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I had terrible nightmares last night. I suppose it was the zombie apocalypse, but the zombies were...strange shadow creatures. Except they were solid and had grisly detailing to them. I remember this one really big one, with all this blackened and crusted gore around his mouth. There were thousands of them, and a handful of human survivors trying to hide out and avoid them in this old hotel/school. Like I think it had been an elementary school that was converted into a hotel. I don't know. But I almost died quite a few times, lots of other people did, and until I was able to take control of the dream, I survived by hiding in an elevator cage with a mess of shadow zombies trying to break in. Once I was able to exert some control, I managed to limit the number and make them slower, but that wasn't enough and even fleeing into a lake on a boat didn't stop them.

Luckily, on Christmas morning, they all melted.

Yeah, I don't know. Other than I had a lot of cough medicine yesterday, plus shrimp. I'm going to blame them. It was one of those that leaves me shaking and not wanting to get out of bed - especially because it wandered close to HH territory, during a bit where I thought I was awake and stringing Christmas lights in my room to protect me - but finally Millie started barking and I had to. I'm fine now, except still feeling a bit drained and shaky.

Man, I just have to say that Twitter is really proving itself as a valid fandom platform. If you're not aware of the current Criminal Minds debacle - that's so insane and was handled so badly that a) the cast didn't even know and b) I didn't even believe it at first - the network has decided to fire Aj Cook and reduce Paget Brewster's role. Yeah, WTF? JJ and Prentiss are two of the most loved characters on that show, not to mention incredible female role models. But anyway, the bulk of the Save the Ladies campaign is happening on Twitter. And it's kind of awesome to see fans rallying in real time. I just hope that we're heard. I'll miss the show, it's one of my favorites. But I can't keep watching if they go through with this sexist, idiotic and insulting move.
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I had the most terrifying dream of my life last night. It was vivid, clear and coherent (for the most part). I'm honestly still shaking from it, and I stayed in bed with the covers over my head for more than an hour after waking up. I'm still afraid to have my legs hanging down off the couch, for fear something will grab me. Even in the sunny, warm, cheerful morning.

On the plus side, there's a story in that dream. I frantically Tweeted the important details in a jumble of disjointed bits, but there's a story in there. A damn good one, I think. I just need to hammer it out. And if it terrified me, I think there can be no doubt that it's properly frightening.

I was warned that Kava promotes extremely vivid and strange dreams, but so far the only thing I'd noticed was that my dreams were much more directly related to daily events. Such as: I read about the Bodyline half off sale, then dream Bodyline opens a store in the local mall and has a half off sale. I see that Mac commercial with Patrick Warburton and then dream (twice now) that he is my knight of some sort and opens Secret of Mana style treasure chests for me so I don't need to deal with the booby traps.

I don't know where last night's dream came from, other than the twisted depths of my own dark psyche. And the worst part was I'd come awake, scared, and then go back to sleep only to have the dream pick right back up from where it had left off. This continued for three rounds until I forced myself to just not fall asleep again.

It's kind of nice to know I'm still capable of scaring myself shitless.
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Mmm, it's nice to be back in bed with my laptop.

My father believes I have the flu, as it continues to linger quite spectacularly. I still think it's just a nasty cold that has found easy prey in my weak, soft system. I've never been able to fight off illness well, and with age it has only gotten worse. I am ripe for the teeming masses of viral marauders, I'm afraid.

I dreamed of Ganondorf and sacrificing John Travolta for a rare, hard-to-find Transformer. It was for my mother.

I am simultaneously playing three games right now, and feeling something of my old self. I've already spoken on SH:H, now I'd like to take a few moments to discuss the others:

Left 4 Dead: I think the word that best sums up this game, for me, is 'fun'. I'm terrible at this game, I will confess now. I shoot my teammates more often than I shoot zombies, I have no concept of how to control the camera angles, I still don't know how to pick items up, but I don't care. There's simply something remarkably satisfying and enjoyable about shooting things with wild abandon.

