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And I've made my big friends cut! If there was a mistake and I cut you by accident, please speak up! I just defriended dead journals and journals that defriended me. But I'll be honest, there were a lot of journals that defriended me, so if I lost track of what I was clicking...sorry! :( No one who asked to stay was cut! And thank you very much to those who still want to stick around.

It's been a week since Sabo-con! Despite the hotel (Mesa Hilton) being full of idiots and having a room snafu, it was a nice weekend. I did my Eileen Galvin cosplay for the last time on Halloween. I love it, but the makeup is too extensive and too difficult for me to manage it any longer. I went to a few good panels, got the autograph I wanted (and thensome!) and bought some nice stuff. A few doujinshi, a Trinity Blood keychain, some candy, some art...nothing big. I did grab some classic anime, and the first DVD of Mythical Detective Loki, though. We've all been enjoying Tactics over here so much, I figured why not.

We're already planning for Con-Ichiwa in March. Go go group cosplay!

Other things that have happened to me...I went camping last month, which was an amazing experience. I went with my hippie friends to the Verde Valley natural hot springs. The springs are a mile away from camp, across a river that needs be forded. It was an adventure!

I watched a lot of horror movies through October. Good and bad, American, Asian and European. Still didn't hit 100 in 31 days, but it's the journey that's fun!

Re-decorated the shed, made new friends, applied for a fuckton of jobs, baked, despaired when our oven broke (it's better now!) and pretty much I've just been living my life.

Now I need to redo my icons - which shouldn't take much, since I only get 15 now - and my LJ and look into renaming tokens. :D
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Feeling better than I was yesterday, but there are heavy dark clouds overhead and that unpleasant pressure that means more rain. The weather channel agrees with that prediction.

I've been reading Desperation. I can't say it's grabbing me or sucking me in, but it's an interesting read. For some reason it reminds me of Insomnia, even though the plots are entirely dissimilar. It's just a feel of sorts. Or maybe it's simply some convoluted way for my mind to tell me it thinks I'll like Desperation about as much as I like Insomnia. (Which is to say, something to read, and certainly has its good moments, but nothing I'll read over and over.) Of course, I know the plot and have watched the movie - albeit not paying terrible close attention. I remember the theater in the movie reminded me of the theater in SH:0rigins, though....

I'm feeling Mexican food today. I'm really tempted to try some grilled burritos and tacos, if I can conquer the cheapest, least-flammable charcoal in the world. My Chinese food cravings have been assuaged, and now it is Mexican I desire.

So, Dreamwidth. I'm terribly spoiled. I was slightly interested until I discovered you only get six icon slots. I'm all about the icons, and having as many as possible. You know, I should see if there's a way to double-post to LJ and IJ, since I do like my IJ and have a lot of folks over there who aren't here. And...I haven't updated it in over half a year. :/

Another weekend's come. Oh! We finished Rune Soldier yesterday (adorable series, very much a D&D campaign/RPG game style plot and characters) and watched Slumdog Millionaire. Very glad we rented that one - and that we watched the credits! :D I need to find the list I was keeping of 'movies we need to rent'. But hey, I finished an anime series! And [ profile] nijawial offered to lend me the Bleach manga, since I like the characters and whatnot, but the filler crap chased me away from the anime.

I really miss RPing.

I have comments and emails to catch up with, and I promise I will get to them as soon as possible!
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Holy productive day, batman!

I got up around 7:30, showered, had breakfast, and got to watering my plants. They're almost all thriving, save for my basil which I've had since last year. It had a rough winter, and the tallest stalks look nearly dead, but there's fresh new growth at the bottom. Hopefully enough warm sun and water will bring it back.

Then I was off for errands! I got a new pair of shoes. From an actual store, not a thrift store. They're another pair of plain brown leather sandals. But after seven years, my faithful pair crapped out. And also seemed to disappear overnight, which boggles me a little. Perhaps they knew....

Then I had strawberries to pot (dripping with white flower buds, I might add!) and lots of rose bushes to prune. I donned my giant straw hat and headed out with a bottle of V8 and my Ipod to attack them with shears.

I'm already done, and it's not even noon.

Plus, I have a small bit of extra money. True, surprise, extra money. And of course I can't find my list of 'things I want to buy when I have extra money'. Sadly, it's not enough for the amazing Led Zeppelin LP box set at Hasting's, but that's okay. I'm...considering snagging a wig for my Bert cosplay.

