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My computer just ate a very, very important file that I've been working on for...well...weeks now.

I don't even know what happened. OpenOffice crashed, and I rebooted and it said it had a file to recover, which I assumed meant it had saved at least a little beyond my last save. But it brought up a blank document, and when I attempted to open the file (which was saved) I got an error message. O.o

I'm trying very, very hard not to fly into a rage or start crying. For those who know, yes, it was indeed the monster revision file. I'm hoping I can get it to open in Notepad or something. If not...yay, starting the whole thing over.

Now I'm really glad I splurged and treated myself yesterday. I ordered this dress during the half off sale.

Went grocery shopping this morning. I brought my library tote bag, and bought two of the Fry's bags as they were on sale for 99 cents. All groceries fit into those three bags, hurrah! Got a lot of healthy and organic food. And some more soy milk, because it's not bad and much better for my tummy. Though I cannot put off doing the cupboard any longer. I...dread this task. It is epic and monumental. Moreso even than scrubbing the tub or cleaning out the fridge.

Wish me luck, my friends. *headdesks*
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First, ten things that make me happy:

1. Smoking delicious flavored tobacco out of an Arabian hookah.

2. Playing with a friend's adorable three month old puppy.

3. Watching Venture Bros.

4. RPing

5. Baking

6. How pretty everything looks with all the snow.

7. My evil yet adorable hamster.

8. Hanging out with awesome friends.

9. The Mystical Blue Glitter Ball.

10. Getting a good night's sleep.

Unfortunately, there are some things which are making me not happy. Mainly:

1. Lots and lots of snow.

I woke up to the strangest sounds on the roof. Almost like some giant animal was stomping around up there. In my groggy half-sleep state, I could only peer through the darkness at the ceiling, heart thumping, wondering what in the name of all that was holy was going on up there.

Eventually I journeyed forth from the bed, contemplating lifting my katana from where it's displayed. But I was still held by foggy tendrils of sleep and simply staggered to the living room where all became clear.

The snow had been so heavy that branches were bending and breaking under it, dumping great tracts of snow upon the roof.

Winter's not going out easily, my friends. Not by a long shot.
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Wow, setting your hair on fire is a great way to start the day!


Not too much damage was done, my bangs have just gotten way too long and caught when I was lighting my cigarette.

My god, did I gorge myself on cookies last night. We ordered Pizza Hut and had three boxes of cookies. I ate almost an entire box of Oreo Cakesters myself. I'm trying to bring myself to regret it, but they were just so damn good.

It's still rainy and cloudy here.

And now, a meme!

Name a character from any of my fandoms, and I'll tell you every pairing I've ever written them in, read them in, or even just thought about.

I think I'm going to spend the day writing, RPing and possibly playing Dokapon if all parties are interested. Or Obscure, which I had dreams about last night.
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The first Wednesday of the month turns shopping at the local Fry's an adventure. The sort of adventure one may not return from. The normally calm shopping center turns into a diabolical maze of danger.

I'm talking, of course, about Old People's Day.

My parents (certified and self-proclaimed Old People themselves) hit every Old People's Day at Fry's. It's worth it, as they get an extra discount on the whole order. And they kindly allow us to use their discount.

This means I spent the last hour or so being pinned against displays of cereal by irate elderly women, being cut off by madmen geriatrics in a rush for whatever shiny box of grocery goodness is especially cheap, and in one instance I'm still boggling over, having an elderly woman growl and slam her cart repeatedly into mine to try and make me move faster.

Then I was waiting in line, thinking I was safe. But no. Perhaps safe from the physical harm that lurked around every end cap display, but not from mental pain. It began with the elderly man who noticed my hat.

I own two hats. One is a furry pink leopard print expedition hat, the other is my Fruits Basket Haru hat. As I was in a black sweater and jeans, I donned Haru. This is the hat that was noticed. Then this conversation followed:

Elderly Man: What's that on your head? A deer or a moose or something?
Me: Oh, no, hehe, it's a cow.
Elderly Man: ...I've never seen a cow that looks like that!

He's never seen a black and white spotted cow? Yet he's seen black and white spotted deer and moose?

Then I get to the cashier. hand off my coupons, Fry's card, etc etc. There's no bagger, so I wander down to bag for myself. No problem. Except...cashier is keeping everything he scans right up by the register. So I call up that if he sends it down the belt, I can start bagging.

His response? "There's no bagger."

