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Faye ([personal profile] said_scarlett) wrote2016-08-13 11:35 am

AU Ficlet - Scar/Lust - Carnival Games

Just a little ficlet set in a 1950s AU verse where Lust is a pop singer on the rise and Scar is her bodyguard. No warnings or ratings needed!

These state fairs were always so hot. Why did it seem as though every state chose the hottest weekend?

At least she was done with the stage until the later evening, when it had cooled some. And while the grounds were hot, and smelled of fried food and animals, Isobel couldn't quite complain about her current company. She very much liked her towering, quiet 'attendant'. So many of the men who hung around this world...they were gruff and lewd sorts. But not Caleb. He was a perfect gentleman - not even unbuttoning the collar of his shirt in the heat. Not that she'd mind if he did...

She wondered how much he actually enjoyed this sort of thing, escorting her around as she enjoyed the fair. It was so difficult to tell, he was a man who kept his thoughts guarded. Mostly. It wasn't as though she didn't notice they walked so closely together that the hem of her sundress would brush against his pant leg if she turned or took a quick step.

But his quietness only made him all the more fascinating.

They were making their way down the midway, Isobel occasionally laying her hand on Caleb's arm to point out this attraction or that. The cries of game booth hawkers and vendors and bells and whistles were all around. There was a sort of chaotic joy to the whole mess, really.

"Test your strength, big man like you! Win your gal a ring-a-ding prize!"

It took them both a moment to realize the hawker was talking to them. Isobel covered her mouth with her hand, watching Caleb. And the low blush that spread over his cheeks. He began to protest immediately.

"No, no, it's not...."

"Oh, go ahead." Her dark eyes were glittering as she cut him off. It was a fair. They ought to have fun. And, well, he did look like he knew how to swing a hammer. She'd like to see that. She reached into her clutch and pressed a coin into the carnival man's hand.

"You don't have to do that." Again, Caleb protested.

"Shh, I want to." She grinned, feeling a strange little thrill go through her. "Win me a prize, big man."

The look on his face when she said that was a far greater prize than the stuffed giant stuffed donkey he actually won her.