I do like the set up of the areas, though. Despite my utter failing at the game, it's very well made and designed. The zombies are varied and interesting, from their design to their methods of attack, and even how they die. It makes shooting them that much more entertaining. It fills me with glee. This is the game to play when there are frustrations that need venting. Mindless shooting of slack jawed, pus filled urban horrors. What better to improve the mood?

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility: If you are a Harvest Moon fan, you cannot miss this installment of the sleepy, life-simulation series. It is by far the biggest and most in depth of the games, with countless options in all aspects of the game. The farming remains the same, though the crops choices are nearly limitless. Already, in two months I've grown corn, tomatoes, strawberries, breadfruit, melons, cocoa, potatoes, onions, hibiscus, oranges, herbs, and crops that currently escape my memory. And there are far more options than that. Livestock includes the usual fair, but added in are silk worms, ducks, ostriches, and some even more rare and bizarre creatures. Rather than one town, there are now a multitude of islands you can traverse, all offering unique pleasures and sundry.

And the bachelors and bachelorettes! As usual, there are around 8 or 9 to choose from. But added to the usual dull litany of giving gifts daily and waiting for conversation to change, the chosen recipient of your affection can now ask you on dates, randomly drop by your farm, and give you surprise gifts and letters. And the Wiimote makes simple tasks into something much more. The fishing is akin to LoZ:TP, simple but satisfying. The tool set is not immediately handed to you, so you must venture out to seek out townspeople to trigger events.

This game makes you build friendships and interact with townspeople. It's impossible to progress without doing so. The plot is far more intricate and in depth than any other HM, but still revolves around the Harvest Goddess and her sprites - which are just as annoying and ultimately useless in early stages of the game.

I also have No More Heroes, which I'll start once I'm done with SH:H. And we have Obscure. So I am one content gamer right now.

I was going to babble about RP stuff, but I think I've already bored my Flist to death with my console game ramblings! I'll have to save that for another post, I'm afraid. Besides, it's nearly 11 and I haven't even gotten out of bed yet. I need sustenance and my morning absolution.
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I had another nightmare last night, that went hand in hand with the one that came before. There slight differences, but the gist of it was the same. My talents and abilities put on trial, and they did not measure up. Akin to the man in Salem, though with a writer's flair, I was crushed beneath the weight of my own words.

I'm not in the habit of recurring dreams. Recurring places, recurring people, recurring items - yes. Recurring scenarios? Practically unheard of. And it worries me that these dreams bother me. Both times I woke up shaking and clutching my pillow and frightened, which is unusual. The last time I had any sort of 'nightmare' that caused such a reaction in me, it was a hypnogogic hallucination and therefor I thought it was real. And the moment I realized it was only a dream, I was fine.

Either Secret Garden, Secret Window really did get to me - which I suppose it could, it did deal with some issues I've been dealing with lately myself, in regards to writing and some other things - or I do have some some subconscious problem.

Let's face it: I've been having trouble writing lately. A lot. I can't even write drabbles at this point. I don't know why, and I don't know what to do to fix it. And maybe this is something that's tearing me apart inside where I can't realize it. Hell, I've even been feeling rather apathetic and cringy about my own LJ posts.

I finished the novella. We'll see what happens tonight.

Speaking of, I'm afraid I must blaspheme. You will most likely never, ever hear me say this again in regards to the work of the good Mr. King. I hate that I'm putting this on paper, but why hide from the truth?

I prefer the movie version to the novella.

More on that later, though, as I don't feel like going into a compare and contrast. This entry is already getting long, and I have things to do today. Yesterday ended up being spent in the kitchen for a great deal longer than I anticipated, and then I lost internet due to the weather. There's snow on the ground and more on the way and I overslept again.

At least it's Sunday.
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I had bizarre and somewhat disturbing dreams last night. And I know exactly why I did, which I'm thankful for, otherwise I'd be a paranoid ball of angst this morning.

I essentially had a nightmare that I was pulled into a trial sort of situation by a bunch of people on my Flist, and my 'artistic merit' was up for debate. I was stripped and shoved into the middle of this circular room surrounded by the jury, and told I was a terrible writer, I was a terrible person, I would never amount to anything, that nothing I'd written was good and people were only humoring me because of my disabilities. I was told I was a disgrace to every single person who ever called themselves a writer, and it was time I paid for my crimes against the written word and those who read it.