Nothing else. So almost all the groceries are scanned, there's no bagger, and I'm still standing at the end up the register like an idiot. Finally I just walk up, shove my stuff down, and start bagging.

Then a bagger showed up.

But she told me she liked my hat, and she was adorably geeky, so that made up for the fail beforehand.
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I can't believe I forgot this story.

So, during the 'trivia contest' - where we had no answers and one person who'd read the book years ago - there wasn't much going on in the answering department anyway. So [ profile] summoneddestiny was attempting to give clues. For one - I forget the question - she gave the hint 'it's a very bad man....'

And a small, perhaps five year old blond little boy leaps to his feet and exclaims, proudly and loudly 'JOHN MCCAIN!'.

We just about died laughing, though his poor mother just about died of embarrassment. It essentially made the night, and we were still talking about it a good hour or two later.

I mean, honestly, no matter how you feel about McCain, that was hilarious because it was a small, adorable child.

Today I resolve to actually get some cleaning done, since I did fuck all yesterday. And to do laundry, because I'm out of necessities. This means braving the Shed of Doom. Wish me luck.

And hopefully the asshole who blocked our driveway right in front of us (as in, we were standing on the porch watching and commenting as he blocked the driveway, then proceeded to...kick and throw things outside our fence...?) will move soon. If not... Well, I'll be looking up Arizona Towing Laws.
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For once, my subject line isn't a random lyric, it's actually relevant to this entry.

I am referring to the previous tenants who had the house before us. We somewhat questioned their sanitary habits before, but gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were in the middle of moving. And believed them when the claimed the stained linoleum was from before they moved in.

I call them hippies because they are the extremist tree-hugging sort. The holier-than-thou, sacrifice personal hygiene and common sense in the name of...whatever, and generally give the impression of being the sort to show up at PETA rallies with no idea why they're even there.

Our first clue as to their general shadiness - because all the above was generally excused, as we only met them once - was the fact that the lied to us about certain small details regarding the house. But we figured maybe they were confused, hey, it happens. They also lied about the landlady. That was not so excusable.

Then there was there staunch insistence that they couldn't actually be out of the house on time. There was 'too much to do'. That, in particular, makes me twitch. I had too much to do, too, but I still got it done, and so did Nija. But some pressure from the landlady, and they were out just a few days after they were supposed to be.

But oh, did they leave their mark. And I mean that literally, in some cases. Gouges and dents in the walls and doors. Stains on the floor. Crayon or marker on doors. A giant, freaking credenza in my bedroom. The credenza, which has proved too heavy for even the quite strong to move properly, was moved into the bedroom to cover a hole in a door. Now a normal person would either a) fess up (not likely with these people) or b) hang a poster over it. Not use a massive, unwieldy piece of furniture.* They didn't bother to clean the stove, which had years worth of gunk and mess in it, and just generally left trash and mess about.

And then there was....the fridge.

Not the fridge in the kitchen. Oh no, that was cleaned out. No, it was the hidden fridge they failed to mention in the shed. Not only did they fail to mention it, they failed to clean it out, and left crap in there to spoil once the power was turned off. Which it was. The shed reeks. The fridge is defrosting so that the waste can be removed, but for the love of all that is holy....

And on top of that, they stole the microwave.

The damn dirty hippies stole our microwave.


*The plus side here being it's a beautiful piece that will serve as a bureau.
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Go to my userpics and then pick:
1. Your favorite.
2. Your least favorite.
3. One that makes you automatically think of me.
4. One that you think I should TOTALLY use more often.
5. One that you don't get/needs more explanation/you have no idea why the hell I have it.


I actually had a good update, before I got dressed. Since I'm meeting my future landlord today, I figured I'd dress nice. Nothing terribly fancy, but something nice and relatively conservative. So I tossed one of my nice red sleeveless shirts and my black and white dragon skirt into the wash. Unfortunately, things came up, and I forgot about them until this morning. so I went to give them another spin and hang them....

And found my mother had thrown them in the dryer.

My one of a kind dragon skirt cannot go in the dryer. I put it on and yes, it has shrunk to the point of looking ludicrous on me. Instead of falling to my ankles, like it should, it falls to just an inch below my knees. Not to mention it doesn't wrap around quite as much as it used to.

I love this skirt, and now I can't wear it. And I can't replace it because, you know, one of a kind. And my mother gets pissed at me, because I left my laundry in the wash overnight. Which I apologized for - I've been a bit busy.