I love how my Ipod's idea of 'shuffle' is to just clump every artist track together and play them in order.

I'm kind of an anime mood today. I'm not sure why, other than I just go through phases in what sort of things I want to watch and read. I really ought to make an effort to finish all the series' I'm watching....*eyes bookcase full of unwatched boxed sets* I've had Getbackers and Saikano for how long and I haven't finished them yet? Well, Saikano hasn't been finished because I really have to be in the right sort of mood for deep and depressing. Getbackers...I don't know why I haven't made it more than halfway through. I like Getbackers. A lot. And we do still have Rune Soldier to finish, but we only have like 4 episodes left there.

I should probably think about lunch soon. I've been working myself ragged all morning.
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Wow, so!

I've actually got a hell of a lot to post about, it's just hard getting it all sorted out.

I'll just start with today, since that's freshest in my mind!

I was up ungodly early once more, to go to Wal-Mart. We were just going o pick up stuff for my younger nephew's birthday party, but my father mentioned going to the gardening section. Just to see.

I now have a pot of strawberries, some German Thyme, some Oregano, a gorgeous Ichiban Eggplant plant, and oodles of tomatoes and peppers. And we may be going back tomorrow. So, my garden is well underway! Also did the usual Wednesday cleaning, though I'm still sort of in the middle of that.

I'm nearly done. :/ I'm halfway or so through the final book. I don't know what I'm going to do when it's over. Other than, uh, seek out the fandom most likely. I was mentioning jokingly to [ profile] t3h_toby_chan that it looked like I'd be back online just in time to plunge headfirst into a new fandom.

It looks like it's not so much a joke anymore.

Uh...what else? Oh, working on costumes! Three for me and so far two for [ profile] nijawial! We're cosplaying Rune Soldier and Inuyasha for Sabo, and then I have one I'm working on just for photoshoots. Well, technically two. Because I really don't see the point in wearing book/obscure comic costumes to anime/video game cons. But I still want to do the costumes.

Computer is...on its way to functioning properly. It desperately needs RAM, and I've got it defragmenting. Also still needs cords, but whatever. I can use it for at least small periods of time. And it's been enough for me to check my Flist, make some headway on my email, and make a new LJ icon. ;)

I'm looking into some new (to me) anime. I caught a bit of Darker Than Black, which I'd like to see, and a little bit of Vexille. Which was pretty and then highly recommended. And there was one other, but I forget the name. It was being advertised on the program, and was compared to Twelve Kingdoms.

I've finally rented Nightmares and Dreamscapes, though I haven't watched it yet. I've heard that Crouch End is just terrible, which I can understand. I don't think it would make the transition from text to screen very well. Speaking of...I read the first few stories in After Sunset, and I have to admit, I'm not impressed. After reading the forward, I was forewarned (King himself admits he's not sure if his recent short fiction is good or not) wasn't so much bad writing or bad plots, just the fact that of the stories I read, King had already written on those subjects in his novels. It was very regurgitated. I don't think I'm going to bother buying the book until I find it cheaply used.

Alright, this computer (tentatively named Walter) is making horrific grinding and wheezing noises, so I'm going to give him a little break.

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I was up relatively early for a Sunday morning - 9:30 - and was awake in time for my dad to wander down and offer me breakfast. I popped one of my pills and feasted on ham and eggs and toast, and it was delicious. I just ate the yolks, to be safe, but it was still quite tasty and I haven't fallen over in the fetal position with gut cramps yet, so I figure my pill worked.

Last night I lost internet, so I popped in the first DVD of Getbackers and zoned out to goofy fun anime. I also finally found a way to keep my new DVDs neatly displayed and contained in my living room. I dug out my box for that Death Note triple figure I got at Sabo, and it happens to be the perfect shape for holding DVDs. It's currently housing Getbackers, Saikano and Aeon Flux.

Speaking of, I think I'm going to bring the figure itself out here. It's currently on top of my bureau, but it's somewhat hidden behind all my PVC figures. And I certainly can't have those out here - well, I could, but I'd feel slightly awkward about it. It's bad enough when my dad happens to pop his head inside my bedroom and comment teasingly on the half or near naked 12 inch high anime girls all over my room. It would be even worse if they were in my living room.

