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Faye ([personal profile] said_scarlett) wrote2008-11-23 09:46 am
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Tell Me What You See

I think I'll just assume that I didn't surprise anyone on my Flist save for [ profile] talia_speaks. Or I'll knock off the memes, since this is the fourth or fifth one I've posted with next to no results. ;)

When the hell did I get so boring? Somehow, when I lived in the middle of nowhere and did nothing, I was more interesting than I am now. Mark that one up in the old irony column. And no, I'm not being whiny and emo over this, and I honestly don't care if people do memes I post. I just find it interesting. But I've always been interested in things like 'what makes an LJ entry eye-catching' and things like that. It's all about the writing, baby.

I'm just in a particularly strange mood this morning. I'm going to blame everything on hormones and let that be that.

My mother called me last night because she'd lost one of our traditional family recipes. Luckily I had it mostly memorized, and the internet was able to help me fill in a few gaps by looking up similar recipes. No Thanksgiving crisis yet.

I think I've wandered away from NaNo. This doesn't mean I'm going to abandon the fic, but I think trying to race to finish it in time will leave me stressed and worried and freaked out and massively disappointed if I don't manage it. So I'd rather save my sanity. Plus, both RPs have been massively distracting lately. ;) And I have another project in the works, and today I just want to write a lot of pr0n. So I think I'm just going to write a lot of pr0n today.

Maybe I'll do that shuffle meme, and write five pieces based on whatever songs come up, or something.

(Speaking of...I need more music!)

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Huzzah! PR0N!

Let me be the first to make a request!

You know what I want^^

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I don't think it's that your boring or people aren't interested in your memes... I think it's a lot to do with everyone being so busy right now. At least that's my guess.

I know I don't think you're boring. ^^

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Oh, I know. Everyone's busy or in a bit of a seasonal rut - myself included!

I just find myself with less and less to talk about these days, despite things actually going on in my life.

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WHAT. you posted a meme?

maybe i should stop being so anti-social and stop ignoring my flist, eh. :[

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I am a meme whore. It pretends to be content! :D

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I meant to comment on that only I've not been around long enough to be surprised unfortunately so it seemed a bit boring to say much! :) And yeah, I know what you mean - I suspect that my LJ's got somehow terribly boring lately - people seem to have vanished and it's pretty weird.

I know what you mean about NaNo - I had to back away from mine after only a few days because it just wasn't going to work for me in the end. Which was a shame but yeah ... sensible I think. And sometimes, one just needs to write porn! ;)

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Hahaha, that's okay! I think it's the season/time of year/what have you. It's getting darker and colder and everything.

Yeah, I decided my epically long fan novel wasn't something worth stressing myself over. Not when there is pr0n and video games and now leftover pizza in the fridge. ;)

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Yeah, that makes sense actually! November can be a pretty lousy month - it may come after January as my second least favourite month. (January is crap and should be abolished!)

Exactly. Sometimes, you just don't need the extra stress. Hurrah for porn and pizza! :D