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Just popping on quick to say: on the mend - fever's gone down, not feeling quite as craptastic - and today is a massive house fixing day! So I won't be on terribly much until later.

So far we've got one door fixed, and now we're working on the lights. And I'll paint my door, too. And should be getting shelves soon for my bedroom - I have two corner pieces, I just need to put them up.

Actually, I ought to go do that.

Oh! And [ profile] talia_speaks! Need to talk to you. I'll be heading down to Phoenix in the next couple of weeks....

Sent in my app for Myre at CU yesterday. *fingers crossed* Also found a bunch more pictures of her PB (a rather animalistic looking model named Anna Baliko) but I realized I have no pictures of her in her dragon form. And that there really aren't any - save for the craptastic rendering from the cover of the second book. I may end up looking for stock art of orange dragons....


[ profile] enigmablade, did the TV action figures last night? O.o I'm not sure what Ichigo and Kira are doing up there, but it looks rather questionable....

SPEAKING OF! I know I said it in person last night, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] enigmablade!

Okay, back to house work!
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Yesterday was pure hell as far as physical pain goes. I spent most of it on the couch, but when I did get up to use the bathroom or step out for a smoke, I needed my cane even just for that. I ended up mostly just laying on the couch making ungodly noises and watching movies that [ profile] nijawial kindly put in and took out of the DVD player for me.

It started a couple of days ago, but it was just the normal 'grawr, annoying!' pain. But as it's getting colder, and the rain is coming once more, I'm in for the pain that comes from the cold season. That's the worst of the pains there is.

But at least before I was rendered an invalid, I had a great day! Went shopping at this great thrift store with [ profile] nijawial, [ profile] summoneddestiny and [ profile] enigmablade! Got myself some cool jars and beakers and bottles, plus a beautiful blazer, some blouses, a gorgeous faux fur vintage coat and a sword.

Yes, a sword. It was only 16 dollars, and it has a lovely hilt and scabbard, and I know people who can easily clean up the blade. And the colors make it perfect for my Citan cosplay.

Then we headed to Pudge and Asti's for delicious om noms and delightfully potent drinks - at least for me and [ profile] enigmablade. Then the usual epic cracktastic fun was had, and we made our traditional drunken Wal*Mart run where we found more awesome decorations for cheap. And [ profile] enigmablade and I had way too much fun in the Halloween aisle with the masks and the weapons.

But around that time the pain got unbearable and I started spasming and that was that. I retired to the couch as soon as we got home, and we played Mario Kart and watched some more Venture Bros, and then bid farewell to our friends.

Yesterday, as I mentioned, was spent on the couch. Watched The Omen - the remake, which was wonderfully done - watched Secondhand Lions - not one of my horror lineup, but Nija recommended it as just a damn good movie, and I quite enjoyed it - and then Riding the Bullet. Which...I don't know. Generally Mick Garris is something of a God when it comes to Stephen King adaptations. He has a knack of keeping the feel and atmosphere, even when changes are necessary. Riding the Bullet? Reminded me at first of a quirky 80s John Cusack movie, and then just a generic scare flick. The scenes in the car with Staub were well done and followed the original, and the acting was good, but.... I don't know. It was like two different movies shoved into one and next to none of it had that Stephen King feel. After that it was America's Ten Top Haunted attractions, and we've decided to save up for a trip to Texas and Thrillvania next year!

My back still hurts - as well as my hips and legs - but it's bearable and I'm mobile.

Oh, and last but not least, Happy Birthday [ profile] lacidiana! I hope you have a good one!
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Yesterday, the Ant Problem reached critical mass.

After running some errands, I needed a lying-down kind of rest so I picked up my current read (Lisey's Story, by Stephen King) and [ profile] nijawial was unwinding on the other couch. We briefly discussed some sort of small supper, as there was company and pizza coming later, and headed into the kitchen to see what would suit the current need.

And that's when Nija saw them.

