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Whoot, spent the last hour getting caught up on tags! I've been a bit preoccupied with Behind The Scenes things these last few days and kind of failed at that. But Chaos is settled and going smoothly - I'll be posting more on that in its own entry - and the Other Thing I'm working on might be done a lot sooner than I'd thought.... Still having a ton of fun at [ profile] rapturereborn! Eddie and Reno get along pretty much exactly as was predicted. :D

I need to update my LJ user info.

It's the day before grocery shopping day, which means supplies are down. And I'm going to be cleaning out the fridge as soon as I can convince my body it wants to get off the couch. :D Lunch is a mystery! ;)

I found an amazing rice pudding recipe yesterday that I want to share with you all:

Lychee coconut rice pudding:

* 1 lb fresh lychees, peeled, pitted and torn into pieces (can substitute canned lychees)
* 1/2 cup sugar
* 1 cup sweetened shredded coconut
* 1 1/2 cups short-grain brown rice
* 2 cans coconut milk (400ml each)
* 3 cups milk (low-fat or whole)
* 1/2 cup dark brown sugar
* 1/2 tsp ground ginger
* 1/4 tsp salt
* dusting of cinnamon (optional)

Mix the lychee pieces with the sugar in a bowl. Let sit about 1/2 hour, stirring occasionally. The sugar will draw the juices out of the fruit and create a syrup, which you'll add to the cooking rice. (If you're using canned lychees, open the can and drain the fruit, reserving the juice.)

Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Spread the coconut on a baking sheet and toast in the oven until brown and fragrant, about 10-15 minutes. Set aside.

In a saucepan, combine the rice, coconut milk, milk, brown sugar, ginger, salt, and the syrup from the lychees. Bring to a simmer and cook gently, uncovered, until the rice is very tender, at least 90 minutes. There should always be liquid covering the rice - if the mixture starts to look at all dry, add more milk or some water. You want it like soup. When the rice is tender, stir in the chopped lychees and the toasted coconut, remove from the heat, and cool. Chill in the refrigerator at least four hours before serving.

Serve sprinkled with cinnamon, or with more toasted coconut if you have it.

Lychee coconut rice pudding, close up

Yay RP!

Aug. 15th, 2009 10:46 am
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I'd say I certainly accomplished the whole Getting On Top of Things thing yesterday. At least most of the things I wanted to get on top of. I got most dishes done, I got a load of laundry done, I was able to spend a good chunk of the day RPing, I did some writing....

And I even spent a few hours with my sister. I sent her home with the first Dark Tower book, so I'm curious to see what she thinks.

I did the right thing, cutting back my character load at [ profile] damned. I feel so much better about posting now, and I'm not worrying myself into a fit over losing touch with characters or just plain posting characters I'm not having fun with. Now that I trimmed away some dead weight, I'm having fun again. And I don't mean just the usual fun level, I mean I'm really enjoying RP like I did years ago. It's really nice.

I intro'ed Eddie at [ profile] rapturereborn, and I can't wait to actually thread with him. I love writing for him, bad 80s slang and all! And he gets his gun! He's really the only character I have anywhere who both a) can use a weapon very well and b) gets to have that weapon in game! It's very exciting.

My stomach is grumbling and I have a slight headache, so I should probably eat!
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So, hurrah! I was accepted as Eddie Dean at [ profile] rapturereborn! His journal is [ profile] prisoner_of_ka, because every form of 'The Prisoner' was taken. Boo. But I do like [ profile] prisoner_of_ka, and would have probably ended up with something stupid if [ profile] nijawial hadn't suggested it.

My best journal names come from other people. :D

I've been working on his first post in between threading at [ profile] damned, and I'm having a great deal of fun. There's nothing better than the confusion of a character who wakes up in a strange place with no memory of how they got there. Added bonus when they're pretty sure it's not actually possible for them to have gone anywhere.

Oh, it'll be damn interesting when he goes to the library... :D

And I've been threading my ass off at my games where I have active characters. I can't remember the last time I did 15 or so posts in under two hours. It's nice.

My sister is apparently coming over to hang out later. O.o
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I got my hair done this morning! My mother showed up and asked if I wanted to, so off I went! I chopped it all off. Instead of being a curly, waving mass of multi-colored insanity down below the middle of my back, it's a fluffy blond cloud of curls around my head. And is chin-length. I'm terribly happy with it!

