said_scarlett: (Brock Fuck This)
Faye ([personal profile] said_scarlett) wrote2010-02-16 08:54 am

Icon Used In Amusement!

I swear, I'm going to have to write drunken bestiality just to purge this!

Backstory: I started writing a fic. I still owe my girlfriend Brock/21 porn, but this idea just wouldn't leave me alone. I'm a good ways into it - slow going because it's new characters - and I know what I want to title it. I want to title it 'Dirty Deeds'. It works on a couple of levels, for the two characters involved. There's the obvious, since party A is a wealthy, influential dude and party B is, canonically, the dude who does his dirty work. But there's also the semi-pun due to the line 'for a fee I'm happy to be your backdoor man'. Because that's a long standing fanon idea about these two. (Paying for sex, among everything else, I mean. And by 'long standing fanon idea' I mean 'me, Nija and Sasuke think so, because Cheeseman is master of Bad Touch'. :D)

But...I know damn well that myself and the two other people* who'd be reading this will not automatically fill in 'Done Dirt Cheap', but rather 'Done With Sheep'. (Even though originally it was a goat. Sheep are funnier anyway.)

Also, I still want that 'You're my only friend, Mr. Sheep!' picture.

And yes, this update is completely random and pointless, other than the fact I'm hoping I can now finish my super porny, Romanesque man-sex fic.

*Not posting it or anything because a) like no-one on m Flist is into the fandom and b) I'm not actually done with the canon, and I hate posting things when I'm not 100% solid on canon.

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