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I'm afraid my 'little cold' had graduated into a full blown viral infection thing of doom. I've lost my voice, my glands are swollen, I'm running a fever, I'm coughing up terribly unpleasant colored god-knows-what....

On top of yesterday's symptoms of aches, coughing and a sore throat. [ profile] chocomimi took wonderful care of me last night, getting me some medicine and making sure I was comfortable and could breathe. I slept the most I've slept the whole trip - waking up at 10:30, instead of 8:30 or 9 like usual.

But yesterday was a successful trip! I now have in my possession wonderful Chinese oil that soothes muscles and joints. We also had delicious curry - gah, I love curry! - and dropped by a Kino's. Where I...spent money. Because I am powerless in the face of adorable Japanese things.

I need to make a few phone calls to try and work out some plans, but I can barely talk. :/ I head home today, something that is bittersweet as always. I've been having fun with Emi, and I'm not going to see her for so long after this. On the other hand...I'm sick, and home is home.

And I just realized I'm not going to be actually getting home until very very late, and this is if I'm able to make the shuttle.

Right now I need more medication and something to eat. And hopefully I can coax my voice back!
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At the very least, our luck seems to have turned at this point in the trip. We attribute this to a lucky charm [ profile] chocomimi picked up yesterday. ;)

Despite starting out late, we catch the bus in perfect time. We have the most amazing and delicious breakfast we've ever had. Jinky's Cafe is, hands down, the best breakfast serving establishment I have ever been too. I had pancakes topped with candied mandarin oranges, fresh shaved coconut and macadamia nuts. Talk about a foodgasm! And their potatoes! Lightly spiced and seasoned and heavily tasting of exceptional cheese.

Good way to start the outing, to say the least. Then we wandered down to the pier, into the thick fog and the damp. Of course, we had to stop by and see if the sewer had stopped leaking. You see, as we headed towards the eateries, we were assaulted by a thick, brown sludge gloop-glooping out from a crack in the sidewalk. Don't worry, there are pictures. The sewer was leaking, and the construction crews were unaware. As we walked by them, we mentioned the sewer spewing onto the sidewalk, and started a small panic in the poor man.

The leak was fixed immediately.

She Had What On Her Bladder?!?! - Fey and Emi Visit The Amusement Park )

Then we finished up with cotton candy and a walk along the beach at night.

We really do wonder how many people think we're on a date whenever we go out.

We headed home after a bit of leg stretching and window-shopping, then grabbed ourselves some fast food for dinner, and hit CVS for some cheap sparkling cider - which was drank at 10 PM. I also splurged a little and got a nice makeup kit (5$ with some super savings deal with the CVS card) and some salon hair stuff.

Rang in the New Year with various hot and cold pain medication creams and South Park.

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Dec. 29th, 2008 06:51 pm
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Wow, was today an adventure.

And not the epic, fun filled kind where you end up with a princess at the end, either.

After a rather hellish commute to Disney through epic traffic - forty five minutes to move five miles - we reached our destination. And then after another forty five minutes of waiting in the line to pay for parking, we discover the parking lot is full.

There are no spaces, anywhere.

We drive back out, and speak to attendant. When informed the lot is full, the only response is 'yeah, I know'. So despite knowing the lot is full, they're still telling people to park there. Bullshit number one. Bullshit number two came when we asked for additional parking. We were directed to the convention center lot, and then informed the park was going to be closing to new visitors, and we probably wouldn't get in anyway.


So we're pretty pissed, because they could have mentioned this long, long before. We're told if we come back on a less busy day, we can get our parking refunded, but we're basically SOL.

Then we decide to get gas and use the bathroom, since we've been in the car for an epic amount of time. First gas station won't take a card to pay for the gas. Second gas station has no available bathroom.

We find a park. A park with a nice big building promising bathrooms! But when we approach, the bathrooms are closed. There is a port-o-potty nearby. We go to use it, since the little thing says it's unoccupied and unlocked.

Only it is occupied, but unlocked. Cue a very angry screaming woman who insisted we should have knocked - because clearly an unlocked port-o-potty with an 'unoccupied' sign is occupied - and we flee to the other side of the building, to avoid further angry yelling or perhaps projectiles.

And lo and behold! More port-o-potties! Hurrah and Hallelujah!