So now I have to find something else to wear, but this was the one 'nice' outfit I didn't pack. Everything else, aside from PJs, tank tops and grubby man clothes are all in bags in the garage. Other than my 'court' outfit, which is much too nice and business-y to wear to a house viewing appointment. And besides that, I'm seriously pissed about my skirt. Because this happens much too often. Is it so hard to check tags? Or to wait half an hour to ask me?

It's always something.
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Oh boy.

It's going to be another one of Those Days, I can tell.

Between the coyotes yowling up a storm right outside the fence to the dog going ballistic at some cat that wandered through the yard, I got very little sleep last night. Whatever, I haul myself out of bed around 8, I fix some strong coffee and wash my face and try and kick myself into gear.

I'm out of boxes again, so I decide it's time to call those old tubs I used when moving cross country into service. The only problem being that I have no idea what happened to the empty ones after we cleaned the garage last year.

I ask my folks, and am informed they're 'outside somewhere'. This does not bode well. It's not even 10:00 AM and it's already over 80 degrees out, and attempting to traipse across my property in search of mystical empty tubs is not exactly... well, how I planned to spend my morning, to put it lightly. They aren't in the dog run, as I'd assumed, and I hope they aren't in the shed because I've piled so much crap in there at this point that I'd wager they'd be inaccessible.

And now some Other Stuff has cropped up, because it never rains it pours, and I really wish I could just be left to my own devices to get myself packed and ready to move. And there's so very much I could say, but I've learned to bite my tongue to keep the peace. But... I can't do anything. I don't have much time. I'm going to be out of commission before too much longer, and I've still got so much to do. I have to focus on my life. This is what adults do. We have our own lives and bills and problems to deal with, and I can't just drop everything at someone else's whim just to be a shoulder to cry on.

I really wish I had something more interesting or more entertaining to post about, but I'm afraid my life - barring the occasional sitcom-esque mishap - is relatively boring right now.

And back to the grindstone.
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I looked in the mirror this morning and realized I look a great deal like a mad woman. My hair is falling out again, and it resists any attempt to condition it or coax it into some state of smoothness. Coupled with the tangled curls that refuse to untangle and the meandering swaths of white and gray....

I may as well just don all black and a pointy hat and be done with it.

I'm at least making progress on my skin, with better eating and more water consumption. I've fallen behind on my calorie intake again, however, so I really have to get on myself more to keep up with that. But I get caught up with packing and cleaning and going through things that I tend to skip two of my meals. And making them up in the evening/at night doesn't work, because I've been having those gastrointestinal issues at night again.

My mother's...lack of common sense or linear thought continues today. While informing me of some very important developments in the lawsuit, she suddenly pauses to inform me she bought Pringles, and what sort of Pringles she bought. She also just keeps talking to me, and making me stop as I'm hauling a large box of crap, without even apologizing for holding me up. This LJ entry? Was started at 9 AM. It's almost 11:30 now.


I was able to actually get a decent night's sleep last night. I had to practically sensory deprive myself, but I got a good six hours.

I'm still completely unfocused and ridiculously....well, at the moment, failing to find the word I want. But considering yesterday evening I ate and didn't even register I was eating, or remember I'd eaten afterwards until I noticed a wrapper, I think that gives a good indication of my mental capabilities at the moment.

And since I really don't want to end up with an LJ entry that too more than three hours to type up - especially because generally this would take me ten, fifteen minutes tops - I'm going to finish going through the stuff under the sink.

Any suggestions on what the hell to do about my hair are greatly welcomed. Otherwise...I'm chopping it all off.
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It's very rare I ever use that emoticon, but it sums things up nicely. I am doing better than yesterday, however. I have the most awesome friends in the world. *hugs to all*

I'm getting more RAM for my computer. I just went to my folks and essentially said 'look, this is what I need, this is why I need it, this is how much it is and this is where we get it'. So I'm adding 2GB of RAM, and Watari gets a second lease on life. I also found a completely packed but untouched pipe under my sink, so my emergency stash has been replenished. And as all I wanted last night was a way to fix my computer and my happy no-pain meds....

I was planning on baking and soaking in a nice bath today, but it looks like I'm heading back over to my sister's to watch the kids.

Anyway, I was pouring over my recipes and here's one of my favorites for a delicious cracker and spread platter. It's great for holidays, parties, tea parties, whatever, and it's remarkably simple.

Raspberry Cheese Spread and Cracker Platter


* 4 ounces cream cheese, softened
* 1 cup mayonnaise
* 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
* 8 ounces shredded Cheddar cheese
* 1 cup chopped pecans
* 1/4 cup seedless raspberry jam
* Assorted crackers - I tend to use Toll House.