Then it gets rather nasty and unpleasant and I'll spare you the details.

This is what I get for reading Stephen King before bed. I was reading a piece that dealt heavily with author insecurity and accusations, after reading one of King's essays on writer's paranoia and how he feels about poor reviews. Still, it was terribly unpleasant.

We're going to be getting snow and wind up to 60 MPH today. I'm going to spend the day baking and RPing, I think.
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Nothing like waking up to a bloody nose. Especially nothing like waking up to a bloody nose when your eye mask cord is tangled in your hair, and you can't get it off, and all you know is there's warm wet stuff all over you and it's pitch black and you're still vaguely remembering lucid-bordering-on-hypnogogic hallucination dreams about living with a roommate who has homicidal tendencies and a clowder of ghost cats outside....

It was a confusing wake up session, let's just leave it at that.

Apparently my dad ramped up the central air last night, which is what caused my nose bleed.

Idiot lawyers are at first amusing, then sad, then just damn frustrating.

I am going to finish my workroom today, no matter what.

I also think I'm going to be done with the first Artemis Fowl book soon! I've, ah, been keeping it in the bathroom to ensure I'm able to read at least a page or two at a time throughout the day. And completely forgetting to make any mention of it! Usually I'm all over talking about new books I'm reading, but I've got so much else on my mind! I've been enjoying it, though!

RP friends, I should be getting back to things this weekend! Though I might have Tamaki take a night off the Clinic, since I don't think there's any way I'd be able to keep up with that.

In my dream, I also argued with [ profile] attilatehbun over whether or not hemerine had ever actually been a word or not* - we were playing ritual Scrabble. I don't know. That's one dream I don't understand.

*Yes, it was a real word, but it fell out of use sometime in the mid 1700s, I believe.
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Forgive my whiny emo earlier, it's just I've only been up for two hours and already it's been One Of Those Days. There was crap I really didn't want to deal with on the answering machine when I woke up, it's still wet and stormy, and my paranoia launched into overdrive.

Now that I've had my morning mocha and smoke, I'm feeling better.

Lost power last night, which meant I essentially sat in the dark for a couple of hours listening to Nights With Alice Cooper. That man is born to be a DJ. And he knows his audience oh so well. And since it was Friday night, he played a lot of off the wall, rare recordings which I always enjoy.

I'm catching up on RP stuff! There's leftovers so I'm not cooking, I did laundry last night, I'm saying 'fuck it' to the cleaning, and my hands are in no shape to sew or anything like that. And as I said, I've got some exciting plans this nightshift! (And no, none of them involve the new areas. :D)

I had very bizarre dreams about James and Henry last night. Something along the lines of...James moving into apartment 303, and the two of them went bar hopping together, and talked about starting a band....

I don't know.

I'm so not getting my Silent Hill fic done by the 16th. I knew I wouldn't, but that's okay! It'll be finished and posted eventually.

I should eat. And see about finding room for my Getbackers DVDs, because I sort of want to watch that today - or at least have on in the background the episodes I've already seen.
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My god, I can't believe I'm going to be back in Seattle day after tomorrow. Huzzah! I need to pack! Not much, because it's only a weekend, but still!

I'm watching that Sci-fi show Special Unit 2. It's not terrible. Kind of a generic Sci-Fi show, but entertaining enough to have on in the background. I wish they'd marathon the Dresden Files. I do prefer the books, but I like the show a great deal as well.

Anyway! Had strange, strange dreams last night that I can't even get into describing. Strange hotels and being trapped in a video game, and stealing this girl's boyfriend and sharks in a pool and Starbucks....

Very odd. Here, have an RP meme ganked (this time) from [ profile] chaneystarr!

Here's how it works. You can ask any question to any of my roleplaying characters. I've listed them below! They may not answer you truthfully, but they will answer.