Only not. Not at all. They are also locked. Now it's our turn for some yelling and tantrum throwing. I'm doing the potty dance at this point, and Emi is screaming obscenities. The construction workers nearby were unfazed.

We wander back to port-o-potty #1. I knock. I knock again. No answer. Slowly, I begin opening the door, ready to leap back at a moment's notice. Luckily - or so we thought - it was unoccupied.

It was also the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Worse than the port-o-potties on First Night millennium New Year's in Boston. I shall not go into any further detail regarding the port-o-potties, but we did leave the park no longer potty dancing.

So we called it a wash and went to Sawtelle instead, for delicious ramen and shopping.

And so ends our epic tale. Sorry I haven't been answering my phone, it's just been a hectic day to say the least.

Tomorrow we plan on pampering ourselves.
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I'm sick. My dad's been sick. My mother is getting sick.

Wracking coughs accompanied by mild fever. Oh, the season of the plague.

Caught up on sleep last night! Slept from like... midnight until 11 AM or so. And! Oh! [ profile] nijawial! I watched Paprika! Holy shit, that movie is trippy. Insanely trippy. It was beautiful and bizarre and one of the most existential pieces of animation I've ever seen.

I can readily admit there were parts I didn't understand entirely, but it's definitely a movie that needs watching twice to get all of it. And at least one of those times should be while completely clear headed.

I am feeling relaxed and rejuvenated from vacation. [ profile] chocomimi always improves my mood as is, but it was nice to get away and just chill with cool people. There was lots of movie watching, lots of wandering around in the beautiful snow, and lots of discussion of everything under the sun. And yes, there are pictures, I need to upload them and stuff. They're all on the computer.

Day after tomorrow we leave for PCC. Holy crap, I need to get things in order for that!

Oh! [ profile] jennifer! Thank you so much for the package! It was waiting when I came home, and everything smells divine! *hugs*

I'm vaguely inspired to write.
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Holy hell, it's 1:00 pm and I basically just woke up. Considering I got to bed around 4:00 AM, this shouldn't be surprising.

Yesterday I was seriously sick. Sick enough to break my vow of never throwing up in a public bathroom. Most of the day was spent on the couch/in 'bed' (air mattress of awesome!) and watching movies. Watched a lot of Miyazaki/Ghibli, and Kamikaze Girls. Which I really, really enjoyed. I want to get a copy for myself.

It's not freaking freezing today! And my cramps and nausea have dissipated - nausea completely, cramps almost completely. This has been replaced by incredibly dry and chapping lips. My blistex is useless.

Today is a Lolita day! Yay frilly clothes! (And before anyone asks, no there are no pictures uploaded yet. There hasn't been much of anything to take pictures of.)

[Insert witty, clever closing line here.]


Uh...hi. Yes. I have been slowly but surely turning her to the Pink Side. THE POWER OF FRILLS COMPELS YOU? XD; I dunno. I just woke up...literally ten minutes ago.


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Have I mentioned lately how awesome and amazing [ profile] chocomimi is? Because she is. Thanks to her, I was able to purchase this beautiful Atelier BOZ corset skirt. That's my big splurge. I know, I know, I need a blouse, but damn it, that skirt is gorgeous and the price is unbeatable!

Emi is also wonderful and amazing for lots of other reasons, but none that need to be aired in public. ;)

In a pretty good mood today. I'm considering taking a bath with some Lush stuff. Alkamaar soap or whatever it's called is actually really good. I got a sample of it in my order, and despite being named for cheese, it impressed me. It's a rich, lathery soap that smells much better on skin than it does in a bar form. And it's highly moisturizing. I may grab a whole bar at some point.

Sundays are lazy days, but I need to pack. I'm leaving for Salt Lake City in just a few days, and I have errands I need to run between now and then. My flight leaves at 8:15, which means I need to be at the airport at 6:00 AM, which means I need to catch the 4:00 AM shuttle, which means waking up at around 2:30, 3:00 AM.

I'm generally just going to bed around 3:00 or 3:30, so I figure I just won't sleep Wednesday night. Thursday morning. Whatever.

I am so beautifully sore today. The muscles in my thighs, my stomach, my upper arms... they're nice and sore from being worked last night. It's wonderful. And oh, the endorphins!