I've been writing like crazy lately. This is good!

And...I can't figure out who I want for visitor shift in [ profile] damned. I don't think Valyn can take another visit from daddy. I'm...considering Eileen, and having her get a visit from Henry. Because clearly she's not freaked out enough, what with going through the zombie apocalypse and getting felt up by Walter. Not necessarily in that order.

I...have an almost complete Eddie application for a friend's new game. I didn't mean to write the app, but I brushed up on some canon stuff last night and this morning it just...kind of wrote itself. O.o

It's gray and icky out today, and we had an insane thunder storm last night/this morning. I don't know when, it woke me up. We're supposed to get more rain and whatnot later today.

Well, this is a horribly random and disjointed entry! I ought to get myself some food....
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Oh boy, I've been slacking on housekeeping this morning. I did some dishes and got trash out, but today is another one of those Big Clean Days. Bathroom needs re-doing, and kitchen needs re-doing. And the porch needs a lot of work. Which is normal, since it's the end of the week, but....

Both my RPs are having events on right now. [ profile] damned has the zombie invasion and CU has the Road Not Traveled day. really fun and interesting. Especially for Myre, since for this event she's as she would be had she never abandoned her own family, but instead stuck by her mother and eventually brother. So she's...not an uber bitch. She's still a bit pissy and brusque, but she takes things seriously and she's motivated and she doesn't have a blinding hate for anyone who's not a dragon. And she's...all Shamanistic. She always has the talent and whatnot, and she's getting trained, but...she's never treated it with the reverence the position deserves. For now, she is, and I sort of hope that will open her eyes some.

And you know, Darth Vader inadvertently propositioning Myre to mate is just hilarious.

Henry's interactions with Walter are just bizarre, since for this event, they've never had any contact before. And Henry can't talk to Eileen again, because he gets too tongue tied and nervous. My girls have both taken steps forward, but poor Henry took about six back!

In zombie news, I'm having a great time with this. Valyn gets to play Action Hero (also hilarious), Tamaki's close to having a breakdown, Eileen gets to show off her mad zombie bashing skills, and Citan...well...Citan is Citan and will probably be bugging people to help him dissect these things so he can figure out how they work. (Hughes has plans for later, and they are vague, so I'm not entirely sure what he'll be doing other than getting a gun he can give to Celes.)

So I'm sure you can all see why the computer is distracting me epically from my duties!
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This morning I decided that a sports bra and a petticoat is totally an acceptable outfit to wander around the porch, yard and shed in.

Since I got a bunch more pillows and fabrics and candles and whatnot yesterday, I decided I was ready to move my morning meditation and exercise out to the sanctuary. It was nice. It was really nice. I unhooked the partition drape so I could still see the outside and settled myself right in the center of the pile of blankets and rugs and pillows to get started.

I put the curtain back up when I was ready to exercise. Now I'm drinking some lemonade and letting myself cool down before I take a quick shower or bath. I'm going to make a pie today, I think. It feels like a pie sort of day. A chilled cream pie.

I've been really enjoying RP lately. Both my games. I seem to be keeping up my ratio of 'stable relationship' to 'fucked up crazy relationship'. ;) Speaking of, Henry needs to ask Eileen if she wants to go to Kain and Blythe's wedding with him. He's so terribly excited about all of this, it's kind of cute. Also need to get Myre up to some trouble. Maybe she can prod Rufus and see if he wants to cut a deal with her....

I had a dream I took Nathan Explosion to my high school reunion. [ profile] attilatehbun kept saying I was insane bringing him, and was apparently afraid he'd end up blowing up the building. We left before that happened, I believe.

Life is good.

ETA: Also, I'm overhauling my icons. I'm tired of a bunch of them. Where do people find icons?
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Why am I picking a PB and making icons for a character I haven't even decided if I want to play or not? I'm not even technically finished with the canon....

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And it's Monday!

I got to sleep much, much later than I should have last night and woke up much, much later than I should have this morning. It's noon and I haven't even watered my plants and am still in my nightgown. I'm also exhausted.

