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Scar/Lust AU Fic

Title: Waiting Out the Rain
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 1,482
Summary: Camp showers, sudden storms, and keeping warm in the truck....

The forests and mountains of America were dotted with various camping sites, tucked far from view or civilization, from the great exodus to the west a few decades before. They'd simply been left, and plenty of them maintained by following country-crossers.

Lust was just thankful this one had...some attempt at a shower. There was a receptacle in a tree. Pulling a rope released the water, like a shower. It was cold, and there was no curtain or partition, but it was something. And there was no one here in this clearing to see her but Scar, who was out gathering firewood anyway. Or had been.

She could hear him, as she attempted to rinse her hair beneath the cold spray. The sun was low, but not in danger of slipping beneath the hills. He'd made good time. She straightened up, her wet hair falling heavily down her back. She was naked under the spray, skin slick and pulled tight with the cold water. She could tell he was looking, even as he was bending to stack the wood beside the fire pit. Lust ran her fingers through her hair, shaking it out, trying to rinse it free of all the soap. But perhaps she shook it a bit more vigorously than needed, arched her back a bit unnecessarily.

She knew what he liked.

"You're going to catch a cold if you stay under there much longer." Scar's voice was a familiar affectionate rumble. She'd come to learn the differences between his growls and grumbles.

"I have to wash my hair."

"It looks well washed to me."

"How can you possibly tell, from all the way over there?" Lust cocked her leg, looking at him over her shoulder. He barked a rough laugh - or what passed for one, from Scar - and shook his head.

"I don't feel like freezing. Pout all you want, you're not getting me to join you." Scar kept building the base for the fire. Lust contemplated, and reached for the bar of soap set aside on a nearby rock... just as a frigid burst of wind cut through the clearing. Lust shivered, skin prickling.

A glance upwards revealed gathering clouds. All plans of seducing Scar to join her with a tempting show were abandoned. So were Scar's plans for a fire.

Lust wrapped herself in a blanket as she stepped out from beneath the dwindling spray. Scar was waiting, and they hustled into the cab of the truck together. Lust sat tucked on the seat, her knees drawn up and her chin resting on them. Her hair was soaking wet, she could feel it through the blanket. She twisted it and tied it into a knot on top of her head as Scar got himself settled.

They were tucked in comfortably by the time the rain started.

"At least I didn't have my clothes laying out." Lust shifted, tucking herself against Scar instead of the truck window.

"We should have put up the tent first thing."

"We've slept in the truck before. God, it's cold..."

"That's why I didn't use the shower."

Lust swatted Scar's shoulder and let her hand stay there. She loosened her grip on the blanket, letting it gape open.

"Warm me?"

His arms went around her and she turned into him. It was cramped, in the cab of the truck, and Lust's hip bumped a gear stick. Scar's head hit the roof. He let out a soft grunt and Lust felt herself slipping off the seat as she tried to bring her leg around.

"This isn't working..."

"It will,, move like this...." Lust moved out of the way and grabbed Scar's legs, positioning him so he was stretched across the length of the seat, sitting against the door. Lust gathered up her blanket and straddled him, bending low to avoid the ceiling.

"There." Her leg was wedged between his thigh and the seatback, but it would work just fine. She slipped the blanket off of her shoulders, sitting naked on top of him as the rain pounded the truck. The water on the windows cast dancing shadows over her bare skin. Damp curls escaped her knot to frame her face. Her hands rested on Scar's chest and toyed with his buttons.

"You're going to hit your head." His tone was lightly amused. He stroked her bare arms, his calloused thumbs sending pleasant shivers through her. She tugged at his buttons as he reached for her breasts, cupping them and lifting them gently. His thumbs stroked over her hard nipples, sending bolts of pleasure down deep into her core. She leaned down to catch his mouth with hers.

"No I won't." She took his lower lips gently between her teeth and tugged, her breasts brushing against his chest. His hands moved to her back. Already the cab of the truck was beginning to warm. Lust pulled Scar's shirt open and pressed against him, bare skin to bare skin. Her nipples throbbed against his chest and she drove her tongue into his mouth eagerly. His jeans were rough between her legs, but the hard button of his fly pressed right against that sensitive spot at the top of her folds...

Lust moved against him, moaning softly into his mouth. His hands gripped at her hips. She never failed to awe over how big his hands were, how strong. There was something profoundly arousing, knowing what those hands could do but turning them to pleasure and gentle teasing.

The windows were starting to fog. Lust rubbed against Scar's fly, feeling him hard beneath his denim, growing slick and hot between her thighs. She had to remind herself not to sit up, not to throw her head back as she was wont to do. She kept her body low, kissing him, attempting to fumble with the slippery buttons of his pants.

It never took long. There had never been a man who heated her and drove her to the edges of want like Scar did. She needed him, on the most basic of levels. On all levels. She didn't bother to try and pull his pants down, she simply freed him and stroked him awkwardly. He was hard and ready for her. He always was. His hands found her hair, buried themselves in it. The hastily tied knot came loose and wet curls covered them both.

The cab of the truck was steaming now. Lust rubbed herself against Scar's arousal, sighing with pleasure as the tip pressed against her. She buried her face in his neck and rocked against the head of his erection the same as she'd rubbed against the button on his jeans. His hands tugged at her hair, gathering it up and tangling in it.

Lust could only hold out for so long. She shifted, still holding Scar's arousal, and lowered herself onto him.

There was always that moment, when their bodies came together. Lust couldn't articulate it, but it simply felt right. Their bodies fit together - improbably, as far as she was concerned - and just felt right together.

Scar's legs drew up, and Lust felt them against her buttocks. He held her, grunting low, as she moved her hips. Their sounds of pleasure were punctuated by the staccato pattern of rain on metal. Lust braced her hands on the seatback and the dashboard, struggling to find an even rhythm like this. Scar's arms wrapped around her, holding her against him, and their hips met in a hectic frenzy of mismatched but pleasurable strokes.

Lust was startled by the suddenness of her own orgasm. She was still trying to match Scar's tempo when it flared and gripped her. She tensed, fingers digging deep into the fabric of the seat, keening loudly against the crescent of Scar's neck. He continued to drive into her from below, gripping her, and Lust's breath was shallow and quick. She didn't try and meet him, she laid across him and rode the increasing waves of pleasure that built after her climax.

She came again when he did. Her body bucked in his arms and if it weren't for his iron hold, she would have done just as predicted and slammed her head into the ceiling.

It was still raining when Scar's arms finally fell away and Lust cautiously sat up. The truck cab was hot as a sauna now, the windows thick with steam. Lust disentangled them from one another and flopped back down on top of Scar. Her hair was a wild mess of haphazard curls now, and the blanket she'd been wrapped in was a pile on the floor beneath the steering wheel.

"The truck needs be aired out now."

"We'll roll down the windows when the rain stops."

"Mmm." Scar stroked her back, lazily. She thought about grabbing the blanket, they'd be cold again soon enough, but it was so nice to lie here...



"Please get up so I can fix my pants."

She rolled her eyes and decided to get the blanket anyway.