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Borderlands Fic | Jack/Nisha | N-17

Title: Wasted and Ready
Pairing: Jack/Nisha
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,783
Warnings: Drug use, hard sex
Summary: Jack spices up a boring afternoon in Lynchwood shortly after Nisha's installed as sheriff.

Jack stood up from bending over Nisha desk with a loud exhalation, eyes closed, shimmering powder clinging to the triangle of skin between his nose and mouth. Oh, that was the stuff. That sudden spark of electricity right in his brain, traveling down his spine, riding his nervous system to every crevice and corner of his body. He felt twice as alive. It was the kind of rush that only came from good drugs, good sex, or a good killing spree.

"Shitty planet, great drugs!" Jack's insides were tingling. He thought this was what it had to be like to be made of wires and circuitry, to be able to feel that current of power flowing through you. He had no interest in cybernetics, but it was a cool feeling.

"Hitting the moondust a little early, Handsome?"

"What's 'early' when the sun's out for a billion hours?" Not that Pandora's sun was visible, but what about this screwed up planet worked the way it should? This was like the gargabe pile of the universe, where all the crap that didn't work right ended up.

But he was gonna fix that. He'd already started. Helios was almost complete, he had plans for a glorious empire here on the planet...everything was coming up Handsome! There were just a few minor details that needed sorting, a couple of loose ends... Once Pandora was free of the scourge of bandits and cannibals and inbred freaks and everything else that made it a disgusting waste of galaxy space, it was gonna be awesome.

Jack was suddenly aware Nisha was talking to him. His eyes came back into focus and he blinked at her, immediately distracted by how it looked like little lights were dancing in her hair. He tried to think of something poetic and impressive to say about stars in the night sky but he couldn't quite string words together in a coherent order.


"You're damn lucky I love you as much as I do."

Jack couldn't tell if Nisha's voice was amused or frustrated. Maybe both. Whatever. It was boring around here. Yeah, yeah, the mines were important - so, so important - but that didn't mean he wanted to sit around staring at them all day.

There were way better things to stare at.

"Hey. C'mere." He beckoned to her, leaning back against her desk. He could hear gunshots in the distance and it just made his blood stir all the stronger.

"What's the magic word?"

"Uh....c'mere so I can screw you senseless?"

Nisha laughed. The stars in her hair faded and dissolved and formed again.

"Charmer. How about you stay right where you are, cowboy. This is the Sheriff's office, Sheriff's in charge." There was a purr to her voice that sent shivers down Jack's spine. The kind of shivers that went straight to his cock. She stayed where she was, in the middle of her office, mellow late afternoon sunlight filtering in through the shutters giving the impression of a spotlight. God she looked good in her uniform. The tight jeans and crop top look had been smoking, hands down, but this... Jack's fingers gripped the desk behind him as he watched her slowly shrug out of her coat.

It wasn't a dance, exactly, not like a stripper or anything. But it was sexy. There was something about the way she moved. It was hard to keep still. She unbuckled her holster and Jack whined a little. Nisha chuckled again, deep and throaty. She tossed the belt and pistols to Jack, who caught them awkwardly.

"Hold onto those for me a minute."

Time was going funny. Jack was in a haze as he watched Nisha toe off her boots, slide out of her pants, unbutton her shirt. God she was gorgeous. hot. She was wearing a purple bra and panties and Jack was pretty sure that was his favorite color on her. Something about the way it stood against her skin, brought out her eyes, the highlights in her hair.

And then she crossed the distance between them, but instead of touching him, she just grabbed her gun belt out of his hands and buckled it back around her hips. And then she was standing there in her Sheriff's hat and her underwear and her guns, bare feet on the wooden floor. Maybe it was his imagination, but Jack swore he could hear the creaking of the gallows down the way. Nisha's gallows. The light in her eyes when she strung them up...Jack loved that light. He understood it. They were a matched pair, him and Nish. She was deadly and ruthless and so freaking good at what she did.

And most importantly, she was his. All his and only his.