But spending the day with my mother was very nice, and having her tell me she was proud of me and proud of the person I'd grown up to be was extremely touching. N and A dropped by for like ten minutes around 10:30, and I spent most of the night vegging on the couch watching Comedy Central.

I was going to clean my room today. I...don't know if that's going to happen, but maybe I can get a little done. I'll hopefully feel better after a shower, and I can make a coffee drink and have er...lunch. I've got left over carne asada and tortillas in the fridge from dinner last night.

I think our biggest plan for today is rent and watch Session 9, another horror film with a psychological bent.

In fandom news, I am completely back to RPing! I returned to [ profile] damned today, and have posted a couple of characters and am trying to remember who I had plans with what shift. ([ profile] clover_elf_kin, did we ever set a shift for Raine and Valyn? I FAIL AT REMEMBERING!)

I'm a little at a loss as to what to do with Lust. She's honestly the only one left on the chopping block. It's not so much that I'm having trouble getting into her head, it's just a matter of...what the hell to do with her. She's come so far, and she remains the oldest character in any incarnation of the game, and I don't want to drop her, but...bah. She's pretty stagnant right now and that's not fun. Hopefully I can get some plot going with her soon. :/

Everyone else (even those I hiatused to see if I could reconnect) are good to go. Even Naomi, who I wasn't sure about until I wrote up a post for her today.

I really should shower and get dressed and get something to eat.
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Just after ten, and already I've made a number of accomplishments!

I did some more potting, some dishes, some brainstorming for writing, responded to a bunch of comments and got some trash out. I do feel a bit badly that I skipped breakfast - I like to have breakfast on the porch and read while I eat and have my coffee or tea - but I overslept a bit. And I did have a breakfast shake.

I encountered another small (and really not important) issue with my computer. It's too old to support Itunes. Or even the Itunes clones designed to work with older computers. Which saddens me greatly, because I'm already bored of most of the music on my Ipod and would love to get all my Duran Duran, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Flogging Molly on there. I did try doing the transfering with Media Player, and while the files supposedly transferred...they don't show up on Sadie. (Sadie is my Ipod.)

Oh! Big news I completely forgot! I'm driving! I'm a driver! A year after I get my damn car, but I'm finally driving him! And not crashing into anything, organic or mineral!

My dad's bringing me a grill today. The season of barbecue is upon us! And I've got hot dogs and ground beef....

I slept beautifully last night. And we watched the first disc of Nightmares and Dreamscapes! Battleground was very well executed. Crouch End...never, ever should have been made for television. I was nearly in pain watching that atrocity of an episode. Too much needless build up, poor acting, ridiculous changes so that the entire point of the story is lost, and I swear, it is not terribly difficult to pronounce 'Cthulhu'. 'Kooshoo' is not an acceptable pronunciation anywhere. Kooshoo. But luckily, Umney's Last Case was beautiful. William H. Macy was perfect for Umney, hands down. The first part really captured that 30s pulp detective feel, and the creeping sense of the story was preserved. Nothing but thumbs up for that instillation!

I'm going the shameful but far easier route for one of my costumes, simply because I cannot work with leather and gun belts and holsters are beyond my abilities to afford or craft. So as for purchases's just a wig and boots. My Ila skirt is nearly done, and then I'm going to be starting on the hat for Nija's Melissa cosplay. I have the fabric, pattern and accessories.

I think I'm going to do some beading while we watch the second disc. And it seems my computer is fully workable. I'll be hopping back into my RPs before too much longer - I figure I'll wait until dayshift to jump back into [ profile] damned, for sake of ease, and decide when to jump back into CU once I've caught up on what's going on over there. (And keep canon reviewing in the meantime.)

I'm in a terribly Xenogears state of mind today. Maybe I'll try and write fic....

Happy Friday, everyone!
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Last night, someone accused me of plagiarizing myself.

I have an account, and the nickname is different. It still says in my profile that this is my LJ, and there's even a freaking picture of me right there. But I got an angry PM ranting at me about how this person had read a lot of the same fics on livejounral by 'someone else', only they were 'a little different and definitely better' and pointed out that I'd kept some things the same and they were going to report me for stealing someone else's stories!

