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AU Ficlet - Scar/Lust - Teen AU

Title: The Awkwardness of Adolescence
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 1,989
Rating: R
Summary: A pair of clueless teens attempt heavy petting in a secret attic meeting.

If anyone found out, she was going to be in so much trouble.

It was stupid. It was a ridiculous risk. She wasn't even supposed to be seeing him, let alone sneaking him into the house. But here they were, her hauling him in the window and wincing at every light 'thump'. No one ought to be able to hear, but...


"I am 'shhhed'."

Their voices were pitched low. Why did everything sound so much louder in the dark? Isobel frowned and listened for any sounds anywhere in the house. There were the usual creaks of pipes and old wood settling, but that was all. She let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding and closed the window shut behind her late night visitor.

The attic was dim and quiet, beyond their breathing. No one came up here, even during the day. They should be safe. Isa had even gone so far as to clear a space and pile old mattresses and blankets into a sort of nest area they could sit on. And...whatever. Hopefully the latter. She hadn't gone to all the trouble of arranging a secret place just so they could sit there and mumble at each other and stare at their hands.

"I shouldn't stay very long..."

Caleb's tone lacked the conviction of his words. Isa just gave him a skeptical look as she settled down on the mattress pile. They were surrounded by trunks and boxes and the large clutter that attics tended to collect. They were hidden from view, in the unlikely event someone did pop their head up here, only a single taper candle and the moon offering any light.

Caleb stood a moment, awkwardly, looking at her as she sat down and arranged her nightgown.

"You're not...dressed."

"Of course not, it's the middle of the night."

"I'm dressed."

"You just walked halfway across town. Sit down with me." She was in a perfectly normal nightgown. She could have put a robe on, but that seemed to defeat the whole point of a secret night meeting in the attic. Besides, Cosmo said bathrobes were a turn off.

She'd read all of her foster mother's Cosmos.

Caleb finally joined her, folding his legs and looking down at his hands. He seemed larger than normal, in the small space. And very interested in the backs of his hands. He had such big hands. Isa's own were swallowed up by them, when he held hers.


No. This was exactly what Isobel hadn't wanted to happen. It was clearly all up to her. Fine. This is what she'd done all that reading for.

"So?" She leaned forward, her hands on his knees. Even in the low light, she could see the flush that came to his cheeks. She was very aware of the way her neckline fell away from her body. A strange little jolt went through her, not quite physical, and she felt her heart starting to speed up. Whatever he was going to say was silenced as she leaned forward further and pressed her mouth against his.

They'd kissed before. Not terribly often, or for very long, but this was hardly unexplored territory. They even rather knew what they were doing at this point - no one's tongue had been bitten in weeks.

But Isa's hands moved up Caleb's legs, to rest on his thighs. She felt him tensing up under her touch. Oh. His thighs were...very strong. And warm. His jeans were pulled tight against his legs and they felt much thinner than they ought to.

She deepened the kiss. His hands came up to hold her, pressing against her back. Her hands tightened on his legs. The kisses grew sloppy, a mess of tongues and teeth as hormones and lack of chances to be alone caught up with them both. Caleb's hands were frantic on her back, slipping to her sides then retreating quickly. His fingers kept grazing the sides of her loose breasts, sending little shivers that made something insider her squeeze. Her breasts felt strangely hot and heavy. Her stomach felt tight, but not unpleasantly so.

Also her legs were starting to ache from being in an awkward kneeling position for so long. She tried to subtly shift them without breaking the kiss, or taking her hands off of Caleb's legs. They'd inched a little further up his thighs. Oh god, she was getting a cramp!

And then she lurched forward, her legs splaying out as she crashed into Caleb. Luckily his arms were already around her and he caught her easily, but they found themselves sprawled half off the mattresses, her on top of him.

"What are you doing?"

"I slipped! Are you...alright?"

"Fine!" They whispered hastily, both waiting for some sound from downstairs. None came. Isa winced internally and tried to make the best of the situation.

"Well...since we're down here anyway...."

What? She couldn't manage kneeling and kissing him, did she expect to kneel over him without falling on his face? But they were in a very fortuitous position for much more than just awkwardly kissing.

"We ought to get up."

