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Scar/Lust Fic, NC-17, AU Verse

Title: Tales From the Mojave: The Sordid Spring
Pairing: Scar/Lust
Word Count: 1,508
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Scar and Lust find a hot spring, but it takes a backseat to Lust's leather pants.

The mountains that surrounded the mutant ski village were full of lush vegetation and flowering greenery. Much as Lust had come to love the burnt reds and oranges of the desert, it was a pleasant change now and again. And there were places up there, tucked away and off the roads, that had yet to be scavenged thoroughly.

Of course, there was still the snow to content with.

"There's steam, further up river."


Lust stood with Scar at the edge of the snow line, peering up the narrow river - barely worthy of the title, really - to where clear clouds of steam rose over the steep, uneven banks.

"It's worth exploring a little further."

"It's going to get colder."

"We're all in leather." Lust had made her mind up. Smoke was a common sight. Sickly colored clouds of noxious gas as well. But steam? That warranted investigating. Ignoring Scar's mutterings about nightstalkers and territorial bighorners, Lust scrambled over the snow dusted rocks to the bank proper. There was a bridge off in the distance, stone and worn down to smooth, strange shapes by the wind and rain. The steam rose from below it.

She thought about pointing out the lack of predator tracks in the snow, but let it pass. She knew Scar only worried because he cared.

The air was noticeably colder, into the snow line, but Lust ignored it. Scar followed grudgingly behind. It wasn't a long hike to the bridge and the steaming water, and the steep banks sloped just beyond the stone slab across the river. The smooth, tan stones gently curved down to where the water pooled in a natural shallow basin before traveling on downstream. It was from that basin that the steam rose. No snow clung to the edges of the pool.

"It's a hot spring!"

"Irradiated?" Scar joined her by the bridge, looking down skeptically at the water.

"Doubtful." But she checked to satisfy Scar's paranoia. Nothing. "Shall we test it for scalding temperatures?" She couldn't keep the teasing tone out of her voice. They could tell simply by sight that the water wasn't hot enough to do damage.

Scar rolled his eyes.

It was almost a game, the way he protested and cautioned her and she tried to draw him into her idea. She ignored his rolled eyes and made her way down the gentle slope to the edge of the steaming pool. Long days in the Mojave left muscles aching, a hot soak sounded just the thing. Better still in this pleasant wilderness, with Scar to join her. And he would join her, no matter how much he rolled his eyes and grumbled.

She kept her back to him and shrugged out of her jacket. She bent to lay it on the dry rocks, lingering under pretense of smoothing it so it wouldn't wrinkle. It was all part of the game. Scar had a particular weakness for the snug leather trousers she wore. And she knew how to utilize that. All the long while exploring the desert had hardened the muscles of her legs and buttocks. The leather clung snugly to them, outlining the ample curves in fine detail.

She straightened and made a show of taking her hair down from the high tail she kept it in while roaming the wastes. It was tempting to glance over her shoulder and try and gauge his reaction, but that would spoil the display. She affected disinterest, intent focus on her own undressing. It was all part of the dance.

Lust continued to strip with her hair loose, the steam from the warmed pool rising in clouds around her. She slowly unzipped her vest and slipped it off, repeating the movement of bending at the waist to lay it neatly on the rocks. She drew her hands up her legs as she straightened, stretching a bit as she did. She toed off her boots and socks - there was really no sensual way to get those off - and pulled her undershirt loose from her waistband.

That urge to look back at him was driving her mad. Was he undressing, as well? Or just watching? Or being stubborn and trying to ignore her...

She shook off the temptation and pulled her undershirt off over her head. Her brassiere quickly followed until she stood in front of the hot spring in only her brown leather trousers. Her hair hung down in thick waves, curling in the rising steam, obscuring all but a hint of the small of her tan back.

She had the idea to cover her bare breasts with her arms and turn to face him, but before she could, a pair of strong arms were around her waist and Scar was pressed against her back, mouth on her neck.

He'd only gotten his jacket off.

God, but she loved the feel of him against her. She could feel the suggestion of his arousal on her back. His desert roughened hands moved over her bare belly and up to her breasts, lifting them and massaging them. She tipped her head back, nipples tightening with painful quickness against Scar's palms.

Between the heat of the spring and the heat of skin on skin, the chill of the high mountains was held well at bay. Lust turned in Scar's arms, wrapping her arms around his neck, and stretched to kiss him. His linen shirt pressed against her breasts, the sensation pleasant. She could feel the hard planes of his broad chest beneath. She felt like such a slight thing, in his arms.

Now that she faced him, his hands dropped to her waist again and slipped back, cupping her buttocks through her leather pants. He gripped her firmly, pulling her snugly against him, returning the kiss with a hungry fervor. As familiar as the feel and taste of him was, the passion never dulled.

Lust's hands tore at his clothes as they kissed by the spring. Her thoughts of taking a languid, sensual soak were utterly forgotten in the moment. She pulled his shirt off and as soon as it was tossed aside his mouth was on hers again. Then her neck, her shoulders, her breasts. She reached down to undo her own trousers and Scar's hand gripped her wrist.

"Leave them."

The husky growl made Lust's core tighten and shudder. She thought to comment how that would likely make proceedings a bit complicated, but the look in his eyes....

She'd leave them on.

Scar's, however...Lust kissed him briefly in agreement and reached for his waistband instead. She had an idea. She undid his belt and fly and slipped her hand inside, wrapping her fingers around him. He shuddered against her and she kissed his chest, stroking him lightly. She enjoyed touching him, something she couldn't say of any other lover she'd ever had.

As she kissed down his chest, slowly, she took a step back and made certain the stone beneath her bare feet was dry. She looked up to meet his eyes, grinning like a cat with a plan as she released his arousal and drew down his pants and what he wore beneath.

Instead of kneeling, as she'd normally do, she bent her knees and leaned forward, letting her hair fall forward over her shoulders. She crouched, the muscles in her legs drawn tight, her bare back and leather clad rear prominently displayed. She heard Scar suck in a hiss of air as she took him in her mouth, her hips and rear lifting with the motion.

Perhaps it wasn't the most comfortable position to perform oral pleasures in, but she knew the view would be greatly appreciated. Scar's hands were in her hair and his breathing had grown audible - low, but audible. She held his hips for balance and used her tongue in those ways she knew he liked, flexing the muscles in her lower back and thighs.

It didn't take long. Lust knew all the small signs of Scar's growing pleasure, knew when to change her pace to stoke his rising fires. She never tired of the throaty, guttural noise he so often made when he climaxed.

She gladly sat, once she'd seen him through his peak, and fetched a flask of purified water from her folded clothes. Scar joined her, kicking his remaining clothes off and breathing heavily. He reached for her with a trembling hand, halfheartedly, still caught in that first wave of post-orgasm bliss and lethargy.

"You can take care of me in the hot spring," she said, taking his hand and running her fingers along his palm. "I need that soak more now than I did."

And she could finally take off her damned pants.

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