said_scarlett: (Atmo Sperm)
Faye ([personal profile] said_scarlett) wrote2008-11-11 11:10 am
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I've spent the morning cleaning, and I'm feeling like I'm back to normal just because of that small thing. My dad's dropping by, so it was an excuse to kick my ass into gear and not just plop myself in front of the computer all morning as I've been doing recently.

I'm feeling...pretty good today, honestly. Despite epic amounts of pain last night - we very nearly got snow - I woke up pretty rested and relaxed and at a very normal pain level. It's nice.

I missed signing up for exchanges, but...I realized that's okay. Because I have a horrible history with exchanges. In all but a couple rare instances, I either never get anything myself, or I get so great.

I never did get my cartoon-canon Legend of Zelda pic or fic from the most recent exchange I was in. (Which ended last month.)

Way behind on NaNo, thanks to my computer falling as ill as I usually am. We'll see if I can catch up. I had an epic revelation last night, as I was watching the clouds spiral into a tunnel around the moon.

At least I'm done with the tripping scene.

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