Covering the entire wall between door and refirgirator, on the cieling, on the trash can, a teeming mass of black ants. It was solid ant-mass in some places, so thick you couldn't even see the wall.

We gaped a moment, in horrified awe, before I grabbed the spray bottle and Nija flung open the door and we went to town on those suckers. I was a woman possessed, tense, hunched, firing poisonous shot after poisonous shot. It began to run down the walls, drip from the cieling....

Then Nija and Zorak and I went out on the porch to wait for it to dry and the death toll to rise.

Afterwards, with coating of dead ant carcasses on our wall, Nija swiffered the walls and cieling and floor below, removing lingering traces of poison and the bodies.

We have a professional exterminator coming out next week.

I Did Something to my back yesterday, too, and I don't know what. I was feeling the general overall pain and stiffness that's just normal after doing anything slightly strenuous. [ profile] summoneddestiny came over, and there was much hilarity and crack and pizza and Tiki brains, but then later, on the porch, I took a deep breath and was greeted with a crunching in my back. Both audible and physical. Then every time I moved slightly or breathed deeply, there was an unpleasant crunching round my mid back. Even Nija and Andrea could hear it.

Took a hot soak and slept on my stomach, but it's still feeling uncomfortable and weird this morning.

Sorry to everyone I'm RPing with, I'll be catching up later today!
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Was out and about for a good portion of the day! Took [ profile] nijawial home, got my shuttle tickets for my Seattle trip this week, went grocery shopping and some other errands. Then I got home and started going through stuff!

Holy hell, I'm not going to have to go to Joanne's for a year or so! I can't even list all the fabrics, lace, trims, ribbons and supplies [ profile] talia_speaks was kind enough to pass on to me. And I have a new book! And shiny jewelry! And pins! And Lolita accessories! And all kinds of other awesome stuff! I'll have to gather it all together and take a picture, if it'll fit inside the camera's view lens!

I'm feeling inspired to sew again tonight, so I'll be working on some things later, after dinner - BBQ ribs with lemon, baked beans, homemade french fries and a fruit salad - and trying to get back to things I'd been doing before the weather started to get to me.

It's ridiculously smoky today, with the fires. Everything's hazy and you can't even see most of the mountains. It's actually a touch atmospheric. Assuming I'm not outside in it. The heat's still oppressive and painful, but with the AC and lots of ice water, I'm doing pretty okay.

As I said, yesterday was great. We hit up Denny's - which had horrific bacon, sadly - and feasted, decided to head to Jerome than aborted due to time, and went to Lynx Lake instead, which was lovely. Got some great pictures. Headed to the square afterwards for ice cream, and hanging, and general awesome goofing off. We ended up staying late into the evening, until [ profile] talia_speaks and [ profile] classicyuppie had to get back to Phoenix, so [ profile] nijawial and I headed back here and hung out, long into the night.

Now I'm trying to figure out where to put my organized boxes, and wondering if I have enough time today to start my room.

I like having productive Mondays.
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Hi! This is [ profile] nijawial! I am posting for Fey while since she doesn't want to take her cast off. Never fear! She is standing right nearby making fun of me.

Mwhahaha, I took over. Because I finally had to take the cast off because the plastic wrapping began to stick to me.

Second day of con also awesome. Spent an hour with [ profile] nijawial doing my makeup, and damn was it worth it! Not only have I had people asking if I'm okay or if it's just really good makeup, a cleaning woman who saw me asked someone if she should call the hospital for me. Apparently, I look seriously injured. Luckily she happened to ask a friend of mine, since she'd seen us talking, and my friend was able to inform her it was all just costume makeup.

We keep getting compliments on it, and people who have no idea who I'm cosplaying as are asking for pictures. Always two: one front, and one back. One even asked for a small photoshoot outside while I was taking a smoke break. :D I've been kind of recognized twice: 'Are you from the Silent Hill where that guy carves stuff into people?' and 'I want to say you're from a Silent Hill, which one?'.

Anyway, let's just get right to the awesome pictures!

