used In Amusement!

I swear, I'm going to have to write drunken bestiality just to purge this!

Backstory: I started writing a fic. I still owe my girlfriend Brock/21 porn, but this idea just wouldn't leave me alone. I'm a good ways into it - slow going because it's new characters - and I know what I want to title it. I want to title it 'Dirty Deeds'. It works on a couple of levels, for the two characters involved. There's the obvious, since party A is a wealthy, influential dude and party B is, canonically, the dude who does his dirty work. But there's also the semi-pun due to the line 'for a fee I'm happy to be your backdoor man'. Because that's a long standing fanon idea about these two. (Paying for sex, among everything else, I mean. And by 'long standing fanon idea' I mean 'me, Nija and Sasuke think so, because Cheeseman is master of Bad Touch'. :D)

But...I know damn well that myself and the two other people* who'd be reading this will not automatically fill in 'Done Dirt Cheap', but rather 'Done With Sheep'. (Even though originally it was a goat. Sheep are funnier anyway.)

Also, I still want that 'You're my only friend, Mr. Sheep!' picture.

And yes, this update is completely random and pointless, other than the fact I'm hoping I can now finish my super porny, Romanesque man-sex fic.

*Not posting it or anything because a) like no-one on m Flist is into the fandom and b) I'm not actually done with the canon, and I hate posting things when I'm not 100% solid on canon.
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2008-12-16 03:14 pm
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Fic: The Second Greatest Gift; Brock/Molotov; R

Title: The Second Greatest Gift of All
Fandom: Venture Bros
Pairing: Brock/Molotov
Rating: R
Warnings: Frottage
Word Count: 1,067
Summary: On a stakeout that lasts through Christmas, Brock gets the closest thing to what he really wants.

The Second Greatest Gift of All )
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2008-11-23 11:31 am
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Fic: It Was a Mortal's Passion; Cynthia/Henry; R

Title: It Was A Mortal's Passion
Fandom: Silent Hill 4
Pairing: Cynthia/Henry
Rating: R/NC-17
Word Count: 1,000
Warnings: N/A
Spoilers: For the first world
Author's Notes: Slightly AU, in which Cynthia is able to give Henry the 'special favor' she promises.
Summary: It wasn't the sort of thing Henry normally did. But here and now, Cynthia's body pressed against him, he just wanted to feel something normal.

It Was a Mortal's Passion )
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2008-11-23 09:46 am
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Tell Me What You See

I think I'll just assume that I didn't surprise anyone on my Flist save for [ profile] talia_speaks. Or I'll knock off the memes, since this is the fourth or fifth one I've posted with next to no results. ;)

When the hell did I get so boring? Somehow, when I lived in the middle of nowhere and did nothing, I was more interesting than I am now. Mark that one up in the old irony column. And no, I'm not being whiny and emo over this, and I honestly don't care if people do memes I post. I just find it interesting. But I've always been interested in things like 'what makes an LJ entry eye-catching' and things like that. It's all about the writing, baby.

I'm just in a particularly strange mood this morning. I'm going to blame everything on hormones and let that be that.

My mother called me last night because she'd lost one of our traditional family recipes. Luckily I had it mostly memorized, and the internet was able to help me fill in a few gaps by looking up similar recipes. No Thanksgiving crisis yet.

I think I've wandered away from NaNo. This doesn't mean I'm going to abandon the fic, but I think trying to race to finish it in time will leave me stressed and worried and freaked out and massively disappointed if I don't manage it. So I'd rather save my sanity. Plus, both RPs have been massively distracting lately. ;) And I have another project in the works, and today I just want to write a lot of pr0n. So I think I'm just going to write a lot of pr0n today.

Maybe I'll do that shuffle meme, and write five pieces based on whatever songs come up, or something.

(Speaking of...I need more music!)
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2008-11-11 11:10 am
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(no subject)

I've spent the morning cleaning, and I'm feeling like I'm back to normal just because of that small thing. My dad's dropping by, so it was an excuse to kick my ass into gear and not just plop myself in front of the computer all morning as I've been doing recently.

I'm feeling...pretty good today, honestly. Despite epic amounts of pain last night - we very nearly got snow - I woke up pretty rested and relaxed and at a very normal pain level. It's nice.

I missed signing up for exchanges, but...I realized that's okay. Because I have a horrible history with exchanges. In all but a couple rare instances, I either never get anything myself, or I get so great.

I never did get my cartoon-canon Legend of Zelda pic or fic from the most recent exchange I was in. (Which ended last month.)

Way behind on NaNo, thanks to my computer falling as ill as I usually am. We'll see if I can catch up. I had an epic revelation last night, as I was watching the clouds spiral into a tunnel around the moon.

At least I'm done with the tripping scene.