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Kind of. I haven't written FMA in a long time, so...apologies if I am rusty! Also, this so did not come out how I planned.

Title: Private Showing
Fandom: FMA (original anime)
Pairing: Roy/Hughes
Rating: R
Content: Masturbation, voyeurism
Summary: Hughes watches Roy sleep...with rather particular definitions of 'watch' and 'sleep'.

Roy slept naked. Even when he went to bed alone, like he had tonight. Their schedules didn't match up now that they were out of training. Hughes ended up on the streets and Roy behind a desk most days. Which meant too often he worked far later, forced to pick up the grunt work his commanding and senior officers didn't want to deal with.

Roy had told Hughes to just come by late, it was fine, he could let himself in and Roy would probably still be up. 'Probably' was the key word.

The flat had been dark when Hughes slipped in quietly, tired and a little sore from a long day. A low light was burning in back, in the bedroom, but there was no noise. Moving into the room - and taking off his shoes so as not to clunk noisily on the hardwood floors - Roy's sleeping form became evident.

He was on his side, turned away from the open bedroom door and Hughes' searching eyes. The sheets were pooled around the man's waist, exposing the long line of his back. In his own mind, Hughes tended to think of Roy's body as being somewhat feminine. Not that he'd ever say anything like that to Roy - one comment, once, about his legs had resulted in a chilly silence for longer than Hughes was comfortable with - but there was something about the slim and graceful lines of the smaller man's form….

Standing in the main area of the flat, staring at Roy's naked back, Hughes found himself debating waking him up or letting him sleep. Roy probably had a long day, too, and he had to be up in the morning. Considering the pros and cons, Hughes slipped open a window, perched on a chair, and lit a cigarette. He sat just outside the doorway, not wanting to give up the view. Roy stirred in his sleep, shifting slightly. He turned towards his stomach, and Hughes watched the play of his muscles in the low light. The way Roy's back curved just slightly as he settled comfortably around a pillow. And how the sheets slid just a little, just enough to tantalizingly expose the teasing arch of one of Roy's hips.

"God damn it," Hughes muttered to himself. His breathing was quickening, turning to shallow. He could feel his blood stirring, along with other things. He'd been leaning towards letting Roy sleep. What kind of guy would he be to shake him awake at one in the morning, just for a little R&R. R&R that they'd be getting up to the next night anyway.

But then Roy had turned, and Hughes found himself sitting in the dark, smoking and watching the other man like it was some kind of private girlie show.

This is probably a little creepy. Or sexy, since it wasn't like he was some stranger who'd broken into Roy's flat to drool over him in silence. They were lovers, or whatever term was appropriate for best friends who slept together, and besides that he had a key. If Roy didn't want him watching him sleep, he shouldn't have given him a key.

On the bed, Roy groaned. It was a soft noise, half-buried in a pillow, but it made Hughes bite his lower lip. Roy kicked out a leg, sluggishly, and Hughes was once more transfixed by the lines of the other man's body. And it wasn't really feminine, there was just an elegance and a smoothness to Roy that was different than anything Hughes could think of. And a length. And the way every limb just seemed to flow into the next, like a painting. Or maybe a sculpture. Some kind of art.

God damn it! Mentally, this time. The more Hughes stared and thought, the more worked up he became. He could feel growing arousal tightening his trousers. And Roy was still shifting and groaning on the bed, basically sex noises without any sex. And the sheets, oh god the sheets, slipping ever so slowly then gaining momentum and sliding off completely in a soft shhr of fabric….

Hughes wasn't even aware of reaching down to press his palm against the swelling in his trousers. He was too busy watching Roy, wetting his lips with want as his eyes traveled the smooth arch of back to the tight swell of Roy's buttocks, the lean strength of his thighs… Roy's back was slightly arched. His backside lifted just a touch from the mattress. What was he dreaming about? What did it matter? Suddenly, the dark little flat with one low light had become some den of depravity. Hughes' hand slipped inside his trousers and he clamped the flesh of his inner cheek between his teeth to stay quiet.

Roy let out a sigh. One of those breathy ones that starts with a proper little grunt and then trails to whispered nothing. One flung arm, resting across the pillow, tightened. Roy's fingers twisted in the pillowcase. Muscles bunched and coiled, slackened and tightened again. Roy's forehead pressed against the pillow as his body lifted, pale and gleaming and in that moment perfect.

Hughes' trousers were unbuttoned, his hand wrapped loosely around his own erection. This was dirty and kind of weird but there was something exciting about it, too. There was an intimacy that he couldn't quite put his finger on, a connecting that defied rational explanation. They weren't even touching each other. There was no sound but Roy on the bed, and the occasional exhalation from Hughes.

Until Roy turned once more, pushing himself up on one arm and flopping down with his back to the wall. He propped himself up, and Hughes froze. Roy's eyes were open, reflecting darkly back from the bedroom. The distance was too great to read any emotion, and Hughes felt as though his mother had caught him with his hand in the cookie jar. What the hell was he going to say? 'Oh, hey, didn't want to wake you so I figured I'd just beat off to you.'?

"Are you honestly going to just sit there the whole time, or were you planning on actually coming to bed? As diverting as this little game has been, I need to be up early…"

…How the hell long had Roy been awake? How many of those movements, those little sounds, had all been for Hughes' benefit? Well, that at least made the whole thing less weird. Had Roy been asleep at all? Somehow, knowing Roy had been doing it on purpose…it was like electricity.

"Well now you've gone and ruined the mood," Hughes teased, attempting to casually remove his hand from his pants. "I dunno if I want to come to bed…"

Roy only raised an eyebrow and leaned back, making space and exposing himself quite nicely to Hughes. Who was most certainly still in the mood, and could suddenly think of nothing more enticing than being equally naked in bed with the other man. And feeling every single bit of his body that had just recently been on erotic display.

"Oh, well, how can I resist that blindingly witty charm?" With a small laugh, Hughes divested himself of glasses and trousers and slipped into bed beside Roy, reaching for the other man without another word.

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