1. In a small mixing bowl, beat the cream cheese and mayonnaise until blended. Beat in cheeses. Stir in pecans. Spread into a plastic wrap-lined 9-in. round dish. Refrigerate until set, about 1 hour.

2. Invert onto a serving plate; spread with jam. Serve with crackers.


Been catching up on RP. I always feel so badly when my characters are absolute jerks to other characters. I know it's IC, but I always feel badly. But hey, it makes for good plottage! And at least Valyn always apologizes after he's been a complete asshole.


So, some of you are familiar with CU, an IJ game I play at. Every so often there are these days where things go whacky. Coming up is Memory Theater Day, where characters will be broadcasting their strongest memories to other people. Maria and Henry are simple, but Dante....

What the hell would her strongest memories be? Any suggestions would be greatly, greatly appreciated from my FMA anime fan friends.

(Also, I love this day, because all three of my characters are fucked. Mostly Maria, though, as she's actively keeping secrets and her strong memories completely expose all of them. Seriously, the ending segment manages to lay everything she's been keeping a secret out in less than a minute. Oh, fun times!
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I'm posting this not only because I'm about to do mass amounts of physical labor and know I will be in worlds of pain and a foul mood in a couple of hours, but because there are most definitely people on my Flist that I want to steal this and post in their own LJ. I mean it! All of you out there having less than great times, take this meme and be loved! *hugs all around*

Anyway, finishing my media center today, cleaning the oven, laundry, baking once the oven's clean, bathroom, counters, vacuuming and scrubbing floors. Yes, that's my to do list for this morning. We won't touch this afternoon until it comes.


"Do you ever want to make an entry that says "LOVE ME, I FEEL LIKE CRAP," but that's kind of not a good thing to do because it's attention whoring?

"... Well. I don't care right now.

"LOVE ME GUYS. I will do my best to love you in return. I WILL NOT TELL YOU HOW I PLAN TO DO THIS, but I think it would be nice for everyone to have some love right now. You can even take this as a MEME and go attention whore in your own journals. Switch it up, make it a thing where people give you new icons, or write you fic, or bring their RP characters in to be obnoxious. WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER."

ETA: I was walking through my living room....holy fuck, Wolf Lake is using Chumbawamba's 'Mary Mary'. I've never, ever heard that song anywhere other than my computer/MP3 player.

I was walking through and heard the line I use in all Maria icons and fic titles and things - 'whatever happened to Mary?' - and it really just threw me off and made me excited and I had to share. Even the TV is offering love! ;)
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My god, stores hate me this morning!

So my dad, as he tends to do, changed his mind about computers, and ended up getting the exact twin of my computer, because honestly? It's cheap, and it works for what he needs, and after looking at Macs, we really can't afford one.

So anyway, it was off to Best Buy. I figured 'hey, I still have a little splurge money, I'm going to look for Origins!'. Of course, Best Buy doesn't have it. Best Buy doesn't have jack shit for games. They did have Persona 3, and for only $20 bucks, but I really, really want Origins, and since I buy myself - if I'm lucky - one game a year....

So I was frustrated, but hey, heading to the grocery store since the frozen wontons and fiber bars I like are on sale, plus the good turkey.

Only the damn place was out of all three.

My only response is: what the fuck?

So no game, no food, and I'm setting up my father's computer which adventure. Because the man does not understand computers and I have to repeat the same things over and over and over and over. For those of you who haven't heard the story: until very recently, my father was under the impression that internet hackers could somehow gain access to files in drawers in the house. Yes, I am serious.

I get the feeling that I'm still going to be handling the stocks and finances.

But I am going to Gamestop and Safeway tomorrow, so perhaps I can still get my game and at least my fiber bars. My god, I have to take so many fiber things I feel like I'm composed of 50% of the stuff. Drinks, supplements, bars, powdered mixes....

Anyway, I look good today, and my dad's taking me out to eat as thanks for setting up his computer. Which has probably finished installing updates by now, so I should go check on that!

Then it's back sekrit work. ;) Man, I haven't even checked my ponies today....
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This morning did not start well. At all.

I woke up feeling funny, and realized I'd managed to sleep on my right arm almost all night, and it was so asleep it may as well have been dead. After dragging myself to the bathroom only to discover no toilet paper and the dog had gotten into the dirty laundry, I staggered to the kitchen for breakfast - serial and an iced mocha.