Her bra came next. Jack made a needy sound in his throat and he couldn't take it anymore. He half perched on the edge of Nisha's desk, a great wooden thing, and grabbed his throbbing erection through his pants. Nisha's breasts weren't big, but they were spectacular. Those high, youthful tits that fit perfectly in the palm of his hand or in his mouth. They bounced just a little as they were released from her bra, nipples tightening in the open air of the sheriff's office. She was all copper and muscle and scars, sharp angles and lean length. Her legs were the perfect length to wrap around him. And they were strong. He briefly wondered what it would feel like, to have those amazing thighs of hers squeezed around his throat while she jerked him off. He promptly decided that sometime soon he needed to find out.

But now Nisha was striding towards him. Even now, especially now, she moved like a predator. Jack can't remember when he took his cock out of his pants, but apparently he did. He was stroking himself as she walked up to him, lips curved in a wicked sort of grin. The light around her blurred. Jack's heart was a jackhammer in his own ears and his dick felt like it was going to explode. Literally, figuratively, both...

He grabbed her by the hips and kissed her hard. She tasted like tobacco and gunpowder. Her tongue prodded his mouth and he sucked at it hungrily. Her lower belly pressed against his bare cock and he quickly abandoned her hips for her breasts, covering them with his hands and lifting them. Her nipples were hard little points against his palm. Everything was blurry and hazy and felt faster than normal. Nisha's hands were all over him. Her nails were in his back, her mouth on his neck. The brim of her hat knocked against his chin. His hands cupped her ass and lifted her up and she knew to wrap her legs around him and squeeze.

It just felt so right. Jack didn't believe in soul mates or destiny beyond what a man made for himself, but there was something between him and Nisha. Some chemistry, some perfect match up of pheromones and personality and everything else.

Whatever the hell it was, he was nuts about her and the sex was amazing. She was biting his neck so hard she was probably gonna draw blood and he loved it. Jack turned them so she was sitting on the desk, bending to lower her over it. He could feel her guns against his hips. They were loaded. His mouth found her breasts while his hands spread her legs. There was no time for leisurely foreplay, he didn't even bother to take off his mask and Nisha didn't ask him to.

Lying on the desk, head thrown back as Jack took one dark nipple between his teeth, Nisha's hat tumbled to the ground. Jack's jacket soon followed, shoved roughly off of his shoulders. His pants were around his ankles. It felt like time was skipping, but it was just the drugs he'd snorted. Nisha was moaning and the office smelled of sweat and sex and old wood and gun oil and it was a heady mix. Jack's skin felt electrified, like little sparks were dancing over it wherever he and Nisha touched. He wrenched her soaking panties aside, not bothering to take them off. He needed to be inside her about ten minutes ago. He thrust into her hard and her hand tangled in his hair, gripping him. She slammed her hips against him and lifted up into him, half lidded eyes all dark and smokey with lust and pleasure.

There was no dirty talk this time, no urging each other on or telling each other exactly how good everything felt. It was all moans and grunts and screaming, the desk scraping against the floor as Jack drove into Nisha with the sort of fervent speed and rhythm that only came with the aid of powerful drugs.

Did anybody have a better life than Handsome Jack? That had to be impossible. Life was friggin perfect. Ploughing Nisha into her desk hard enough to shake the building, Pandora sprawled and waiting for him outside, he was king of the god damned galaxy. And Nisha was his sexy, badass queen. They'd tame this whole planet together, make it better. Everybody would sing the praises of Handsome Jack and hail him as their god. It was gonna be so, so sweet.

He came hard. Burying himself to the hilt inside of Nisha and growling out a string of curses and triumphs, the thought of ruling the empire they'd build together pushed him over the edge. She clung to him, her nails buried in his back, raking long furrows in his scarred skin, deep enough to make him bleed. The bite of pain made his orgasm that much better, a little extra kick as he popped off.

After, he sat on the floor against Nisha's desk as she stretched out on top of it, still wearing her disheveled panties and her gunbelt. Smoke lingered in the still air of the office, both of them smoking lazily. Jack was coming down now, the aftermath of the drugs and the afterglow of the mind blowing sex blending together into a pleasant sort of tired and relaxed. Jack yawned and stretched and idly ran his fingers along Nisha's dangling leg. He exhaled a long curl of smoke and glanced up at her, grinning that pleased, shit-eating grin of his.

"God we're good together."

Nisha laughed, kicking him lightly with her bare foot. "Was there ever a doubt?"

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