[ profile] damned

[ profile] lustful_thing - Lust
[ profile] felled_hero - Maes Hughes
[ profile] the_clown_king - Suou Tamaki
[ profile] ontheabyss - Lyta Alexander
[ profile] reanalyze - Citan Uzuki
[ profile] notmyfather - Valyn Hernalth
[ profile] fyeonly - Naomi Misora
[ profile] themotherreborn - Eileen Galvin

[ profile] rewritten (IJ)

[ profile] notmyfather - Valyn
[ profile] damselesque - Rena
[ profile] spiteful_thing - Myre

[ profile] chaosunraveled (IJ)

[ profile] my_private_life - Henry Townshend
[ profile] pecatus_regina - Dante

And I suppose you can ask things of [ profile] mister_radio as well, if you'd like. Other than that, I'm only doing current, active RP characters. There'd be way too many, otherwise.
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I have to finish cleaning today, but my mother's sick, so I really don't know how much I can get done. Well, there's very little I can do about that. This also means no Goodwill today, so I am stuck waiting to get my summer wardrobe next month sometime. Which is a bit distressing, as I'm going to Seattle next week. Where I will be outside in the heat. My Hello Kitty pajama top and bondage pants won't exactly cut it for being out and about.

These last few weeks have just been littered with all manner of problems and setbacks. I'm mostly numb too it all, at this point. Because I am seeing good friends soon, both within days and within the week. So I can't be letting every little thing get me down.

I do worry about making it through the summer without my back and arthritis and stomach rendering me an invalid, but there's nothing I can do about that. I'm still ridiculously off my feed, and I don't know when I'll be back to normal. I apologize in advance if I turn into a raging bitch in the next few weeks.

I have some sewing to get done today, too. Just a little bit, it shouldn't take me more than an hour or so. Got caught up on RP stuffs already, planned dinner, started laundry....

I swear, I had dreams about Henry and Steve from Ghost Hunters last night. I don't know, it was in a bar, and someone was saying they'd make the perfect couple, and we should set them up together. I have no idea where that came from, at all.

I should get to work, and see if my mother needs anything. I'll be about, on and off!
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Well, that was an interesting night. Around ten o'clock I had a pot of coffee. Yes, a whole pot. Hey, I needed to get things done. And I did get things done. I even took a break at midnight to watch my anime, though I don't know why. I've completely lost whatever the plot is of Bleach at this point - technically I lost it a long time ago, really - and I don't like the second half of Death Note. But I watch anyway. Bleach has a great deal of fan-service, and I am weak in the face of that much bouncing breast. And Death Note remains beautifully animated.

After two hours of imported television, my neck was starting to hurt. I moved into the bedroom and decided I'd lay down and watch something on Youtube or some of my anime that's on my list. I'm seriously not sure what happened, but one minute I'm lying there watching Youtube and it's around a quarter to five, the next I'm waking up and it's light out....

And my computer is still on my bed, unplugged now, the battery run down. I panic, because I am afraid I damaged poor Watari. I didn't.

I also had the most bizarre dream I've had in a while. I was in Las Vegas for a convention, and there were all these murders, and the mafia was somehow involved. I was a superhero but I'd lost my power, and I kept going into the pool - which was disgusting and weird - to try and find this artifact to give me back my powers. And Hohenheim was there, and we were going back up to our hotel room, and Benton Fraser was there sitting in a chair doing security or something, and we started talking, and I ended up in his lap and I invited him back to my hotel room and he said something about preferring to go 'blow for blow' right there, and Hohenheim and I started laughing at the innuendo that Fraser didn't get, and then we all went back to the hotel room and the next bit is censored for general audiences. There was also something about Mello being a supervillian with like...rock powers, and pigtails, and an army of midgets. And I somehow got my powers back but I couldn't control them and I accidentally sent myself into space....

I don't know. Very, very messed up.
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Man, today is just... an awesome day of awesome. And apparently I'm giddy. I can buy that. The strangest things are making me just laugh out loud. Not even actually funny things, things are just hitting me funny.