Except there is no milk. Okay, fine, whatever. I head down to my parent's section of the house and see they are out. Most likely shopping, I'll wait and tool around on the computer until they get back.

Firefox won't start. I have no idea what the issue was, but it kept attempting to open then going directly to 'program not responding'. Then I remembered 'oh yes, that's why I was hardly on the computer last night, I had to do a bunch of scans and defragging and crap because it was being a pain'.

I restarted and it seems to be working now.

I have a fuckton to do today, so I am not going to be on Gchat at all today. I'm going to be focusing on the crap I need to get done.

This plan would work a lot better if I didn't have a copy of The Mist and a marathon of Kingdom Hospital on. Hopefully the fact that I have a donut, mocha and my favorite show on will improve things some.
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While I was getting laundry, the light burned out in my workroom/laundry room. And my house is a custom built job, so there's no such thing as a normal light. No, they're encased in fancy glass monstrosities, which require tools to unhinge just to get to the bulb. So I grabbed a chair, grabbed a bulb, and went to work unscrewing the glass cap. This in itself was a feat of epic proportions.

Get the glass off, make sure I have all the screws on hand, and change the actual bulb. Spend five minutes trying to get the glass cap back on properly, then try and screw it in. Two screws won't go in, one keeps falling. I keep having to get down off the chair, back up, do the process all over again.

By now my back is hurting, my arms are shaking, and I'm covered in sweat. I finally get the damn thing on right, screwed in, whatever.

It doesn't work.

I somehow screwed back in the dead lightbulb. The process begins once more.

The screws were dusty and old, so now my hands have that feeling like when I've had tarantulas crawling on them for an extended period of time. My arms are shaking, my back hurts, and I'm exhausted. From changing a fucking light bulb.

I want normal lights. Or at least for the light in my workroom to be solar powered like the rest of the damn lights.
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As I stood in my workroom after finally finding my light purple thread, realizing the date, that horrific sense of dread and 'there is not enough time in the world' came crashing down on me. This is entirely a new thing, but these last two days I've actually been in a good mood. I've been motivated. I got out of the house. I could move and walk and get around without being in pain, and I hoped to hold onto this through my entire upswing.

But then I realized the date.

Fourteen days. I have fourteen days to finish everything. Fourteen days. Fourteen days where I have everything else RL has me doing, too. And this weekend is shot because we've got the whole family over. And I'm shaking and trembling and feel like I'm going to be sick. I don't even have all the materials I need to finish my project. (My own, the things I'm doing for other people are all set.)

I forsee a great many all nighters in my future.

At least shaking and nausea is a touch bit better than the complete wreck I've been recently?

I have to go make lunch for everyone now. Someone shoot me please?
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Thanks to everyone who's wished me a happy birthday today. *hugs* I know I said I didn't want a big deal made of it, but I'm bleeding and depressed and so damn sick and it just really meant a lot that some folks remembered.

I've only been awake for an hour, and already it's been a comedy of errors that borders on epic. I would probably find it amusing, were it happening to someone other than me. Or on the television. This sort of thing is hilarious on the TV.

I'm put in mind of Sixteen Candles, despite the fact it's been a very long time since I was sixteen. The sentiment remains, with a few small differences. But I somehow doubt I'm going to end up having the time of my life with the handsome hunk later tonight. Most likely I'll have watered down soup, a bucket, and CSI since it's the only thing on TV that I haven't already seen every episode of.

I think it goes without saying that I'm still sick. Which didn't stop my folks from buying a cake, and then informing me they'll just eat it, since I can't. That's just great. I've been putting off opening a card from my uncle, since that's pretty much the most exciting thing I've got going on today.

I think I'm going to go back to bed.
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When I say 'that's the chair that's being used for my wigs and in-construction costume stuff', that isn't a prompt for 'well clean it off'. It means 'we can't use it for a dinner table chair'. I've got stuff that shouldn't be moved on them. My wig is in the middle of being styled, I've got a paper mache plaster type thingy drying on there, and on top of that I've got all my coats hanging off of it. But I had to clean it off anyway.

I really just want to lock myself in my workroom and work on my sooper sekrit cosplay for Sabo. Or write my epic crack-that-isn't crossover of doom. Or RP. ([ profile] chocomimi, if you want to start a thread, I can hit it today! Sorry about last night, Watari froze and wouldn't turn back on for a bit.)

Now I have to go hide a fuckton of eggs.

At least I look fucking adorable.

