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Korrasami Flash Fics!

Omg, I wrote fic! It's been years since I did that! But LoK has eaten my soul and I've gone all old school, voice testing Korra through fic first instead of RP.

So here's some Korrasami flash fics using a random 100 word prompt table I found online.

Title: Taking Shelter
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Pairing: Korrasami
Word Count: 471
Rating: PG
Prompt #42: Nature's Fury

It came up out of nowhere. One moment the skies were mutely overcast and the breeze was gentle. The next the sky was growing black and the wind was whipping to a frenzy. The plains stretched out to every side, flat and open save for squat clusters of dun boulders here and here. Korra felt the scrape of dirt and twigs against her bare arms as the first bit of rain fell on her face. She and Asami exchanged a quick, stricken glance. There was no real cover, nowhere to take shelter.

Korra ripped open a chasm in one of the piles of old stone. There was little time for artistry or delicacy. Already the rain was hitting the dirt with heavy slaps. Asami was bent under the force of the rising gale, her hair whipping around her face. Another twist of her body and the earth beneath the stone hollowed, making a place large enough for them to take shelter. She took Asami by the arm and held her fast, anchoring them both with her more solid weight. They scrambled into the ragged hollow in the rocks midst rain and howling wind and blowing debris. Wedged into the dirt and stone, it was all Korra could do to close the opening enough to keep out the worst of the storm.

Inside the rocks, the sound was terrifying. The wind wailed around the narrow cut in the stone and threw whatever it could lift against the stones. Korra could hardly hear herself think, let alone what Asami was saying. All she could do was shake her head and keep glancing at the opening to their shelter. It was cramped and awkward in here, but they'd be alright.

Without discussing it, they shifted and squirmed until they could sit comfortably, half in each other's laps and holding each other tightly. Asami's lips were against Korra's ear, but she didn't bother to try and talk. Neither did Korra. There was nothing to say. Korra stroked Asami's back, the motion natural and made without thought, and buried her face in the other woman's hair. The scent of Asami seemed to fill the small makeshift cave, undercut now and then with the smell of rain and wet earth.

The storm outside continued to rage fierce, but it was warm and dry and safe in the cluster of rocks. Small as the shelter was, it made it easy to warm with their shared body heat. Asami tucked against her, head under her chin, was better than any blanket. And there was nothing Korra would rather hold and cling to. Slowly, Asami's breathing and heartbeat blended with the sounds of the monsoon, and eventually that was all Korra could hear.

Having to weather a sudden storm in a quickly made cave wasn't so bad, it turned out.

Title: A Helping Hand
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Pairing: Korrasami
Word Count: 489
Rating: PG
Prompt #60: Exhaustion

The hot steam and dim lights of the sweat bath were welcome, and Korra sank down onto a stone bench fully dressed. Her shoulders and thighs ached, a turnkey had been inserted into the middle of her back, and all of her felt heavy and leaden with proudly earned fatigue. She could heal herself of her aches with little trouble, but it was so nice to just sit in the shadowy stone room full of steam and lean her head down for a few moments. They were good aches. A testament to what she was capable of and the extreme limits her body could withstand. And they were a testament to triumph. Another day the good fight had been fought and won, another small victory for balance assured. Even the smallest victories were worth reflection and content contemplation. Tomorrow morning Korra would feel fine and fit, but for now she sat and let the hot steam wash over her and felt her body ache with quiet pride.

But her clothes were starting to stick to her, and she groaned as she reached for the collar of her shirt. Peeling everything off sounded like too much effort, even though she knew it really wasn't. Suddenly, her clothes seemed to have dozens more ties and clasps than they ought to. Sitting for so long without stripping had been a bad idea.

Another groan covered the sound of the steam bath door opening and clicking shut once more. Korra's head was down, her hair falling in her face as she groped at the back of her neck for the tie of her top. Was that a useful string? Nope, a stray thread. She probably should have just bent the water out of the fabric, but she'd already started to do it by hand and bending sounded like even more effort than just tugging on the wet knot.

At least she wouldn't have any trouble getting to sleep after this.

Despite another frustrated sound of her own, Korra didn't miss the soft, affectionate chuckle that came from the doorway. She dropped her hand from her neck and glanced up, a hint of a sheepish blush on her cheeks. Asami was blurry in the steam, but her smile was unmistakable. Also unmistakable was the fact that she'd already changed into a long robe before joining Korra in the bath. That genius intellect never took a break.

"Want a hand?" Asami crossed the distance between them and perched on the bench beside Korra, poised and ready before any response was offered.