Don't Piss Off Walter )

I'm slowly getting used to only seeing out one eye. My depth perception is shot, which makes lighting a cigarette an adventure every time, and I can't see anyone coming up on my right side. Oh, I've also been asked if it's my real hair or not, which makes me happy, since I did the wig myself. As you can see, I ditched the shoes. Hey, if I were going through what Eileen went through, I'd ditch the strappy heels.

Bought some stuff, hung out, chatted with con-friends, and now it's relax time while Nija reapplies my makeup and touches it up. :D [ profile] talia_speaks is getting in around five, and we're meeting her at the hotel.

So far, freaking awesome con. :D
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[ profile] nijawial is here, and we have been busy little bees. Sewing, cooking, organizing, finalizing, etc etc. Had a horrible disaster with attempting to melt dark chocolate. I burnt it, and it was brownie like. BUT! A bit of milk and it was creamy enough to dip stuff in, so now we have candy sushi.

I finished up Nija's costume - screw pants, we went with a skirt - and I still need to make a couple of wig heads and pack. It's raining, so it's only a matter of time before my back starts hating me.

BUT! For the most part, I am excited. Kind of all over the place, releasing joules of nervous energy, flitting from one thing to another.

If it weren't for [ profile] nijawial, I probably wouldn't get anything done. Hurrah for Nija! And Sperm Bunny! But for the moment busy we're discussing super babies with their robots and explorers trapped in crystal koala dimensions.

Just basically wanted to update with 'not dead!' and all that, and heading off to Phoenix at early'o'fuck in the morning!

I am looking forward to the break!


May. 21st, 2008 02:29 pm
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You're officially braindead when someone else has to make your To-Do and Supplies lists for you.

That's right, my friends, Fey has hit a new level of non-functioning. [ profile] nijawial had to make my lists for me. And now her internet is being difficult, I am panicking, because apparently I cannot think for myself at the moment.

I used up the last of my brain power figuring out how to make my ponytail clip. Which I did without cutting, gluing, sewing, or wefting. I just took the whole damn wig - bangless, long curly one I had originally bought for Lust but never used - and molded the wig scalp around the banana clip, then secure it with black bands. Clipped it in, shook my head around to make sure it'd stay, and voila! It's now hanging up to dry after being washed and straightened some using the hot water method.

This means if I eventually do a victim!Cynthia cosplay like I'd like to, I can still use this wig.


Supply List So Far )

I know there's obvious stuff I'm forgetting. If anyone has any suggestions, please offer them, because if it's not written down I'm sure I'll forget it. We don't need another instance of Fey packing nothing but costumes and pants. No shirts, no undies, no bras, just pants. That wasn't a fun weekend.
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I totally just went on a big [ profile] damned friending spree. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while, and finally got around to. SO IF YOU ARE WONDERING 'WTF WHO IS CRAZY PERSON WHO FRIENDED ME!?!?!?!' it's just me. :D

I'd write an 'About Me' thing, but I'm not good at them and I'm seriously not that interesting when summed up in a nutshell.

For those of you who don't know, the whole Sabo-debacle has taken a turn for the awesome. With how hellish things have been for me (and a couple of my RL friends) lately, my dad has stepped in and is getting us a hotel room at the con hotel, and shuttle tickets for [ profile] nijawial and I to get down there.

Now I'm working my butt off to get cosplay things done. My cosplay is nearly done - dress is pinned, just needs to be sewn. I need to cut and style my wig and do one more prop, and then it's good to go. Then I'm making an outfit for [ profile] nijawial.

There is a Starbucks in the hotel, a Denny's within walking distance, and a Pizza Hut and Chinese place within delivery range. Plus free wireless in the rooms. This is going to be a wonderful little vacation for all of us.

I've completed wasted away my Sunday, and it feels wonderful. Though now I'm full of 'should be doing something' restless energy. I'm baking a loaf of bread after dinner, and tomorrow I'll be making pizza dough, but for now...