ETA: If there's cut fabric with trim half pinned to it on my work table, it's a pretty damn good indication I'm in the middle of a project. Do not pile dirty crap on it! I've got to unpin the whole thing and re-wash my fabric now. Wonderful.
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So the keywords in getting my ass down to Wal*Mart were 'I need the internet to make money'. I can't start selling things without it. So this morning at 9 AM I hauled ass down to town and ended up spending the rest of my money on a router. I realize perhaps my priorities are skewed since this means I have no money for shampoo or razors or whatnot, but I think I've got an old bottle of Herbal Essence around here somewhere.

Thanks to the folks who emailed me! *hugs* It was really, really nice coming back on to the sweet emails.

Without internet last night, I played Silent Hill 2, Harvest Moon, and watched TV. And wrote a great deal, because my mind tends to wander if not completely occupied.

I'm in the Prison in SH2, and I finally got nurse girl to marry me in HM: FoMT. I've now got Travel Channel's standard Saturday haunting and ghost story lineup on now, and am contemplating heating up some leftovers.

Ah yes, and I'm still irked over the checkout woman at Wal*Mart not only acting as though I was insane for buying a product she'd never heard of, but calling me 'little girl' when she couldn't have been much older than me.*

Don't you just love people?


*Upon scanning and giving me my total: "What in blazing hell are you buying, little girl?!?! What the... a wireless roo-ter? What in hell is that? Why's it so much money? All this technology crap... I'll never get it...."
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Oh sweet Trisha, mother of Elrics, what a day!

I was rousted at about 9 for tree hunting. I didn't sleep well last night - I was able to knock myself out around 3, but was woken up by my humidifier making god awful noises at around 4:30. Getting back to sleep was difficult.

So I get dressed, we go to the tree lot... and discover it doesn't open until 2 pm. Bless my mother, she never bothered to check. Or she did and she forgot. So cue griping and arguing about what to do, while spending half an hour in the parking lot. We head over to the hardware store to grab some hooks for the mantle and whatnot, then hit McDonald's for lunch. We've still got an hour. So we sit in the parking lot.

Yes, the majority of my day was spent in a Christmas tree lot parking lot. We get a tree. We get it home. We wrestle with it to get it in the stand. There is yelling and cursing and the dog is going ballistic. The cat attempts to make friends with the tree. There is more yelling and cursing, and the cat is out out. Branches need to be trimmed. The tree needs to be straightened. Still the cursing and yelling. It is a great fiasco. The tree, we discover upon finally screwing it into the stand, is crooked.

At this point, we say 'fuck it'. We turn the tree until it creates the optical illusion of being straight. Then the propane truck showed up, off schedule. More hysterics from the dog. Epic hysterics. She's throwing herself against the door of the bedroom we closed her into for the festivities.

I'm sore, achy, covered in sap and wondering why the hell I love the Christmas season so damn much.

But hey! We might get snow this weekend!
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Up at freaking 7 AM to wait around for the cable guy. Who doesn't show up until 11. And of course, at this point, the internet is out. My mother is running to the store, asks if I need anything. I tell her yes, I desperately need razors. Just a cheap pack of disposables, that's fine, I just need razors.

Cable guy shows up. He fixes the cable. The internet is being a massive whack job. I can connect to the network, but not the internet. The technician just sort of...barges over and stares at my screen, which I have issues with as it is. I bring up the internet info, he goes to look at the modem.

He exclaims 'hoo boy' and whistles. And then asks how that modem was even still working. Apparently it's a very old model that they don't even service anymore. So he takes it away, and gives us a new one. Tells me to call tech support to get it set up. I call tech support. They tell me to call the home office nearest me. I call them. They tell me to call some other number.

Finally, after about an hour of phone tag, I'm outsourced. And the technician seems to have no idea what I'm talking about. I need a new modem set up, that's all. The modem is there, hooked up, I just need to register it. He cannot grasp that I physically have the modem and just need to get it registered with them.

I hang up and try again. This tech manages to at least get my ID number for the modem, and then the call cuts out. At this point I say 'screw it' and just go through the generic rebooting process myself.

My mother has come home at some point during all of this, setting the dog off. I'm trying to talk to a technician while the dog is going nuts and my mother has failed to realize I'm on the phone.

Got the internet fixed. My mother forgot my razors. Out of Starbucks mocha. New development: my mother left large electronic things plugged in during the rainstorm. This caused an outlet to blow up - along with the head of one of our light up deer.

Send lawyers, guns and money. The shit has hit the fan.


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