I responded by pointing out I was the 'someone else' on livejournal, and the only editing done between LJ and was language and sex. Those were taken out to comply with's rules.

I haven't heard back yet.

Sylvia cosplay isn't going to work out for this con. But that's alright, I have a super secret cosplay that will be. That no one will recognize, but I don't care. All I will say is this: my god it's pink, and my god I'm going to have so much jewelery.

I managed t hit Joanne's right as they were having a massive bead sale. 40 percent off all bead making supplies. Last night I made a hairpiece involving pearls and pink stones and ostrich feathers. Yes, this is for my cosplay.

Has Livejournal stopped giving advance warning about paid accounts? I'm used to getting the '12 days, 7 days, 5 days, etc' warnings. Not just 'tomorrow your account expires'. And since this was yesterday, today marks the day that all of my RPG accounts are back to basic. I'm slowly getting to used to the lack of icons - Tamaki's still the hardest. I just like a bit more warning. :/

This morning, a tiny elderly woman came by to invite me to a semi-religious get together on Easter. She was very, very nice, and explained at length that it didn't matter what religion you were, all this gathering would be for would be to remember the life of Jesus Christ, as a man and a teacher. I thanked her very much, but I'm going to be out of town. Still, I think it was very nice and I like how she stressed it wasn't about religion, it was about a good man who lived a very long time ago and changed history.

This weekend I plan to work on cosplay, work on [ profile] damned stuff, and hopefully finally adjust properly to these pills. Working good, but there's still that period of weirdness when I first take them.
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So...anyone on my Flist who's in [ profile] damned still need NS plans? I've got a couple of characters with nothing to do! That would be two lovely ladies (Eileen and Naomi) and one somewhat patronizing elf (Valyn). :D Naomi's been posted already and is in the FA hall, Eileen and Valyn haven't been posted yet and can be sent anywhere. :D

And I really want people to wander into my monster sections. Every time I see a bathroom post I get so excited, and then realize it's not one of my bathrooms.

Well, clearly whatever weird funk I was having has passed. Which is always good. I'm even almost tempted to return to AIM. We'll see, though.

Last night I got to missing Harry Potter RP and fic again. Every so often it hits me, but last night it hit me hard. I was watching the third movie, and I got so damn nostalgic. To the point where when I woke up, the first thing I wanted to do was call my sister. But then I remembered it was Sunday and weekday mornings are best for calling her, so now I'm just sitting here considering going and reading some Snupin fic.

I've been having these bouts of nostalgia. Last week, it was for the old Dragon Riders of Pern RPs. Which I haven't been a part of years maybe? I don't know if it's just because my birthday's coming up or what, but the trips down memory lane have been more frequent and very, very strong.

I don't know. It's not like my current interests are waning any. I'm still very strongly into Silent Hill, Venture Bros and HBC. And yet....

Well, we'll just see what happens.
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Holy crap, I missed an update yesterday!

I ended up essentially lost in RP stuff for all the day. Both posting stuff and behind the scenes. :D Between Fan Fiction Day at CU and [ profile] damned stuff, I just completely forgot to update my own LJ!

There are few things more awesomely hilarious than your RP characters finding fan fiction about themselves. And there were abundant pickings for my Silent Hill pups. Poor Henry's still not sure what to make of all these stories involving Walter doing 'disturbing things' to him. Or why there's a good chunk of art and fiction about him and his landlord's son. But he liked some of those Eileen ones...;)

Maria got a kick out of it all. And is enjoying using the whole thing to tease Reno. Plus, she and Frank bonded a little, which is always good.

Myre...well, there is no fan fiction for her, so I had to get creative and turn a few RP logs into fic. :D But it's a good starting point for her to learn how to control her emotions a bit better. (She's still in Sith training.)

(For those of you wondering what CU is, it's a very fun, on-the-light-side, low-stress RP I'm in over on IJ. Chaos Unraveled: The Ultimate Chessgame. The basic premise is God and Satan have decided to end things entirely, and have chosen teams to represent Heaven and Hell, to do battle against each other in various trials to decide the fate of the universe. We especially need members for Hell's team right now...*hint hint*)

I can't post about the other stuff I'm working on, as it's a surprise. :D But it shall be awesome!