My mother went so far to ask if I'd been smoking up, because I'm sitting here at my computer writing something fairly typical - just some note taking fic type stuff - and a sentence I wrote just struck me as funny. And I started laughing. And then a particular song came on and I just lost it, doubled over, cracking up.

And my mother asked what was so funny, so I read her the sentence, and she just stared at me wondering what was so damn funny about an uncleaned cat litter box. Honestly? Nothing. I'm just in such a good mood. An honestly good mood. Which is wonderful, since last night I was still bizarrely emotional and weepy. O.o

WHICH REMINDS ME! [ profile] talia_speaks, clearly we've been talking too much, because you have invaded my dreams in bizarre and unexpected ways. I had this dream that me, you, [ profile] nijawial and your boyfriend - I don't think it was actually [ profile] classicyuppie, it was just some generic guy - were at a con. And I'm pretty sure some folks from Scrubs were involved, but they weren't pivotal. Like I think we were all hanging in the room - which had bunk beds - and JD came over asking to borrow a computer chord.

ANYWAY!, me and your boyfriend ended up in some kind of polyamorous relationship. And I fell asleep on the floor, and you were on the top bunk, and he picked me up and tried to put me up there with you, but I was too heavy and he left me on the edge and you were like 'dude, she's gonna fall off!' and then I did, and I woke up and was confused, and that's when there was some kind of zombie attack.

I have bread dough rising and paint drying now. Is a good day.
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Yeah, my body does not function this early.

I just thought I'd share what I remember of my seriously disjointed and fucked up dreams last night.

I'm with [ profile] nijawial, [ profile] talia_speaks and Eileen (from SH4) in an SH hospital, and we're waiting for the elevator to open. I'm pretty sure it was Brookhaven. I have a rusty pipe, I forget what everybody else had. Anyway, the atmosphere is properly silent Hill-y and dark and creepy with scary noises everywhere. There's an air of tension and fear settled over us. We know something bad is coming, as the elevator shaft is moaning.

The elevator dings, and the doors slide open...

And there's a giant Swedish man and his tiny mother, and he's throwing his arms up in distress and telling her 'if my ass represents the Triforce, we'll both turn into luftwaffles!'.


Yeah, I don't know either.

I'm going to go beat my head against the wall now.
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Messed up dreams last night. Something about magical winter gnomes and evil foster parents and attending the presidential debates with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, but we got kicked out because we were down front and we kept whispering and giggling. And then it was my birthday but all I got was a box of skinned heads.

I think I'm about halfway through Silent Hill 4. I... am very torn on how I feel about it. I love the characters. I love the storyline. The graphics are beautiful. I actually like the controls, though the first person controls are still a little touchy.

I just wish there was more action. More monsters, more fighting, more puzzles, that sort of thing. And that the worlds were longer. I just got back from Hospital World, and I'm not liking the apartment now. So I'm really not sure where this game falls on my hierarchy of SH games. Other than, you know, better than three. ;)

I got caught up this morning, huzzah! On posting, at least. I know I have a ton of emails to respond to, and I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm just enjoying taking a bit of a vacation from the intarwubs. Even Fey-Fey needs a break. :D
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Before I forget it completely, I have to post about the severely fucked up dream I had.

I was in some bizarre, brutal prison with [ profile] stryk9chaitea and Clark Kent. We were taken one night to this forest clearing, and there were bonfires and things and... we did cocaine. And I started making out with Clark, and I'm pretty sure I was Lois Lane and [ profile] stryk9chaitea was Lana. (Which actually makes sense, since despite this being Smallville Clark, Lana will always be a redhead to me.)

Anyway, there was weird coked out make outs in the woods, and then we made a run for it. Clark got separated from us at some point, and we had to sleep in a tree, and we made it back to my parent's house, but we were on the run, and we knew we'd be killed if we were found. And I started freaking out because the sun was coming up and [ profile] stryk9chaitea was still in the woods, and I was afraid she'd get caught. But she made it. And luckily my house suddenly had newly discovered catacombs that stretched for miles beneath it, so we could hide down there.

