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So...somehow I didn't lose my claim at [ profile] 30_lemons! I'm still not sure how that happened, but hey, inspiration is back and I'm plowing through those themes again! Here's number 5!

Title: Babylon Fading
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: Naomi/L
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 2,609
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] 30_lemons challenge #5 'The Harem, or When in Rome'
Summary: Sometimes, Naomi wonders if this is all worth it. If the irritation and frustration and lack of emotional intimacy is really a fair exchange for what brief, fleeting moments she and L share.

Babylon Fading )
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I woke up this morning thinking about fandoms. Specifically, that meme that did 'your fandoms as lovers/exes'. I couldn't remember what the different lists were, but I sort of did it myself. Now that I'm pretty settled as far as fandoms go, anyway. Because it's just so true! And it's nearing the end of the year, so it's about time for a review of this sort.

Obviously, at the moment, my Main Squeeze is Venture Bros. I'm wrapped in a steamy, torrid affair that doesn't seem likely to end anytime soon. We're in it for a while, me and the Ventures. ;) It wasn't exactly love at first sight - I was intrigued, but needed to be won over. We flirted for a season, a season and a half. And then, somewhere in the middle of season two, we just clicked. Maybe it was the strung out, drug addicted middle aged Johnny Quest. Maybe it was re-casting the Scooby Doo gang as a group of sociopathic wandering serial killers. Maybe it was Dr. Girlfriend flawlessly recreating some of Aeon Flux's most famous moves, I don't know. But it was Love.

Of course, I am still carrying on an affair with Silent Hill. Silent Hill is kind of like that SO you're hesitant to show off to new friends or family, because it can be a little weird and scary. A little dangerous, pushes your limits a little, but underneath it's a lot of fun and love and laughs. Maybe you seem like a weird couple to outsiders, but those on the In understand completely. It's not all tentacle rape porn and guro! Really!

HBC is, and forever will be, my steady mistress in Europe. ;) We've gone the distance and proved it's For Real. But such a tiny and often mocked fandom? It remains only in my LJ. There's no where I could take it in public!

Death Note was a flash in the pan romance that I should have realized was bad for me right from the start. It was painful and full of fights and for all that there were one or two things that I did really love, overall, there just wasn't anything there for me. We still keep in casual contact, and every now and then I'll muster up some effort to keep the connection alive, but it soured early and it soured badly. I just hung around because everyone was so used to us together.

Ouran was the popular guy that I went on a few dates with, had a couple of drunken one night stands with, and then parted with on friendly terms. There is little interest to revisit, but I've got nothing but fond memories.

FMA. Oh, FMA. No matter where I roam, no matter what shiny new fandom I woo and court, it will always be you I come home to in the end. It's always you I think of when caught letting my mind wander. It's always you, will always be you. Everything about you makes me tremble and shiver. You're beautiful, you're intelligent, you're complex, you make me laugh and cry and keep me on the edge of my seat...even when I know your story already, it doesn't matter. I can watch again and again and again.

Just you wait, baby. I'll be back again. I always am. ;)
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So, Nija gave me the prompt of 'L sets up his cameras in one of the hotels he and Naomi are staying for precautionary purposes and ends up witnessing some paranormal activity. Of course he has to investigate it.' And I ended up writing a ficlet on that premise! It's just a little snippet, really, but hey, I wrote something!

Title: At The Foot of the Bed
Fandom: Death Note
Characters: Naomi and L
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Author's Note: Just another ficlet form my AUverse!
Summary: Naomi didn't appreciate being woken up in the middle of the night, and certainly not to appease L's boredom. And trying to scare her with ghost stories was a low point, even in their naturally teasing relationship...

At The Foot of the Bed )
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Well, we have a table and chairs!

Nice small all wood set, perfect size, all that fun stuff. Going out again tomorrow to continue the search for a living room! And Nija got the experience of shopping with my father.

At this point, there should be no question as to what was done last night. :D Nija's finished with season one of Venture Bros! And has started season 2. :D We watched from Past Tense to Hate Floats last night!

My computer was being a bit of a brat, and I have custom sounds for things. The error alert is a soundbite of Brock going 'this is getting stupid!', which always amuses me. After about ten repetitions, when I finally got Watari to behave, this conversation ensued:

[ profile] nijawial: You know what you should write?
[ profile] theladyfeylene: Brock vs Windows Vista?
[ profile] nijwial: ....That to. But you should write something where Brock and Naomi have to switch. Brock gets L, Naomi gets the Ventures.
[ profile] theladyfeylene: ....that would be hilarious.