Uh...Nikk and Aryn came over Thursday night, and brought their puppy to visit! We watched some South Park and hung out, then picked up Nija from work. I'm going over their place later today, I think, to watch some Asian horror movies.

For now...I am hungry and desire pancakes.
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I managed to get up at a reasonable hour today! Technically I woke up at 8:30, but I realized that I'd done all the dishes last night, and scrubbed the counters and stove, so I could afford to doze a bit in bed for a while. Now I'm up, I've got my protein shake, I took my vitamins, and I am feeling like a real human being.

We realized yesterday that my sudden breakdown, weird mood, and subsequent panic attacks through the day are because like the idiot I am, I've been forgetting my vitamins. I take vitamins mostly for the mental and emotional boost, and it's been weeks since I took my B-complex or anything else. So [ profile] nijawial is going to draw me a little picture to tape to the mirror to remind me every morning to take them. :D

I had no idea so many of you had Facebooks! :D I'm still figuring out the site, but so far I'm liking it.

And thank you to everyone who commented on that meme. Reading all of that really, really did make me feel better. I have some amazing friends, and I am grateful for each and every one of you. I don't know what I'd do without my Flist.

We went with [ profile] enigmablade and [ profile] summoneddestiny yesterday to look at fish tanks, and were killed with cute by the dwarf hamsters. I fear we may end up giving one of the little buggers a home. We do have the big Habitrail cage that Hank and Dean have long grown out of - they live in a giant aquarium now, and are much happier with all that space. And plenty of shavings, food, toys etc....

Today on the schedule is:

Work out
Clean living room
Do laundry
Work on fic
RP in between

Everyone's posted for, actually, and my girls are on the move to hook up with their respective companions for the night. :D
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Holy crap I'm sleepy! I was exhausted last night and ended up in bed around 11 or so, and I just woke up maybe ten or so minutes ago. I have no idea why I slept so late, but there you go. And I'm having a hell of a time waking up.

Which is bad, because I have a fuckton of posting to do! O.o Both my actual games are jumping, to put it mildly. But hey, I think all my [ profile] damned characters have NS plans! Which I'll get to posting as soon as my brain wakes up enough to function. Though I'm still not sure what's up with Valyn. Well, other than he's in a slightly better mood now that he's had his therapy.

I love how the only thing that gets a reaction out of him is the careful hinting to find out whether or not his sister is a legal adult. He may be a philandering manipulating bastard with an incest fetish, but at least this time the object of his interest is technically an adult. ;)

Myre's getting a lightsaber, which made me squeal like a little girl. It's simple geek math. Dragons? Awesome. Sith Lords? Awesome. Draconic Sith Lord? Even more awesome.

And I did get another [ profile] 30_lemon's prompt done. Prompt 9 'Sex Under the Influence' or 'That's Some Mighty Funny Tobacco In Your Pipe, Mr. Caterpillar'. I decided I'd take the prompt literally, so expect some bizarre, surreal porn later on once I clean up anything that needs to be cleaned up.

[ profile] talia_speaks! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Package arrived safe and sound! Yours should be on its way to you. :D I have hardly any music. I put all of what I had on the shiny new Ipod, plus an episode of Criminal Minds, and still had a fuckton of space left. Clearly, I need more music.

Whatever the hell I'm drinking to wake up needs more chocolate. And if I don't get a call in 10 minutes about plans today, I'm making us some rainbow omelets and hashbrowns or something.
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I had smut dreams about Wilson last night. He walked me home from work, we stopped in a gourmet cheese store and bought cheese, and then he invited me back to his place to 'smoke up and maybe get to know each other better'. I think we ended up running a bath, and it overflowed because we were too busy getting naked with each other on his couch. So there's someone new I've had a naughty fandom dream about.

Apparently, the inspiration bug is still biting, which is a very good thing. I've been working on Some Things, and I think they're coming together nicely. Though it most likely helps that the research aspects have been quite fun. Mmm, burial and sacred ground folklore.... I'm also working on fic, though my fic takes very little research.