This will of course ruin the eventual Steampunk decor I'm aiming for, but meh. I can put it on the shelf behind the television. It will look just lovely between my apple teapot and my Sanrio lunchbox.

I really need to organize my crap.

Piroshkis came out delicious. I ate two yesterday, and my mother heated two up for brunch today. The rest are in the freezer for later. We're trying the pub again today, despite our last two visits being less than great. But they have the best ale in town.

Thunder's starting up already. I should take my bath before it hits us.

I have over 1,000 words of a Death Note Steampunk AU mystery/thriller written. It's nice to be writing again.

I had one of those experiences yesterday that shakes you to the core. Not in a good or a bad way, it just shakes you. Stumbled upon the Livejournal of an old, old ex. I didn't read any of it - I felt far too close to stalkerish just looking at the userinfo - but it really hammered once more how far I've come and how much I've changed.

Apparently Sci-Fi channel ran out of bad horror movies to show. This almost makes me sad.
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We were going to go out to dinner tonight, but my mother once more changed her mind. We're getting Burger King. wonderful. I've been craving Burger King so badly for weeks. Especially since I've been playing video games again, and for some reason those two things are linked in my mind.

But video games come later. I played some SH4 last night. Or, to be completely fair, I made Henry run around and do various things to music. But I somehow managed to actually advance the game as well. Still in Building World, first time. Got a little caught up and missed the first part of the 11 o'clock episode of InuYasha, but that's alright. I can barely remember the second half.

I am, however, still coming to terms with the fact that Kagome is in middle school. I thought she was in High School, and was happily enjoying looking at her and her amazingly long legs. Now I just feel a bit like a dirty old woman. Again.

I'm pretty sure I've reached Bleach's filler arc. I have a good deal of 'wtf?' moments in Bleach, but lately, every episode has been full of 'wtf?!?!?'. Even beyond Bleach's normal wtfery.

I just can't get into Code Geass. I've been trying, but it fails to hold my attention.

I have RP posts to reply to! I should go do that! :D
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So, yesterday, [ profile] t3h_toby_chan informed me some idiot on was posting some of my fic. I clicked on the first one and saw that he'd at least given me some credit, so I politely PMed him. I haven't heard back, and in my boredom and curiousity, I clicked the reviews for those unauthorized reposting of my fics.

The second one - the Sloth/Maria I wrote as gift fic - was being passed off as their own. That's when I lost my shit and left a less-than-polite review explaining the situation and giving him 24 hours to take down my fics or I'm reporting them both as violating's TOS. Which they do, they're both NC-17, extremely graphic fics.

The link, because there's some other fics up there that are probably stolen as well, so anyone on my Flist who writes FMA yuri may well want to check it out.

Needless to say, this isn't improving my mood any. And I overslept and am still having trouble waking up, but I think I'm going to have some leftovers and see about catching up on some RP stuffs.

Oh, and yes, finally watched Spirited Away, and enjoyed it very much. I can see how the ending leaves some people feeling unsatisfied, but I think I personally liked it. For me, it had a very classic fairy tale feel, which worked with the overall story. It's definitely one I'll be picking up for myself at some point.
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Okay, now I've just reached the bottom of pathetic. I can't even afford five fucking bucks to keep up my Lust journal's extra icons. Tamaki's journal is set until next year, Lyta's paid account already ran out last week, and Hughes'... I don't know when that runs out. The others still have plus accounts. Argh.

Apparently there's festivities tomorrow. Fireworks and stuff. I had to be reminded why, too. I'm so fucked up dealing with this stuff that I completely forgot about the 4th of July. I forgot it even was July. Not that I care much about the holiday anyway. It's long since stopped being much but an excuse for overzealous idiots to yell about whatever minority group they feel is ruining the country now, get drunk and be stupid. At least around here.

I don't even like hot dogs and hamburgers.

Speaking of, at the very least, my diet (in the sense of what I eat) is actually in a really good place. Oatmeal and fresh fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, some kind of white meat and rice and/or beans and raw veggies for dinner. And plenty of juice, water and milk.

And for the love of god, would Adult Swim stop switching things around? Adding Bleach was awesome. I'm liking Bleach, even if every other episode either gives me bad dreams or makes me cry. I tuned in last night expecting Futurama, and got Naruto. Nuh-uh, that's not cool with me. I want my full hour of Futurama back.