There was something involving talking mice and cats and being buried under bones and dirt while police were searching for us.


[ profile] nijawial, we'll be there around 1ish to pick you up!
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I'm beginning to think that all my recent health problems are not just from my monthly problem. Mainly because it's Monday, and I'm still feeling sick. I think it may be some sort of flu. All I know is it's a bit annoying.

I had a dream where I was spending Halloween with [ profile] nijawial, [ profile] chaneystarr and [ profile] ranchangrnl. Apparently [ profile] ranchangrnl and I were an item. I remember at one point, while we were getting ready to go Trick or Treating or something, I asked her if her husband would mind and she said 'no, it's fine'. It was very odd. And we got lost in this college campus place, trying to find an auditorium. It was sort of like that one Buffy episode - there were kids running around, but real demons and goblins, too. Not surprising, considering I'm threading with two different Buffy characters over at [ profile] damned. (Angel and Anya. And there's actually some bonding going on! It's good!)

Mmm, bizarre dreams.

Vistas has installed four 'vital updates' in the last 24 hours. WTF? I wouldn't mind if they weren't the automatic kind where all of a sudden your computer's restarting and taking half an hour to configure and you're left going '...what happened?'.

I've officially picked up Rena over at ReWritten. She's got a journal and everything. Now she just needs her beloved brother! ;)

Mrrr. I really get frustrated when I'm trying to RP with someone and they just... don't give me anything to respond to. It's worse than threading with myself. :/

And Now That Clamp Meme, Gacked From Everyone )
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I had a Sylar/Mohinder dream last night. WTF? The two of them were in this weird city that was under siege by mutant dinosaurs. Molly was there, hiding under a bench, and Mohinder was out in the street being 'lookout'. But he had powers - no clue what. Sylar kept like...trying to subtly slice his head open. Like he'd lift up his hand to do it, and Mohinder would turn around, and then Sylar would do one of those 'I was just smoothing down my hair' gestures. And finally Mohinder sat down on the bench next to him and like...leaned in and put his lips right on Sylar's ear and said 'if you're going to do it, just don't do it where Molly can see' and then started like...nuzzling his neck. I don't know.

You know, I remember when I was brand new to internet fandom, and was terrified to admit I didn't like certain pairings, or liked other ones. Because of how serious that sort of thing was. People were defriended for pairing differences. People were lambasted all over fandom for disliking or liking certain pairings. It was ridiculous, but I wanted to 'fit in' or whatever.

I look back on that and go ' was wrong with me?'. At this point, I don't care. I don't hide my pairing preferences. I don't pretend to like shit I don't just because it's popular. And if someone freaks out on me or gives me shit over it... whatever. I'm really beyond caring about something as silly as that. I write what I like because I like it. Not to be 'edgy' or 'cool' or to try and make anyone like me. I used to write for those reasons, but not anymore. I came to my senses.

I just wish everyone in fandom could come to the conclusion that pairing preferences and kinks and themes we like to see in fic are just that. Just little things we happen to like, they don't matter in the long run and they don't say anything whatsoever about a person. And 'I don't like this pairing' doesn't mean 'I HATE IT AND EVERYONE WHO LIKES IT SUCKS!'.

No really, it doesn't.
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Between [ profile] damned and RL, my brain is essentially saying 'murgle murgle poot'. Seriously, my brain is being eaten. And I keep forgetting to ask people important things - or I'll remember when they're away and I'm not talking to them anymore. *headdesks*

I've been having a lot of trouble writing recently. Having more vivid and in depth dreams, though. Like last night, I had a dream that [ profile] shadawyn and I somehow unleashed a race of college aged, slack jawed zombies who could say two words: 'brains' and 'dude'. They terrorized some college, but luckily, Andy Warhol showed up and led us through some secret underground tunnels where we could see the zombie's true plan - stripping Washington of its natural resources. Not to worry, because we found the secret underground chamber full of parakeets and frogs, and we set them free that fixed everything.

I really need my brain to work. I've got my advent fics to do. And hopefully I can get like... more than fifteen minutes of free time between posting and whatnot to actually make some progress.

