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Scar/Lust - HS AU - PG-13

Title: I've Always Loved Your Mind
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 1,225
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Isobel attempts to surprise Caleb for Valentine's Day. It has unexpected results.

Valentine's Day.

It was unavoidable. The school was covered in red and pink and white construction paper decorations. There was a flower gifting exchange. There was red food coloring in the cafeteria lunches. The television was awash in ads, even the stores were spewing cupids and candies like lifeblood. It was everywhere.

And it was today.

Isobel outwardly made no concession for the holiday. Even the note she'd slipped to Caleb at lunch had been a plain white bit of paper, giving no message but to meet her behind the library that evening. She'd already laid out a cover plan, that she was going to a schoolmate's to work on a research project. She did well in her studies and only lied about her whereabouts sometimes, there was nothing suspect. She left the house in a long wool skirt and baggy sweater, perfectly acceptable studying clothes.

Blocks away, almost to the library, she ducked into a gas station bathroom and shrugged out of both sweater and skirt. Underneath, she wore her actual outfit for the evening. It was red. It was snug. The skirt stopped at her knees. The top was a long sleeved one with an acceptable neckline, but it clung to her. She pulled some makeup from her purse and applied it in the dingy mirror of the rest stop.

She didn't usually go to these lengths, but it was a special occasion. They'd never celebrated Valentine's Day before.

She honestly wasn't sure if Caleb had anything planned, but she didn't care. She wanted to spend it with him, even if they just sat behind the library and talked or necked. It just mattered that they were together. And that she looked particularly nice for him.

It was only another block or two to the library, and Isobel hurried along the dim streets. She hadn't put on heels, she didn't want to break her neck on her way to her date. And besides, she liked that Cal was so much taller than her. She came to the perfect spot on him, for leaning against. Heels would disrupt that.

There was the library. Isobel ducked around behind it, smoothing at her clothes and patting her hair. Caleb was sitting on a concrete ledge, hands between his knees, backpack on the ground beside him. He looked distracted and lost in thought and she hung back just to watch him. He looked so unguarded and sweet in the low light cast by the nearby street lamp.

He was wearing a red overshirt.

"Happy Valentine's Day." Isobel came out of the shadows, feeling nervous and silly. Was the makeup too much? Was her shirt too tight? Oh god, he was staring. He wasn't saying a word, he was simply staring at her, mouth slightly open. She fidgeted with her skirt, looking down. She'd just thought...she'd only been trying... she really had to stop listening to Cosmo.

" did you get out of the house, dressed like that?"

"I wasn't dressed like this when I left the house!" She never would have been allowed out. And would have been grounded for a month if her foster mother caught her dressed like this. She folded her arms over her chest and hunched her shoulders, trying to hide herself. "I wore it under something else. I...wanted to surprise you."

"I'm...surprised." Caleb was swallowing hard and still just staring. "I've never seen you dressed this way before."

"I'm not allowed to dress like this. But it's Valentine's Day."

"I know. I have something for you." And then he was turning away, opening his bag and not looking at her at all. She may as well have left on her shapeless sweater and ankle length skirt. In a way it was sort of sweet, that he didn't care if she dressed like they did on TV or in magazines. But she'd put in all of this effort! He could at least try and say something nice.

But Caleb didn't say things he didn't mean. Even to her. Even when he ought to.

"Here." He lifted his head almost, but he still wouldn't look quite at her. He was holding out a classic heart shaped box. He was blushing. "I now how much you like chocolate."

"Thank you." She awkwardly took the box, feeling ridiculous. Caleb kept stealing quick glances at her, out of the corner of his eye. "I don't have anything for you. Other than..." She gestured to herself.


"...what I have on under it matches."

Judging by the sudden redness in Caleb's face, maybe that hadn't been the best thing to say.

"We're practically in the street, Isobel."

"We're behind the library. And we could go somewhere else..." She shrugged.

"Is that all you ever want to do?"

"Well...I do enjoy it. Don't you?" She's swabbed enough of his messes off of various parts of her body by now to be certain he did.

"Sometimes I feel like we don't do anything else."

"Oh." Isobel held her box of chocolates over her front and sat down beside him. "Well, we can't do much else."

"We could talk. We could go for a walk. We could just...enjoy each other's company."

"We do! I like doing all those things with you. But..."

"But what? You just like that the best? Would you stay with me, if we didn't?" He was looking at her now, but it was a sort of intensity that she hadn't expected. Was he really afraid that was all that mattered to her?

"Of course I would. I liked you before we ever even kissed. Cal, I'm not...using you for your body or anything like that. We don't even have sex. And if we're being honest, I could find dozens of other boys to do what we do with. But I don't want to do it with them, because they aren't you." Isobel reached for his hand, taking it in her own. "I want to talk with you, sit with you, kiss you...all of it. I want it because it's with you."

Caleb didn't respond immediately. But Isobel was used to that. She waited, holding his hand, letting his mind do whatever it did when he got quiet like this.

"You...are the only one I want." He spoke quietly, looking down between them instead of at her. Isobel's heart sped up and she tightened her fingers around his. He was so rarely given to expressing himself like this. He wasn't one for emotions or easily sharing them. "Because you are you. And I'm sorry I ruined the night you'd planned."

She had to laugh. He was just as nervous as miss-stepping or ruining things as she was. They really didn't know what they were doing. Isobel didn't think it really mattered, though. They had to start somewhere and figure all of this out somehow.

"Oh for god's sake, Cal, you haven't ruined anything. We can just sit. And talk. Should I put my sweater on?"

" You don't have to." Caleb swallowed and cleared his throat. "It...that looks good on you." The words were mumbled thickly.

"Does it?"

"You know it does." His face was still red. There was a tightness in his jaw that Isobel had come to know over the last few months.

"I'd hoped you'd like it." She popped open her box of chocolates and offered him one. It was declined, as expected. She tossed it into her mouth and shifted closer to Caleb, pretending not to hear his resigned sigh as he put his arm around her.

They weren't going to spend the evening just talking.