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Scar/Lust - HS AU - R

Title: Extracurricular Activities
Rating: R
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 1,187
Summary: It's called a 'chemistry lab' for a reason.....

"The chemical structure of...ahem. Of...the chemical structure... do you have to sit like that?"

They were in one of the school's chemistry labs, after classes had long since let out for the day. The building was practically empty, this particular wing a mausoleum

save for Caleb and Isobel. Who weren't getting very much work done, despite textbooks out and notebooks open. This was mainly due to the fact that Isobel had chosen

to perch on the table, the skirt of her uniform pulled up on her thighs, legs slightly spread. Just enough.

From Caleb's seat at the table, it was nearly impossible not to look. She was wearing black panties. This was all on purpose. They had so little private time


"No, but thank god you finally noticed."

He'd held out for an impressively long time, steadfastly staring at his notes or his chemistry book, slightly flushed, but pointedly ignoring Isobel's obvious

invitation. She'd begun to worry he'd spend the whole two hours mumbling about elements and reactions and ignoring her completely.

"We're supposed to be studying."

"We've been studying." Isobel put her hands on the edge of the desk, leaning forward slightly. "I'm bored with studying. It isn't as though we even need to."

"We're in school."

"No one's here. Just us."

"For now."

God, he was so stubborn. Isobel stretched out one of her legs, dragging the toe of her shoe over his knee.

"Who's going to come in here? We can lock the door...."

"That would be obvious!" Caleb sounded horrified. Isobel sighed and slipped off the table, knocking aside his book and planting herself directly in his lap. He couldn't ignore that.

"What are you doing?"

"What do you think?" She twined her fingers behind his neck, smiling at the way he went so red in the face. He was squirming under her, but she stayed put. "No one's going to come in. No one ever comes in." Not once, in all the times they'd used the lab after school, had anyone interrupted their studies. Why would

now be any different?


Isobel silenced him with a kiss. His mouth was open to speak and she darted her tongue inside, swallowing any further protests. His hands awkwardly rested on her hips. His chemistry book lay open on the floor, forgotten. Isobel had had enough of reading about chemistry, there was more than enough of it to explore physically.

And as she kissed him, her hands playing with his hair, she thought Caleb was coming around to the idea. His mouth moved against hers, his hands stroked hesitantly along her sides. Her white uniform shirt didn't offer too much of a barrier and she felt her skin prickle pleasantly under his hands.

His hands were always so warm. He radiated a heat all his own, and when he was flustered or worked up, he felt even warmer. Like now. She felt the heat of him through her clothes. Especially down there, where all that separated them were his pants and her underwear. She felt the heat of him on her bare thighs. And she could feel other things, just as hot, beginning to press against the saddle of her panties. She pressed herself down into it and felt more than heard his groan.

It didn't take much, to stoke his fires. Caleb was soon clutching at her, hungrily kissing her, tongue fully engaged in the proceedings. Her shirt bunched up. She felt his hands on the small of her back, skin against skin. Her thighs flexed and twitched of their own accord. The space between her legs ached, hollow and wanting. She ground herself down into his lap, trying to appease that feeling. It was too much, almost, the combination of sensations, and also not nearly enough.

Somehow, they found a sort of rhythm. Isobel's skirt was bunched up all the way to her waist, and Caleb's hands held her bare hips as they rocked into each other. At some point, his pants had been undone. Isobel couldn't even remember which one of them did it, but she could feel him flush against the cotton of her underwear. The pleasantly hard length slipped right against the seam of her, rubbing her sensitive flesh in just the right way. Her toes curled inside her black leather shoes. Caleb buried his face in her breasts and she tipped her own head back, whimpering softly. She could feel the pleasure building, focusing right down to the pit of her stomach. Or maybe lower, it was hard to tell. There were waves of sensation washing over her, too, a steady flow from the top of her head to the bottoms of her feet.

The chair was scraping against the floor. Isobel felt Caleb's breath, heavy and hot, in the crevice between her breasts. The buttons of her blouse strained, the fabric gaping open, and his breath ghosted over her bare skin. She clung to him, her legs nearly wrapped around him, and the friction against her was driving her mad! Breathing felt difficult, sharp and quick, and suddenly something burst inside of her and that focused point of pleasure somewhere deep in her abdomen was everywhere and she had to bite his shoulder to keep from screaming....

She was aware he was still thrusting against her, but she was a limp thing in his lap now. It felt good, still, but in a different way. There were only little bursts of pleasure now, aftershocks almost, and when he suddenly pushed her off and turned from her, grabbing a handful of paper towels from the desk, she didn't really mind. Though she would have appreciated a bit more warning than a hasty shove...

Isobel adjusted herself as best as she could, while Caleb finished up. Her panties were soaked through, but there was nothing to be done about that, beyond trying to control the damage with those horrible school issued brown paper towels. Her skirt and shirt were rumpled, but she smoothed them as best as she could. Well, she'd have her jacket, when she went home. God, her legs still felt all weak and full of gelatin!

"Ahem." Caleb had also put himself back together, though his cheeks were still red. He looked at her shyly, gathering up his notes and other supplies. She watched him, hands clasped behind her back, not sure what to say now. 'Thank you'? 'That was nice'? It didn't seem quite right, but someone had to say something...

Caleb solved the dilemma for her.

"...did you have to knock my book onto the floor? I have to pay for any damages at the end of the year."

Isobel rolled her eyes and grabbed her backpack, letting Caleb grumble about his textbook. She knew he thought it was worth it.

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