Go work out for like fifteen minutes. You'll feel great.
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And finally, Sunday! I swear, this is the last batch of photos! Sunday, Emi and I Lolita-ed up again! I wore my black Meta skirt, and Emi lent me her Novala hoodie and did something really cute to my hair for a casual look! My skirt had these bows on it that are detachable, and kind of make the skirt heavy so she migrated them!


But It's PINK! )

There is also some video footage, and once I have it up on Youtube, I'll post. You will all get to see actual evidence of Fey's spazzy gimp-dancing! In full Aristocrat regalia. In the Sonic parking lot.


I have 1,000 words written on a Valyn/Shadow Halloween fic for [ profile] obscurefandom. Shadow telling Valyn ghost stories in a tent in the middle of a storm. I love those two.
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Saturday's wrap-up! It was gray and drizzly again on Saturday, and morning was spent mostly in bed/couch/whatever. Afternoon saw us off to a late brunch! And then shopping, cosplay, Lolita and more!

I've Never Had Japanese Food Before )

And that was Saturday!
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Hokay! I am fighting to keep a connection like crazy, and Scorpy keeps flashing Blue Screen of Death at me. But there are pictures! So. Many. Pictures. And I must share them with you! Because this was an awesome weekend, and I'm so sad it's over. I go home in a few hours. :(

But enough of that sad, soppy stuff! Here, let me share with you pictures from Friday! (If you have both me and [ profile] chocomimi friended, you've seen this already.)

Cheer Up, Emo Ghost! )
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So, laptop trouble is essentially the battery going kaput. Combine that with us not realizing that you have to turn on the outlet I had plugged into.... yeah. Scorpy is still holding on!

While [ profile] chocomimi is getting ready, I'm taking a quick moment to update on our excellent adventure. Friday she took me to Temple Square and I had an absolutely amazing time. It's beautiful. I honestly can't put into words how beautiful it is. It's one of those places that defies the boundaries of human adjectives. And everyone sort of just assumed I was Mormon, which was a little bit neat, actually. I'll spare everyone the religious details, as I know not everyone on my Flist is as fascinated with religion as I am. :D But we talked with Sisters from all over the world, got a tour, had dinner at an amazing little restaurant on top of the Joseph Smith Building - guh, buffalo! - and then said goodbye to Temple Square. I am forever thankful to [ profile] chocomimi for taking me and allowing me to learn firsthand about the history of the place and the people who built it.

At that point, it was time to call a cab to head to our Haunted Salt Lake Ghost Tour! Which was a two hour bus tour all over the city, led by three professional story tellers. It was a great tour, the three tour guides were funny, friendly and informative. And we had some weird occurences at one of the stops that I'll delve into later, I think.

Yesterday we went out for brunch and ended up staying out until 10! We went to this awesome beauty shop where Emi talked me into splurging and treating myself. I bought a dress. A brand new dress. A Betty Paige dress. Blue with brown polka-dots and a retro cut. Then we went to an awesome thrift store where I got a down coat for 10$, a better Naomi jacket, this amazing brown leather jacket with sweater sleeves (for 10$) another suitcase to pack this stuff in (5$) and this cool handbag thing to go with my new dress. Oh, and we also grabbed quick Light and L cosplay outfits. Then we went to an amazing Japanese restaurant, I had authentic Japanese food and sake, and was very full and happy. We headed home and dressed up and baked....

DEATH NOTE CUPCAKES! We did it. :D I ended up dressed as Light and Emi dressed as Honey (Ouran) and we baked cupcakes. Pictures to be posted when they're on a computer! Then we ended up in Lolita, wandered around campus, watched some Avatar, a documentary on the history of illegal drugs, and finally crashed.

Now we're getting Lolita-ed up again for a day on the town!

I need to finish being bowed and beribboned, so I shall update again...some other time! :D :D :D

(Expect RP stuff to be posted when I return. Sorry, I just don't have the time right now!)
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I don't even know quite why I'm doing this meme, because my favorite characters/pairings are either blatantly obvious or have never been mentioned, so.... anyway. I FIGURE IT COULD BE FUN!

List ten of your fandoms and have your flist try to guess your favorite character and pairing from each. One person can guess as many times as they want, from as many fandoms as they want, but only one character/pairing at a time.

Memety Meme! )




(Today's post was either this, or a lot of bitching about religious ignorance and crap, but I figure we won't bother with anything heavy.)


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