I am practically dying over Winry and Tamaki's fourth shift conversation over at [ profile] damned. Mmm, epic misunderstandings abound! Poor Tamaki spent a brief moment under the fear/impression that Ed was married with children. ;)

I think tonight I'm going to do homemade pizza. I have a delicious recipe for honey seasoned pizza dough I've been itching to make, and we have this exquisite fancy garlic dipping sauce I picked up a few days ago on a whim. I love discontinuation sales. And I am determined that we are going to eat well in this household. We may be dirt poor, but by Hohenheim we can still have delicious food!

It's still raining and icky, but I can't really find it within myself to complain. If rain and clouds end up putting me in the mood to write, then sound that thunder and bring on the storms!

I should get my butt up to Hasting's to pick up those issues of Marvel's 'The Stand' that [ profile] summoneddestiny is holding for me. 2 and 3, respectively. This is the only comic that I will actually purchase volume by volume, rather than waiting for the trades. Screw the eventual trades, I want my epic apocalyptic battle between good and evil and I want it now. I also want to pick up Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo - Volume 3. And possibly Just After Sunset. Bah, I also need Fables trade 3, I believe. And the seventh VHD novel. I'm terribly behind on my publications, I'm afraid. And I'm still somewhat aching for the Cosmode USA Glamour Book. It's worth it for the tutorials alone, honestly. I'm kicking myself for not snagging it for 20$ in Phoenix now that it's basically only available online.

Well, I can actually afford my comics at the very least. The rest can wait. And eventually, I'll get my hair done. Though that's looking more and more like wishful thinking at this point.

That's life. ;)
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Yesterday was a very, very good day.

And not only was it good, it was productive. I got some good RPing in - I'm having a ball with my current threads - I got some writing in, I got a lot of cleaning in, and I even found time for some video game playing. It's nice to be back to my staples, writing and RP. And Citan and Batman. Citan and the Goddamned Batman. I am intensely amused by this. Also? Crack Day at CU. I'm still trying to figure out how to handle this, but reading everything else has been hilarious.

Anyway, yesterday also brought with it hitting up a few thrift stores and getting some very nice clothes, very cheap, and some beautiful rather mod-ish bottles for bathroom decor. There is a project to prettify Silent Hill in the works, and for some reason the bathroom has become the starting point. I had joked about that with [ profile] chocomimi, that I wanted to redo the bathroom just to match my LUSH stuff.

Well, it's not being done for the sake of LUSH, but I have noticed a difference in how calming and soothing my baths are now. The bathroom is a somewhat sacred place, I feel. It's a little shrine where we can close ourselves away from the outside world and recover and recoup and revitalize ourselves. The decor and atmosphere should serve to help, not hinder this.

Anyway, after thrift store shopping, and much hilarity as I was with [ profile] enigmablade and [ profile] summoneddestiny - [ profile] nijawial stayed home, as she is now Infected - we crashed here for a long while, watching Liar Game and feasting on beef curry with potato and rice. [ profile] summoneddestiny gave me a hand in the kitchen, and it was wonderful - despite the fact that we almost blew up the crock pot.

Liar Game proved to be surprisingly gripping. The plot's damn good, the casting is very attractive, the subtitles are nice and big so I can read them easily, the soundtrack's great, and Akiyama is a beautiful, beautiful brilliant bitch of a man. And despite Nao being so naive it's painful, Toda Erika is gorgeous. She's pretty enough to tempt me to watch the damn Death Note movies, honestly....

(Not that I want to connect Liar Game with Death Note any further after what I overheard while in the bath last night... ;D)

I really ought to get off my ass and get back to finishing up some cleaning. And answer emails. I swear I'll get to those today! Oh, and, small request? My phone is still missing, and while I appreciate that a lot of people called it to help me locate went off a few times between the hours of 2 and 5 AM. And woke me up from a very recent sound sleep that I had a lot of difficulty recovering. So no calls unless it's after 9 my time, if it's possible? Fey-Fey needs sleep or she starts hallucinating. Let's all work together to stop hallucinations in Fey. ;)
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Sorry for going 'poof' yesterday, I pinched a muscle in my shoulder and was reduced to a sniveling ball of owie until I knocked myself out with some Valerian tea. Am feeling much better - in every sense of the word - today!

[ profile] callie_chan, I've got Lust on the move, will be at Sun Room area shortly!

[ profile] dame_grise, I need to grab you for MU stuffs!