And it would be hilarious. We decided that Naomi would be going nuts dealing with Hank and Dean, and all Dr. Venture's nemesis' would be so damn confused when they expect to go up against Brock and find Naomi, and poor Brock would be so bored that he'd start screwing with things just to get some action. Such as 'accidentally' fucking up L's security system, or posting on the internet L's whereabouts.

I'm so going to write this.

We're going for BK in like fifteen minutes, because apparently to my mother a 'break between going out' is 20 minutes. Whatever.
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Due to popular request.... I tried my hand at a little DN/VB crossover. Not posting it anywhere else, as there's very little DN and mostly VB, since I had to alter DN canon to fit. But hell, even I sometimes can't resist throwing plausibility out the window in exchange for epic hotness. :D And, um, I will sell my soul or flesh or whatever for fan art of this. Ahem.

Title: Paradise By the Dashboard Light
Fandom: Death Note/Venture Bros
Pairing: Brock Sampson/Naomi Misora, allusions to L/Naomi
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Um...semi-public sex, slight raunchiness?
Spoilers: For the Venture Bros season 3 finale
Word Count: 2085
Summary: Working for the OSI brought more surprises than the FBI ever did - but they all paled in comparison to the bomb dropped by Brock Sampson. At least both agents were looking for a little distraction....

Paradise By the Dashboard Light )
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Bad brain, stop it! I am not writing a Venture Bros/Death Note crossover for [ profile] dn_contest's crossover challenge. The canons aren't compatible, they aren't. I don't care how mind shatteringly hot Brock/Naomi would be. On the hood of the charger, with a classic rock accompaniment.


I kind of want art of that now. In a hardcore way.


Finally taking everything in from the finale. That was everything Jason promised and more. And now we have to wait until next season for the pieces to be picked up. I was freaking out terribly over it last night, and poor Nija got to deal with it in emails. And I finally confessed that yes, somewhere along the line, I fell head over heels for the Swedish Murder Machine himself. What can I say? I've just been living in denial, though it's probably terribly obvious to everyone. And Nija was also able to calm me down from the end with a very, very astute observation that I had missed completely!

I'm going to be doing some light packing today, as I caught up on sleep last night. And my back's not too bad. And I really want to have more progress done, mainly so my furniture can be moved out of my room when the time comes. Which...isn't too terribly far off.

Feeling much less emotionally roller-coaster-esque today, and far less hormonal. Time for some food, and then some light packing!
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Holy fuck I finally did it!

A few people know how damn difficult it's been for me actually write L and Naomi actually having sex, despite many, many attempts. I first started trying to smut them about a year ago, and it's taken me this long to actually manage to write a full on penetrative sex scene between the two of them. L just...doesn't lend himself well to sex scenes. And I honestly didn't expect this to have actual sex when I back when. But I remembered I'd started prompts 3 and 4, and needed to post something for [ profile] 30_lemons, so decided to see which I could finish while I waited for my laundry to dry. And here's what came of it. :D

Title: We Are The Normal
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: Naomi/L
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,718
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] 30_lemons, challenge #4 'The Thrill of the Forbidden'
Summary: Naomi can't separate the legend from the man it surrounds - even in bed.

We Are The Normal )
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Oy, I haven't even been up an hour and already I have a headache.

So, D sent me an email, letting me know there were a bunch of new Death Note fics on that revolved around/were inspired by Another Note. Since I don't really read DN fic unless it's written by someone I know or revolves around Naomi, I decided I'd wander over and check them out.

I'm not sure why I did this, because a vast majority of DN fic makes me want to hit the authors over the head with a good psychology book.

Cut For Ranting )

Whew, I feel better!

I had really bizarre Death Note/Venture Bros dreams last night. L was some sort of....super hero/genius thingy, and Light was his arch, and he went by the name Death God, and there was all sorts of bizarre stuff going on.

I'm also once more severely confused as to days, because when I turned on AS at 11:30 last night to watch Shin Chan, Venture Bros were on instead, making me panic and wonder how the hell it got to be Sunday so quickly. Oh, AS, you never fail to give me a moment's confusion when I forget to check your scheduling ahead of time.