"From you?" Korra's sheepish expression blossomed into a wide grin as she turned to meet the other woman's eyes. "Always."

Title: Hide and Seek
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Pairing: Korrasami
Word Count: 473
Rating: PG
Prompt #37: Mist

"...what is it?"

"Harmless. And temporary." As far as Korra was concerned, those were the most important feature of the swirling pink and purple mist that was seeping out of the Spirit Wilds. "Well, harmless on its own. A handful of drivers would probably argue that point, but they were the ones who thought it would be a good idea to try and drive through dense mist." Now the roads were closed down, at least to satomobiles. Really, what had they thought was going to happen?

"As far as disasters go, I guess it's not bad..."

"And the air benders have already cleared out the vital sections of the city." But there was so much of the mist, and it just kept coming. For a full five minutes she'd been able to push it all back, but it was pointless to keep at it. "Sorry your factory's not in a 'vital section'."

Asami just waved her hand, dismissing it. Which Korra approved of - Asami worked so hard, she could do with a spontaneous day off. And it wasn't like one day was going to make that big a difference for Future Industries.

"It should clear out on its own in a day or so." According to knowledgeable spirits. It was annoying, and a lot of the city was shut down, but it would only be for a day or two. And it smelled nice. Kind of like fruit. Honestly, it was just nice to have weirdness from the spirit world that didn't require her to find, stop, or fight anyone or thing.

"And if it doesn't, that's tomorrow!" Korra turned to Asami - they were standing on a balcony in Asami's mansion, looking at the city shrouded in mist - and shrugged casually. She could go back down and join Tenzin and the others, keeping the government areas clear, but they could handle it. Asami shook her head and laughed.

"So what do we do today?"

Korra tipped her head, regarding Asami, and then glanced out to the mist shrouded city below. It was already lapping at the walls of the mansion below them. An idea occurred to her with sudden, brilliant clarity.

"Enjoy it." With an impish grin, Korra pressed a quick kiss to Asami's cheek and then hopped over the rail of the balcony. She landed easily on a windowsill below, enveloped in the pastel, shifting mist in a tight crouch.

"Bet you can't catch me!" She called up through the mist, able to see Asami above her still. She was laughing and peering over the rail.

"What do I win if I do?"

Korra stood and beamed widely, visible through the veil of pink before leaping down another level and disappearing into the mist.

"You'll just have to catch me and find out!"

Asami would catch her. Korra wanted to be caught.

Title: Impatience
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Pairing: Korrasami
Word Count: 437
Rating: PG-13
Prompt #13: Burning

Korra was stretched out on the bed, stitching efficiently but with little interest by low light. Asami sat at her vanity, putting herself together for bed. Every few moments, Korra's eyes would be distracted from the torn pair of trousers by the motion of Asami running a brush through her hair. Her eyes would flick up for a moment and her hand would still, then resume. It was making a quick task go not quickly at all.

It boggled Korra, sometimes, the number of things Asami did just to get into bed and sleep. All she ever did was strip down to her last layer and rub some sage oil into muscles and that was that. Asami had a whole ritual she went through. This was just part of it. Once, Korra tried counting how many strokes Asami used when brushing her hair, but she'd gotten bored and given up quickly.

Tonight, the ritual was slightly altered. Asami's robe was already draped over the back of her chair, not wrapped around her. Her pale, bare shoulders caught the light as she pulled her hair back and ran the brush through it, and Korra's eyes drifted from her stitching to the long line of Asami's raised arm. From there she followed the sleek fall of Asami's hair to where her bare back disappeared into the low hollow of her nightdress. Korra's tongue came out to wet her lips before she realized it. Her torn trousers were entirely forgotten.

And just in time. Korra watched silently from the bed as Asami reached for one of her jars of lotion. So maybe there were some perks to the other woman's extended bedtime preparations. Korra caught her lower lip between her teeth as she watched Asami begin to rub lotion into her shoulders. Her soft, smooth, naked shoulders. That Korra knew smelled amazing, because all of Asami's lotions smelled amazing. All of Asami smelled amazing.

In one fluid motion, Korra was on her hands and knees at the foot of the bed, her view now encompassing Asami's back and her reflection in the vanity. A reflection that now expressed surprise as it met Korra's wolfish grin in the mirror.


"Hmm?" She couldn't wait any longer. Her loins were already throbbing with heat and all she wanted was to bury her face in Asami's freshly lotioned skin.

"I'm almost ready for bed."

"I think you're ready right now."

Asami squealed with surprise but didn't protest when Korra spun her chair around with a swirl of air and scooted it towards the bed.