I...think I talked to everyone else about threading things yesterday before internet went dead.

Oh, anyone want an Eileen? She's got no plans for the nightshift, and her shiny new curse can come out to play! :D

I have to run out on errands right now, but I'll be back in an hour or so and will have a couple of hours before going to get a Christmas tree!
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So, I started Metal Gear 3 yesterday. I...really don't have much to say at this point. I started it a touch too close to bed, as I didn't realize that 'playing' it meant 'a small fraction where you can actually move Snake, but mostly you're watching a movie'. Which I only really understood bits and pieces of, as I was tired when I was playing. I grasp the actual mission, which I suppose is the important stuff. The random information about Godzilla and Snake's penis? Not so much getting what that has to do with anything.

Essentially, I haven't actually played enough to comment on the gameplay or plot or combat or anything much at all. It's a damn pretty game, though, I can say that. And I find it funny, so I just hope it was meant to be funny.

I'll be playing more today, and will hopefully get to some actual playing. And now I'm playing about 5 games at once. I have a problem.

Grocery shopping this morning, laundry today, the usual. Though all kinds of fun and hilarious and horrible things are going on at my various RPs. Christmas season has hit at CU, and Henry's...well, let's just say he's in a very playful mood. :D [ profile] damned is a bit more full of angst.

Speaking of RPs.... *prods [ profile] rewritten folks* Have we hit another little dead period?

Anyway, I've got to get dressed and whatnot to head to the store. Thank you everybody who left presents under the tree, I got a kick out of them! :D Save for whoever it was who gave me a lump of coal and told me I sucked. No, I lie, I did get a kick out of that. How can you take an un-capitalized 'u suck' seriously?
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I woke up, made my coffee, went out to the porch for my morning cigarette....

And there was snow, clinging to the roofs of the houses across the street. And a little clinging to our fence. Ice and frost coated the yard. There were swirls and swaths of it on the glass, the grass, the drive and the dirt.

Winter has arrived.

Sorry I fell off the face of the earth yesterday! I went to clear off my bed, ended up taking an impromptu nap, and then my computer had crashed when I returned to the living room. I left it to rest overnight, and did some clean up work this morning, and all seems well now. I know I had RP plans with folks, and I'm really, really sorry about that. :/

I did get a lot of progress done on my room yesterday! I'm proud of myself. I'll be doing a little more today, to tidy up and put things the way I want them. I'm terribly fickle when it comes to these things. I also need to get the laundry I left last night. At least it was in the dryer, so it shouldn't be frozen!

This morning I've already scrubbed the counters and caught up on nearly all my RP, at all my games! Go me! Though Rewritten seems to be in another quiet period, so nothing to reply to there. I just need to do one post at Damned and one post at CU and I shall be all on top of things!

I really need to just bite the bullet and drop Lyta. :/
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I think I'll just assume that I didn't surprise anyone on my Flist save for [ profile] talia_speaks. Or I'll knock off the memes, since this is the fourth or fifth one I've posted with next to no results. ;)

When the hell did I get so boring? Somehow, when I lived in the middle of nowhere and did nothing, I was more interesting than I am now. Mark that one up in the old irony column. And no, I'm not being whiny and emo over this, and I honestly don't care if people do memes I post. I just find it interesting. But I've always been interested in things like 'what makes an LJ entry eye-catching' and things like that. It's all about the writing, baby.

I'm just in a particularly strange mood this morning. I'm going to blame everything on hormones and let that be that.

My mother called me last night because she'd lost one of our traditional family recipes. Luckily I had it mostly memorized, and the internet was able to help me fill in a few gaps by looking up similar recipes. No Thanksgiving crisis yet.

I think I've wandered away from NaNo. This doesn't mean I'm going to abandon the fic, but I think trying to race to finish it in time will leave me stressed and worried and freaked out and massively disappointed if I don't manage it. So I'd rather save my sanity. Plus, both RPs have been massively distracting lately. ;) And I have another project in the works, and today I just want to write a lot of pr0n. So I think I'm just going to write a lot of pr0n today.

Maybe I'll do that shuffle meme, and write five pieces based on whatever songs come up, or something.

(Speaking of...I need more music!)


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