Scorpius's CD burner did indeed die. So he's basically a giant hard-drive I can't move anything off of. This is the point where I erupt in hysterical laughter and need to go lie down for a bit.

Anyway! Does anyone have the first season of Avatar that they could send me? I need to be able to get the episodes on my computer so I can burn them onto a DVD to watch in bed, since I can't watch anything on my computer. I can't find another good torrent for it. :/

And I still can't find batteries for my camera.
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I have a routine when it comes to my nights. 10 - 11:30, I watch The Simpsons and South Park. 11:30 - 12:00 I watch Family Guy. 12:00 to 12:15 I wash up for bed, and make it back to the TV in time for Aqua Team Hunger Force and Shin Chan.

Last night I was running late. I was feeling crappy, so I had tea out on the deck, hoping the combination of tea and fresh air would settle my stomach. I came inside a little after 12:30, and plopped down to watc Shin Chan. Only Shin Chan wasn't on. I found myself staring at a rather generic looking anime scene, and immediately was upset. Changes in my routine do not please me.

But then I looked a little closer and thought 'whatever this is, it's familiar'. Which is remarkably unhelpful, because I've seen so much damn anime that there's a good chance whatever I tune in to is familiar. But, a couple more very bizarre landscape scenes and I started to get suspicious.

My suspicions were right. Adult Swim is now playing, from the very first episode, Bleach every weekday night. So I can actually watch it. Technically I've seen 25 episodes, but damned if I remember much of it at all. I think I can remember maybe five or six scenes altogether from everything I've seen. So now I can actually finally see it. Huzzah!

And it clearly influenced my dreams, because Rukia and Ichigo were both in them. I was staying at a hotel in some city, and Ichigo was staying in the room next door, and a Hollow attacked and I remember trying to hide in a mall, and then we had to fight ninjas, but they were dinosaur ninjas. And somehow we ended up lost at sea, and we couldn't find edible fish, and then it shifted and I was in a golf tournament with Simon (why he is the Firefly character I consistently dream about, I will never know) and we were playing against porn stars and I was in my Lust cosplay, but it split open and I had to borrow a robe from [ profile] chocomimi....

I blame my flu meds.
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As some of you know, I have a 12 year old niece. She's in middle school, she's popular, she's at the top of the social totem pole. Earlier this year, I got her the first DVD of Fruits Basket. I didn't know how she'd take to it - she'd seen my manga and some of my anime DVDs, and she knew that [ profile] lennaofmidearth and I watched anime, but I figured it couldn't hurt. And the first DVD was the only DVD of the series I was missing, so if she didn't like it, it wouldn't be a waste.

Fast forward about a month. She's watching the series over and over again every day. She has it memorized. She's introduced it to all of her friends. They all love it. I'm boggled. Lenna is boggled. We're amazed by this. We start looking around into other anime to show her. I don't bother with manga because I had no idea how she'd take to it. Neither Lenna nor I are big manga readers. And besides, it's easier to get anime than manga out here in Middle of Nohwere.

Last week, I'm out on the deck smoking. D (my neice) comes out. She's holding something in her hand. She walks up to me and asks 'hey auntie, have you read this manga yet?'. I don't even remember the title of the series, I was too busy going 'where did she get this?!?' and 'holy crap, my niece is bringing me manga!' It was a Shoujo Beat title, some middle school romance. And it was volume three....

Mechas to Mainstream: Anime Then and Anime Now )
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Oh sweet Jeebus, it's freezing and I'm sick. Not a good way to start the week. I woke up at around 7:30 with an upset tummy - my fault, for eating fast food - and then woke up again at around 10 with a swollen throat and a stuffy nose. I have my dryer running just to try and warm up my room. And so I can put on toasty warm clothes. Sometimes I microwave my clothes in the winter, or put them in the oven if someone else is using the dryer.

But I have KH2 to play again, and there is chicken soup in the cabinet.

I'm so not going to finish NaNo. This is no surprise to me. RL just took a lot of the wind out of my writing sails.

Oh! And my icon reminded me: I must have her. Because guh, Eri. I have art of her in a playboy bunny type get up somewhere....

I should find that.
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So, after all errands, cooking and cleaning were done, I decided to actually watch some of my new DVDs.