[ profile] talia_speaks linked me to the UPS site where I can get free boxes! So I put in an order, and within a week, should have plenty of boxes for packing. I'm thinking today it's time for my stuffed things and plushies to go into a large bag. SPEAKING OF! I found my Munich Ed plushie. He'd been stuffed into an obscure compartment of my duffel bag, not killed by plushie!Light as we had assumed. And plushie!Near is doing a very good job of keeping Light in line, so Ed should be perfectly safe.

Plushie!L has missed his husband!
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Title: Prologue: Blood, Brass, and Bounties
Fandom: Death note
Pairing: N/A ATM
Rating: R
Pairings/Characters: Naomi Misora, L
Warnings: Some minor violence
Word Count: 2,195

Author's Note: This is a Steampunk AU written for [ profile] dn_contest's Historical AU challenge. For those not familiar with Steampunk, it's essentially a blending of Victoriana with a science fiction or fantasy bent. Some examples include the works of Jules Verne, League of Extraordinaty Gentlemen, The Time Machine, and even Fullmetal Alchemist. And while I intended this to be just a little 'case' fic, it sort of spiraled into a Steampunk detective novel, so this is...a stand alone prologue, so to speak.

Summary: A serial killer, dead rent boys, a secret military 'archeological dig' in the desert, and the confusing death of a vacationing Gentleman all point to something amiss in the village of Tabernas. And it's up to the world's greatest crime solver and his bounty hunting companion to solve the mystery!

Blood, Brass, and Bounties )
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Title: It's Better In the Matinee
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: Naomi/L
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1196
Warnings: Mild voyeurism
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] 30_lemons #2, 'Audience'. As with almost all my Naomi/L fic, takes place in an AU where Naomi quit the FBI following the events in 'Another Note' and works with L.
Summary: She couldn't understand how he could so impassively spy on the lives of so many, without their knowledge, and feel no guilt over it. She felt guilty even catching glimpses of his surveillance monitors....

It's Better In the Matinee )
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Title: Glowing Like The Metal On The Edge of a Knife
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: L/Naomi
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1156
Author's Note: Written for a [ profile] 30_lemons claim, prompt 1 'Anonymity or Taken By the Stranger'. Takes place in my AU.
Warnings: Semi-public sex.
Summary: All Naomi had needed was a ride back to the hotel, but a stop in traffic sends the night down a different path....

Glowing Like The Metal On The Edge of a Knife )
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So today I pretty much just decided to just write pr0n. It's one of those days, you know? Grabbed a bunch of [ profile] centi_porn prompts and did a bunch of drabbles.

We've got a variety of fandoms, pairings and kinks. warned!

Pretty much everything under the cut is NC-17 or R, except a couple of the Naomi/L ones because L + sex = Very Difficult to Manage.

Death Note, Naomi/L, 'Kiss' )

Death Note, Naomi/L, 'Naked' )

Death Note, Naomi/L, 'Sweet' )

Death Note, Naomisa, 'Arch' )

Silent Hill: The Room, Henry/Eileen, 'Tremble' )

Damned, Jack/Max, 'Bite' )

Silent Hill 2, James/Maria, 'Warm' )

Damned, Alec/Martin, 'Rip' )

HBC, Shana/Valyn, 'Ice' )

Damned, Alec/Martin, 'Blind', Light Bondage )

Fatal Frame II, Mio/Hand, Mio/Mayu, 'Breath', Twincest, Autoerotic Asphyxiation )

Silent Hill 2, Mary/Maria, 'Reflection' )
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This week's theme at [ profile] dn_contest is Crack Pairings. Yeah, I had to get in on this. I'm not queen of crack pairings for nothing! ;) I refuse to acknowledge Naomi/L as a crack-pairing, because there is oodles of justification for it in Another Note, otherwise I would have written Naomi/L pr0n.

Title: A Mind of Her Own
Rating: NC-17
Pairings/Characters: Naomi Misora/Soichiro Yagami, Naomi/hand
Warnings: Self-pleasure?
Word Count: 2078
Summary: Eighteen year old Naomi only brought boxed lunches to the NPA headquarters in hopes of overhearing discussions about cases. She didn't expect to develop a crush on the older, very much married, Officer Yagami....

(A Mind of her Own)
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So, at Sabo-con, I commissioned a bit of Naomi/L fanart - which I would scan if my scanner were working - and the only reference I had was that wallscroll with Naomi on it. On the wallscroll, her hair has a severely reddish cast, so in the fan art, she has red hair. So [ profile] nijawial and I were making up little stories about why her hair is red, and we came up with the idea that she was working undercover, and wearing a wig, and something Bad Happened, which is why she's clinging to L and L's awkwardly hugging her and looking all uncomfortable.