I'm just going to continue being a sloth.
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Mmm, vagueness for...vague reasons.

It took me about six or so months to start having sexual/romantic dreams about L, and I chalk that up as 'quickest I've ever had bizarre and interested dreams in a fictional character'. Especially assuming in the waking world, I really am not all that attracted to him.

I'd say the record has been beaten. Since this time it took me all of... well, went to bed at around 2 am.... we'll say five hours.

I think I just have some sort of fetish for blond, pretty, self-important teenage noble types. Or something.

On the video game front: played about fifteen minutes of RE4 for for the Wii. We're not going to talk about that! Then moved on to Mario Galaxy, which is awesome. Assuming I have [ profile] nijawial there to do water levels for me. And jumping levels. And any other level that I repeatedly fail at. :D And finally, after a mini-anime marathon, we popped in SH4.

Which led to some frustration. Every control worked...except the 'examine' one. Oh, the button worked fine, but not when we tried to examine. Both of us tried for great lengths of time. We restarted the PS2. I think I started chanting under my breath to appease the Gaming Gods. For nearly an hour we went at this, and nothing. I turned to [ profile] elendraug for help, praying it wasn't a glitch that would force me to return the game. Suggestions were made, none worked.

As desperation set in, I decided 'perhaps it's the completely nonsensical issue of my Pelican knock off controller just not recognizing the X button as the exam command!'. I was grasping at straws. [ profile] nijawial once more came to the rescue! She had her controller! An official controller! We plugged it in....

And it worked! And...oh, the things our minds gave birth to last night.

I actually have stuff I need to work on now, so I shall end this rambling, most likely nonsensical entry, and allow you all to enjoy your Saint Patrick's Day. Which I think is today. But I could be wrong.
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I'm pretty sure I got the last copy of Silent Hill 4: The Room available in town. I guess in the two weeks since Origins was released for PS2, it's become a rare and hard to find game. I figured I'd just pop into Hasting's and grab it while I had the money... Since I see it all the time for $16. HA! They didn't even have it to rent - all copies were out.

Gamestop had one used copy. No book, no box, nothing. Just a generic slipcase. And it's already doubled in price. But it's mine! And I shall beat it!

We played and beat Silent Hill 2 today, took 5 hours altogether, got the Maria ending like we'd been shooting for. Also poked around at various easter eggs and extras, and got an 8 out of 10 for ranking. Then we watched trailers for both Origins and SH 5: No Escape. Now we've got Shadow of Colossus in, and it's a beautiful game. Majestic, is the word that came to mind when I saw the opening sequence. The movement animation is also extremely impressive. I can definitely see why this game is used as an argument for video games being a valid artistic medium.

We've got munchies, drinks, video games and anime. Pretty much the best way to spend a weekend with a friend.

And [ profile] talia_speaks we drank for you last night!
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Mmm, epic windstorm. Internet has been kind of futzy because of it. Luckily that didn't matter too much last night, as [ profile] nijawial and I had movies and video games.

We popped some popcorn and covered it in nacho cheese popcorn seasoning, and settled in to finally watch Silent Hill.

As she pointed out about halfway through, it is a damn good thing we did not see this in a theater. We would have upset our fellow movie patrons very much. I honestly don't know if it was the movie itself our just the fact that we have extremely morbid senses of humor. Whatever the case, while Silent Hill did not scare or creep us out in the least....

We found it one of the funniest movies we'd seen in a while.

I can't count how many times we were laughing so hard it hurt. It was great. I did have to switch off my 'WTF THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!! -O- Graph', but once I managed to do that, I was able to get vast amounts of entertainment from this film. I'm very tempted to get myself a copy.

I could go into a huge dissertation on 'things that were horribly and traumatically wrong with this movie', but I won't.

Instead, I want to give two massive thumbs up to the set design and graphics people. They duplicated Silent Hill on the motion picture screen in finite detail. Everything was perfect, from the street signs to ads hanging in store windows in the background. And the creature designs were pretty damn good, too. The patient demon was perfect, and the nurse demons - despite looking as though they were going to break into a rendition of 'Thriller', complete with dance - were extremely well done.