Thank god I'm not doing Nano. I'd probably feel like an even bigger failure if I were.
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Followed up on the job at Joanne's, didn't get it. But they'll 'call me if something opens up'. Which is the most I've gotten from any place I've applied at, so....

I had such a bizarre dream last night. It was one of the most coherent dreams I've had in a while, in that there was actually something of a linear plot. It was very Death Note-centric.

So, L had like... made some whacky deal with a Death God and now he was a Death God, but only sort of. Like, he had his own Death Note and the eyes, kind of, but he still looked human and everything. And for some reason he tracked down Naomi, and like... left his Death Note on her doorstep, and then left. But he came back once she'd picked it up, and for some reason that meant he couldn't see her lifespan, or something. And there was this weird French guy who was Kira, and they were trying to track him down, but knowledge of how Kira kills was public so everyone went around with masks on, and L tried using Naomi as bait and.... I don't know. They had creepy, intense sex in the alley behind some church, I don't know. And there was something about shopping for BJDs, and Death was hanging around, I think.

Even my linear dreams are messed up. Maybe I'm just jonesing that hard for some NaomixL fic. But I've read every NaomixL fic that's out there (not counting all of mine, there's only like 5). So clearly my subconscious mind is just spitting up random crap to fill that need.

Though I find it hilarious that even though NaomixL is indeed my OTP, my Naomi (the one I RP) is more inclined to be attracted to Sheska than to L. It amuses me.

I finally got around to getting a new Paypal account ( I'm trying to wrack my brain for articles to write for AC. Hey, ten articles even at 5 bucks a pop is still 50$.
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Okay, so it's not morning, but thanks to multiple nightmares last night, I slept until around 12:30 once I finally got uninterrupted sleep.

I woke up gasping and shaking over fear of giant, black widow spiders that could exist both in the real world and in cyberspace. One of them was trying to tear out my throat. Further nightmares followed when I tried to get back to sleep, including a horrific one about the Jerome trip. Luckily, I doubt there are sorcerer pirates anywhere in the area, or that any of us would be attempting to smuggle ancient artifacts to a French police officer.

In a bit of good news, I'm getting a new laptop tomorrow. My dad found a great deal at Best Buy, so by tomorrow afternoon I should be back set up like normal.

I have this plotbunny for a horror themed HBC fic, but it a) accepts Book 3 as canon and b) draws heavily from book 3, so I don't know if it would be of interest to anyone. (Despite me explaining the marauding lizard men to [ profile] chocomimi and [ profile] ranchangrnl.)

I have ham in the oven. And as soon as I have my scanner set up, I'll be scanning and posting my recipe for orange spice pound cake.

I should probably go and do my laundry and clean my living room. But I kind of just want to be apathetic and make Death Note and FMA Halloween icons. I really should get on my All Hallows fic. Since I need to rewrite a bunch of it.

Mrr. Maybe it'll come out better this time. I'm....really not happy with it.
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Today I need to clean my room. I need to clean it like a mad cleaning demon. I've put it off way too long.

I had a strange dream last night where I was talking to someone about apping Detective Munch somewhere. And the conversation revolved around 'what canon would you put for him?' and an ensuing argument. Which when I woke up made me go 'bzuh?' since despite Munch being a character in 7 different shows, I think he's pretty well associated with SVU at this point. Though it gives me some weird ideas for an SVU/X-Files crossover. Of course, I also had a dream that involved me showing up naked to a Ren Faire, so you know....

Speaking of crossovers.... [ profile] all_hallows_fic is eating my soul. And I need to work on my (read: START!) my [ profile] ficrocksthe80s fic. I also think I need to re-read 'Dreams in the Witch House', for my All Hallow's project. I just really, really don't feel like I've captured Arkham properly. Which is because I'm using a contemporary style, which I've never done when writing Lovecraft before, but I can't write a predominantly Death Note fic in anything but contemporary. Unless I was writing about a young Watari or something.

I need to drop off my application at Joanne's. And bake that cake I've been craving. And make dinner.

It's going to be a busy day for me.


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