So I wrote a fic. This takes place somewhere after 'Creatures Void of Form' but still before 'The Temptation of L'. Someday, I'll organize all these fics into a coherent timeline. And I will write beyond Temptation, because Nija and I were talking about how a relationship between Naomi and L really would play out, and how horribly dysfunctional it would be, and I really want to write that.


Title: And Shadows Still Remain
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: Naomi/L
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of violence
Word Count: 1517
Summary: Naomi had to wonder, just how shaken up she really looked, that L himself felt the need to offer her some small comfort rather than sending Watari....

And Shadows Still Remain )
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Written for [ profile] dn_contest's 8th week! I should be cleaning, but I'm waiting for the AC to cool the house down, else I will pass out from heat.

Title: Creatures Void of Form
Fandom: Death Note
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Naomi, L, Watari, vague allusions to L/Naomi.
Warnings: Some disturbing imagery.
Word Count: 2016
Author's Note: This is a small expert from an AU series I have going, in which Naomi quit the FBI and went to work directly with L following the events of Another Note. I don't write them in any order, so they aren't at all necessary to read for this fic. :D
Prompt: Birthday
Summary: Maybe Naomi was becoming more like L than she thought, if she was so absorbed in their current case that she forgot her own birthday.... But someone remembered.

(Creatures Void of Form)
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Good thoughts are going right back out to everybody on My flist who needs it right now. *hugs all around*

So I discovered some new music yesterday, thanks to an amazing Another Note FST. And it's one of those rare FSTs where almost all the songs really, really do fit.

There's only one song that, for me, makes my mind go elsewhere. 'You Will Burn', by Steeleye Span, makes me think Silent Hill. 2 and 4, specifically. And it just sends my mind there so strongly that I can't associate it with anything else. Which I suppose is appropriately ironic, as 'Your Rain' from the SH OST makes me think Death Note. Go figure.

But I would seriously sell my soul to see an AMV for SH2 and 4 to that song. Mostly 4, since, um, somehow the more I think about it and the more I theorize, the more I realize it's my favorite.

Thank you for all the well wishes! I'm a little swamped with some RL stuff right now, but if everything goes well... Well, it will be the dawn of a markedly improved chapter of my life, let's just leave it at that.

My birthday is in two weeks. I honestly don't know how I feel about that.
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Once more we look in on the investigation of Silent Hill! We follow Mello to Medwitch Elementary...

Back to School )

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First off, I am sick as all hell. That Time of the Month. I'm knocked out on the couch with tea and a heating pad, and stupid sitcoms. I played some more Silent Hill - I just picked up Maria - and then was getting headachy so I turned it off.

Thank you so much for the Vgifts! *hugs* They were an awesome little pick me up!

And now, a Sims update!

Silent Hill Takes Its Toll... )
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I'm sure people have noticed my spastic net problems by now. Which I tell you, was not fun last night. As soon as the internet went dead, Silent Hill went off. But I made it through the first section okay enough - holy crap, James can't swing that plank of wood if his life depended on it! Oh wait....

I have a ranking for scary things. It properly scares me if it overpowers my need for a cigarette. Few things overpower my need for a cigarette. Below freezing temperatures won't do it. I'll go out in a snowstorm in slippers and a robe for a smoke. Pouring rain won't stop it. Illness won't stop it. But every so often, a book or movie or game will make me so scared I refuse to go into my garage alone at night. Or, in the case of Eternal Darkness - one of the cathedral levels - I'll be freaked out out there, even with someone else.'

I had frequent smoke breaks last night, and slept without a problem. But I'm just at the apartments, so we'll see.

Oh! I am kicking myself for not posting yesterday (about this). But yesterday was Naomi's birthday. No, I'm not posting what age she'd be, because at this point women get a little sensitive about it, but still. A belated Happy Birthday to the most kick ass female in the entire Death Note series. And...Another Note comes out this week! Coincedence? I think not.

Now I'm off to Joanne's! Expect a fabric post later!
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Okay, a couple of warnings for this post! One, extremely image heavy! Nearly 20 images! Two, adult content. It's safe for work and all, but we do have scenes in a strip club. So be warned!

Mello's Investigation Starts Out Pretty Well )

*No, really, I mean twitchy. You can see how spazzes and twitches here


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