Caleb lifted her easily, sitting them back up. Isobel tried to situate herself in his lap, but it didn't go as planned. She found herself sitting across from him again, one of his hands in her hair.

"I should go."

"No!" She wasn't going to let this spoil the mood. "We're just starting to have fun."

"We could have knocked something over. There's...not enough room."

"There's plenty of room." Isa's hands went back to his thighs. She didn't waste her time now. Something had sprung to life in her, while they were mashing themselves together by candlelight in the attic, and she needed more. She met his eyes, noting how his hand went very still in her hair. She'd read about this. It was supposed to be very easy. And she already knew, from having just been sprawled on top of him, that something's sprung up for him as well.

Locking her eyes on his, Isa let one hand drift over the fly of Caleb's jeans. She could feel something firm and heated pressing against the zipper. There it was.

Good god, that was a large firm something. Was that normal?

He wasn't moving at all now. His mouth was slightly parted and his breathing was shallow and Isa began moving her hand, confident, pressing her own thighs together tightly. He let out a low grunt. Isa smiled and rubbed harder, her palm making circles over his fly....



"You''re just mashing it..."

"...oh." Isa's hand fell still and her expression shifted. Well. That certainly hadn't gone as planned.

"It''s the jeans. Maybe."

"Oh." She sighed. Well, that was easy enough to get around. Clearing her throat and acting as though it were no big deal, Isobel fumbled with the button of his jeans.

"Isa, you don't have to."

"Of course I don't have to." Her huffiness covered her nervousness. Her fingers trembled when she pulled down his zipper. He wasn't looking at her anymore, he was looking off to the side and glancing back. Neither of them looked down. Her hand slipped into the opening of his fly and oh dear lord it was even bigger than it had seemed through his jeans.

She felt him through his boxers. He gasped, but it didn't sound like a gasp of pain. It was so hot. She wrapped her fingers around him, trying to be gentle. Slowly, she moved her hand. His eyes closed and he was making small noises with each breath. She grabbed one of his hands and crushed it against her breast, because she needed him to touch her. He groped awkwardly at her, clearly not paying much attention, his fingers flexing and gripping in reaction to her stroking him through his boxers.

Should she kiss him? Or would that be strange? No, probably just too much to keep track of at once. But it felt a little awkward, just sitting here with her hand in his pants. To her, anyway, he seemed...well, to be enjoying himself quite a bit.

And the pressure of his hand on her breast did feel nice, even if he kept grabbing it and crushing it in his hand-job induced daze.

The act of which was getting easier as his boxers grew damp in her grip. He bucked into her hand and she sped up, watching as his face twisted and he gritted his teeth to stay quiet. It wasn't exactly attractive, but it was fascinating. She was doing this to him.

He groaned low and his head fell forward.


And then it was over. Very, very clearly over. Isa's hand jerked back out of Caleb's pants, startled. That...that had been messier than she'd thought it would be. Oh god. Even through his boxers, it was on her hand.

"That." Caleb mumbled a finish to his attempted sentence as Isa wiped her hand on an old blanket.

"You could have warned me!"

"I tried!"

Was that really it? Isa's insides were on fire and there was an ache between her legs but Caleb was hastily doing up his pants and looking as though he were about to stand up. That had hardly taken more than a few minutes! She hadn't even known what she was doing...

"What are you doing?"

"I really need to go now." He was red faced, still, and Isa didn't think it was from exertion. She hadn't made any sort of noises of disgust when he finished, did she? She didn't think so...

"Cal. Don't go..."

"I...I have to change. I...that was..." He trailed off and pressed a quick kiss to her lips. Isa assumed he was attempting to be complimentary.

"Alright." He had just messed in his pants. Copiously. "Be quiet sneaking out!"

He only nodded, giving her a shy, almost embarrassed look. She couldn't help but smile, even though she was all keyed up and all she could think about how was how broad his fingers were, and how the pads of them were so pleasantly calloused...

She'd be staying in the attic a little while longer. She sat where she was, watching as he carefully climbed out the window. She chewed at her lower lip, her hands bunching her nightgown in a tightfisted grip. Before he slipped out the window, she called out to him, quietly.

"And next time...I get to go first!"

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