And I now know that when people talked about the 'barbed wire rape scene', they weren't being metaphorical or exaggerating!

Though I do feel bad for Jodelle Ferland. Fourteen years old, and already horribly typecast...

And burning.
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After a hurried bout of getting ready, I headed off to the square to meet [ profile] nijawial for a leisurely day of winding shopping, hanging out, and possibly food. We hit some antique stores where I found a bell shaped white with black trim sailor skirt. It will match my sailor blouse perfectly! And? It was only 8$. Yeah, I had to snatch that up.

Had lunch at this amazing Chinese food place that has only recently opened for lunch. They used to be open only from 5 -8:30, but now are open for lunch. I got fried rice, noodles, pork filled wontons and a heaping serving of orange chicken, plus tea, all for just six bucks. And it was delicious. Not greasy or heavy at all, and the flavors were...just to die for. And the tea! It was a spiced tea, very warm and full flavored.

Afterwards, we headed off for ice cream. On our way, we suddenly wondered if we'd taken a wrong turn and ended up at a con. This was because of the three teenagers wandering down the sidewalk with signs saying 'FREE HUGS'. We pause, but they'd spotted us. And before I knew it, the male of the group was coming at me, arms outstretched and a hopeful smile on his face.

It was inevitable. I was hugged. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw [ profile] nijawial trapped by one of the females.

They said nothing, and we were left confused and disoriented and smelling faintly of hemp, I believe. We assume they were students from the local granola college.

Ice cream was had, and it was delicious. Also, snaps! Because we're clearly ten year olds. :D We had our ice cream, played with our snaps - and were approached by another crunchy looking teen who was telling us all kinds of little science fact about snaps - and then walked around, until we took a seat at a picnic table.

It was there we were approached by a tiny, tow-headed tot. Bearing gifts. he handed us each a stick. Then he wandered off, only to return later with more sticks. He then took [ profile] nijawial's stick away from her and gave it to me. He seemed fascinated by my skirt, because he kept poking it and looking up at me all excited. He wandered off again, and returned bearing a piece of a napkin, a cigarette butt, and some dirt for me. His mother was actually watching him the whole time and was trying to keep him from picking up cigarettes. And when he went for my cane, she stopped him and picked him up. We actually chatted a bit, and she was quite nice, and the child - Micah - was very sweet and well behaved and not in the least bit sticky.

Oh, and I got a new bath bomb at Aroma Works! Orange! And of course we laughed until it hurt at various intervals, and all the other fun stuff. And I got compliments on my skirt! It was a very nice day.

ETA: AND THE PLAGIARIST IS NO MORE! The fics were deleted today! HUZZAH!
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I slept a ton last night. Am still, despite that, sick with a cold. Stuffy head, massive headache, sore throat, etc. I had some pizza, and some tea, and I am contemplating stealing back my dad's controller to play some SH2 before I edit the final alpha of a custom hair mesh for one of [ profile] yashalover18's sims.

But right now, the promised swag post!

The Baby is Obtained )

Also, socks and fabrics and oodles of amazing lace, but my camera batteries died before I could get pictures. I have three whole lolita outfits now, and I am all happy. And we learned I rock Alice Bows, so I need to get myself some. :D
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[ profile] babel_fished: Community for posting Babel fished songs and guessing what they are. This came from me, [ profile] talia_speaks and [ profile] nijawial having fun with Babelfish the other night. It started with Mr. Radio's latest entry (which included some really great lines, not limited to 'insert me you will not', 'simply just squeeze' and 'beneath you I am deepest') and went on to all kinds of things.

We are so very easily amused.

I've recovered mostly from the convention! I went to bed at like... 11:00 last night, and slept until around 10. It was a nice long good sleep. Now I have a Dark Angel marathon and the most delicious coffee ever.