Dub Review - Trinity Blood )

Dub Review - Tactics )

And those are my thoughts on the Trinity Blood and Tactics dubs. I'll do follow-ups as I see more episodes and reach the introductions of other characters.
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So, last night I woke up at around 2 AM in excruciating pain and was not able to go back to sleep. So I finished up Chobits. I... still don't really know what my reactions to the end are. I was watching while exhausted and out of sorts, so I did cry. A lot. That was damn emotional!

I see what everyone means, though, with the plot coming out of nowhere. Jima and Dita threw me for a loop, as did how everything was so neatly connected. But there weren't any loose ends, which was good. Also? I have found my second favorite fan-sub name mangle: Furaea. It looks like an anthromorph role playing site.

Anyway, now it is time for another series! Help Fey decide what to watch!

[Poll #825877]

And I need to take lots of pain killers and get started on cleaning. :/
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Okay, first off? Why is there bone deep pain all through my right arm? From my elbow it makes a burning twisting line along the side to my pinky - flaring at the wrist. I must have slept on it wrong or something, but it's insanely unpleasant.

I need to stop reading things I know will just piss me off. (But I do it every day, so I suppose I will never learn.)

All the emails and whatnot I owe people will be going out today and tomorrow. I know I owe some people stuff from like... weeks ago. I suck.

As Trinity Blood is taking a while to torrent, I popped in Chobits to get caught up. Made it to episode 17. Chii is adorable. I love her white and blue dress, it's the cutest thing ever. I want her white and blue dress. I'm enjoying the series, but I'm at the point where I want to find more things out. Chii being Chii and Hideki being Hideki is adorable and whatnot, but I want to see some serious plot movement. That doesn't involve weird, technically illegal relationships.

I think what's surprising me about Chobits is that all I'd heard is that it was just a silly, goofy show with lots of fan service. And, well, I don't see it that way. Yes, there's a lot of silly fluff, yes there's oodles of fan service, but the core themes of the show are pretty heavy and deep. An old and cliched plot? Oh yes. But it's got a new twist and is presented in an original way.

The theme song refuses to leave my head, however. I thought the School Rumble theme was bad...

Prepare for massive amounts of fic throughout the day. I'm playing Catch Up with my writing!
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The final battle for Luigi's Mansion for Gamecube is bullshit. I don't get it. Instead of utilizing what you've been doing the whole game, they toss all this new crap at you. And do away with hearts. I've tried it over a dozen times and I think I've managed to knock Bowser's head off twice. I am displeased.

In better news: Oh my god, Trinity Blood. I just caught the first episode, but I'm hooked. Abel is... gah! Abel Nightroad is awesome. And Cardinal Caterina is, also - but I have trouble listening to her, as she's voiced by Sloth and it's really, really obvious. But mostly Abel is awesome. I loved him in the very beginning of the episode, and then at the end he became ten times cooler. Seriously, Abel is Hohenheim-cool. (And also kind of disturbing to listen to in the dub at parts, because he's voiced by the same VA who voiced Frank Archer in the FMA Dub). But he's still that cool. Also? The pope is adorable. I want to hug him.

The art is gorgeous, the music is amazing, and the storyline is original (to me). It's nice to see the Vatican being the good guys for once, and to see a bit of a new twist on the usual anime vampires. It has sort of a Vampire Hunter D feel, for me, but softer. I've wanted to see it since I saw a promo at Anizona Con, and I'm really glad that I did. I need to see more. Hell, if the series is as good as the first episode promised, I'll buy the DVDs.

I definitely recommend it for folks looking for a new anime to get into.

(And on closer inspection, a ton of the English cast of FMA does voices for this series.)
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So, I've been watching Ouran High School Host Club. I just got caught up today. I have to say, I adore it. The theme song has been stuck in my head all day. I love the characters, I love the art, and the story is fun and absolutely adorable. It's been a while since a new anime grabbed me like this. I was getting into Bleach, but since it's being dubbed I've put watching it on hold and am waiting for that. I know this makes me a bad anime fan or whatever, but I do generally prefer watching things dubbed. As long as it's a good dub.

But yes, Ouran High School Host Club wins. Hell, I even like Honey and he's the type of character I generally don't like. I still want to call him Momiji, though. And Haruhi wins. Haruhi wins hardcore. Also? The twins set my little kinky heart a'flutter. Seriously! I died during the physical exam episode.

Anyone know where I can get the music for this series?

Now I need to go look for screencaps, to make an icon!


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