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Borderlands Fic - Jack/Nisha - R

Title: A Change in Plans
Pairing: Jack/Nisha
Rating: R/NC-17
Word Count: 1,137
Summary: Jack tries to convince Nisha to try a little self pampering. It doesn't go as planned.

"Don't get me wrong, you know I love the badass, tough chick thing. Buuut..." Jack spread his hands and gave Nisha an innocent look. They were both still in their bathrobes, Nisha naked under hers, Jack wearing a pair of pajama bottoms. It was early, and there was that look in Nisha's eye. The look that said she was getting ready to head back to the planet. "There's nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life. Especially now that I can heap them on you."

"I don't need fancy things, cowboy."

"I'm not saying you need them, just...ugh!" Jack put his hands on Nisha's shoulders, steering her back to the long black leather couch he'd recently treated himself to. He's the president now, he deserves the best. And so does his girlfriend, but she's the most stubborn friggin woman...

But he was going to take matters into his own hands. Literally. She'd shot down every offer of a couples' spa day all week, so fine. Screw the spa. They wouldn't go. He'd just be a romcom stereotype and do it for her, right here in his suite. Cause he was that awesome.

"Sit." He pushed her down onto the couch, ignoring her raised eyebrow. She could give him a cool, skeptical look all she wanted. This was happening. "C'mon, you're still in your robe, this is perfect."

"Wouldn't 'perfect' involve no robe at all?"

"That's after. Like immediately after." Because he was going to be touching her. A lot. And rubbing things into her.

He bought her all kinds of expensive, spa quality toiletries, but she hardly ever used them. His bathroom was full of them, he kept them, defiantly on the corner of the expansive, black marbled bath in his master bath. They were symbolic, there was a whole life just waiting for her up here on Helios.

A life she only ever seemed vaguely interested in, at best. She was here for him - which was awesome! It was great! - but she never stayed. A few days, then she was back down on the planet, hanging people who looked at her funny and using bandits for target practice. Which was super hot. But that ought to be the few days then home thing, not how it was now.

But that wasn't what today was about. They'd argued about it enough, nothing ever changed. Instead of bringing up the same damn points again and again, Jack just gathered up a bunch of supplies and settled himself on the floor at Nisha's feet.

"Hmm. I'm suddenly warming up to this idea. I like you down there."

"Yeah, yeah, you're a goddess, I'm your lowly servant, let me kneel at your feet..." Jack just grinned up at her, his one good eye glinting with humor. He crossed his legs and lifted one of Nisha's feet, taking a minute to run his fingers along the delicate curve of her ankle. God, even her feet were pretty, and Jack wasn't a big feet guy. But they were very much the feet of a woman who spent all her time in leather boots, running around the desert and kicking ass.

"Okay, hold on one more minute." Those needed to soak before Jack could do anything with them. Christ, how did she end up more calloused than him? Probably because unlike his wild creature of a girlfriend, he actually paid attention to that stuff. Pedicures were friggin great! There was nothing that said 'I'm an important human being' like a pair of people devoting themselves to smoothing and cleaning your feet.

Okay, so there were a lot of other things that said that, but still.

There. Jack had a foot bath set up, and Nisha was giving him a Look again.

"Right. Now we're ready."

"And how long do I have to sit here with wet feet?"

"This is a therapeutic foot bath with hundreds of dollars worth of oils in it, have some friggin' class."

"You could at least eat me out while I'm sitting here. That classy enough for you?" Emphasizing her point, Nisha spread her thighs, offering Jack an unobstructed view of her freshly shaven slit. That...was a tempting offer. She was just sitting there, and he could give her a shoulder rub or massage her scalp or something, but...oral.

"Yeah, okay. We offer happy endings around here. Even if we just got started..." Why not make it sexy? Maybe she'd actually sit there and keep her feet in the soak.

Arranging himself so he didn't end up with soaking wet knees, Jack buried his face between Nisha's legs. Holy christ, he loved doing this to her. She had one of those perfect pussies; plump lips that swelled and practically pulsed when she was turned on, swollen clit, cushioned mons... she had the kind of junk that rich women paid ridiculous amounts of money for. He licked her enthusiastically, probing hr every fold with the tip of his tongue. She was already getting wet. He pushed her thighs further apart with his hands and fixed his mouth over the whole of her slit and worked his tongue inside of her. He could hear faint splashing from the floor and he slapped at her thigh to still her legs. She was gonna spill

the foot bath if she kept that up!

Nisha's response was to grab his hair and pull him closer against her. Her fingers tangled in his hair and her nails scraped against his scalp and he was growing painfully hard in his silk pajama bottoms. He stopped trying to get her to keep her feet still. Her head was thrown back against the couch, her robe was falling open...

When the foot bath finally did knock over, with much clattering and splashing and a dousing of Jack's silk pajamas, he kind of didn't really give a shit. Because it was the same time that Nisha came, hard and loud, against his mouth.

"Your pants are all wet, Handsome."

"Uh, you're all wet, Sheriff." Jack dragged a fingertip along the slick, plump swell of Nisha's slit, enjoying the way she shuddered at the touch.

"Don't you... have to fix that silly foot bucket...."

"Soaking tub, and screw the spa day, let's just fuck." It was obviously what Nisha wanted. And if Jack hadn't been sure of it before, the way she grinned and squirmed and stretched on the couch was more than obvious.

"Oh Jack. I thought you'd never ask."

"Forgive me for trying to pamper you, christ." Jack was already stripping off his sodden pajama bottoms. Nisha was toying with the belt of her robe as she watched him. He caught a flash of firm breast, a hint of abdomen, tantalizing glimpses of scarred, bronzed flesh...

"Pamper me with your dick, Handsome." Nisha threw open her robe, stretching naked on the couch, and Jack didn't give a shit about anything he'd planned for today.

"You know you love me just the way I am."