I had dreams about cannibalism last night. This doesn't entirely surprised me, because unknowingly becoming a cannibal is a favorite theme of mine. As far as horror goes, anyway. I don't know where it started or why, but it is the one thing that still is able to pull a shudder from me. I am not easy to squick or gross out or freak out, but something about being fed people always does it.

It probably has something to do with seeing the video for Another Brick In the Wall when I was like seven. Kids going into a meat grinder? Bound to mess you up some.

My parents just returned home with Burger King and cake. So much for getting back to eating healthy....
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My swag post! [ profile] anna_daae is off back to Phoenix, and I am doing the unpacking thing. Which will segue into the cleaning thing. I need to sort of organize my closet, I've realized. And invest in some hangers.


Some Of This Came From Goodwill, Hard As It Is To Believe )

I almost, almost bought the FMA artbook I'm missing - the very first anime artbook - but I passed, and I'm glad. Eri and Sui are much, much more coveted than that.

AND! THE BEST THING JUST HAPPENED AS I WAS UNPACKING! I don't know how it got in there, or how I didn't notice it the last three or four times I packed and unpacked my suitcase, but I found my panda earring! I was devastated when I lost it, and thought it was gone forever. But he was in my suitcase! Now he's back in my ear, where he belongs. :D

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Oh, I slept like a log last night. I was sound asleep until around 9:30 AM, when my parents woke me up.

I'm trying to form a coherent convention report. But I'm still tired and being Mr. Radio takes a lot of my brainmeats.

Saturday is when I debuted my artbook!Lust cosplay. And I was never mistaken for Envy! In fact, I have to say, this con holds the record for 'How Fast Someone Asked for a Picture'. I was barely out of the car in the parking lot when an Envy cosplayer spilled out of the car next door and asked for a picture. :D And I got lots of compliments on the outfit, and a couple people actually knew where the outfit came from. Most people assumed it was from fan art. And then there were the men who had no idea who I was, but wanted a picture anyway. One of these men compared me to Jessica Rabbit (most especially the scene involving her boobs) and one of them actually asked if I was jailbait or not.

There is a grown man in this world who entertained the idea that I could be under 18. That sort of made my day. Also was sort of creepy, but it happens.

I found two action figures that made me pretty much cream my panties, and ended up buying them. One: A Bome ComicCon exclusive, from 2005. She was inexpensive as is, and then she was 20% off. And then... Eri. My beautiful, beautiful Eri. And she was on sale at the booth of a dealer I've been giving business since I started going to cons in the Southwest - the one who recommended Saikano, the one who always gives me a free story image figure - so she let it go for 30$. Only 30$ for my beautiful Eri.

I took her out as soon as I was home, and her craftsmanship is amazing. There is motion in every line, and the detailing is incredible.

Uh... What else? Oh! I went DDRing with [ profile] nijawial! The nice people in the gaming room put it on beginner for us, and I took off my shoes and I didn't pop out of my dress. We hung out on the grass outside, because it was a beautiful day - Brother Unit was in the Gaming Room, kicking ass at Smash Bros - and we ended up wandering over to a panel that some Marvel artists were doing. I found it extremely interesting - even though the Lolita teaparty was drowning it out half the time and one of the poor guys had to move really close to our tables. But they were all cool, and it was neat to see what goes in to professional comic art.

I didn't go to the tea party, because I ended up forgetting one essential bit of my Lolita outfit, and if I'm not going to do it right, I'm not going to do it at all. We hung out back at the hotel for a while, watching bad movies, avoiding Comma Drama, and trying to find food.

We wandered over to the dance, and again, spent maybe five minutes then wandered off. At this point [ profile] anna_daae had to get Brother Unit home, and [ profile] nijawial was catching up on sleep. So [ profile] talia_speaks and I did pictures, and got some awesome ones that aren't uploaded yet.

Sunday... I will update on later.

And Now, Pictures )

Of course there's more pictures, but not uploaded yet. So...yes! And after I've unpacked, I shall post my swag!
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