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AU Ficlet - Scar/Lust - Domestic Scenario - Leynaverse

A little domestic slice of life ficlet, Leynaverse AU. Scar and Lust with their first baby.

Miriam simply wouldn't settle down and sleep.

Lust had tried everything. She'd fed the child. Changed and cleaned her. Rocked her, walked with her, sang to her, begged her to just for the love of god STOP. Nothing had worked.

It was two o'clock in the morning. Lust was half asleep, sprawled on the couch and awkwardly bouncing Miriam gently in one arm. She wasn't crying, thank god, but she was fussing and very much not asleep. At an hour that any reasonable living thing ought to be deep in the embrace of slumber.

Like Scar, the lucky bastard.

He got to sleep through tonight, because he had work early in the morning. Work that gave him a whole day out of the apartment and away from baby things. Lust knew full well her thoughts weren't fair ones, Scar shouldered more than his share of parental and man of the house load, while maintaining a full time job.

But it was two o'clock and she was exhausted and very much wanted to be tucked against her husband in their warm, comfortable bed. With Miriam sleeping soundly in her crib. So she allowed herself to be jealous, as she leaned her head back against the couch and wondered if she could rock the baby while dozing....

Apparently she could, because suddenly she was aware of someone shifting her and Miriam being lifted out of the crook of her arm.



Lust opened her eyes. It was still night, the patch of moonlight on the living room floor hadn't moved very far. Scar was standing over her, their infant daughter looking tinier than usual in his arms. Lust blinked, blearily, and rubbed her hand over her face.

It smelled like changing powder.

"You should be in bed." She kept her voice low. Was Miriam actually asleep? A soft noise from the small bundle Scar was holding said 'no'. Or at least 'not yet'.

"It's fine."

"You have work in the morning." She pushed herself up - at some point she'd sunk down in a very undignified spread.

"You fell asleep holding our child."

"Mothers are given the instinct and skill to do that." She hadn't dropped the baby, for god's sake.

Scar sat beside her, bouncing Miriam on his forearm. She was settling down much easier for him. Well, it was very comforting, to be held by Scar. Lust leaned against him, resting her head on his shoulder and looking down at their daughter. She was such a pretty little thing, when she wasn't red faced and screaming or exploding in bodily functions. Even this young, Lust could see little bits of herself and little bits of Scar in Miriam's face.

And apparently she'd gotten her father's insomnia.

"Why won't she sleep?"

"She's a child. Children don't sleep through the night." Scar's voice was a soft rumble. He softened up in ways Lust hadn't thought he could, when in the presence of their child. As close to a sense of peace as she'd ever seen came over him. There was a warmness in his eyes that had never been there before.

"They ought to."

"She'll go down soon. Go back to bed, it's only two hours before I have to get ready for work. It's pointless for me to try and sleep anymore."

"No." Lust drew her feet up onto the couch and tucked them beneath her, turning to curl against her husband and wrap her housecoat around her like a blanket. He glanced at her and shrugged, shifting Miriam to his other arm and wrapping the now free one around Lust. "I'll keep you company."

Scar snorted. "No. You'll fall asleep on me for two hours."

"Mmm." Lust yawned. "I'll keep you company," she insisted.

She was asleep on his shoulder within minutes, one hand resting on Miriam's warm bundle of blankets.

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